The Amplified

[PDF] Download ☆ The Amplified : by Lauren M. Flauding - The Amplified, The Amplified year old Mari Quillen is about to become invincible Just like everyone else For years Mari has been anxiously awaiting the day when she will receive her Amplifier a small device implanted behind t
  • Title: The Amplified
  • Author: Lauren M. Flauding
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ☆ The Amplified : by Lauren M. Flauding, The Amplified, Lauren M. Flauding, The Amplified year old Mari Quillen is about to become invincible Just like everyone else For years Mari has been anxiously awaiting the day when she will receive her Amplifier a small device implanted behind the ear that gives someone limitless capabilities through verbal commands But once she finally becomes Amplified and begins mandatory Training with the rest of her peers s year old Mar [PDF] Download ☆ The Amplified : by Lauren M. Flauding - The Amplified, The Amplified year old Mari Quillen is about to become invincible Just like everyone else For years Mari has been anxiously awaiting the day when she will receive her Amplifier a small device implanted behind t
  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Amplified : by Lauren M. Flauding
    262Lauren M. Flauding
The Amplified

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  1. Lauren M. Flauding Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Amplified book, this is one of the most wanted Lauren M. Flauding author readers around the world.

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  1. A short, fun dystopian story that is very similar to the Divergent series, down to the girl with different parents and resistance to the system being trained by college age kids in a brutal war high school There were some holes the Amplification powers varied from being almost God like and straining feasibility one dude goes from weighing 315lb to being slim and sexy in three days, which is the equivalent of burning 4,800 calories per hour for 72 hours to being almost no use at all on one occasi [...]

  2. I loved the way the characters unfolded and also, the storyline was great I recommend it to anyone who loves dystopian novels.

  3. The Amplified by Lauren M Flauding is a YA dystopian novel featuring teenager Mari Quillen, a rebel living in a world where conformity is expected The story has many parallels to the Hunger Games series Teenagers and young adults are selected by a governmental regime, or Community, led by Governor Plenarus, to have a small device, or Amplifier, implanted behind their ears This device provides the implanted person enhanced powers when directed by their own verbal commands, as well as the ability [...]

  4. The Amplified is a young adult dystopian tale which follows the life of a young girl named Mari Mari strikes me as self assured, inquisitive and has a conscience She cares about the world around her and isn t afraid to challenge the thinking of others Her life takes an interesting turn when she starts a regime controlled training program which involves the implant of a mind body controlling device known as An Amplifier Soon Mari s individual ways attract the attention of those around her, includ [...]

  5. What a wonderful book The Amplified by Lauren Flauding is a nicely paced, imaginative YA novel which addresses the ever important questions of love, friendship and free will The plot is full of twists and surprises which kept me turning page after page I especially liked the main character, Mari Quillen, a headstrong, yet sensitive girl who doesn t think twice before risking her life to help others Her inquisitiveness and desire to know the truth often place her in dangerous situations At the en [...]

  6. This is a solid first novel in a series in the YA Dystopian genre It s along the lines of Divergent than The Hunger Games, but I enjoyed both series.Mari is a good heroine in the same range of both of those series She s questions the status quo and initially wants to be amplified by a chip Once she is and starts training with her new abilities, she starts seeing her society in a new light.I m interested to see where the author takes this series and want to know about Miles, since he s kind of [...]

  7. Absolutely captivated I love YA dystopian series and this was similar to ones we ve seen Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent but with a unique voice The pace and adventure is compelling, and the characterization realistic To be honest, the idea of amplification freaks me out, and was a great way to hold my interest I ll definitely be reading the rest of this series Great for readers looking for a strong female protagonist.

  8. Actual rating 3.5 stars, but for the sake of the concept, I m rounding it up to 4 on GR I really do enjoy this concept Everyone gets a device that makes them basically superhuman, sounds awesome right Except that the devices can be overridden and people basically become slaves to them given the right circumstances In general, that idea sounds enticing, and any concept that makes me wonder what I would do in that circumstance is intriguing.So these people live in their sweet, little community, wh [...]

  9. The Amplified by Lauren M Flauding, 204 pages, Blurtery Publishing, March 15th 2016, Genre Dystopian Young Adult Warning May Contain Spoilers Review by Leigh Holland The Amplified is a young adult, dystopian novel set in a world where physical prowess is what determines social status It explores themes such as peer pressure, societal conditioning, choice and freedom versus security, and forsaking ethics for status It draws a parallel between our world of image over substance and this fictional w [...]

  10. Mari s world isn t pleasant It s a grim technocracy where people are ruled, rather than served by their technology We don t get to see what made her world the way it is, we just arrive at a place where Mari is jogging into the City from her agricultural compound rather than taking the Mall cruiser The story is told in her words There s no cash They pay for things out of their weekly rations by putting their palms on a transcriber, which is some sort of biometric reader.The people do work rotatio [...]

  11. I have received a copy of The Amplified for review and I have just finished it This book is very interesting I found the concept about being able to amplify your body as very fresh and original The author plants many gems throughout this very well written journey of fifteen year old Mari, as she begins her journey into a world of amplification Mari at first wishes to comply and be the perfect candidate only to find that her world differs much than those around her Plots twist and dreams shatter [...]

  12. An original shield maiden in a world of conformity The YA dystopian novel, The Amplified, is a well crafted, engaging story with a passionate, strong willed female protagonist Mari s life and upbringing have fostered independent thinking, selfless courage, and curiosity in her, all of which are frowned upon by the government of The Community, This futuristic governance is centered around control and conformity, and frowns upon originality, innovation and independence.Throughout the story Mari s [...]

  13. An intriguing dystopian YA novel with some Divergent type flavor The first couple of chapters of this story open somewhat slowly but I understand the need to set the stage for everything that happens afterward The story took off for me when she actually left home to begin the process of becoming amplified The most interesting parts were in the middle of the book Mari s training and learning about what being Amplified means We learn that Mari is an independent fifteen year old in this book, I hop [...]

  14. A pretty standard dystopia of the variety where the MC is one of the privileged who discovers that maybe the privilege isn t all it s cracked up to be, as opposed to The Hunger Games, where they start out as one of the underclass The Amplifier is a brain implant that gives you amazing powers, but there are so many holes in the concept that I could only suspend my disbelief by thinking of it as something like magic and pushing the contradictions aside However, I did enjoy it and the main characte [...]

  15. It s okay Might read .YA dystopia is a guilty pleasure of mine This one is written well enough, though it feels very painy by numbers and I think I cam guess someof the author s influences But I was entertained and that s really what matters I am a bit curious about the sequels, and I may read them in time.

  16. I love dystopian books Good ones are hard to find, so if you are a lover of them, I recommend this one I was a little tentative at first but by the middle it picked up considerably and I m awaiting book 2

  17. CONTAINS SPOILERS The story reminded me of The Tripods trilogy, where young teens are not Amplified, but capped , and there s a group of people who refuse to be capped or who remove their caps Except for the aliens part in that series, the caps came from aliens.The book is interesting and flows along quite well I was never bored, the pace is good, the good guys are likable I missed finding out the agenda of the bad guys, though Not the final attack, but the Governor and the entire Community We s [...]

  18. The AmplifiedA wonderful adventure that let me see a new viewpoint of domination and the courage to go against it Brilliantly written.

  19. The Amplified is a jaw dropping story of adventure and drive that ultimately questions what one should do in this society do your best and be punished, or do good enough and be equal You don t have to read between the lines to enjoy this book, but it has so much depth than the narrative alone Books like this are rare Harry Potter and The Hunger Games come to mind when I think of stories that stick with me, that have a weight that carries their examples in my mind They target real questions and [...]

  20. Excellent BookThis book kept me totally engaged It reminded me of Ender and also of Maze Runner I can t wait to plunge into the next book in the series Way to go Lauren Flauding

  21. Superb book Life is good, so the government tells us, or is there some dark force operating below the surface We are quickly drawn into the world of 15 year old Mari Quillen, whose brother has just returned from 4 years of government service, and has strangely changed We are introduced to Mari s mysterious former friend, Miles Paxton, who opposed the totalitarian regime by breaking into a government plant and stealing supplies from a factory, and to Mari s blind mother who seems to be passively [...]

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