Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7

Free Download Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7 - by Julia Mills - Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7, Dragon Guard Series Books Enter the World of the Dragon Guard Forever be Changed All Seven Books in the Dragon Guard series in one place plus a BONUS NOVELLA from USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills There Are No Coinciden
  • Title: Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7
  • Author: Julia Mills
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 468
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7 - by Julia Mills, Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7, Julia Mills, Dragon Guard Series Books Enter the World of the Dragon Guard Forever be Changed All Seven Books in the Dragon Guard series in one place plus a BONUS NOVELLA from USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills There Are No Coincidences The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes Fate Will Not Be Denied Her Dragon to Slay Revised rewritten and re edited The chemistry between a strong willed curvy giEnter th Free Download Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7 - by Julia Mills - Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7, Dragon Guard Series Books Enter the World of the Dragon Guard Forever be Changed All Seven Books in the Dragon Guard series in one place plus a BONUS NOVELLA from USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills There Are No Coinciden
  • Free Download Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7 - by Julia Mills
    468Julia Mills
Dragon Guard Series Books 1-7

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  1. Mom of two rockin girls, Reader of everything, Author of The Dragon Guards series and many surprises to come I am a sarcastic,sometimes foul mouthed, not afraid to drink a beer, always southern woman with 2 of the most amazing teenage daughters, a menagerie of animals and a voracious appetite for reading who recently decided to write the storied running through her brain I read my first book, Dr Suess Cat in The Hat by myself at 4 and was hooked I believe a good book along with shoes, makeup and purses will never let a girl down and that all heroes of all the books I have ever read or will ever write pale in comparison to my daddy I am a sucker for a happy ending and love some hot sweaty sex with a healthy dose of romance.I am still working on my story but believe it will contain all of the above with as much SPICE as I can work into it CHEERS

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  1. Late night read The word nice used three times on the first page, a woman who drinks some weird no whip non fat iced white chocolate mocha from what ever a from frou shop is Sounds repulsive I loathe women like that All show and no brains Dnf on page 3Not rating.

  2. OMG love this seriesI this is an addiction.I can t wait to get to the next book These books flow together so well.On to book 8

  3. This is on of my favorite series I absolutely love each and every character Devon will always be mine though lol I can t wait to get about the Dragon Guard, even if it isn t these guys There are still other Dragons, in other clans When one of these books come out, I drop my current read and have to read it as soon as I get my greedy little eyes on it Julia Mills writes fantastic stories Her Dragon to Slay 5 starsUsually I only read about the normal shifters, but this book looked interesting I m [...]

  4. Every book in this series has been a 5 star read HER DRAGON TO SLAY This book was fantastic The author has a wonderful way with words and can really draw you in and keep you enthralled I can t wait to read the next book in this series.HER DRAGON S FIRE This is the second book in the Dragon Guard series it was just as fantastic as the first I am truly loving Julia Lake Mills imagination.Grace is our female lead in this book she is a lawyer, very strong willed very smart Aiden is her fated mate he [...]

  5. Her Dragon To SlayFirst of let start with saying WOW what a book just WOW I so feeling in love with this book it is so awesome, amazing, funny, and kick ass This book is a paranormal romance and so a must read Now this is the first book I have ever read with just one kind of shifter in it and has no vampires in it Oh I so love love dragon shifters now so hot and loving and protective over their love ones My favor character in this book is Kyndel she the is awesome and a human female I love this [...]

  6. Really like the sereies so farThis has been a pretty good read overall I ve enjoyed the characters and the overarching storyline However, there a couple of things I found annoyinge main one is the overuse of italics to apparently stress the conversationsI also think we get that there is one person created by the universe for each Dragon shifterat is the main premise It is not necessary to continue to expand on it ad nauseum And lastly, the love scenes are so overblown that I literally skipped th [...]

  7. A good setI have read some of the later books and enjoyed them, so I jumped on this set, as I had only read one of them I liked the development overall I was getting really annoyed with Andrew Pieces get repetitive when reading as a set, but that meant I could skip forward.

  8. The dragon guard box set Awesomeness in one bundle This box set is so much than just all of these awesome books put together This box set has this message in it that you will only understand in the last book Trust me, it s a journey worth traveling.Julia Mills shared her dragon world with us and she has done a fantastic job A true artist Her book set teaches us that even those who were bad could get forgivenesses and live We will meet many awesome hot shifters and their mates But also their sto [...]

  9. I m in LOVE with the DRAGONGUARDS These books are so incredible the loyalty and love inside these men is awe inspiring The women are strong fearless and I m so happy I found the work of Julia Mills An absolutely must read for any romance reader.

  10. The Dragon GuardSeries Box Set Books 1 8 This series was is a really great set of book that I truly enjoyed reading I am off to read Book 39 Love the way the author builds a scene.

  11. WonderfulI bought this as a free book and I am so glad I did Each story I the book is a different love story of a Dragon guard Trials, tribulations, traitors, love, sex, honor these books have it all I loved them and can t wait for the next book.

  12. A great read I would recommend these books to all sci fi romantics Loved all the stories, they kept me on my toeslove love

  13. Great seriesLoved reading about dragon shifters Great series, looking forward to reading the next in line Julia Mills has me hooked.

  14. AwesomeLoved these csnt wait to see how it continues Love watching how each mate is special Hopefully evil will not prevail

  15. This is an awesome book set Each book can be read separate but as a whole set they flow together as a giant amazing story I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

  16. What is better than dragon shifters finding their mates A boxset of dragonshifters finding their mates

  17. Excellent Dragon Stories This was an excellent set of dragon stories The 1st story is about Rayne Kyndel Rayne is the Commander of the Golden Fire Clan which is a group of dragon shifters that protect humans their kind from evil Kyndel was walking home one night when Rayne s dragon smelled scented her as their mate This book was very good had some good sex scenes in it as well as a bad guy who towards the end of the book you find out used to be a member of the clan before they all thought that h [...]

  18. See my profile for explanations of ratings Setting Places not specified, contemporary Genre Erotica, shifter romanceThis is the first seven books of the Dragon Guard series The fist 2 or 3 were a solid 2 stars The grammar and usage were painful to read So why did I continue through all 7 books Well, I liked most of the dragon characters, and their mates were interesting as well There was also a continuing subplot through the first 6 books about one of the dragon shifters who was a traitor, and i [...]

  19. This is a fantastic box set, containing books that feature the Golden Fire Dragon Clan s MacClendon Force guardsmen and their mates Their is some redundancy with the telling of dragon customs and ceremonies, but the books flow well There is an overarching storyline that revolves largely around Andrew O Brien, a Dragon shifter guardsmen that was captured and tortured until he broke, going over to the dark side But Fate cannot be denied 1 Her Dragon to Slay, features Rayne MacClendon, a red Dragon [...]

  20. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Title The Dragon Guard Series Box SetDesignation Books One thru SevenAuthor Julia MillsReading Platform Kindle EditionMy Rating FIVE RIVETING STARS I m a very happy reader right now I became a diehard fan last year after reading the first book of the series, Her Dragon to Slay and now, like so many others, I anxiously await each new release Originally, I read each of these stories under the Kindle Unlimited program and granted, although we do get to read the actual ebook, we d [...]

  21. What a wild ride Loved every moment of this series and the way the writer just transports you into this magical world of action and adventure is awesomeness I love her take on dragon shiftier beginnings it is a great twist to the tail Dragons and Knights working together, Awesome Her Dragon to Slay Just getting to know this family of dragons and the way they never give up on the world and each other mad for a very entertaining read Great strong leading lady and was so happy to see the detail of [...]

  22. 3, maybe up to 3.5 StarsA shaky start to the series that smooths out a bit as time goes by I am a sucker for series, so I know the need to know what happens pushed me through some of the rougher points All in all, this box set was worth the money considering it includes 7 novels and a bonus novella One of my biggest issues is the ridiculous amount of useless narrative Most of the stories have a bit of a juvienile voice, and I really wish the author would use a little imagination, as most of the [...]

  23. This is a very much loved series for me She did this awesome box set and revised and re wrote and edited the first 3 which is awesome Thank you Julia I got this at such a great deal I have to say to date my favorite book is For The Love of Her Dragon Its so awesome and heartbreaking Heart wrenching and I cry every time I read it Darn dragons Love Kyra and she s such a great character She cracks me up Love her Now I ve read all in this series She s written a book 8 and 9 as well I know she isn t [...]

  24. Each of these volumes have a story to tell The universe has a mate, made especially for each member of the Dragon Guard Fate decides when they meet, and ready or not Fate Will Not Be Denied.But that s not all of the story This is also the on going saga of a brother lost to the dark side Battles being fought, alliances forged, loved ones taken, and the coming of new lifeI m absolutely captivated with each and every character They developed right before my eyes with each new volume, and truly took [...]

  25. I seriously could not slow down once I started These books should come with a warning label Highly Addictive You might also want your own dragon gaurd member I fell completely in love with this series I Cannot wait for the rest of them Hint Hint and cannot wait to read of Julias books There are so many unique twist and turns to the books you never know what to expect Theres a roller coaster of feels I at least fell in love with the dragon gaurd and their mates and their own unique incredibly sp [...]

  26. Awesome books about realistic fable modern scenariosThis series of stories is about different Dragon shifters, who were created magically from dragon s and knights from Arthur Round Table, finding their mates, thus completing their souls The characters, storyline, and sceneries are realistic that you are emotionally involved It does have some erotic scene, but boy one wishes they were one of the characters portrayed.You love reading this series as much as I didokwormsuzy yahoo

  27. Good StorylineThe books in this set are interrelated in the fact Ms Mills starts with a group of people and gives each of them their own backstory The tie that binds, Andrew, is very well woven throughout I would have given 5 stars except the amount of unnecessary, to the story, explicit sex throughout I found myself flipping the pages just to find the thread to the storyline Remove the sexual content would not have taken one thing from the good writing within but would have whittled the number [...]

  28. OutstandingAll were amazing I couldn t put my kindle down The author did a superb job I felt I was there in person living line by line I am anxious to continue to see what the future holds for all Hold onto your seats if your able, there is something for everyone Dragons, shifters,fairies, dark wizards, etc and hot throbbing romance showers might need to cool off No spoilers here.

  29. What a great series Dragon shifters with yet another twist There s always a struggle in every book but they aren t always the same Always a surprise and with exception of Aaron, who made me want to shake him till his brain rattled, they kept you on the edge Aaron just kept denying his mate I seriously wanted to have a talk with author The bonus is that they are full length books Yay I highly recommend them

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