Firestar Best Read || [Michael F. Flynn] - Firestar, Firestar In young corporate heiress Mariesa van Huyten sees a meteor streak across the daytime sky over the Grand Tetons It awakens an all consuming fear in her a fear that the Earth is living on borrow
  • Title: Firestar
  • Author: Michael F. Flynn
  • ISBN: 9780812530063
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback

Firestar Best Read || [Michael F. Flynn], Firestar, Michael F. Flynn, Firestar In young corporate heiress Mariesa van Huyten sees a meteor streak across the daytime sky over the Grand Tetons It awakens an all consuming fear in her a fear that the Earth is living on borrowed time in a hostile solar system With a trusted inner circle and vast resources she aims to make her planet strong Firestar Best Read || [Michael F. Flynn] - Firestar, Firestar In young corporate heiress Mariesa van Huyten sees a meteor streak across the daytime sky over the Grand Tetons It awakens an all consuming fear in her a fear that the Earth is living on borrow
  • Firestar Best Read || [Michael F. Flynn]
    251Michael F. Flynn

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  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Michael Francis Flynn born 1947 is an American statistician and science fiction author Nearly all of Flynn s work falls under the category of hard science fiction, although his treatment of it can be unusual since he has applied the rigor of hard science fiction to softer sciences such as sociology in works such as In the Country of the Blind Much of his short fiction has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact Flynn was born in Easton, Pennsylvania He earned a B.A in Mathematics from LaSalle University and an M.S in topology from Marquette University He has been employed as an industrial quality engineer and statistician.

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  1. Ayn Rand meets The Man Who Sold the Moon.Comparable to early Heinlein Good hard science fiction Flynn s book reads like an alternative history now that its near future events when published in 1995 have become recent past, but it s easy to see given his premises how he got there And getting there is half the fun.While the story keep pulling me forward, the prose is a bit dense The character development was complex enough to seem realistic The cast was diverse enough to occasionally confuse and [...]

  2. Michael Flynn continues to work with economic mathematical predictive models of the future that are dead on target In this book, he correctly predicts a recession leading to a small war in the year 2001 2 from the time of his authorship in the mid 1990s Perhaps importantly, Flynn spends a lot of time showing us how the educational system would change if he were in charge He seems to have a bit of utopian overconfidence in privatization, but some of his ideas about education competitive, interdi [...]

  3. I am going to comment on this book from a libertarian s standpoint And, actually, I am going to comment on the entire series, sans spoilers The reason is because some of my views regarding this book are certainly expanded by my view of all four books And my comment is this fantastic If you have libertarian or even objectivist leanings, I am quite certain you will enjoy the journey And, if you do not have those leanings, the story does not push political propaganda down your throat, so I still sa [...]

  4. Really good book It was very well written, although the prose may be a little dense or descriptive for some people I thought the plot was very good, though it is slow moving There are a lot of characters to keep track of, although I think Flynn does a good job of developing them All in all a very good read but it just lacks that extra something to make it a 5 star I look forward to reading of Flynn s work.

  5. Near future sci fi tends to age very, very poorly, and even though I found this book incredibly boring for the most part, it definitely feels like a plausible, alternate recent past.A super right wing anti government fantasy written in the most mind numbing prose, to be sure.

  6. In 1972, young corporate heiress Mariesa van Huyten sees a meteor streak across the daytime sky over the Grand Tetons It awakens an all consuming fear in her, a fear that the Earth is living on borrowed time in a hostile solar system.What can humanity do about it, she asks Nothing.What could humanity do about it Swat the asteroids aside.Get out of the way.With a trusted inner circle, and the resources of Van Huyten industries at her conditional disposal, she sets out to act on these premises The [...]

  7. Lots of popular reviews here compare this book to Atlas Shrugged, but I respectfully suggest that it s been a while since they have read Ayn Rand Rand s works preach her philosophy of Objectivism, or to over summarize, the virtues of selfishness The protagonist of this novel is a successful driven female capitalist, and that s where the parallels will end Government agencies will serve as foils at some points, but competing businessmen and other elites are the main antagonists Instead of the mai [...]

  8. Published in 1999 and set between 1999 and 2009, it was really interesting to note the differences between what the author envisioned and what happened during those years.Dense, and with multiple POVs, it was hard to get into, but worth it Malcolm Hillgartner s narration is excellent.

  9. I like science fiction about an early space program, so I liked this But Michael Flynn was too interested in descriptions of sexual attributes, especially of the female characters Still, he had a female character in a lead role.

  10. Not sure what I want to say about this one In some ways I really liked it, other ways not so much The characterization was well developed but there wasn t one character that I would like as a person or even want to be around I like the private business approach to space having grown up reading Heinlein But the woman is so obsessed, not so say nuts, I m not so sure that she could have kept it together enough to accomplished the goal Anyway I guess I like the book enough to go with the 4 stars an [...]

  11. Meh.I have many thoughts about this book There are a lot of things that I really love about it So many of the characters are really brilliant And it s very well plotted, I think.But it s so long So Very Long.And it ends without a real resolution So, I guess to get the ending, I will have to keep reading the series I doubt I will do that any time soon.

  12. Wow, it s long and this is only book 1 OK, SciFi storytelling I did not realize it was a series, I just assumed the author got tired of these characters book and ended it all Fair overall, not sure I will read the other books.

  13. interesting hard Sci Fi but turned into to much of a soap opera for ME characters cheating on each other acting like 12 year olds and hating without reason Well written but, not my thing If you like the people part and Sci Fi, you ll love it.

  14. Science was interesting, but I hated most of the characters and didn t care at all about their soap opera antics.

  15. I really like this tale, but peculiarly the bit that impacted most was an aside about taking three years to truly change an organisation or at least that s what I remember.

  16. Well, here s to the first book of 2017 Firestar is a book that has a very, very impressive scope There are a few key characters, but also many, many secondary characters who are also important and get their own viewpoint chapters, and many of these characters interact with each other over the span of several years What s , there s everything from an impressive array of near future, realistic sci fi to minor tangents into economics, domestic politics, geopolitics, and a variety of other issues It [...]

  17. This review is for the entire series, since it doesn t really end at a terribly satisfying place at the end of each novel There is some attempt at closure at the end of each book but he has basically one very long story to tell and he s not done until the very end This series was pretty good, but looooooooong So many characters Most of the many subplots are kind of interesting It definitely held my attention through four long novels But I was definitely done when he finally wound up the last nov [...]

  18. Near future SciFi has seldom been done better Flynn takes us on an epic journey only hinted at in the humble beginnings of the first book A millionairess has a hidden fear, almost an obsession She is afraid that an asteroid has the potential to wipe out humanity by striking the Earth While her fear is no doubt well founded, it takes extreme expressions in her, and she uses her fortune to build up a huge aerospace industry The series consists of Firestar Rogue Star Lodestar Falling StarsWhat real [...]

  19. I am always on the lookout for solar system exploration fic, which is difficult to find, because aliens are king in contemporary space opera I wish I liked classic SF than I do a lot of the old stuff was solar system specific The oldest I ll go back is 1990 s turn of the turn of the millennium, and even that stuff seems dated To a book, late 90s solar system fic is cynical Not the writers but their characters The writers are desperate and sad We ve given up on space They produced desperate and [...]

  20. This book is called brave and forward looking, but it has the usual problems encountered by anyone trying to solve problems in education with corporate intrusion and the usual problems of anyone trying to solve problems instead of writing fiction We re repulsed by the adults in most cases Corporate heiress Mariesa van Huyten is frigidly devoted to her dream She is always about the goal and not about enjoying any of the ride Rightly, her children from the school she adopts that improbably turns o [...]

  21. Firestar by Michael Flynn is the first book in his science fiction series about people rediscovering outer space in the near future.Unlike most science fiction books where space travel is well developed this series delves into a very plausible world that could occur in the next few decades.Mariesa van Huyten is a very rich leader of a conglomerate of companies that secret begin developing and testing new planes capable of traveling into space Much of the story revolves and several pilots charged [...]

  22. This is a sprawling tale that encompasses corporate machinations, high school angst, and test pilot swagger It tries to cover every angle of a technological leap that changes our world The characters run the gamut from the highborn to the ghetto bred and every class in between Maybe the book doesn t always achieve the same success on every level but the vista is wide and there s lots to take in It would make great episodic TV similar to The West Wing or The Sopranos The cover is a little mislead [...]

  23. Apparently Michael Flynn is the love child of Ayn Rand and Ken Follett This story has the same political social slant as Atlas Shrugged, but it s not presented nearly as forcefully in it s anti government regulation slant In the same way, the hardships in the characters lives are generally not as extreme as you would experience in a Follett novel, nor conveyed with as much gut wrenching description.It s best to approach this book as alternate or near future history It s also science fiction, but [...]

  24. Firestar is book 1 of the series by Michael Flynn It is an alternative history series where the space program is driven by the private sector than the government.The story Mariesa van Huyten is a rich lady who runs a big corporation Her interests in profits is eclipsed by a sighting of a meteorite when she is young so her private fear of a earth strike prods her to build up a space program capable of stopping a killer asteroid while making money at the same time.Any problems with this book It i [...]

  25. Upon rereading this book after a few years, I found my perspective greatly changed While I enjoy the book and am impressed with the writing and the plot is interesting it is also far too realistic This book, in some ways, is like a much better written Atlas Shrugged Some of the same concepts are explored, with much subtlety and a open mind Subjects like charter schools, plutocrats subsidizing public education, oligarchs influencing government and playing a game of chess with peoples lives and [...]

  26. I think the Ayn Rand, were she alive in 1996 would disown Flynn SO hard He has the gall to mention that government regulatory agencies like EPA might actually be necessary because not every businessman is as high minded as the main hero.Also, Flynn places a big emphasis on education, while Rand seemed to think that genius level employees must spring up at employer s doorstep from thin air.Oh, and also the main hero mentions that some things might be important than money for example, investing i [...]

  27. This novel reminds me why I so love SF Placed in the near future it follows a woman who is driven by the goal to get humanity into space Slightly reminiscent of Jerry Pournelle s story High Justice that also involved a rich woman with the same goal Firestar though is much developed and truly epic SF in a story that spans almost 900 pages.Very character centric along with a solid build up of how to achieve the goal of getting into space and the type of infrastructure and changes in society that [...]

  28. A near future story about one person s quest to drive humanity into space Firestar is the first book of a series, though it can be read as a self contained novel It starts a bit like Stephen Baxter s Manifold series, but where Baxter eventually diverges into futuristic and out there science fiction topics, Flynn stays with the near future practicalities of establishing a privately funded space program.The book felt a bit long as it set up the back stories for a large group of people ranging fro [...]

  29. Good for complexity, breadth of scope, character development, respect for science, 20 minutes into the future feel Over the course of the series, you end up following the growth, success, and failures of many different characters in two or three generations as their part in the future unfolds.You do have to accept for the sake of story that a business exec from an old wealth family takes over a public school system with the express intent to produce quality education and willingness to sacrifice [...]

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