The Lord: The Tenth Day

[PDF] Read ☆ The Lord: The Tenth Day : by Danica Favorite - The Lord: The Tenth Day, The Lord The Tenth Day On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me Desperately trying to avoid an arranged marriage to a cruel lord an heiress takes on Minnie Gold s identity to marry a man she hopes will be kin
  • Title: The Lord: The Tenth Day
  • Author: Danica Favorite
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ☆ The Lord: The Tenth Day : by Danica Favorite, The Lord: The Tenth Day, Danica Favorite, The Lord The Tenth Day On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me Desperately trying to avoid an arranged marriage to a cruel lord an heiress takes on Minnie Gold s identity to marry a man she hopes will be kind He has to be better than what her parents have planned Hugh Montgomery is proud of the life he s built in Noelle and he s determined to help Noelle survive even if itOn the [PDF] Read ☆ The Lord: The Tenth Day : by Danica Favorite - The Lord: The Tenth Day, The Lord The Tenth Day On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me Desperately trying to avoid an arranged marriage to a cruel lord an heiress takes on Minnie Gold s identity to marry a man she hopes will be kin

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  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Lord: The Tenth Day : by Danica Favorite
    403 Danica Favorite
The Lord: The Tenth Day

About Author

  1. A self professed crazy chicken lady, Danica Favorite loves the adventure of living a creative life She loves to explore the depths of human nature and follow people on the journey to happily ever after Though the journey is often bumpy, those bumps are what refine imperfect characters as they live the life God created them for Oops, that just spoiled the ending of all of Danica s stories Then again, getting there is all the fun.

One thought on “The Lord: The Tenth Day

  1. The LordI really wanted to love this book, but between some of the disconnect I felt in the beginning Hugh just seemed wishy washy , and the editing errors, I was disappointed To be fair, I am glad I kept reading because the ending was enjoyable I think sometimes these books get written so quickly that there isn t the time to make an okay story a great story.

  2. The 12 Days of Christmas Mail Order BridesI just love this series the adventures the characters the romances I can t get enough of them This story is of a young society girl running from her family having been promised to an Earl who s character is rather unsavoury she takes on her maids name Minnie Gold after the maid dies in an accident and takes her place as a Mail Order Bride in Noelle.Hugh is an English duke making a new life for himself and he is one of the groom s chosen to help save the [...]

  3. Titles are not necessary in AmericaMinnie Bell wanted to be free from her mistress s fiance So her and Margaret her mistress came up with a plan, Minnie was going to be a mail order bride But before she could leave, she was killed in a horrible accident Margaret wanted to flee from Lord Milliken He was cruel So she took Minnie s place Her mail order groom was actually Lord Hugh, but he was in America and did not like to use his title Once Margaret s true identity is discovered, the town s people [...]

  4. The premise of the historical romance series The 12 Days of Christmas in a small mountain town Noelle, Colorado post Civil War makes the reader wanting With great anticipation I wake up at midnight to read each well written story with intriguing characters, twist and turn plot and believable resolution A Maid A Lord hid their true identities Can they overcome their backgrounds and find love The reader feels the love and time put into making this series the best Christmas series ever.

  5. Day 10As the deadline for the marriages grows closer, the arrangements become complicated Margaret, AKA Minnie, is hoping to avoid a disastrous union with a penniless Earl of the realm looking for a wealthy bride His rud cruel perfidies sends Margaret on the run posing as her maid Hugh left England for a brighter future in the new world As the third son of a Duke there was little chance of his inheriting the title Can they convince her father to approve their marriage in time to help save Noell [...]

  6. Danica Favorite s tenth installment in this fantastic series continues to delight readers with romance, friendship, love and even a little suspense This is the first story that left me unsure if a Noelle wedding would actually take place I really enjoyed the additional action and suspense in this book It was also really beautiful seeing how deep friendship runs Hugh and Minnie s love story kept me guessing until the very end.

  7. The Lord The Tenth Day I have enjoyed each book in this series and have come to love each couple I enjoyed following each one as they struggled to find their HEA among the difficulty of trying to keep their past lives hidden If anyone needed a HEA, it was Hugh and Minnie She is one of my favorites in the series A very entertaining book JudyE

  8. Another winner in the 12 Days of Christmas This is 10 in a series of 12, but can easily stand alone This book in particular brought home the fact of women who were at the mercies of their parents as to whom they wed Margaret was so brave to buck the system as a mail order bride I loved her courage

  9. WonderfulWith each new story in this series, I say this is my favorite, yet this one truly is What a fun, yet encouraging, tale of love overcoming all obstacles in your path Loved how Lord Hugh was really just Hugh, a man desperately trying to save the girl he loves and yet it s the title of Lord that does the trick Lovely read

  10. The Lord and the LadyWhat an amazing story of Hugh and Minnie I adored this story on Day 10 Part of this story is sad in that it addresses the fate of women during this period of time property Yet on the other hand it is just amazing how far women s rights have come forward True friendship and love meant to be are a winning combination for Day 10 The Lord.

  11. Read on Kindle Unlimited I enjoyed the story The characters were very believable A duke and a lady of society So funny titles are not important to towns where the mail order brides travel too But she might be able to help save the town by bringing the railroad to town.

  12. Great book Loved how the story progressed and how it all came together especially the ending The characters were well developed and their personalities were fitting I enjoyed learning about the town and other s stories as well Great read

  13. Hero Heroine Reading Enjoyment 4.5 Another great story in this series that is filled with fun, love and intrigue The story progressed steadily, has well developed characters with witty humorous dialogue and a fun developing plot.

  14. Excellent I have to say how much I enjoyed this story The twists and turns kept me tapping my Kindle I could NOT figure out how the dilemma which kept Margaret Minnie and Hugh from marrying A very satisfying ending.

  15. Another winnerThis series is just wonderful Each story so unique and creative You will not want to miss this one So many secrets to uncover I was so privileged to be a part of the continuity group for this series

  16. GoodWhat an adventure It all looks so hopeless and terrifying Yet, despite it all, good friendships develop and hope is born Despite all odds, it all turns out well in the end A great series.

  17. Good read I have found another author I need to follow I had not read any of Danica Favorite s books before She is a great story teller I loved the way she was able to get Minnie and Hugh together

  18. Loving the lordExcellent read I truly and loving this series, all the books are so well written and the characters so lifelike Hugh and Minnie are two characters who bring life to the pages.

  19. Problems indeedIt is a true skill when an author can weave a web so intricate that me escape appears possible and then use the strands of that web to weave the escape path.

  20. Who s on the run Margaret or Minnie I loved the inner conflict in the book It showed a lot of depth to the characters The series is getting better and better

  21. AwesomeGreat story live knowing there will be a HEA but the getting there is the great Looking forward to the next one

  22. Wonderful What a wonderful book, with some great twist and turns, it will make it want to read until the end.

  23. Great book Love the characters, the town, and the story This is a delightful series to read Highly recommend Great Christmas read.

  24. This series has been amazing The author s have gone to insane lengths to ensure the stories and characters mesh Each book is great individually, too.

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