The Retail Therapist

[PDF] Read ✓ The Retail Therapist : by Colette Kebell - The Retail Therapist, The Retail Therapist Window shopping Don t you just hate the term It is like going into a sweet shop and not being able to buy anything or not knowing what to buy first That is exactly my line of business helping people
  • Title: The Retail Therapist
  • Author: Colette Kebell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ The Retail Therapist : by Colette Kebell, The Retail Therapist, Colette Kebell, The Retail Therapist Window shopping Don t you just hate the term It is like going into a sweet shop and not being able to buy anything or not knowing what to buy first That is exactly my line of business helping people make the right choice I m one of those fashion consultants that are so popular nowadays amongst the upper crust although I started ages ago Choosing the right clothes fWindow sh [PDF] Read ✓ The Retail Therapist : by Colette Kebell - The Retail Therapist, The Retail Therapist Window shopping Don t you just hate the term It is like going into a sweet shop and not being able to buy anything or not knowing what to buy first That is exactly my line of business helping people

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Retail Therapist : by Colette Kebell
    110 Colette Kebell
The Retail Therapist

About Author

  1. After being a Legal Secretary for about 10 years, Colette was on the hunt to find something else that she would find just as interesting She found that in writing and she hopes you like what you read She loves fashion with a passion pardon the pun and therefore it is not surprising that her debut novel was going to follow that theme Her debut novel was Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen which was followed by The Retail Therapist , both of these being romantic comedies Chick Lit, a genre she adores When she s not in writing mode she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, a task that usually produces good results as her husband would say, not her, as opposed to his experiments which often end in a culinary disaster She live in Coastal Kent, UK with two adorable dogs Oh yes, and hubby too ColetteKebell or follow me on either twitter ColetteKebell or Facebook facebook pages Colett She would also like to say a massive thank you to those of you who have read and reviewed her books as reviews are the all important factor, though not the only factor, that helps other readers to decide whether or not to read them.

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  1. Originally reviewed for Bookaholic ConfessionstAfter loving every minute of Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen Or So Mother Says I was massively excited about reading its prequel, The Retail Therapist.GiGi ranks amongst some of my all time favourite fictional characters and I couldn t wait to become re acquainted with her and her shopping addiction, only this time we are going back in time see how it all started off for GiGi before she became the successful fashion consultant that she is today. [...]

  2. 3.5 stars This was a good story which dealt with a number of current issues and focused on GiGi who was trying to build her business as a personal shopper style consultant The story was well written and easy to read but i felt it was rushed as it covered about 8 months in 136 pages There were quite a few characters mentioned but none of them made much of an impact because they were only in the story briefly There were a few occasions where i had to think about what was happening in the story bec [...]

  3. Gigi is a personal shopper with an amazing talent She seems to get people and know what they need before they do, her business is slow but gradually she gets commissions and takes on her best friend together they are unstoppable A lovely light read, perfect for holidays

  4. This novella is reminiscent of the brilliant works of the author Steena Holmes This is a huge compliment, as I have read all of Steena s books and novella s and it is such a pleasure to get to know characters on a deeper level I can say that without a doubt, Colette Kebell has the same gift Her novella, The Retail Therapist , which is the prequel to Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen Or so Mother Says , Colette Kebell, takes us to the birthing of GiGi s Personal Shopping business After finishin [...]

  5. Gigi has had her fair share of mundane jobs and finally settles on being a personal shopper and not the kind you find in department stores either This is a real insight into her world funny, giggle out loud moments along with a few lows which all add up to one fabulous read Only one complaint there s not enough of it I would point out, though, that the book is a lot longer that the page count given by I cannot wait to read Blue and Green Should Never be Seen Or So Mother Says and I know that Col [...]

  6. This was a really cute story and I m really glad I won this book as I would have missed out on an wonderful story Follow GiGi as she learns how to be a fashion consultant or actually falls into it As she really wasn t in love with her rat race job this becomes the perfect oppourtunity for her to start her own business Meet her best friend Ritchie as he joins her in her business adventure.

  7. I really enjoyed this book, although I was tempted halfway through to throw the book down But only because it had made me want to go out shopping However, I resisted the temptation and continued the book Fabulous story and I really enjoyed Colette s writing style too Looking forward to reading Blue and Green Should Never be Seen next

  8. I picked up Colette s book recently and I really enjoyed the main character named Gigi She s addicted to shopping herself and so uses her talents to make others look awesome If you like Sophie Kinsella s Shopaholic series then you ll definitely enjoy The Retail Therapist

  9. The Retail Therapist by Colette KebellThis story was a free download onto my Kindle It tells the story of Gigi, a legal secretary who loves fashion buying clothes She turns her love of clothes into a business by becoming a Personal Shopper, along with her best friend.This is a very quick read, the only negative thing is that for a very short story, it spreads over quite a few months I feel that there are chunks missing which could have been explored in so much detail with a longer book.Overall, [...]

  10. What s a girl to do when she loves to shop, and is bored with her office job She uses her skills to become a personal shopper.A cute story about ambition to follow her dream, Gigi s struggle to get her business going with the help of a few friends brings her dream to fruition A similar premise to Kinsella s Shopaholic series.

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