Masterful Surrender

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Masterful Surrender : by Noah Harris - Masterful Surrender, Masterful Surrender Mark Willow is a sex loving gay man who has to take care of his much younger brother Miles While running away from the law they find themselves a hotel When Mark decides to steal from them the hotel
  • Title: Masterful Surrender
  • Author: Noah Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Masterful Surrender : by Noah Harris, Masterful Surrender, Noah Harris, Masterful Surrender Mark Willow is a sex loving gay man who has to take care of his much younger brother Miles While running away from the law they find themselves a hotel When Mark decides to steal from them the hotel reveals itself to be a pack full of werewolves Now that he s one of them he has to work at a BDSM dungeon as well as focus on two lovers who don t know about his fear ofMark Wil [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Masterful Surrender : by Noah Harris - Masterful Surrender, Masterful Surrender Mark Willow is a sex loving gay man who has to take care of his much younger brother Miles While running away from the law they find themselves a hotel When Mark decides to steal from them the hotel
  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Masterful Surrender : by Noah Harris
    442Noah Harris
Masterful Surrender

About Author

  1. Noah Harris is a 28 year old bisexual man currently single and living in a small apartment in New York.Being a natural introvert with significant extrovert tendencies he expresses himself through the world of writing MM books, often with a darker, paranormal twist His books are written from the heart of his deep, sensitive and mysterious, but playful and creative, wild spirit.Noah is dedicated to giving something back to the universe, sharing generously in his successes and inspiring and motivating others through his writing and in any other way he can He believes in living a natural, healthy lifestyle and has embraced meditation as a way of clearing the noise in his head and allowing his dark creativity to shine through in his books.He is determined to reach out to as many readers, who he considers his friends , as he can through his unique personal touch and through building like minded communities online It is this personal touch, with his readers, that sets him apart from most other authors today.

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  1. Frustration is thy nameI am really surprised by the good ratings for this book because I simply do not see it This was a frustrating, uninteresting, poorly written book This book was choppy and illogical in it s pacing It did not work well in introduction and leapt right into the story with no preamble and almost no explanation after the fact People were barely ever described a whole book and I don t even know what the narrator looked like, let alone most of the people around him There is very l [...]

  2. Severely disappointed I went into this thinking, could this be any better Shifter, mpreg and BDSM yes please What actually happened was only shifters and not a whole lot of sense I stayed confused during the book trying to figure things out While I figured out who was causing all the issues early on I wanted to understand why This book was a jumble of nothing I d personally skip this one I ve read other books by this author and liked them This one was a sad representation.

  3. Wow This is different from what Noah normally writes It s still the same but with so much You have light BDSM and murder which is a first I have read from Noah I normally have no problem getting into books that Noah writes this one was a little different for me It took me a couple chapters until I got into the book There is a lot going on in this book but it was easy to follow When the book left off it left me wanting Noah left it where I was guessing what happened to all the characters at the [...]

  4. I liked Masterful Surrender by Noah Harris I loved the storyline, and I liked the characters Although sometimes Mark and his brother would get on my nerves They were sometimes too whiny for my liking but having siblings myself I know that Noah Harris has done a good job of portraying their relationship I did love how Mark got free meals and his relationship with the twins and how it changed over the course of the book I loved when he starts to grow up and begins to want a mature relationship I [...]

  5. Noah s new book is a paranormal thriller You don t know who the good guys are until almost the end There is a lot of murder attempts and surprises in the story, including BDSM Marcus Willow is on the run with his young brother Mark does his best by his brother including selling himself to get money or food for him He also resorts to stealingwhich got them in the worse trouble of their lives I have full empathy for Mark as he struggles to find answers and a way to escape their predicament His bro [...]

  6. So 2.5 stars I am still trying to figure out what just happened The story was everywhere If you are looking for romance or a HEA, this isn t for you This is of a mystery suspense type book with a bit of sex thrown in There really isn t much BDSM in the story as well Which you think with the title there would be some type of epiphany durning a BDSM scene, then you are wrong just like me.In addition, I couldn t stand Mark s brother Miles I understand he s eight, but seriously he needs to be put i [...]

  7. I voluntarily reviewed a advance reader copy of this bookMasterful surrender was such a amazing intense story I loved Marcus he were so amazing The intensity of this story was so amazingly perfect it had me on the edge of my seat I couldn t put it downfallFrom the moment you start Marcus s journey you are transported to his world it is such a amazing feeling and made my worries slip away just being part of this amazing storyI thought Marcus were such a brave manThank you Noah Harris for another [...]

  8. Noah Harris take us in a slightly different direction with this book, with his usual flair for writing This book takes you in different directions throughout keeping your interest from the first word to the last Noah Harris creates characters you want to get to know and want to read about They are steamy and well written Pick up a copy of this book I m sure you will want to find of his books.

  9. Just wrong This book can be under WTF Masterful Surrender was not masterful I just don t have the right words to convey what is on my mind.

  10. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.Marcus and Miles are two brothers on the run from the law.They fall in with a pack of werewolves.Marcus is bitten and turned He doesn t know who to trust Twins that are not always what they seem Werewolves, Bdsm,hot kinky sex Will they get their happy ending Keeps you guessing till the end Great job Noah Harris.

  11. Hot Hot HotWow really good storyline and lots of love to go around The twins are weird in this and was trying to hurt him He found a savior in his love interest.

  12. AmazingWhat a unique and amazing story There were so many twist s and turns I could not put this book down, and hot sex WOW

  13. This is the first book I have read of Noah Harris With a new author it takes a chapter or two for me to adjust to the writer s style Once into this book I couldn t put it down it was so intriguing.Marcus Willow and his younger brother Miles have been on the road jumping from one place to the next trying to outrun the law that s after them Their parents died in a car accident and left them orphaned Marcus, known as Mark, was too young to take legal guardianship over his brother so he grabbed his [...]

  14. Title Masterful SurrenderAuthor Noah HarrisPublisher Noah HarrisISBN B01M26R1OTBuy Link dp B01M26R1OT Reviewer Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Mark Willow is a sex loving gay man who has to take care of his much younger brother Miles While running away from the law, they find themselves a hotel When Mark decides to steal from them, the hotel reveals itself to be a pack full of werewolves Now that he s one of them, he has to work at a BDSM dungeon, as well as focus on two lovers who don t know about hi [...]

  15. 5 StarsAnother major hit Mr Harris This story is full of twist and turns that will have you guessing every step of the way Every time I thought I knew how the story would end, I sent down another road.The characters are fantastic The story begins with two brothers, Marcus and Miles Their parents died before Marcus was old enough to legally care for Miles, so they ve been running from the law for years They ve come to a quiet, beach town in California Both are tired and hungry Money is scarce, th [...]

  16. If there s even an ounce of life in him, there s still a chance I enjoyed this book and was fairly easily caught up in the tangled mess Mark finds himself snared in On the run with his younger brother and doing what he could to take care of them, he never could have predicted how dramatically his life would change when he stopped for what he thought would be a simple meal and some adult distraction Bitten by a werewolf and compelled to stay with the pack, it was impossible for me not to be empat [...]

  17. I love shifter books and really enjoy how each author puts a new and different spin on it This was interesting and not like anything I ve read before After their parents deaths, Mark has taken his little brother Miles and the two are on the run Moving from town to town just trying to survive They stop at a hotel and everything goes south quickly Mark takes a wallet because he needs the money to feed Miles When he s confronted about the wallet he tries to leave the hotel but their car is run off [...]

  18. This novella opens by introducing two brothers left feeling alone and adrift following the death of both parents Marcus takes Miles, his younger brother, to avoid being separated and they begin a journey across the states scrambling to live and find safe haven to call home The suspense begins to build from the moment they enter a small town, stop at a diner hungry for an evening meal, and to seek respite from the road All things weird and wicked, breathing slightly sinister undertones, crawl out [...]

  19. I m a Noah Harris fan I love his stories ButI struggled with the first half of Masterful Surrender The story, to begin with, is OK but it tries to be too many things, paranormal shifter, BDSM erotic romance and thriller As a result it doesn t achieve any of them and I found it disjointed and hard going Luckily in the second half the story picks up, solidifies, the plot becomes clearer and it s much readable As usual the sex scenes are deliciously hot but, for BDSM they were far too quick, detac [...]

  20. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Masterful surrender had several of my favorite genres in this story I love reading about BDSM, werewolves, mystery and gay erotica The characters are believable and enduring Mark loves his little brother Miles, and has kidnapped him so they can be together after the tragic car accident that took their parents Miles is hungry on their road trip, and they stop in a diner restaurant He meets the twin werewolves that works there, constantly [...]

  21. Yet another interesting read from Noah Harris I have read many shifter werewolf books but this one was quite different in the fact that the werewolves didn t really turn into wolves exactly The story was a bit confusing in the beginning but the further I read, the it made sense I normally like straight forward romances but occasionally enjoy some suspense along with the romance The characters were well thought out and had nice chemistry However, I have to say that I really didn t like the twins [...]

  22. What would you do to keep your family together Better yet, what wouldn t you do That s exactly what Marcus Mark Willow is doing everything thing he can to keep he and his brother Miles together and safe But when he steals from a town that turns out to be full of werewolves their lives completely change Maybe for the better.From the first chapter this book has you on the edge of your seat The characters intrigue you, the plot twists keep you guessing, and the outcome leaves you wanting even The [...]

  23. If you love the paranormal MM withWerewolves then you will loveThis one Noah Harris is a great author in the fictional paranormal The storyline was amazing The characters were well developed Mark and his brother, Miles, were running from the law sinceTheir parents died Mark was not going to allow them to take his brother awayFrom him They ended up in a townwhere Mark had stolen a billfold He got caught and found himself in the middle of werewolves Some twins had befriendedHim with sex and findin [...]

  24. Noah has a gift for writing in the way he gradually draws you in so you feel you are actually involved This book goes in a slightly different direction for Noah It is still Paranormal but also has murder, mystery, suspense, romance and sex with a touch of BDSM included in the mix That is a lot to pack in to one book.The main characters are two brothers Mark the elder is a modern day Artful Dodger looking after his younger brother Miles after their parents were killed in a car crash They are on t [...]

  25. This is a great take on the werewolf theme I love when they go away from the norm Always a surprise when you read this author Would like to know what s up with Ray, Ryder, and the twins I d expect trouble.

  26. This is an interesting and intriguing book to read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it What you will find in this book is drama, intrigue, suspense, twists and turns, action, a young man and thief Marcus on the run with his young brother Miles , being attacked, bitten, werewolves, disbelief, fighting, jealousy, betrayal, poison, mild BDSM, flirting, lust, emotional feelings and erotic scenes The story line and plot is well thought out and written The characters have emotional feelings with needs [...]

  27. This story didn t feel complete to me I thought that it felt like part one of a longer work I was left with many questions after finishing this Did becoming an omega change Mark in any way other than biological How would this book have been different if Mark had become an alpha I honestly don t know if it would have been significantly different Were the twins interested in an omega to procreate If so, why didn t one, or both, take steps to ensure that it happened An maybe the biggest question o [...]

  28. M M M, BDSM, Shifter Mark is on the run with his younger brother Miles He took him when his parents died and authorities would split them up He makes money by sexual favors and stealing They stop at a hotel and Mark finds a wallet full of money and they take off Things get worse for him when they are stopped, attacked, and unable to leave the hotel He is forced to be part of the werewolves and something sinister is happening within the pack Mark finds himself embroiled in the pack politics and t [...]

  29. So much in this book made me angry Not because it was a bad story but because it was written so well At times, Marks little brother ticked me off His disrespect for his older brother, his disregard for the rules I didn t trust the twins from the first time they showed up in the book All this means it was a great book because I am sure this was meant to make me angry Also how no one would help Mark when he needed it til the end and his concerns were laughed at There isn t a lot of romance in this [...]

  30. Unexpected Mark is on the run from the law They passed through may towns but this one is different, Mark steals to survive as usual but this time he is caught When he tries to leaves town he gets into an accident and is bitten now he has to get use to live as a wolf Mark starts to fall in love with the local town and the twins but something just doesn t feel right, its to convenient that he was bitten and the twin always want to be around him He needs to figure out who bit him and why, but the h [...]

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