The Edge of Worlds

Free Download The Edge of Worlds - by Martha Wells - The Edge of Worlds, The Edge of Worlds An expedition of groundlings from the Empire of Kish have traveled through the Three Worlds to the Indigo Cloud court of the Raksura shape shifting creatures of flight that live in large family group
  • Title: The Edge of Worlds
  • Author: Martha Wells
  • ISBN: 9781597808439
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download The Edge of Worlds - by Martha Wells, The Edge of Worlds, Martha Wells, The Edge of Worlds An expedition of groundlings from the Empire of Kish have traveled through the Three Worlds to the Indigo Cloud court of the Raksura shape shifting creatures of flight that live in large family groups The groundlings have found a sealed ancient city at the edge of the shallow seas near the deeps of the impassable Ocean They believe it to be the last home of their ancesAn exped Free Download The Edge of Worlds - by Martha Wells - The Edge of Worlds, The Edge of Worlds An expedition of groundlings from the Empire of Kish have traveled through the Three Worlds to the Indigo Cloud court of the Raksura shape shifting creatures of flight that live in large family group
  • Free Download The Edge of Worlds - by Martha Wells
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The Edge of Worlds

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  1. Martha Wells has written many fantasy novels, including the Books of the Raksura series beginning with The Cloud Roads , the Ile Rien series including the Nebula nominated The Death of the Necromancer as well as YA fantasy novels, short stories, media tie ins, and non fiction Her most recent fantasy novels are The Edge of Worlds in 2016 and The Harbors of the Sun forthcoming in July 2017, the end of the Books of the Raksura series She will also have two new SF novellas, The Murderbot Diaries series, forthcoming from Tor in 2017 Her books have been published in eight languages.She has had short stories in the magazines Black Gate, Realms of Fantasy, Lone Star Stories, Lightspeed Magazine, and Stargate Magazine, and in the Tsunami Relief anthology Elemental, The Other Half of the Sky, Tales of the Emerald Serpent, Mech Age of Steel, and The Gods of Lovecraft She has essays in the nonfiction anthologies Farscape Forever, Mapping the World of Harry Potter, Chicks Unravel Time, and The Kobold Guide to Magic She has also written media tie in novels, Stargate Atlantis Reliquary, Stargate Atlantis Entanglement, and Star Wars Razor s Edge.

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  1. Update 17 February, 2016Too many of my favorite books coming out on the same day XD Update 18 July, 2015BEST NEWS EVERRRRR Another Raksura Book Spread the love

  2. Final rating 4.5 5 starsAnd done It was amazing This review will be spoiler less for non series readers up to the point I mark.No quotes at the start because I highlighted so many sentences I forgot which one was the one I wanted to put So no quotes this time For those unfamiliar with the series, I highly recommend it This is 4th and at the same time 6th book in order because of the two book in between that had a lot of short stories that were, in fact, useful and necessary to read This series h [...]

  3. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 07 03 The Edge of Worlds is the fourth novel of Martha Wells Books of the Raksura I haven t actually read any of the previous installments unless you count the short story collections , so I had some initial concerns about jumping in mid series despite it being billed as a new adventure Happily though, this turned out to be a pretty great place to start my Raksura journey, and I would strongly encourage others to try it out as well.The story b [...]

  4. I m always glad to be back in the Three Worlds and hanging out with the Indigo Cloud court it s like coming home again While this book is only one half of the adventure, it s still a fulfilling tale that makes you eager for , and I m eagerly looking forward to the other half of the story.More on this later My favorite author is continuing my favorite series Doesn t get any better than this.

  5. Donde tenemos al pobre Moon que estaba tan tranquilito en lo de IndigoyCloud , reci n asent ndose y echando raices , aunque creo que han pasado como 2 a os desde el inicio de serie y todavia le queda algo de emo esperando que todo se le escape entre las zarpas, y paf que una tremenda pesadilla sacude a todo el mundo y se ven en el dilema de esperar a que los problemas lleguen o ir a cortarlos de raiz, o ser que el viajecito ser el detonante a lo que no quieren que pase Me acabo de dar cuenta de [...]

  6. Stunning I finished it 6 months ago and am still not worthy to write a review In this fourth book Martha Wells takes us on the beginning of a whole new adventure with the people of the Indigo Cloud court, expanding on some plot elements from the first three books You really should read the first three before Edge of Worlds to get the full impact of the plot elements, although Wells writing is good enough that it is possible to read this one by itself.So since June I ve been drumming my fingers o [...]

  7. Yes A new Raksura series Full length novels about Indigo Cloud, with Moon and Jade Sign Me Up Thank you Martha Wells.

  8. This book marks the start of a new adventure for Moon, Jade, and the Raksura of Indigo Cloud A dream shared by all the members of the colony indicates their enemies, the vicious Fell, may soon attack and destroy Indigo Cloud It s not until an old friend arrives in company with others who have an unusual proposition that they begin to make sense of the dream The newcomers, the Kish, have found an ancient, uninhabited city they can t get into, and they know the Raksura have explored such a city be [...]

  9. Originally published at Risingshadow.Martha Wells The Edge of the Worlds is an outstanding and delightfully original fantasy novel for adults It s a wonderful new instalment in the Books of the Raksura series It s an unputdownable novel that hooks you from the very start, because it begins a new story arc that expands the author s fantasy world in an entertaining and exciting way It s an excellent antidote to bland and mediocre fantasy novels that most bookshops are filled with, because it s pur [...]

  10. Jade Not every problem can be solved by you trying to get yourself killed Moon Not every problem but this one could be Then a bit later.Moon We were slowing it down for you because you re old Stone Slowing it down by throwing yourselves into its mouth Did you think it was a picky eater Moon You always crack me up I love you I LOVED THIS LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS But now I m crushed I have another year to wait That ending That slight cliffhanger Whhhhhhhhhhy I loved all the characters in thi [...]

  11. Really enjoyable place to jump in I had a bit of catching up to do since I haven t read the first trilogy, but there were enough hints to help me out There were a few too many references to past events to really call this a standalone trilogy though The world and magic and entire ecosystem is so fascinating and my heart was pounding during the action scenes There is a bit of a cliffhanger though so be warned

  12. So I m sitting here staring at the wall whilst trying to think how I should start sorting through all the emotion in my head Perhaps the brutal truth to get that out of the way Compared to the first trilogy, this second series hasn t grabbed me so much Maybe it s the situation that s not so compelling to me, if only because I love the idea of dumb babies having to be integrated back into their native people when they know nothing, and all the conflict that comes from it That s what made me fall [...]

  13. Not as good as the othersSo yeah, this wasn t great Though it did have some of the things that made the other books so awesome likeable characters, fascinating landscapes and cities and a wide variety of interesting races.But some things just didn t sit right with me What irritated me the most was the development of the main characters Moon and Jade pertaining to their gender roles The Raksura have always had a very strict gender system with prescribed roles for males and females like the one we [...]

  14. This is the fourth book in the Raksura series and I m going to be honest, what actually happens in the story, plotwise, wasn t all that interesting to me as our favourite Raksura join up with the perpetually curious and undaunted historian, Delin, and a group of groundlings and sealings intent on discovering the secrets of another ancient city After their experiences in The Siren Depths, the Raksura are nervous about anything that could be related to their forerunners, but if this city was built [...]

  15. new raksura book finally ending on a harrowing cliffhanger because god hates me no seriously, though, it s an amazing book, one of the best in the series widening the scope of already hella extensive worldbuillding once again, impeccably plotted, riveting and full of big and tiny perfect character beats i loved that moon s character development actually stuck and he believed in the way his families, birth and adopted, love him and value him, and therefore was focused on the business at hand and [...]

  16. This book should really be called Edge of Worlds Chapters 1 23, we ll publish the rest when we feel like it Because it s really not a stand alone, or even a part of a series, in any way shape or form Very little actually happens in this book, nothing whatsoever is resolved, and it ends so abruptly that at first I suspected my kindle app ate some of it Until I saw the About the Author blurb on the last page And even then I doubted myself and went back to to see if I missed something But no, it s [...]

  17. I was a little apprehensive going into this series, because the previous trilogy had ended so well But, as usual, I found both the Raksura and the world they live in irresistible This is a delightful continuation of the series, and this and its sequel complete Moon s arc and introduce great new characters and some fascinating new wrinkles If I d read this when it first came out, I d probably have been frustrated at where the book ended, but fortunately I could just go right on to the next one Al [...]

  18. I spent this whole book worried about something that doesn t happen MILD SPOILER view spoiler Stone does NOT die I spent the whole book mentally yelling at Martha Wells Dammit, woman, I am pregnant and VERY EMOTIONAL, I cannot handle ANYTHING happening to Stone right now Or, you know, ever But now I m worried he might in the next book hide spoiler Other than that, it was another wonderful romp in the world of the Raksura They re so much fun, and I wish I could just hang out there all the time As [...]

  19. Ok, now I have the author s modus operandi The characters travel a long way, with interpersonal conflicts and adjustments taking place Then they get to a really weird place, not much happens, but somehow they get out of the dangerous place And of course they fight their biologically closest relatives, the Fell, and will be discovered the next book But, really the Raksura and their world are pretty interesting and the books are somewhat compelling Just not much happens in them I am looking for t [...]

  20. These are just so consistently entertaining and well written, I m glad she s continuing them This would not be the best place to pick up the series, though, as there are lots of references to the events of earlier books, and this one ends on a cliffhanger which I don t recall previous installments doing.

  21. Gorgeous writing and wonderful characters, as always The cliffhanger ending, though, has me desperate for the final book in this series

  22. Sneaky author made this a cliffhanger endingVery interesting developments I loved seeing how torn Moon was along with how much he has settled into his position as an unusual Consort.

  23. Have to admit, the main plotted story wasn t as pulling and interesting, as in previous three books Sure I still enjoyed the story, but was party bored by it, too Ending was predictable

  24. Like a lot of Wells books, this one is something of a slow burn, with things really picking up near the end and making it hard to put down This one is full of the inventive worldbuilding that s the trademark of the series, and raises a lot of interesting questions about the world too but doesn t answer a lot of them, this being less a standalone story than the first half of a larger story I find myself really glad that I waited to read this one until The Harbors of the Sun was out as well so I c [...]

  25. Fairly or not, when I get than a couple of books into a series, the books are compared to other books in the series than the rest of the books in the world when it comes to ratings I did enjoy this, but for me it was a little less vibrant, the story a little less compelling, the worldbuilding a little less captivating, than in previous installments.

  26. I love this series, but I am not okay with the way it ends The concluding chapter is so abrupt that I had to check I wasn t missing another page in the ebook For a moment, I thought I d bought a faulty copy Great story but shit ending basically I know Martha Wells isn t one for drawing out a book s ending, but it d have helped if it didn t feel like the rest of the story was purposefully split into the next book.

  27. WHY THAT CLIFFHANGER, THO Okay, I lie it s not quite a cliffhanger, in that many of the plots are tied up by the end, but there are several characters fates left hanging and I desperately need to know what happens next Of course the sequel s not due out until July 2017 So, what actually happens in this book before the dramatic ending Moon and the rest of the court of Indigo Cloud share a vivid nightmare something than a dream but less than a vision of the entire land of the Raksura being overru [...]

  28. The Edge of Worlds is the fourth book in Martha Well s amazingly inventive Raksura series, which starts with The Cloud Roads This is a world without humans, and most of the cast are scaled shape shifters I would suggest starting from the beginning of the series, to get better handle on the wide number of characters making an appearance in The Edge of Worlds.The story opens with everyone in Indigo Cloud sharing a dream of the Fell attacking the court When a sky ship of strange groundlings arrive, [...]

  29. The Three Worlds is one of my favorite fantasy alien worlds, with its rich variety of life, layers of civilizations old and new, and marvelously all non human cast some are less human than others, but even the groundlings aren t quite human who are nonetheless comprehensible and sympathetic I was excited at this fresh chance to visit again and Wells did not disappoint.Edge of Worlds opens a new arc in the lives of the Raksura we met in previous Raksura books, one that promises to be bigger in sc [...]

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