Controlling Interests

↠ Controlling Interests Ê Lana Grayson - Controlling Interests, Controlling Interests Submission is survival SarahTrapped Seduced Betrayed Submission is the greatest revenge When I turn twenty one my family s secret trust passes to me and I ll finally destroy Darius Bennett if I surv
  • Title: Controlling Interests
  • Author: Lana Grayson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook

↠ Controlling Interests Ê Lana Grayson, Controlling Interests, Lana Grayson, Controlling Interests Submission is survival SarahTrapped Seduced Betrayed Submission is the greatest revenge When I turn twenty one my family s secret trust passes to me and I ll finally destroy Darius Bennett if I survive my captivity But vengeance comes at a cost and Nicholas Bennett demands a male heir to ensure my safety I fell hard for my step brother but loving the man is easierSubmissi ↠ Controlling Interests Ê Lana Grayson - Controlling Interests, Controlling Interests Submission is survival SarahTrapped Seduced Betrayed Submission is the greatest revenge When I turn twenty one my family s secret trust passes to me and I ll finally destroy Darius Bennett if I surv
  • ↠ Controlling Interests Ê Lana Grayson
    416Lana Grayson
Controlling Interests

About Author

  1. Lana Grayson was born to write anything and everything to do with romance Her favorite genres range from the dark and twisty to the lighthearted and sentimental as long as the characters are memorable, the story is fun, and the romance is steamy Lana lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, and, when she isn t bundled in her writing chair, she s most likely cheering on the Steelers or searching for the Burgh s best Italian restaurants.

One thought on “Controlling Interests

  1. This one wasn t as good as the first one Things are twisted, but for some reason I just felt like I pushed a repeat button and the story was not going to reach the end Cliffhanger ever It s still a good dark story, I just expected .

  2. 3 STARS I ve been waiting for Controlling Interests since the last, Takeover ended up with cliffhanger So, let s reality check this book Evil Step father Lusting after step brother 1st born Nicholas Bennett, the Heir of Bennett 2nd born Maxwell Bennett, the muscle of the family 3rd born Reed Bennett, the youngest who s always the last choice Sarah Atwood, the captive Kidnapped, degradation, humiliation and forced impregnation by the order from his evil step father Her son will united the Bennett [...]

  3. Oh God That cliff hanger was actually very disturbing If it happened how I m dreading it did thenew Sarah was annoying as hell She was so stupid SHUT THE F CK UP She d open her damn mouth and just ruin everything the b tch Victory would ve been their s if she d shut her f cking mouth Damn b tch This story is messed up on soooo many levels but it s so intriguing at the same time.I personally love the youngest brother, Reed Poor guy wants nothing to do with his family and their load of f cked up n [...]

  4. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Nicholas steady heartbeat dulled the echoing h ll screaming in my mind I slept against him, clutching him, needing him, and seizing a moment of safety and peace I never thought I d experience within a Bennett s arms 5 huge, fat, disturbing stars This series is intense and so crazy I sacrificed my night of sleep so I could read this And I m not sorry one bit I love, love, love this series Submission is survival SarahTrapped Seduced Betrayed.Submiss [...]

  5. I love a good dark story so when this popped up in my news feed on Facebook I bought it While the story is dark it is not typical of the dark books I have read in the past That said, it intrigued me The characters and the settings this story takes place made it an entertaining twist on the dark I have become familiar with.The characters are so well defined Creating a picture of each character was so easy Each had a unique trait that drew me to them and I admit I fell for the tormentor, the evil [...]


  7. I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book All opinion stated are solely my own and no one else s Takeover by Lana Grayson was absolutely amazing it was intense, dark, twisted and outright disturbing yet I couldn t put it down until I devoured the book completely Sarah was strong, stubborn yet feisty and I admired her fighting defiant spirit throughout No matter what happened to her at the Bennett estate she picks herself up and fights back My heart literally broke for what she endured her pa [...]

  8. Gah Six Whole Days That s too long to know how this all ends OMG, I don t know how I m going to last but I ll be refreshing my screen at midnight on Wednesday so I can download as soon as Capital Risk goes live Sarah is still trying to win this twisted game of power she s been caught in The unexpected bond between her and her step brothers can only go so far because Darius knows how to fight dirtier His evil knows no bounds and the Bennett boys are floundering to protect Sarah So much going on a [...]

  9. Good, but I expected Ever watch a tv series and think the characters are stuck in an endless cycle That s how I felt after a bit when reading the second in the series I do reluctantly like the story despite it testing my morals , I m iffy about the characters, but I want to see how it all turns out However, some of the moves the characters made functioned only as a plot point to delay the conclusion or manufacture angst Eventually, that got old, particularly when Sarah would do something that wo [...]

  10. Omg where to start I am on pins and needles now waiting for the conclusion of this series Sarah may have almost all the power but will she be able to use and get rid of her enemies Darius has it in for his step daughter If his boys can t do it, maybe he should take matters into his own hands Her mother thinks she a little crazy like her father and doesn t believe her about her new husband and how evil he is Nicholas will just a boy do anything to save the girl he loves Anything.

  11. Controlling Interests Hm The second book in the Legacy series picks up where Takeover left off Those damn Bennetts are addicting This book brings to the story Darius, that fuck I hate him even Nick needs to get his shit together before he loses her for good Max, he means well Reed, he s going to end up dead if he s not careful That ending HOLY FUCK Come on book 3

  12. if you re into twisted romance and depraved relationship, then this book I mean, this series is right up your alley I still love Nicholas no matter what tho Ha

  13. One of my fellow reading friends recommend this series to me She had warned me that this was a intense series with twist and turns you are not expecting After reading just a quarter through the first book I realized she was not lying and was definitely in for a experience I was not expecting.I just finished the book and am still confused on how I felt after reading There are so many things about this book that are forbidden in todays society but yet were so exciting and interesting to read exper [...]

  14. Well I started this to see if Sarah would come to her senses since she was in love with the man who first raped her and continues to let his brothers have sex with her while he watches lets his dad still beat her yet he loves her but his money means than she does to him They are still trying to get her pregnant though she is infertile they start her on fertility drugs and what Sure enough Darious the father of love of her life mind you who beats her, degrades her and then rapes her himself and [...]

  15. Amazing story It s sometimes very , very dark like the one before but oh so amazing You have everything in this book I laugh I m afraid I weep I swoon.I sweat It s just never boring If you are not afraid for the characters , then you laugh with them If you don t laugh with them , you swoon If you don t swoon , you get hot and sweaty And then the one thing that i thought would never happen , happened and i am like NNOOOOOO I love Nicholas , but his stupid decisions get people hurt Sarah her stupi [...]

  16. Absolutely infuriating and trite The first book had such promise for the series This didn t need to be three books long Every plot point was executed for utmost melodrama and devastation Sarah has absolutely no agency throughout the whole thing, and having her get raped by Darius at the end to force a Whose baby is it panic was tasteless and lazy Can you say damsel in distress Her idiot brothers left her completely defenseless with no security, no weapons, no ability to defend herself, failing a [...]

  17. I am really enjoying this trilogy and can t wait to start the conclusion The story is captivating and intriguing I rated 4 stars however as the most darkest scenes were fade to black and didn t appease my lil deviant mind And I was kind of hoping for some dirtier sex scenes and menages between the 4 of them The heroine was almost annoying in her actions that had consequences to those her were trying to protect her That Daddy is one seriously sadistic sicko that I look forward to seeing lose ever [...]

  18. In the Second book of the Takeover Sarah starts to trust in her step brothers that they will keep her safe and do what they believe needs to be done to keep her that way Her step brothers also try even harder to get her pregnant in hopes that it will eventually stick and save her life Sarah gets to go to events but is on a short leash with threats to her mother if she misbehaves in any way Nicholas falls hard for an Atwood which is a bad thing as its his families biggest enemy when it comes to b [...]

  19. As well written as the last, nothing that isn t expected and everything told in lengthy detail, as is characteristic of the authors first book in the series.

  20. In book two, we find Sarah is trapped by her step father s quest for power and for a child from her body.From the previous book which carries over into book 2, She had been kidnapped, made to submit her body to her three stepbrothers pretty much against her will at first and now she willingly does it although at times she feels like she is forced to because if she doesn t, her stepfather has her beat All so her stepfather can gain control of her shares of the company There is so much HATE for on [...]

  21. I received this book for free as an ARC for a honest review.This was one of the most gritty, disturbing and frightening book series I have read The range of emotions I felt changed from page to page Sarah is strong minded, willful and brave while being physically weak and timid The abuse she she endured would have broken a normal person within the first few days of capture Her life was destroyed over and over again at the hands of Darius Bennett but she never waivered Never gave up and never let [...]

  22. I finished Book 1 Takeover to begin this book immediately to preserve my sanity because I had to know what could possibly happen next Sarah the heroine in this book is coming into her own in this book but there were times I was yelling at her because she seemed to willingly put herself into harms way too often Sometimes when she should have hung back and blended into the woodwork she antagonized her main tormenter, her Stepfather Darius Bennett You also see her love for Nicklaus developing all t [...]

  23. spoiler free review Holy book hangover I have to say Grayson has really outdone herself, and surprised me in the process a rather difficult stunt to pull off The first book in this series, Takeover, is the first taste I had of her writing I was really pleased with it, enjoyed the plot, the character development, the way she wove the story I found myself anxiously awaiting the release of this second installment.But this I was unprepared for this Never have I read a trilogy where the middle instal [...]

  24. This series comes with a warning at the beginning saying that this is a dark, sexy, dangerous and wild The romance is over the top, rough and remorselessly passionate It is a m nage romance but there is no cheating, and also it is a taboo book, but characters aren t blood related If after the warning you thing you can handle it, you will have a great read ahead.This does sadly suffer with second book syndrome, but I think that s because the first book was so wow, and it has major cliffage We con [...]

  25. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review.This was a great romantic suspense It was full of page turning mystery, edge of your seat suspense, and lots of steamy scenes Definitely recommend.

  26. Holy Insanity Batman Lana Grayson upped the ante in Controlling Interests My mind is blown Sarah Atwood is still a prisoner of the Bennetts She s still not pregnant, and it s driving step father Darius to new acts of evil to achieve this end The Bennett s have a huge secret, and are running out of time before they lose it all Nick Bennett has fallen in love with Sarah, but still won t stop step daddy dearest from the evil abuse towards her Max means well, and Reed could end up severely hurt or d [...]

  27. In Controlling Interests, the plot continues As Sarah learns about her father and who he really was, the further into hell Sarah falls She continues to fight Darius as his obsession to control Sarah and Atwood Industries thickens Nicholas, Max and Reed do everything and anything to protect Sarah, but often her mouth and stubborn rebellious streak gets her into trouble Darius will stop at nothing to get an Bennett Atwood heir, even if he has to be the one to impregnate her Sarah and Nicholas tr [...]

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