Snow Job

Ç Snow Job å Charles Benoit - Snow Job, Snow Job Nick has created the perfect list of rules for remaking his life His loser friends may be graduating from high school and going nowhere fast but Nick is determined to make a fresh start All he has to
  • Title: Snow Job
  • Author: Charles Benoit
  • ISBN: 9780544318861
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover

Ç Snow Job å Charles Benoit, Snow Job, Charles Benoit, Snow Job Nick has created the perfect list of rules for remaking his life His loser friends may be graduating from high school and going nowhere fast but Nick is determined to make a fresh start All he has to do is stick to his list Enter dark eyed Dawn tough and troubled Meeting a girl like her is nowhere on Nick s list Neither is hanging out Zod a teen thug who is back onNick has created the Ç Snow Job å Charles Benoit - Snow Job, Snow Job Nick has created the perfect list of rules for remaking his life His loser friends may be graduating from high school and going nowhere fast but Nick is determined to make a fresh start All he has to
  • Ç Snow Job å Charles Benoit
    365Charles Benoit
Snow Job

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  1. When he s not traveling around the globe in the search of exotic, tax deductible settings for his mysteries, Charles Benoit spends his days pumping out subliminal laced advertising Nominated for an Edgar and a Barry, Relative Danger won the Franklin award and was the darling of fans and critics alike Out of Order 2006 is set in modern India while Noble Lies September 2007 takes place in Thailand.

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  1. It is worth mentioning that I was a little naive and did not understand the title until half the book haha But hey, Snow Job tells the story of Nick, who is tired of living in the same way in which he has done all his life So but now he wants to change his life based on a list that has written with four basic things to carry out his plan But what he did not know was going to meet some people who perhaps would ruin his attempt to change.The story seemed very well write, since despite being subtle [...]

  2. Nick is trying to turn his life around senior year, but he meets a girl who s in trouble, a guy who he owes, and a drug dealer who promises cash, which could change his path around again Anyone who has lived through an upstate NY winter will appreciate this setting, and anyone who enjoys an imperfect main character trying to make things right will appreciate this narrator A fast paced, crime ridden read.

  3. Nick has decided to set up new rules to change his life He changes his style of clothes, but when he meets Dawn his next steps didn t go quite as planned He gets involved with Zod running drugs etc plans to leave town with Dawn, and someone tries to set him up to take the fall for some missing drug money.Quick easy reading Moderate to good story.I won this book free on.

  4. This book is a good thriller type of book There is language and lots of drugs throughout the book I would say it would be good for high schoolers but I would not recommend any younger.

  5. It was only a few years ago that Nick testified against his junior high classmate Zod, a kid who sunk a knife into an acquaintance It is now the year 1977 and Nick is going to be a Senior in high school His friend Zod was sent to prison 2 years before the current date He was convicted of stabbing his friend with a knife The relationship between Nick and Zod drops very rapidly Nick is very exasperated with his parents because they will not let him leave the town Then Nick very irritated gets a jo [...]

  6. 4.5 Stars This was fun That s probably one of the best ways to describe this it was just Fun I enjoyed it I didn t like it as much as I normally like Benoit s books, but it was still really good, just not good enough for the full five stars I still really enjoyed it The characters were good, the 70s setting was REALLY well done seriously you can tell that Benoit grew up in the 70s , and overall, I really enjoyed it.

  7. Just when you think you have it all planned out and in order, life happens I won an advanced uncorrected proof copy of this book during a giveaway I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily So that others may also enjoy this book, I am donating it to a senior assisted living facility.

  8. Benoit, Charles Snow Job, 274 pages Clarion Houghton Mifflin , 2016 18 Language R 50 swears, 0 f Mature Content R drinking, weed, drug dealing Violence G.Nick is a senior in high school and it looks like his life is going absolutely nowhere Just as he tries to change things for the better, or at least a different nothing, he gets lured into running drugs for an old adversary Not only is his life looking worse he could also be looking at dead.This book says that it is set in the late 1970 s, and [...]

  9. Nick is tired of living the life he s expected to, so he decides to redefine himself His new mantra Stand out, Stand up, Stand by, Stand fast So when a pretty girl walks into his job at the Stop N Go and cons him out of 10, and a guy Nick once testified against in court gets out of jail, he knows his life is in for a change Suddenly thrown in with drug dealers, Nick must make a choice Will he follow his mantra and get himself out clean, or will he give in to temptation I don t tend to like books [...]

  10. Young Adult This story has the following life revelations, dysfunctional families, miserable jobs, and relatable characters Overall, if you have a quick moment then this is an enjoyable junk food read SpoilersWhen I first picked up this novel, I truly didn t know what to expect At first I thought this was about a kid messing up and having to shovel snow to make money and a bunch of hi jinks thrown in Nope, I was absolutely wrong Snow Job meant cocaine job Which seems obvious after the fact The l [...]

  11. Nick is a guy s guy and an inwardly secure guy growing into his ideals and his goals He might remind you a little of Lloyd Dobbler in Say Anything Nick s parents fail him, Nick s sisters fail him, Nick s friends fail him and yet Nick finds love, which also can somewhat fail him Caught in a spiraling web of deceit and danger, Nick holds on to his convictions and fights for his true love He learns some valuable lessons Set in the late 1970s, this story has character, excellent dialog and a convinc [...]

  12. I was the lucky winner of a copy of this book from a Giveaway I really enjoyed this book It reminded me that no matter what year it is, past, or present, kids will always be kids Every generation faces the same set of problems It brought back memories of high school Ugg If only I could have been as smart as Nick Nick had a list though The LIST Following it was the key to helping him map a path that leads him through a series of dead ends and false starts Did he get there in the end I am not goin [...]

  13. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineLove the cover, and the details about life in 1977 were spot on Except wearing jeans We were not wearing jeans all that much at that point, since blue ones were only allowed in 1976 There was just too much drinking, pot smoking, and cigarette smoking for it to be middle school appropriate.

  14. I think I need to be in the right mood to read noir and when I read Snow Job I wasn t in that mood I ve read all of Mr Benoit s previous books and thoroughly enjoyed them I ve recommended them to my students and his book You is even one of the books I use in my book club Snow Job just didn t spark my interest or draw me in.

  15. I won this book in a giveaway This book is easy to read, and from the beginning you find yourself rooting for the main character His intelligence is unappreciated by family and friends, and the reader comes along for the ride as he grows in maturity Slightly suspenseful, contains a surprising twist that caught me completely off guard I highly recommend this book for readers ages 16.

  16. It s the late 1970 s and Nick, in his senior year, has decided to reinvent himself Nick has developed four statements to change his life But is crushing on a drug dealer s girl friend and planning a double cross part of the plan Reviewer 17

  17. A noirish not quite a thriller set in late 1970 s upstate New York Good evocation of time and place, with smart lead characters See my full review here.

  18. Wow The ending was shocking and horrible This book was just not my type Drinking, girls, drug dealingIt was a complete meh, boring, pathetic, annoying I wouldn t recommend this to anyone under the age of 14.

  19. YA book Drugs and sex High school age or older Can Nick change his whole life by changing the clothes he wears Seems to work but he gets involved with drug runners, a girl who pretends to be his girlfriend, etc.

  20. Snow Job is an easy read, taking me only a few hours I admit I was intrigued and didn t expect anything that happened I would recommend this book only for mature audiences.

  21. It is a satisfying and thought provoking book about a boy, Nick, trying to change his life with a list of things to do It is a crime ridden book but it is easy reading.

  22. Very good Makes me want to improve myself Though some parts seemed a little random, and made some parts of the book hard to understand.

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