Take Me Home Tonight

[PDF] Read ↠ Take Me Home Tonight : by Erika Kelly - Take Me Home Tonight, Take Me Home Tonight A rocker gets a taste of unexpected passion in the latest red hot Rock Star Romance from the award winning author of I Want You to Want Me Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit but that s all a
  • Title: Take Me Home Tonight
  • Author: Erika Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781101987223
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ Take Me Home Tonight : by Erika Kelly, Take Me Home Tonight, Erika Kelly, Take Me Home Tonight A rocker gets a taste of unexpected passion in the latest red hot Rock Star Romance from the award winning author of I Want You to Want Me Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit but that s all a front In reality he s just trying to keep his fractured family together while working as a session musician When Blue Fire hires him to replace their keyboardist CalixA rocker g [PDF] Read ↠ Take Me Home Tonight : by Erika Kelly - Take Me Home Tonight, Take Me Home Tonight A rocker gets a taste of unexpected passion in the latest red hot Rock Star Romance from the award winning author of I Want You to Want Me Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit but that s all a
  • [PDF] Read ↠ Take Me Home Tonight : by Erika Kelly
    167Erika Kelly
Take Me Home Tonight

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  1. Award winning author Erika Kelly has been spinning romantic tales all her life she just didn t know it Raised on the classics, she didn t discover romantic fiction until later in life From that moment on, she s been devouring the genre and has found her true voice as an author Over three decades she s written poems, screenplays, plays, short stories, and all kinds of women s fiction novels Married to the love of her life and raising four children, she lives in the northeast, drinks a lot of tea, and is always waiting for her cats to get off her keyboard.

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  1. This third book in the Rockstar Romance series turns it s attentions to the newest member of the Blue Fire band, Calix Bourbon, and to the heroine of book two s best friend, Mimi Like the stories before it, this one grabs the emotions and offers a tough won romance story.The story opens with Mimi getting into a TV cooking contest hoping it will impress her workaholic dad who never puts Mimi first and also hoping that it will open up hiring prospects since she has been unable to get a job out of [...]

  2. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI have enjoyed this series from the start loving the first book than the second but Take Me Home Tonight was simply put phenomenal First off this coverOMG this cover, the first time I saw it I thought the guy looked like Pat Monahan from Train I still think that and it was easy for me to slip him right into the hero spot in this book Secondly, I love that this book was very different from the first two both in the characterizations but also [...]

  3. Wonderful story I adore this series I thought this was a really great read and couldn t put it down.The beginning was a bit slow for me as all the details were laid out but I was totally invested because they were terrific details I liked Calix and Mimi a lot, both so loving and caring They had such a strong attraction to one another that had a lot of push and pull going on and I enjoyed the build of their growing connection as they figured out the things that were holding them back I felt there [...]

  4. There was much to love about Take Me Home Tonight Apart from being a great romantic story, this book circled around its characters and their families, the issues surrounding love, loss and guilt and the courage it takes to let go of the past and move forward into new beginnings It made this for a rich and well rounded read I loved the slow progression of the romance between Calix and Mimi It laid a great foundation and I was so invested in their relationship that I wanted to knock their heads ag [...]

  5. 3.75I still stand by this author I cannot recommend this series enough The first book had some clich sbut, really, rockstar romance, it s gonna happend it never detracted from the overall feel The others in the series managed to not follow suit and I m glad I hung in there This was a great book, definitely worth the time of the read Her style of writing and the overall quality is really so much better than a lot out there Plot was believable the characters were real It even included a cocky, som [...]

  6. Reviews are about being honest go here it goes I actually put off reading this book for a few weeks and since I just finished it I have to wonder why I did that in the first place I actually really enjoyed it and finished it in one sitting This is my first book by Kelly and while reading it the first thing that jumped out at me was her voice The writing and dialogue just came naturally Immediately I knew this book was going to be unique and different then other rock star romance novels that have [...]

  7. Review Take Me Home Tonight A Rock Star Romance Novel by Erika Kelly wp p3d0RZ 4HYPublication Date April 5, 2016Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas CoriRated 5 Stars I m obsessed with this series Obsessed The series features beautiful love stories with hot rock stars Each book just keeps getting better Take Me Home Tonight is one of my favorite books so far this year It s just incredible Erika Kelly has a way of delivering a story that draws me into the story and I feel the emotions of the characters [...]

  8. I thought this book would be about Ben or Cooper so I was surprised to see it was about Pete s temporary replacement I have a feeling I know why it couldn t be about Ben and I hope I am right I ended up loving Calix s family My heart hurt at how damaged this family was It was a much heavier story than the first two books but I ended up really enjoying it I liked Mimi and Calix together I also liked how much the other band members were a part of the story.

  9. This story started out with a decent premise although heavy on cooking details but I did not like the hero at all His attitude and behavior were lousy and after sex the heroine mostly accepted it His dysfunctional family needed professional help and she was not a therapist If this was real, the couple would never last Band cook Mimi is attracted to keyboardist Calix.

  10. I have become obsessed with rock star romances lately and I have Erika Kelly to thank for that With sinfully sexy rock stars and emotionally heart wrenching romances, her Rock Star Romance series has easily become my favorite I loved books one and two and was excited to see Calix and Mimi have a story of their own Calix Bourbon loves rocking out with Blue Fire, but he makes sure to keep his distance and avoids any commitment as he struggles to hold his crumbling family together Mimi enjoys cooki [...]

  11. 4 stars.You already know that I love love love the Rockstar Romance series by Erika Kelly, and I was really looking forward to reading this, mostly because I totally loved Slater and Derek This story focuses on Calix, who is new to the band, and Mimi I liked the way this story played out, and though I didn t like Calix as much as the other guys, the story was still sexy I did love Calix, and I really liked Mimi This series is one of my favorites, and I think you should check it out if you re loo [...]

  12. The writing is good, the story engaging, but the characters would benefit from serious therapy The ending, while supposedly happy, still felt shaky to me.

  13. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Calix Bourbon has been with the band for close to a year, and even though on the surface most see him as a free spirit, there is so much to him than meeets the eye Calix is trying to keep his fractured family together Years previous, Calix had a younger brother who adored him the most He was down syndrome, but so loving and trusting On a special night for Calix s career with a signing company, they lost him due to a drug overdose w [...]

  14. 3.5 Time to move forward stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley Penguin GroupGenre Adult Rockstar RomancePart 3 in a series but can be read as a standaloneMy Take Me Home Tonight Review .This was my first Erika Kelly book and it won t be my last I decided to read this book as a standalone and I wasn t disappointed at all Sure if I read the first two it most likely would have deepened my reading experience but I still fell for Calix and Mimi without the back stories.Mimi is a sup [...]

  15. 3.75 stars ABOUT THE BOOK Release Date April 5, 2016Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit, but that s all a front In reality he s just trying to keep his fractured family together while working as a session musician When Blue Fire hires him to replace their keyboardist, Calix is determined to make the most of the opportunity but he can t help being distracted by the band s sexy personal chef.Mimi s temporary gig is great, but she has her heart set on auditioning for a televised cooking sho [...]

  16. Title Take Me Home TonightAuthor Erika KellyGenre Contemporary RomanceSeries or Standalone Standalone Series Rockstar Romance 3 Rating ReviewI ve never had the pleasure of reading this author before, but now that we re all said and done with this story, she s definitely one I d like to check out from in the future as well as previous released books Now before I go into my thoughts on this story, it should be said that while this book does stand as part of a series, it does pertain to a differen [...]

  17. I have loved all of Erika Kelly s books in the Rock Star Romance series Honestly, rockers are my absolute favorite of the bad boys There s something awesome about the marriage of the creative, musical side of these men with the hard, embattled side This is never clear than it is here with Calix Bourbon.Calix has such a huge heart His family is his world, even minus one key member He would do anything for them, including give up the lifestyle he obviously loves He s been the band s stand in keyb [...]

  18. This book was intense with a great story line,tons of emotion, and incredible passion The characters were so real and raw and incredible I was hooked right away If you think this is going to be one of the quick and dirty rocker romances, think again This was such a beautiful story of living your life to the fullest and loving what you do that I could not put it down.My Thoughts This book focuses on the newest member of the band, Calix Bourbon, who is just filling in while they record the album a [...]

  19. Have you ever had the feeling that you will never be good enough Dreams fuel Mimi Romano All she can think about is working with her father in his company one day Dino is pretty famous and one of the things he always tells Mimi is she needs experience to work in his company Time and time again, Mimi sets her path on the road that she believes will take her to the next step required to work with her father When a chance to be a part of a cooking show presents itself, Mimi jumps on the chance to [...]

  20. Cover Reveal Take Me Home Tonight A Rock Star Romance Novel by Erika Kelly wp p3d0RZ 2Wo Check out the hot cover for Erika Kelky s upcoming release Take Me Home Tonight I want to pet it I m so excited about this book I m obsessed with this series I loved the first two books in Erika Kelly s Rock Star Romance Series and I can t wait to get my hands on book 3 I m including links to my reviews for the first two books along with some teasers below They re beautiful love stories with hot rock stars I [...]

  21. Absolutely loved it I was completely shocked by this book I mean, yes, the blurb sounded good at least good enough to add to my tbr list but it didn t scream at me, begging to be read But once I started it, I was hooked and couldn t put it down I totally fell in love with Calix and Mimi I loved how they developed a friendship through a helping her prepare for a cooking competition and b helping draw his mom back into interacting with people I went into this book expecting a typical rock star, or [...]

  22. Erika Kelly has created the perfect rockstar story yet again Take Me Home Tonight was a refreshing tale, about two people, one who is utterly broken and trying to do everything to pick up the pieces while not living at all, and one who s living but just doesn t know which way her life is heading Mimi was so fun free She really made this story for me Her dynamic and spirit were enough to bring anyone out of a funk Calix was broken and grieving for a loss that nearly broke his whole family He does [...]

  23. The third book in the Rock Star Romance series brings us Calix, who is the newest member who took over when the original keyboardist was in rehab Calix is a perfect fit with the band, but is all business and mysterious about his life Mimi cooks for the band, but is always looking ahead to working with her dad as her ultimate goal Her dad seems to dangle it in front of her like a carrot, adding another hoop just as she completes one She decides to try something different and auditions for a cooki [...]

  24. Review Take Me Home TonightTake Me Home Tonightby Erika KellyQueenZany 4 STAR REVIEW Take Me Home Tonight is the first book I have read from Erika Kelly.Its an intriguing story Which includes a musician Calix and Mimi the band s personal chef.Yes they both have been damaged and have many issuesWW it will pull at your heartstrings Plus the charge of energy that these two exude is amazing But they have to learn to move past their past issues For their present day relationship to work.Thank goodnes [...]

  25. I have enjoyed all the books in this series Calix was an interesting H and I didn t always warm to him or empathize with him I wanted him to man up There were a couple of Oh no he didn t moments when I wanted the h to walk away with some dignity in tact I think this affected the chemistry between them for me and ultimately my enjoyment of their story Three sometimes frustrated stars.

  26. The characters were mostly likable The story was interesting This is one of those books were I m not entirely sure how I feel about it I feel like there was too much drama, the pain, the joy, the ups anddowns I felt the author wrapped the ending too quickly.

  27. Trop de je t aime mais je r fl chis, Calix n a pas le courage d assumer ses sentiments, c est redondants malheureusement

  28. It was my friend Jessica Topper who first told me about Erika Kelly s books She promised I d love them and so I could hardly wait to dig in and see for myself how right Jessica was Which does not explain why, when I ran into Ms Kelly s books in the library a few months ago, I didn t check them out I m kicking myself for that now, of course Why deny yourself something so good Take Me Home Tonight is the story of Mimi, the aspiring chef who works for Blue Fire, the band whose stories make up this [...]

  29. I accidentally read this one before 1 or 2, so there were a few details later on that made me realise I was missing some stuff Duh Anyway, I enjoyed the read but I wouldn t say that it really gripped me I don t quite know what it was that didn t have me totally rooting for the two main characters I m still glad it worked out for them, of course I think I liked Calix s parents than I liked him, actually PI also got frustrated by Gus s blooming man whore ways with the total slut bitch Laney slut [...]

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