Unlimited Maestro - by R.A. Salvatore - Maestro, Maestro Something terrible unspeakable immense has come to Menzoberranzan and is leaving death and destruction in its wake The primordial of Gauntlgrym stirs sending Cattie brie and Gromph to Luskan and
  • Title: Maestro
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore
  • ISBN: 9780786965915
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Maestro - by R.A. Salvatore, Maestro, R.A. Salvatore, Maestro Something terrible unspeakable immense has come to Menzoberranzan and is leaving death and destruction in its wake The primordial of Gauntlgrym stirs sending Cattie brie and Gromph to Luskan and the ruins of the only power that can keep the beast in check The damage of the Darkening of war and of a demon ravaged Underdark has sent cracks out across the North SomeSomething terrible Unlimited Maestro - by R.A. Salvatore - Maestro, Maestro Something terrible unspeakable immense has come to Menzoberranzan and is leaving death and destruction in its wake The primordial of Gauntlgrym stirs sending Cattie brie and Gromph to Luskan and
  • Unlimited Maestro - by R.A. Salvatore
    412R.A. Salvatore

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  1. As one of the fantasy genre s most successful authors, R.A Salvatore enjoys an ever expanding and tremendously loyal following His books regularly appear on The New York Times best seller lists and have sold than 10,000,000 copies Salvatore s original hardcover, The Two Swords, Book III of The Hunter s Blade Trilogy October 2004 debuted at 1 on The Wall Street Journal best seller list and at 4 on The New York Times best seller list His books have been translated into numerous foreign languages including German, Italian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Yiddish, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, and French.Salvatore s first published novel, The Crystal Shard from TSR in 1988, became the first volume of the acclaimed Icewind Dale Trilogy and introduced an enormously popular character, the dark elf Drizzt Do Urden Since that time, Salvatore has published numerous novels for each of his signature multi volume series including The Dark Elf Trilogy, Paths of Darkness, The Hunter s Blades Trilogy, and The Cleric Quintet.His love affair with fantasy, and with literature in general, began during his sopho year of college when he was given a copy of J.R.R Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings as a Christmas gift He promptly changed his major from computerscience to journalism He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Fitchburg State College in 1981, then returned for the degree he always cherished, the Bachelor of Arts in English He began writing seriously in 1982, penning the manuscript that would become Echoes of the Fourth Magic Salvatore held many jobs during those first years as a writer, finally settling in much to our delight to write full time in 1990.The R.A Salvatore Collection has been established at his alma mater, Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, containing the writer s letters, manuscripts, and other professional papers He is in good company, as The Salvatore Collection is situated alongside The Robert Cormier Library, which celebrates the writing career of the co alum and esteemed author of young adult books.Salvatore is an active member of his community and is on the board of trustees at the local library in Leominster, Massachusetts He has participated in several American Library Association regional conferences, giving talks on themes including Adventure fantasy and Why young adults read fantasy Salvatore himself enjoys a broad range of literary writers including James Joyce, Mark Twain, Geoffrey Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dante, and Sartre He counts among his favorite genre literary influences Ian Fleming, Arthur Conan Doyle, Fritz Leiber, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien.Born in 1959, Salvatore is a native of Massachusetts and resides there with his wife Diane, and their three children, Bryan, Geno, and Caitlin The family pets include three Japanese Chins, Oliver, Artemis and Ivan, and four cats including Guenhwyvar.When he isn t writing, Salvatore chases after his three Japanese Chins, takes long walks, hits the gym, and coaches plays on a fun league softball team that includes most of his family His gaming group still meets on Sundays to playcmillan author rasalv

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  1. Standard R.A Salvatore Biased Review Caveat Bob Salvatore is one of my favorite authors and has been for 20 years he s also, amongst the writers I ve had the good fortune to meet and or interview, one of the nicest and most generous with his time So, any book that has his name on the cover gets an extra bump up the review scale compared to if the same book had been written by someone not named Bob Salvatore.Also MAJOR SPOILERS TO FOLLOW You ve been warned via typographical shouting Over the year [...]

  2. I am a loyal Salvatore fan and I enjoyed this book, however I am also pissed off at this point on that later I will admit the writing is slightly focused, we get less descriptions on sword play and a tad insights into magical details and trinkets which i thought was lacking in the previous books The plot is not what I expected with a title like Maestro, referring to Jarlaxle I still liked the main story and the side story with the host tower but as a loyal fan, i cant help but feel duped spoi [...]

  3. A really good book I am biased as I am a huge Drizzt Do Urden fan This book tied up a lot of loose ends and some end games coming to fruition from previous book and series So it was a very enjoyable read for me However there were problems in the book and writing style The first a lot of stroy arcs were repetitive from former stories The second thing is at the critical moment of a fight were someone is about to win or lose he cuts to another characters story, making me wanting to rush through thi [...]

  4. ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.Possible Spoilers Read at your own risk.Maestro, Book 2 of the Homecoming Trilogy and overall Book 29 of the Legend of Drizzt Saga, continues the current DD arc Rage of Demons and throws some major dilemmas our hero s way Much like the previous title Archmage and its causing us to ask whether the title referred to Gromph or Catti Brie, Maestro also presents us with a few options for its namesake Is the Maestro Jarlaxle, who graces the cover and whose machi [...]

  5. 7.5 10The second book in the Homecoming trilogy proves a much better continuation than Archmage was in the continuing war of the drow, as Salvatore shows that he still can bring some entertaining stories in this long series.Of course, Maestro has also its flaws, most importantly with Gromph s parts which I didn t like as he doesn t feel any like the character that I, so long ago, loved but, nevertheless, Salvatore has managed to make a good enough story to keep those flaws aside as Drizzt and Ja [...]

  6. There will be lots of SPOILERS below You ve been warned This book was really dark Drizzt books are usually full of hope and companionship and Drizzt being the champion of Light, fighting darkness Not this one Sure, since the death of the Companions back in The Ghost King and Gauntlgrym, the Drizzt books got a little darker, but this got darker still Drizzt journeys to Menzobarrenzan, his birth place, the dark and twisted City of Spiders, the place he swore he would never return to, to rescue his [...]

  7. This newest Drizzt book held my attention, but for the latter half of the book, I found myself thinking, what the I like deep, philosophical discussions, but this was just strange Throughout the last few books, we have been led to believe that Drizzt is, if not a Chosen of, then at least favored by Mielikki, and perhaps even Lolth, though he would clearly never acknowledge the latter But now I am truly curious where this is going, and in some aspects, find myself disappointed Because of this cur [...]

  8. I don t know what to say really Let me start with the good points, that s a shorter list 1 We still have Drizzt 2 We still have Drizzt after all 3 No orcs 4 Gromph 5 No 10 page long combat scenes.But that s the end of it We have Jarlaxle, but he is far from his best shape these days And what else do we have The same ol story over and over again How long has it been For like 10 12 volumes Drizzt thinks Catti brie is dead, but she is still alive, then he thinks she is dead, but she is alive, then [...]

  9. 3.5 stars Drizzt Ah Drizzt I love this series He doesn t appear before the 25% mark but I hardly noticed because the titular character truly shines through most of the tale What else Lots of drow politics, a wicked Mistress, a wonderful Catti Brie and brilliant battles also Entreri Can I ever get enough of this one Hardly Go, go Artemis.I like this very questioning Drizzt.Oh and I get it Magical pouches are handy and Cattie Brie reverts to a lovely dwarven brogue when she is off balance.Fast pac [...]

  10. As always these books are easy to read There is not a great depth to the plot, but they are faced paced and fun This book is of the same, and follows Drizzt as he returns to Menzoberranzan, as the series title Homecoming suggests All the old familiar characters are there, with a couple of new ones Downsides are it all feels a bit samey, and the ending seemed rushed to me Good fun to read if you don t want to think too hard.

  11. I enjoyed this read as well RA Salvatore keeps me following multiple lines of plot like a master puppeteer I ve moved on to the next book Hero as soon as I could The only detraction I have is that the ending battle feels like the ending of Eye of the World like it was cut short for publishing deadlines before it was ready to be released I d love to see a expansive discussion of the last battle.

  12. Salvatore definitely does not skimp on the action in Maestro, Book 32 of The Legend of Drizzt Book 2 of Homecoming But then, he never does.Overall, he provides a great continuation for the story he has wrought since The Companions, bringing together almost all of the characters from the The Companions, the Companions Codex trilogy and, of course, Archmage, to face problems that could have worldwide ramifications He does this very well, but a few things he chose to do weakened the story for me Sp [...]

  13. Didn t even get 50 pages in and wow, rape Nope I m done with this series and this author I ve loved the Drizzt series for years, but no I came to these books to escape that Game of Thrones crap _

  14. I ve been a fan of R.A Salvatore s books and to say I really enjoyed Maestro It was hard to put down once I started There were a few sections that were quite terrifying and some that made me chuckle Overall a good read I can t wait for the next book

  15. As an avid fan of the Forgotten Realms and a diligent reader of all of the works set within it, Maestro was a must buy for me I was anticipating this particular book for other reasons as well, which I ll go into later in this review Having read all of Salvatore s FR books, I went in with both a basic idea of what to expect and an idea of what would most likely be missing I ll admit that I m than a little jaded when it comes to Bob s work, so I was than a little pleasantly surprised by what I p [...]

  16. SPOILERSThis is one of the worst books Salvatore ever wrote, possibly THE worst.Why Because Drizzt goes back to Menzoberranzan, AGAIN, like in Starless Night another epic failure book , this time with Jarlaxe and Entreri Drizzt starts bickering with Entreri, with the lousy excuse that it s the Demogorgon bad influence, but those 2 are the only ones affected The rest of the Underdark seems not really affected So it feels like a pathetic tentative of rekindling the animosity between the 2 key cha [...]

  17. This book was an easy read, but the story went nowhere and the ending was anticlimactic.The title was Maestro , which referred to Jarlaxle s masterful manipulation of events and major players in Faerun, but by about a third of the way into the story, he s already lost control He ends up at the mercy of his enemies, stripped of his power, and has to be saved Drizz t has an insanity problem and no one notices, even though he starts attacking teammates Well, Jarlaxle kind of acknowledges it, but sh [...]

  18. Maestro proves that Salvatore still has a worthwhile tale left to tell in the Drizzt saga This is the sequel to The Dark Elf Trilogy Collector s Edition that should have been written a long time ago Salvatore takes us back to Menzoberranzan with Drizzt, Jarlaxle, and Artemis Entreri fighting alongside each other As they travel through the Underdark, they slowly start to lose their sanity and question reality this is a unique twist and new concept in Salvatore s writings at times, he forces the r [...]

  19. The book was good A good book it was Good, was the book Bookedy book book Books here books there, books everywhere Blah, blah Yakity, shmakity Tweedle dee, tweedle dum Kick me in my bum.The book was good A good book it was Good, was the book Bookedy book book Books here books there, books everywhere Blah, blah Yakity, shmakity Tweedle dee, tweedle dum Kick me in my bum Don t force me to write a review

  20. Like all the previous books in this series, I rather enjoyed this one I did find it a bit odd how certain Drizzt was about having an experience rather like Wulfgar did when he was tortured by a demon, since Drizzt is rarely so certain about much of anything, but I chalked it up to the influence of a demon It had all the twists and turns you would expect, as well some rather epic fight scenes, as well, and it was nice to see Artemis Entreri again and continue his story I am curious to see what wi [...]

  21. Amazing fights I really enjoy the battles scenes but at the end i was disapointed with the great battle against the Demogorgon, i was expecting a full epic battle right here, anyhow it was a good crossroad in the end, I m feeling in a sad and anxious mood since there is just one last book of Drizzt by the moment.

  22. I would buy this book again, and again One of the best books in the entire series of Drizzt books, Ever Thats no small feat as Salvatore rises to a new level of story telling, all the characters are filled out and we see all the greats in one book I strongly recommend that you pick up this trilogy of stories if you have fallen out of the books for awhile

  23. This is the best drizzt book I ve read in awhile I was annoyed at Archmage s laborious setup and find the dwarf centric stories boring But Maestro has a lot focus The antagonist, Yvonnel, feels weighty than anything in recent memory The Carrie Brie subplot is the weakest part for me, but still enjoyable Five stars as far as the legend of drizzt goes.

  24. Good read but very rushedThis is an interesting continuation but the end felt a little too rushed to try to end the book Perhaps another 100 pages is required to clearly describe the final battle.

  25. Just like view spoiler Drizzt hide spoiler this book is making me lose the will to live I have 2 chapters to finish and I care so little about what happens that I just can t be bothered Don t read this if you ve ever been a fan of any of the characters.

  26. Great workI will admit some of the last few books I found lacking but Maestro was a return to the old days Very enjoyable

  27. Homecoming Bla bla bla What happened Sal You to tired from playing games I love Driest This was mediocre at best Wasted money.

  28. Great readCouldn t put it down an 8 hour readathon I read it the entire day except for a few breaks, that s how good it is.

  29. Jarlaxle at his best worse always ending with the biggest prise even if it wasn t really planed like that to begin with One of the best of all the serie.

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