Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes

Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes Best Download || [Jimmy Gownley] - Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes, Amelia Rules Volume Superheroes Amelia McBride is facing changes her beloved Aunt Tanner is moving new friend Trish is hiding a terrible secret and super hero wannabe Reggie has vowed to destroy the evil Legion of Steves You did kn
  • Title: Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes
  • Author: Jimmy Gownley
  • ISBN: 9780971216969
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback

Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes Best Download || [Jimmy Gownley], Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes, Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules Volume Superheroes Amelia McBride is facing changes her beloved Aunt Tanner is moving new friend Trish is hiding a terrible secret and super hero wannabe Reggie has vowed to destroy the evil Legion of Steves You did know that everyone named Steve is up to no good right This first ever novel length Amelia Rules story masterfully combines seriousness and humor even taking the rAm Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes Best Download || [Jimmy Gownley] - Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes, Amelia Rules Volume Superheroes Amelia McBride is facing changes her beloved Aunt Tanner is moving new friend Trish is hiding a terrible secret and super hero wannabe Reggie has vowed to destroy the evil Legion of Steves You did kn
  • Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes Best Download || [Jimmy Gownley]
    217 Jimmy Gownley
Amelia Rules! Volume 3: Superheroes

About Author

  1. Jimmy Gownley is the author and illustrator of the Amelia Rules series of graphic novels, as well as the memoir The Dumbest Idea Ever.He has been nominated for 13 Eisner awards and 6 Harvey awards His book Superheroes won the 2006 Cybil Award for best graphic novel for kids 12 and under.He lives in Pennsylvania.

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  1. I gave the first Amelia graphic novel 2 stars, and with that, I figured I was done with the Amelia books Trevor 10 liked the first one reasonably well, and I got at least five of them transferred to our local library for his reading pleasure Still, I didn t expect him to approach me, title in hand, and say I think you might like this one It made me tear up at the end OK, how can I resist THAT Trevor knows I am a softie, and will cry at heart string pulling, non eye rolling commercials on the ri [...]

  2. Amazing and cleaver this book was a total random book sale buy and I seriously can t wait to find the others This is how you write a children s graphic novel Yolan take notes I didn t expect this to make me weep like a baby but wow that ending, heartrendingly amazing My only complaint is that these kids are supposed to be fourth graders to fifth grade age, when honestly should have been sixth to seventh That way the vocabulary and topics would be on par with who is able to read this series For [...]

  3. First read when I was a kid This volume is the first one that really stuck out to me, mostly because it deals with the issue of chronic illness and its themes can be extended to mental illness I think that even while I was enjoying the story, I was trying to take in the lessons they were extending, and to apply them to my own life I think I still am today I don t have a whole lot to say about this volume generally a lot of it s covered below , but the mix of funny and heartbreaking and ultimatel [...]

  4. This series gets better and better I love the way an older Amelia is often portrayed to help explain something that is currently happening with Amelia and her friends and how it will impact her in the future.

  5. Summary This book is the third in a series of Amelia Rules by Jimmy Gownley s This book, Superheroes, is about Amelia s adventures dealing with having to move, new friendships and secret legends, and all the adventures she faces with superhero characters Characteristics that support the genre The book is laid out in a comic strip form that combines the traits of a novel.Writing mentor traits Presentation The book is in a comic strip form with different punctuations to emphasize expression The il [...]

  6. I am a Brave Boy, my home is near YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT Vol 3 made Amelia Rules jump from good to great A realistic portrayal of life as an only child with divorced parents Vol 3 kicks off with the beginning of summer vacation and maybe a brutal change for Amelia, but luckily her Aunt Tanner former pop star saves the dayWe also get to know some minor characters from Book 2 as the members of GASP have to take on their arch enemies the Ninja s and a new group called the Legion of Steves Along the [...]

  7. There simply aren t enough good words in the English language to describe this book It s been compared to Peanuts times than I can count, and if you re just looking at the cuteness of it, I can understand that it does have a moderately Peanutsy look But where this story really shines is in the emotional content Gownley s biggest strength is his ability to portray situations with all the gravity they have to a 10 year old A situation that doesn t merit much thinking about to an adult, but is a b [...]

  8. This is the third book in the Amelia Rules series by Jimmy Gownley We recently discovered this series and our girls just love it they will argue over who gets to read the books first They are really into reading graphic novels right now and we all love that it features a strong female main character who has other strong women in her life The book is broken up into six short stories that are consecutive in time and show how the friends relationship develops and changes over time and introduces ne [...]

  9. Summary Worldcat Amelia McBride has to face even changes Her beloved she s moving again, her new friend Trish is hiding a terrible secret, and superhero wannabe Reggie has vowed to destroy the evil Legion of Steves.Review This book is great fun and a great introduction to graphic novels The medium is skillfully used to alternate character view point, to change tone, and even for parody The characters are loveable and dynamic The story line is dramatic but feel very authentic as well However, so [...]

  10. Even the superhero team G.A.S.P cannot stop the Grim Reaper AKA Shadow Man Have the tissues ready This book exemplifies all that is good about the medium of comic book story telling and is my favourite so far of the collected Amelia Rules books Gownley cops out a little and may have left the possibility of a positive ending myself I think otherwise Whatever the intentions of the author, it is magnificent storytelling at its best.

  11. Ten year old Amelia Louise McBride is getting used to living in a small town Sure, it was hard to leave New York after her parents decided to get divorced But now that she s got her friends Reggie, Rhonda, and Pajamaman, she s starting to feel like things just might be okay That is, until her mom drops the bomb that they might be moving again across town, to a new school district Can things get any worse for Amelia When Amelia meets her new friend Trish and learns about the terrible secret she s [...]

  12. Ok, I m back for some gushing about how much I love this series I think this might be my favorite volume in the series at least so far It handled some pretty heavy topics, but it was really handled so well Gownley is really good at handling adult topics in a way that s accessible to kids without treating them like they re unintelligent This is something I have also noticed in Peanuts, which this has been compared to on several occasions, and I can definitely see the similarities I love Amelia a [...]

  13. I started reading these when I was 13 and I still love them They remind me of being a little kid again and are funny while have serious messages Amelia is a great character she s precocious and really a bit of a smart Alec, but understanding and sensitive Tanner is like a rockstar Yoda in a belly showing shirt Amelia s friends are unique and funny in every way Her parents are kind and nurturing, without being totally perfect These books charming and heartwarming, with beautiful artwork It s so s [...]

  14. Amelia Rules graphic novels always make me happy The characters are wonderful, as is the presentation Amelia shows life thru the eyes of a 10 year old girl with all its ups downs This one had downs then usual, but still enough light hearted moments to round it off nicely Her collection of friends add different view points, as does her Aunt Tanner Everyone should have a Tanner in their lives.

  15. Still entertaining although I thought a couple parts were a bit boring Out of the three books in this series so far, I like this one the most It was pretty magical and mysterious in a winking kind of way especially the ending I hope that the 4th one is just as magical 4 stars for this one.

  16. I absolutely loved this This was the second one that I ve read and I love the storyline and the characters It brings back the memories that I have of elementary school There was a couple of twists and turns where I wasn t sure what would happen to Amelia and Trishia, but I loved that it gives the readers a glimpse into the future Awesome A book for all ages

  17. This is like a female Calvin from the Watterson days The beautiful difference is that you get a completely fleshed out story To an adult the danger or choices might seem small, but for pre teens they hit the target Recommended to any 4 6 grade teacher who can figure out how to display the art while using this as a read a loud.

  18. I bought this book for my classroom because I m always looking for new great graphic novels and comics for my classroom library and I thought it looked good It is good, but not as good as I thought I found the lead character got eclipsed by her male friends sometimes too much and because it s not the first in the series, there were some things I didn t understand.

  19. This is going to be a great book to give to a child going through a divorce I am touched by Amelia and her friends They are funny especially in their superhero costumes but they also are real I went from laughing to almost crying The characters are real and their lives are much like many childrens grades 4

  20. These books are helping transition my daughter to self reading instead of being read to The stories are a bit complex than in chapter books, and the illustrations help her apply inflection to her reading also.Amelia is a many faceted character and a relatable child I would recommend this for girls aged 7 11.

  21. I m sure I ve read this one before, but it s feeling new The Phondapunzel silent movie fantasy had me laughing out loud I just knew that a handsome prince would come save me You are a prince, right Well, my Dad has most of his albums Close enough , and I just love the balance of humor and darkness in this series.

  22. It s official I m hooked I m no longer pretending to read this for my some day middle years students And I may just have a wee crush on Tanner hip checks Reggie out of the way Another amazingly crafted story with two excellent arcs that are sure to leave you in tears.

  23. I ve talked about how this series has a lot of heart and a lot going for it, and this installment in particular really stepped it up in a heart wrenching and heartwarming way Absolutely wonderful Just excellent.

  24. I read this for a contest at the library I have never read a graphic novel before, so it was fun to try a new genre I probably won t read another one But when I was picking it out, many boys around the age of 10 were checking them out and I think this genre would be perfect for that age group

  25. A great graphic novel for ages 7 and up Funny and touching, this book covers such topics as childhood crushes, divorce, moving, illness A great read for older kids and for adults who want to remember what it was like to be a kid trying to navigate through this often confusing world.

  26. Very sweet with lots of depth and genuine kids stuff going on I d love to see some 8 11 year olds reading this.

  27. i feel like i should have liked this ybe i m really not a huge fan of graphic novels, generally maybe because they re hard to skim

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