King of Sword and Sky

Free Download King of Sword and Sky - by C.L. Wilson - King of Sword and Sky, King of Sword and Sky One passion could unite them One enemy could destroy them Rain the proud and haunted Fey King risked everything to follow his heart and his destiny to Ellysetta his truemate his love the woodcarve
  • Title: King of Sword and Sky
  • Author: C.L. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780843960594
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Ebook

Free Download King of Sword and Sky - by C.L. Wilson, King of Sword and Sky, C.L. Wilson, King of Sword and Sky One passion could unite them One enemy could destroy them Rain the proud and haunted Fey King risked everything to follow his heart and his destiny to Ellysetta his truemate his love the woodcarver s daughter who possessed miraculous gifts she did not understand He defied the nobles of Celieria to claim her battled demons and Elden mages to wed her And now he must pOne p Free Download King of Sword and Sky - by C.L. Wilson - King of Sword and Sky, King of Sword and Sky One passion could unite them One enemy could destroy them Rain the proud and haunted Fey King risked everything to follow his heart and his destiny to Ellysetta his truemate his love the woodcarve
  • Free Download King of Sword and Sky - by C.L. Wilson
    148C.L. Wilson
King of Sword and Sky

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  1. C.L Wilsons unique blend of pulse pounding action, sweeping epic fantasy, and passionate romance has made her books a favorite read for romance and fantasy readers alike Praised for exceptional worldbuilding and lyric prose, her critically acclaimed novels have regularly appeared on bestseller lists including the USA Today, the New York Times, and Publishers Weekly.C.Ls novels have won numerous industry and reader selected awards including, LifetimeTVs Best Paranormal debut of 2007, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, two National Readers Choice awards, the Colorado Award of Excellence, and the Holt Medallion Ms Wilson is the honored recipient of the PEARL award from Paranormal Romance as the best new author of 2007, and winner of the 2009 PEARL award for best Romantic Fantasy novel When not torturing her characters mercilessly, C.L enjoys relaxing with her family in sunny Florida and daydreaming of a world where people exercise in their sleep and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is a fat burning food.

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  1. It is hard for me to rate this, because I liked the book so much but if I was just judging it on being a fantasy or a romance it might fall a little short Just Fantasy Just Romance Romantasy But as a mash up of two of my favorite genres it is better than just one or the other This is a romance first and a fantasy second But don t let that deter you as there are some great concepts and world building elements along the way Ellysetta has been foreseen by the eye to be the one person who could save [...]

  2. It s really a shame that these books are classified as Romance, because I feel they would appeal to a much larger audience were they not Cheryl Wilson has crafted a marvelous fantasy world complete with all the elements including a language for her Fey Her characters are complex and her pacing is some of the best I ve seen Yes, there are romantic elements, but they are not gratuitous at all and add to the complexity of her story I found myself many a night staying up to read far later than I sho [...]

  3. Only One Enemy Could Destroy Them C L Wilson s exquisitely written romantic fantasy debut will dazzle readers with its richly imaginative story Chicago Tribune on Lord of the Fading Lands Only One Love Could Unite Them Wilson jumps back into her tale without skipping a beat, expanding her world with finesse while boldly taking her story in entirely unexpected directions Publishers Weekly on Lady of Light and ShadowsOnly Together Could They Lead Their People To Victory The magical tairen were dyi [...]

  4. Ve sha kem tani Kem san Kem reisa You are my mate My Heart My soul With hands and words and lips and teeth, he claimed her, declaring possession, marking her with his touch, his kiss, his breath, the scent of his skin rubbing her with hot friction, singing to her soul Rain and Ellysetta have left Celieria, knowing that their enemy is going to attack soon Ellie is sad to be leaving her family and the only life she has ever known Ellie knows her destiny is to save the Fey, even though she has no i [...]

  5. Final rating 5 5 stars It seems to me when the ways of the past lead only to death, then change is the only hope for life This series keeps surprising me I did not expect so many things of vital significance to be revealed in this book It was just great I do not have any regrets picking this series up and my friend knows just what kind of books i love, so i thank her for recommending me this it might even become one of my favorite series This time there were greatly written battles, lots of magi [...]

  6. Wilson hits the mark once again with this the third installment in Wilson s Tairen Souls series The characters are finally coming into their own and Elly is FINALLY learning to let go and trust her mate Not enough to complete the bond, which is sorta frustrating, but she s getting there And let me tell you, these two are generating some steam when they get together In KOSS, Elly and Rain are on their way to The Fading Lands, the home of the Fey and where Rain is King This book focuses much on a [...]

  7. This is a combined review over the 5 books of this Series.OK I read all 5 of this series non stop this weekendI just couldn t put this series down for the life of me.Yes, it does drag on in parts and found myself skimming over paragraphs but overall this was a freakin fantastic series full of Fey, Dragons, Mages, Elves and so many other charactersbutwho won my heart Ellie shite was a perfect main character and stole the book for me From the beginning, the way the author developed her character w [...]

  8. I know it s weird, but is it normal to be as depressed as I am that I won t get another shot of Wilson s finest before October ArghYou would think after reading all 3 books in this series back to back to back that I would be a little ready to move onbut I m not It s been a long time since I ve been this hooked on a series So here s my second questionIs it better to have read and have to impatiently waitor to have never read something so wonderful at all

  9. EDIT March 2015 Re reading this series for I think the fourth time also listened to the wonderful audios and never will tire of this story and spending time in the incredible world this author has created My favorite fantisy world I have visited in a book This particular one I have in hardback and signed by the author a treasure as not many hardbacks were done Moving on to the next book My original review from 2010 is below no way to explain just why this is so special.I read this series last mo [...]

  10. PERFECTION.She reached up to cup his face in her hands Do you love me, Rain More than I knew it was possible to love All the stars will fall from the heavens before I ever stop SIGH

  11. Will it always be like this Like what Like magic, between us His eyes flared bright for a brief instant Aiyah, Ellysetta, it will Shei tanitsa bonds, once forged, will never wane What exists between us will last to the end of time Swoon Swoon Swoon The feels in this book continue to capture my heart I could read about Rain and Ellysetta for several books They have easily become one of my favorite book couples I think I could read a whole book about them without any form of plot or storyline and [...]

  12. C.L has a lot to live up to with this third book and the continuing tale of Ellysetta Baristani and her soul mate and husband Rainer vel En Daris who must save the Tairens from extinction Ellysetta is the key to the Tairen s salvation and if she fails, both the Fey and Tairen will fall victim to their enemy, the Mages of Eld King of Sword and Sky begins where Lady of Light and Shadow has left off Rain is taking Ellie to his home, the Fading Lands, along with her father, Sol, and her younger twin [...]

  13. THIS WAS OUTSTANDING The entire series was superb Sometimes when there are sequels to a good book of any genre they have a tendency to deteriorate in quality as the stories continueIS DID THE OPPOSITE The storyline got deeper it was just fabulous Wilson did such a phenomenal job at creating the world in which this takes place There was nothing left out, from the visuals to the characters to the spoken language that was developed for the Fae I find myself using some of the phrases with my kids.ey [...]

  14. This book was so amazing that I don t think my review will do it justice but I ll tell you what I found so amazing about this book, EVERYTHING From the imagination used in writing it, the story itself, the characters, the feelings it gave me while reading it, the good verses evil, the fighting scenes, the love scenes, The magic WOW WOW WOW See I told you I could not write a review deserving of this story series All s I can add is, if you have thought about giving this series a try, I say what ar [...]

  15. Holy Lord of guilty pleasures, sign me up on your naughty list because WHY DID I READ THESE But I did And I am.I don t even know what to say about these books I don t know to words But I know one thing they aren t that great but Holy % % I can t stop reading them.

  16. Less sexy time, action and we have a better book King of Sword and Sky was addictive and easy to read like Lord of the Fading Lands, not boring like Lady of Light and Shadows I am hoping right into the next book, because I can t wait to find out what happens next So much intrigue and danger

  17. I think you look upon this Fey favorably than he deserves, kem san Nei, I see him plainly enough She laid her palm against his chest And I love the Fey I see So the battle begins and it was fantastic This story was as intense as it is addicting A lot of events unfold and there are many questions that still need answers From her first trip to the Fading Lands, until the last battle in Orest, poor Ellysetta s heart and magic are tested relentlessly Despite the fact that she brings new magic and r [...]

  18. There s something to be said for a good fantasy that can t quite be said C.L Wilson is an author who continues to impress me with her fantasy series that is also a sizzling romance series The third book in this series really wowed me in story development I never saw what happened coming.This book largely dealt with Rain and Ellysetta trying to save the dying tairen, and thus the Fey It also dealt with some political maneuverings in the Fey world, but I was glad to see that ultimately Rain s auth [...]

  19. Amazingcredible outstanding these words are not enough to describe the third installment of the Tairen Soul Series King of Sword and Sky by C.L Wilson I read the first two books and have been anxiously awaiting the last two in the series I was not disappointed one iota.Ms Wilson is a phenomenal world builder, so much so you can see every room, mountain, and road in your mind s eye as you are immersed in the story of Rain and Ellysetta and the rest of the Fey The first books were excellent, leavi [...]

  20. I never would have believed that I d be reading a fantasy and fantasy romance work like this But, after having read the first two books in this series, I am hooked And the third keeps me hooked.The two key characters are Rainer vel En Daris, the Fey King, and Elysetta Baristani, purportedly a woodcutter s daughter but, actually, much than that Indeed, her parents, with the intervention of the evil High Mage of Eld, Vadim Maur, have created a powerful woman, with magic of great depth And this is [...]

  21. Notes 1 Ellie uses zahn magic and in return gets 3rd and 4th marks from Mage2 Ellie saves the Tairen and they hatch3 Fey and the Eld are officially at war4 The mason turn against the king and banish him from their lands5 In the end The king prevails and fights in war trying to save their Fey lands6 Ellies family disappears in the mist7 Ellies sisters reveal their magic8 Eld kidnap warlords wife9 New pregnancy Marissa is pregnant and her child is Tairen10 One of the Lords is killed and his wife a [...]

  22. This book takes Ellie and Rain to fairy where at first everyone loves her and then they start attacking her This shows the closeness between Rain and Ellie and their relationship with the Tairen Ends horrible but good for the books I m moving straight on to book 4 and have liked this series so much I preordered book 5 Wonderful series, would recommend it.

  23. I ll start with the things I m not crazy about.First, the Fey are our heroes, the beautiful and exalted bearers of good magic, but I wouldn t want to live in their world, with its impassable gender divisions If women are rare in a fantasy society, that is NEVER a good thing for gender equality their rarity makes women precious jewels who must be kept closed in a case They are Protected, and men are their Protectors Plus, the rarity places a strong emphasis on the birthing of babies Thankfully th [...]

  24. Tairen s breath of fire reigns,She of red hair feeds the flame.She soothes the soul cast in chainsBecause of love she holds no blame While he embraces her love so pureAnd guides her to her waiting fate.With magic and sword they will secureThis land of legend and truemates The third book in the Tairen Soul series is nothing short of wonderful After reading Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadows it was obvious that C L Wilson wasn t just a one hit wonder She has what it takes for a [...]

  25. My review can also be found on Reading Lark After Dark readinglarkafterdark.You know what I hate about completing this book I m now past the half way point in this series Only two books left, and I ll be so sad when it s all over sniff King of Sword and Sky continues its rich story telling, wonderful character development, and we finally get to meet the Tairen What awesome creatures they are and by awesome I mean, magnificent, enormous, highly intelligent and fiercely protective of their pride T [...]

  26. The legendary struggle between the dark and the light continues Amazing doesn t even begin to describe this series Ve sha kein tani Kem san Kem teisa You are my mate My heart My soul He growled the words against her lips, sending them on Air to her ears, on Spirit to her mind, singing them on their bond threads in the shatteringly vivid tones of tairen song With hands and words and lips and teeth, he laid claim to her, declaring possession, marking her with his touch, his kiss, his breath, the s [...]

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