Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged

Free Download Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged - by David F.Walker - Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged, Cyborg Vol Unplugged The fan favorite Justice League hero headlines his own solo series from rising star writer David F Walker Shaft and superstar artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado BLACKEST NIGHT JUSTICE LEAGUE Victor Ston
  • Title: Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged
  • Author: David F.Walker
  • ISBN: 9781401261191
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged - by David F.Walker, Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged, David F.Walker, Cyborg Vol Unplugged The fan favorite Justice League hero headlines his own solo series from rising star writer David F Walker Shaft and superstar artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado BLACKEST NIGHT JUSTICE LEAGUE Victor Stone has had his share of near death experiences it s part of what made him the cyber enhanced superhero Cyborg in the first place But after his latest brush with deathThe fan f Free Download Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged - by David F.Walker - Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged, Cyborg Vol Unplugged The fan favorite Justice League hero headlines his own solo series from rising star writer David F Walker Shaft and superstar artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado BLACKEST NIGHT JUSTICE LEAGUE Victor Ston
  • Free Download Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged - by David F.Walker
    462 David F.Walker
Cyborg, Vol. 1: Unplugged

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  1. I come from a diverse writing background that includes journalism, film criticism, screenwriting and comic books I ve recently delved into the world of Young Adult fiction with my debut novel, Darius Logan Super Justice Force I wrote this book for older teen boys, but teen girls seem to be falling in love with Darius as well The first 25 chapters are serialized online for free at the website Just got to SuperJusticeForce.

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  1. Personally, I can see some benefits in being part of a parasitical, nano tech collective, but that s me.Vic Stone, aka Cyborg, has a different opinion He and some of the Justice League encounter some cyber dudes from an alternate reality ugh And he gets killed again , but this time his powers are transformed.So, throw in cyber guys invading the Earth and transforming people into cyber bots, alternate reality dopplegangers, the Metal Men Yay , a running debate on cyber implants, a burgeoning love [...]

  2. Wow, that SUCKED I don t know what it is with DC Comics but they seem to think their audience can t get enough limb chopping so, if that s your thing, you are gonna love Cyborg, Volume 1 Unplugged and no he s not playing an acoustic session Cos his arms have been done cut off Vic Stone Cyborg s cybernetics are evolving which has drawn a group of evil aliens from the future called Technosapiens to Earth, to absorb all of humanity into their collective as the blurb says which is nothing at all lik [...]

  3. Cyborg is one of those JLA characters that I neither like nor dislike So to be fair to the guy, I thought I d check out this Volume It helps to explain a lot about Cyborg and his tech It seems it may have come from another world and it is now wanted by two different groups This is happening when a great deal of augmentation is happening to normal people and it s causing problems When the invaders come they take control of the augmented people and turn them Cyborg is the only one who can really s [...]

  4. I received this book for free through First Reads.I honestly know very little about Cyborg since I m of a Marvel fan than a DC fan Because of this, there were some characters who I did not know and it took me a bit to understand the backstory.That being said, it was a fun, entertaining comic There were some parts of the plot that were confusing but I managed to understand most of it Overall, a solid comic.

  5. Incredible This is definitely one of the best series to come out of the current DC You era from DC Comics The sad truth is that many may over look this series First I want to say that the artwork by Ivan Reis is amazing I have loved his artwork on other DC titles like Aquaman Green Lantern I have not read other comic book series written by David Walker but I think he did a great job with the character Cyborg definitely deserves his own series He has always been a favorite character of mine since [...]

  6. Attackers from another dimension kill Cyborg and steal his arms But Cyborg doesn t stay dead and his arms regenerate He heads to S.T.A.R Labs to find out what s going on with his technology Meanwhile, in another dimension, a war against alien cyborgs rages.This graphic novel includes the first six issues of Cyborg s comic It tells a complete story, though does leave some plot threads open for future stories The opening introduces what s been happening in Detroit while Cyborg was off being a supe [...]

  7. I always wondered what a stand alone Cyborg story would look like I read this trade right around the time that the new Justice League movie footage was hitting the web In the Live Action Justice League movie footage that we have seen, it looks like Cyborg might be a bit of a downer, an angsty woe is me, kind of character Sure, I am basing that on about one line of dialogue and ten seconds of footage he seems like the Cyborg from the Animated Justice Leage War, movie He is the complete opposite o [...]

  8. I was just thinking about how the aliens seemed like Borg, when Cyborg says, Is this where you tell me resistance is futile Ha So at least the writers let us know they were aware of the connection But still, while the jokes are kind of amusing, the writing just left me a bit meh Overall it was an interesting idea But did I need to read about Cyborg s origin to understand what was going on Where did he get his tech, and how did that all fit in Too much was happening action was all over the place [...]

  9. Public library copy Story wise this was rather forgettable, but it s probably as good a story one would write featuring a character that often worked best within team books This time around the Cyborg tech gets an Extremis Marvel Comic s Iron man approach Art wise, I thought it was top notch in the hands of the talented Ivan R but after he stopped drawing it I found my interest diminish greatly Not recommended, not worth re reading, and only if the public library carries the volumes that succeed [...]

  10. Spectacular art by Ivan Reis It really fits Cyborg since Reis has a classic George Perez Neil Adams look to his art The technosapiens are a pretty great Borg type villain Unlike a lot of DC stories today, Walker even manages to add some character development during the arc It s the first time in the new 52 that Cyborg has felt like than just the tech guy for the Justice League.Received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  11. I like Cyborg as a character, so wanted this to be a fun solo series Unfortunately, I got a big pile of comic book cliches Enough with the chosen one crap, okay And all the alternate reality interference is really old, too The Metal Men show up, but have damn little to do The art is nicely kinetic, however, but it can t help this one from being nothing special.

  12. BOOYAH Of all the characters in the New 52 Justice League, only Cyborg hasn t had a run of his own comics Its not the first time he hasn t had his own comic series but this was long overdue.I have to admit New 52 s replacement of Martian Manhunter with Cyborg is not without some controversy But I do understand why They already have and alien Superman, a man with an alien power Green Lantern, but they don t have a technological hero Sure Batman and Flash are geniuses, but with this being the 21st [...]

  13. I admit I prefer the classic Cyborg from the New Teen Titans days The New 52 Cyborg, older, a Justice Leaguer instead of a Titan, just feels kinda meh to me This first volume of his DCYou series isn t bad, in fact I liked it ok, but in some ways it was a mess to read The multiverse, alien invasions that just happen, and some convoluted art made it a chore to get through It was nice seeing Cyborg s supporting cast enlarged to include the Metal Men and the guy who was a football rival of Cyborg s [...]

  14. spoiler alert Heavy handed but ok, worst part is when they do what comics all to often do today remove the very thing that makes a character special or unique.

  15. Just because you name check the Cybermen Cylons Borg in the book doesn t mean you haven t stolen their schtick Cyborg and his fairly unmemorable supporting cast face down a nanotech virus that takes over organics as it travels from another universe to his, and ultimately prevails by basically doing what they wanted to happen in the first issue In between, there s lots of braggadocio that makes Vic a really unlikable hero and belies his intelligence , as he argues and mopes and brags about his ge [...]

  16. A great take on Vic and his evolving powers and what they mean for himself and those around him D Technosapiens popping up really give some backstory for Cyborgs tech and for the development that is taking place in himself and those around him D There are also great character moments and cameo s from other Justice League characters throughout and it a great to see how they all interact showing that Cyborg is not on his own in the fight even though his deepest confidant is the cat D This makes a [...]

  17. Putting the whole Justice League Vs Teen Titans Go argument about Cyborg that I playfully have with my kids aside, I ve always enjoyed Victor Stone Cyborg as a character This Volume, coming off of Convergence and everything before that, feels slightly disjointed to me Perhaps I missed a story happening in another book that led into this one, but the enemies seemed to come out of no where, and with the explanation that is finally given as to why they are attacking, it all seems like kind of a wea [...]

  18. Cyborg, Vol 1 Unplugged is a fun, accessible book to read I have followed the character s evolution as a founding member of the New Teen Titans alongside Dick Grayson, the original Robin and later Nightwing, Wally West, Donna Troy, Garfield Logan, and Raven Since the introduction of The New 52 in 2011, Cyborg has graduated to fan favorite Justice League member I am a big fan of Ivan Reis due to his recent collaboration with Geoff Johns during their historic run on Green Lantern and with writer B [...]

  19. With so many flawed DC titles on the shelves, it s nice to alight on a decent one for a change and it was a surprise that it s a Cyborg book, as I ve always found him a second rate JLAer The boost to this book comes from the baddies, which are a techno loving, cybernetic race such as you d get in proper sci fi books, so while nothing new they actually breeze through these pages like a breath of fresh air Yes, the telling is still very messy at times splash pages with nothing to say, a very wordy [...]

  20. Too often relegated to the backgroundproviding glorified tech support for the Justice League hack this deactivate that whenever the story calls forsomething technical done really quicklywith a minimum of exposition, they call Cyborg.Originally created as too many black heroeswere in the way back by running afoul of either the law or using drugs they were all written by white guys then Cyborg has been slowly growing intoa well realized intersesting character in his own rightsWritten by the incred [...]

  21. When I first heard about Cyborg getting his own book I was excited to see what it would be like While I didn t love it, the inner struggle Vic has, was pretty interesting The villains for this story arc felt a little generic to me, Technosapieans I believe they were called For what it is, I liked okay Cyborg does get a newer sleek look the artwork was pretty strong and enjoyable throughout I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher.

  22. Perfectly adequate plot and really eye catching art Before series the character of cyborg has never had his own ongoing series and wall this was enjoyable I can t say I was wowed ether blending sci fi technology sounds different but the plot is pretty by the book An the villain is bland Were this book kills it is the strong supporting cast of characters and the interpersonal relationships with is the books strong suit over all I m glad I read this just didn t wow me ether

  23. Well, I liked it There was an odd balance between the Metal Men and Cyborg that I m not a fan of Given this is his first real solo series, I think it would have been stronger if he had been in the spotlight a little bit I also knocked off a star for the completely random and unnecessary romance between Vic and a character who s only there for a few issues It felt random and pointless But I ll keep reading the series overall I loved the nod to his catch phrase towards the end.

  24. Cyborg and several members of the JLA are ambushed by aliens and Cyborg dies as a result But a new protocol kicks in and he revives with new powers Then Technospawns arrive on Earth after an encounter with the aliens and try to take over With the return of the first aliens, and some quick deductions by Cyborg, the Technospawns are defeated and the Earth is saved Again Plenty of action and the focus on Cyborg s brain rather than his form is a nice change.

  25. Net Galley, seriously rock on When I was a kid, Vic was a Titan Now he is in the JL and will show up in the new movie, he needed a reboot pun This is good I like when comics are in real cities Detroit looks pretty cool in comic form Great work here I am looking forward to see what happens with him on his own.

  26. Was excited to see Cyborg get a solo series, but the story telling is so obsessed with the aliens connected to his tech and he seems to have no other rogues gallery supporting cast is bland and he never moves out of his little corner of the DCU.Nice art, but the story doesn t click for me.I wanted Walker go full tilt and do a Starman level of world building and that s not what we get here.

  27. I like Vic a lot he s an extremely likable character and he s easy to root for The main reason I didn t love this collection is that I m not really a fan of tech y, science books I think people who enjoy that kind of story could really enjoy this comic I d definitely read team up comics with Vic in them after reading this Received from Edelweiss.

  28. Art Very nice.Story Meh Initially gave it 3 stars, but upon reflection it only deserves 2.5 to 2.75So I am reducing it to a 2, but it is a high 2.The story and writing are severely Meh

  29. Good art and an interesting multiverse spanning story I wanted character development for Victor Stone as he has spent most of his literary life as the fifth wheel on group books but that may come with time Having the Metal Men costar was logical but didn t feel inspired.

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