Veiled Empire

Veiled Empire Best Download || [Nathan Garrison] - Veiled Empire, Veiled Empire The Empire is Shrouded not only by the barrier that covers the land but by the lies and oppression of the mierothi regime Magic is the privilege of the elite and the people of this shadowed country
  • Title: Veiled Empire
  • Author: Nathan Garrison
  • ISBN: 9780062418241
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

Veiled Empire Best Download || [Nathan Garrison], Veiled Empire, Nathan Garrison, Veiled Empire The Empire is Shrouded not only by the barrier that covers the land but by the lies and oppression of the mierothi regime Magic is the privilege of the elite and the people of this shadowed country have forgotten what it means to hope under their rule But there are some who would resist with plans put into motion millennia before For returned to the Empire is a valynThe Empire is Veiled Empire Best Download || [Nathan Garrison] - Veiled Empire, Veiled Empire The Empire is Shrouded not only by the barrier that covers the land but by the lies and oppression of the mierothi regime Magic is the privilege of the elite and the people of this shadowed country
  • Veiled Empire Best Download || [Nathan Garrison]
    184Nathan Garrison
Veiled Empire

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  1. I have two great boys and an awesome wife who is way supportive of my writing efforts than I deserve I love playing guitar the louder the better , cooking the bacon y the better , playing board video card games with friends and family, and reveling in unadulterated geekery.Born in 1983, I ve been writing stories since my dad bought our first family computer I grew up on tales of the fantastic From Narnia and Middle Earth to a galaxy far, far away, I ve always harbored a love for things only imagination can conjure up I count it among the greatest joys of my life to be able to share the stories within me.

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  1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.My rating is 3.5 stars.Veiled Empire is an ambitious story filled with complex characters, twisting plots, and than enough action to keep every fantasy fan satisfied In short, this is a book which aims for the moon, and even though it misses slightly it still lands among the stars.From page one, Nathan Garrison drops readers into the middle of a quickly escalating rebellion The mierothi hegemony over the world has stood unchallenged for millennia, protected by [...]

  2. I could have sworn that I rated and reviewed this book shortly after I read it I remember writing the review and now it s gone weird.It s been a while since I ve read it, but I recommend this book to people who enjoy Rothfuss s work The story has some very neat twists, and it is simply a good solid fantasy.

  3. Review can also be found on my blog.Seriously one of my favorite fantasy books I have read this year The world building is complex, the characters are complex, the plot is complex, and everything is just simply amazingly done As soon as I finished I immediately tweeted Garrison asking if there was going to be , because I NEED MORE BOOKS IN THIS WORLD, I am hoping Harper Voyager green lights them because seriously this world is amazing This book is amazing I finished reading this book at the begi [...]

  4. I was really surprised by this book, reading the description I didn t really know what to expect and jumping into new world by a new author is always a little daunting I initially picked it up from the r Fantasy Self Promotion thread to give it a try while waiting for other books to come out but ended up getting engrossed in the plot I really enjoyed the story of the book, the characters were well written with a few of them being much complex than others For example I felt like Voren and his co [...]

  5. This was one of the most enjoyable stories I ve read this year The characters and story struck just the right balance between epic and grimdark for me Garrison also quite cleverly subverted a few tropes along the way.Beware the blessings I loved the scene that described the blessings, but I think what I liked best was how Garrison explored the ideology of accepting belief systems without question, and also, the lies we tell ourselves to get by one day A solid story with excellent characters I w [...]

  6. Read this review in the voice of Stefon from SNL Fantasy s hottest new title is Veiled Empire This book has EVERYTHING bloodlust, romance, vengeance, magic, gods, tyrants, secret plots, surprise twists, you name it This book slams your eyeballs into the back of your head on page one and it doesn t stop till it s over The characters are solid, the world is richly but not overwhelmingly detailed, and the plot lines are complicated enough to keep you on your toes, but not enough to confuse you Ther [...]

  7. An engrossing fantasy read The empire in question lies beneath a shroud In two ways first, the oppressive regime of the mierothi, a powerful race of mages And second, a physical barrier that helps them keep and consolidate their power But there s a resistance gaining momentum, and chinks appear in the emperor s iron grip on the land Pros Immersive world building and lovely proseCons Not for the faint of heart The body count starts on page one.If you enjoy grim dark fantasy in the vein of Malazan [...]

  8. I edited this book, so super biased, but I truly think it s one of the best fantasy novels to cross my desk in a long, long time Do yourself a favor and try it out It stands alone, has a great mix of darkness and traditional sword and sorcery elements, and is an incredibly well written debut.

  9. This was an absorbing fantasy with a satisfying end that should appeal to readers of the genre who seek a moving, ticking plot From the beginning you are thrown into Garrison s rich world and the lives and machinations of his diverse characters Introspection and background relevant to the story are dealt to the reader when they become relevant, so no long info dumps that can be the death of fantasy novels.The story is told from 6 different POV s I think I m counting correctly which makes for an [...]

  10. I liked it but it seemed very derivative as there were bits from Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Mark T Barnes one of my faves , Jenna Rhodes another fave and several others, however what he did with those bits was cool I finished it and I ll read the next one but I can t say I loved it so much that I would recommend it to everyone It was a good epic fantasy with good world building and some funny characters but it irritates me when characters go off thinking they know what happened when they are [...]

  11. Epic, action filled fantasy dealing with a rebellion of slaves against a tyrannical race of dark sorcerors Thousands of years ago, the Mierothi, a race that had been granted incredible powers by a dark god raised a veil almost completely cutting off their empire from the outside world Left with none under the veil able to stand up to them, they have engineered an incredible society, assisted by the half breed caste daeloth and magic immune warriors.But for every race of immortal dark sorcerers, [...]

  12. I really hate writing scathing reviews I know the authors work hard on their books And they ve actually successfully published them, which alone deserves a hat tip it s a tough industry.That being said, this book drove me crazy There were seeds of some good ideas, an interesting world, and some pretty good fight sequences.So why only two stars The main character actsall we say erratically It s actually impossible to explain my problem without spoilers, so read at your own risk view spoiler Okay, [...]

  13. Nathan Garrison s debut novel is a tale of large scale war and magic, told largely from the perspective of beings with godlike powers and lifespans The challenge of this premise is what one might expect, and that is the risk of losing sight of the common man element In this, Garrison both fails and succeeds Fails, because most of the common people of this story tend to be on the periphery, the mass victims or benefactors of the events Succeeds, because even the characters we would consider immor [...]

  14. An epic fantasy about the line between justice and revenge, questioning authority, courage in the face of probable failure, family loyalty, the lure of power, and redemption I skimmed the book, feeling as if I jumped into a series in mid story There is complex world building and character development, with a huge cast of characters and strong weight of history So many characters are not who they appear, or change during the course of the story.

  15. No lo termin , en unas pocas p ginas me di cuenta que vendieron una idea que no era lo que presenta el libro.No le puedo dar m s estrellas, por que si bien las sorpresas existen, esta no me enganch Y si alguien piensa que es malo, yo no lo s , ni quise averiguarlo.

  16. So this popped up in my recommendations The description sounds good, and damn it s 500 pages for two bucks, hmmm gonna have to check this out

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