↠ Vulnerable ✓ AprilWilson - Vulnerable, Vulnerable Note Vulnerable is the first book in a book series Both books can be read standalone and both books end in an HEA but to get the most enjoyment out of them they re best read in order The second b
  • Title: Vulnerable
  • Author: AprilWilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Vulnerable ✓ AprilWilson, Vulnerable, AprilWilson, Vulnerable Note Vulnerable is the first book in a book series Both books can be read standalone and both books end in an HEA but to get the most enjoyment out of them they re best read in order The second book Fearless is due out early Beth Jamison had a rough start in life She survived a childhood abduction but her traumatic past still haunts her and she suffer Note Vulnerable is the ↠ Vulnerable ✓ AprilWilson - Vulnerable, Vulnerable Note Vulnerable is the first book in a book series Both books can be read standalone and both books end in an HEA but to get the most enjoyment out of them they re best read in order The second b
  • ↠ Vulnerable ✓ AprilWilson

About Author

  1. I write about alpha protectors who fall in love hard and unconditionally, through the good and the bad My characters are strong, sexy, and slightly damaged because no one is perfect All of my novels are full length and have happy ever after endings What else would you expect from a die hard romantic You won t find any cliffhangers in my novels, although you will find ongoing story lines that evolve organically over the span of several novels and many characters because who doesn t love romantic series I do I m the author of the McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series of contemporary romance novels, featuring Vulnerable, Fearless, Shane, Broken, Shattered spring 2017 , and Imperfect fall 2017 I live in Ohio with my daughter and than a few dogs and cats When I m not writing, I m reading romance novels and watching movies with happy endings I d love to hear from you You can e mail me at aprilwilsonwrites outlook Or, visit my website aprilwilsonwrites Thanks

One thought on “Vulnerable

  1. Self Note What a shame this book features a typical manwhore Hero Yes, we know he s Totally gone for the heroine from the moment he sees her, but, we still have references to his sex life and heroine is a virgin which really reinforces DOUBLE STANDARDS Why heroine have to be untouched and the Hero has to have plenty Where is the power balance Is it ok for the Hero to have a lot of sexual experience, but the heroine cannot have these experiences Not cool, so he had his fun and could compare but s [...]

  2. .This kind of story has been done before, but I liked how and where this particular one went But it was the characters that really made this read for me, I just want to know about them, about all of them Can t wait for book 2.

  3. 3.25 RATING This was an average damsel in distress damaged heroine read Pretty simplistic At times the story definitely dragged and I thought some editing may have helped keep the story moving The author states that this book can be read as a stand alone but I think this is a HFN ending instead of HEA because one major part of the story is not resolved in this book For the life of me, I don t understand why The author could have 100% resolved all issues in Vulnerable and kept this a one book st [...]

  4. Beth Jamison was abducted when she was six and she still has the nightmares even at twenty four When her brother finds out her kidnapper has been released, he seeks out Shane McIntyre, CEO of McIntyre Security Shane wants to tell Beth from the get go that her assailant has been released, but her brother Tyler puts his foot down Her anxiety, nightmares and panic attacks all play a part in what he thinks she can handle.Shane becomes protective of Beth from a distance, but it is only a matter of ti [...]

  5. Great book A hot reading with constant known threat H was so sweet and patient that no sane women would reject him I didn t know how to think about h s brother, he was overprotective, and totally treated h as a little child, not to mention his decision almost ruined H and h s relationship I was constantly nervous about h s reaction when she found out the truth Fortunately, no much dramas.H s sister was an interesting character, I suspected she would play an important role in Tyler h s brother s [...]

  6. I loved this book Beth is a very likable character and her romance with Shane is epic I loved the suspense and excitement I felt that their relationship unfolded at a believable pace, even though it happened quickly I still believed it Shane is a hot alpha male with love in his heart and his patience with Beth and her issues was very sweet I can t wait for book 2 Hurry April, hurry

  7. I m sorry, but why does the heroine act like what happened to her at 6 years old only occurred a few days ago Whine, cry, woe is me vibe move on it was a bad day, a traumatic experience, but girl you lived and in the grand scheme of things weren t actually harmed at all Getting spooked once in a while I understand, feeling a panic attack when in a similar situation, cool But she built her whole life around it I don t care if what I m saying is tactless As a person who has met some of the most st [...]

  8. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you

    I m addicted to firstimer stories I hope this one is good.

  9. This book was terrible in every single way I have no idea why I kept readingFirst off, April Wilson is one of those authors who feels the need tp write every exchange and situation, so a simple and unnecessary breakfast scene takes an entire chapter The conversations always feel stilted and stale and, worst of all, repetitive The same phrases are used over and over, even in the course of the same conversation Beth was an awful charter Why do writers keep creating leading females like this She wa [...]

  10. Wow Loved this book From the get go, I absolutely invested in Beth s character I found her endearing and than likable Shane s draw to protect her did not upset any feminist notions I might have, but rather endeared him to me and strengthened his swoon worthy ness April Wilson did a wonderful job portraying her characters in relatable and moving ways.Plot of the story was also enjoyable It kept me eagerly turning the pages to figure out what happened next I am excited to see where April Wilson t [...]

  11. I really liked this book and how Shane was patient with him There is a cliffhanger but it ends in a good note Can t wait for the next book and for the rest of the brothers

  12. Beth Jamison has some issues Some truly terrible stuff went down with her when she was younger and it has left her with extreme anxiety, panic attacks, a fear of the dark and a fear of intimacy Sounds horrible, right You would think so but despite what Beth thinks, she is strong as hell She gets up every day after a night filled with nightmares goes to work with a smile on her face She even makes time to do the thing she loves most on Fridays, go to a bookstore When she stepped foot in Clancy s [...]

  13. Sometimes there are books you like, and sometimes there are books that make all other books pale in comparison Vulnerable is definitely the latter April Wilson is now firmly at the top of my authors to watch out for list There is a little piece of everything in this book, romance, action, suspense, mystery and dear lord it was so hot my kindle began to sizzle I found Beth to be such a sweet heroine and i love how much she developed throughout the book but also how much room she has left to grow [...]

  14. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review I found this story to be engrossing, heartfelt and arousing This is a suspenseful romance that includes plenty of alpha males, a timid broken young woman, and a gorgeous, serious, intense family.Shane McIntyre and Beth Jamison are a endearing, passionate couple that just have to be experienced by the reader first hand April Wilson does a fantastic job of combining love, sensuality, and mystery Some of the scenes are titillating while others are [...]

  15. Steamy romanceThis is your typical steamy romance It doesn t offer much new as far as stereotypicsl characters and circumstances, but the style of writing draws you in and gets you hooked Though I had read these characters a million times in other books, I still found myself caring about them and wanting to read This is impressive for an author s first published work If you are looking for sexy and heartwarming, this is the book for you.

  16. So one of my dirty little secrets is I read erotic romance But I will be honest, I usually skip the sex scenes becausequite frankly of the time if you have read one you have read them all My main interest is in the romance aspects of it Because who doesn t love a good love story I find myself quite often disappointed by erotic romance though Too often people try to imitate 50 Shades by slapping together a first person style, an alpha male, an independent woman who is a borderlined bitch and or s [...]

  17. I ll keep this short and sweet I actually enjoyed the story Loved that it was in third person and that we got both the hero and heroine s perspective I enjoyed most of the male secondary characters and definitely can see some of them getting their own books which I anxiously await for.The sex was hot Hero possessive and alpha My only thing that was a bit annoying is I felt some scenes dragged on and got a little tedious I found myself skipping paragraphs and pages to get on with the story Aside [...]

  18. Omg I wished I would of known this was a two part series before I read this, cuz now I have the waiting game until I get to read the next book, this book was awesome the story between the two characters was sweet he was hired to protect her but after meeting her just once he didn t only want to protect her but also to heal her too.

  19. This book had a promising start The H was pretty crazy about the h from the start but I felt that story was too slow I found myself skimming through the last half of the book.

  20. Possibly one of the most intriguing books I have read in a very long time Absolutely loved it Gutted when it finished I needed the 2nd book like yesterday

  21. blue moon spipp artiApril Wilson inaugure avec ce roman un premier tome d une s rie portant sur une famille sp cialis e dans la protection, dirig e par Shane McIntyre, le h ros de ce roman Le second tome continuera avec les m mes personnages mais apr s, il y aura bien entendu d autres personnages Ce livre n est pas parfait, loin s ne faut mais pr sente des qualit s tr s attachantes L auteure d bute et elle a d j de tr s int ressantes caract ristiques.Shane dirige donc une agence de s curit et va [...]

  22. Wow, this is a debut novel Impressive The story follows Beth and Shane after he is hired by her brother to protect her from her recently paroled kidnapper They fall hard for one another, not without obstacles though What I find fascinating is that although the book is long, there is never a part that felt like it dragged or was rushed I was pretty captivated throughout the book I liked the characters and the storyline, and the writing was pretty terrific The next paragraph might contain a spoile [...]

  23. I didn t read much of this book, probably 25%, after their first meeting I quit reading.The one thing that got on my nerves so much I couldn t read on were the secondary characters I hated how all of them were In my face They were noisy, loud and busybodys.Gabriella, Beth s best friend, is living with her She s then on the meeting with Shane and Beth s brother about Beth s protection There she tells all of Beths secrets, well her life, how she s having nightmares and panic attacks and describes [...]

  24. Meh, this book was okay The writing was solid although there were a lot of repetitive words and phrases rookie mistakes I didn t really think the characters were all that interesting Beth was boring I should have known better than to read a book with a innocent virgin heroine At least she had some spine I think she should really get herself a new therapist though, because the one she has must suck if she s still having raging nightmares about an event that happened 18 years earlier Shane was rid [...]

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