↠ Graynelore ç StephenMoore - Graynelore, Graynelore Rodrig Wishard is a killer a thief and a liar He s a fighting man who prefers to solve his problems with his sword In a world without government or law where a man s only loyalty is to his family an
  • Title: Graynelore
  • Author: StephenMoore
  • ISBN: 9780008103538
  • Page: 393
  • Format: ebook

↠ Graynelore ç StephenMoore, Graynelore, StephenMoore, Graynelore Rodrig Wishard is a killer a thief and a liar He s a fighting man who prefers to solve his problems with his sword In a world without government or law where a man s only loyalty is to his family and faerie tales are strictly for children Rodrig Wishard is not happy to discover that he s carrying faerie blood Something his family neglected to tell him Not only that bRodrig Wishard is ↠ Graynelore ç StephenMoore - Graynelore, Graynelore Rodrig Wishard is a killer a thief and a liar He s a fighting man who prefers to solve his problems with his sword In a world without government or law where a man s only loyalty is to his family an
  • ↠ Graynelore ç StephenMoore

About Author

  1. Stephen Moore is the author of the fantasy novel, GRAYNELORE Published by HarperVoyager Paperback and Ebook A published author since 1996 I ve also written several well received fantasy books for older children middle grade and young adult readers Including, among others, TOOTH AND CLAW, SPILLING THE MAGIC and FAY Published by Crossroad Press Along the way, I ve had books translated into Italian, Hebrew and Russian Though, to date, I ve never set eyes on the Russian translation Truthfully, I d rather be writing books than writing about myself I live in the North of England A beautiful land I never tire of exploring full of ancient Roman history, medieval castles and remnants of the infamous Border Reivers Long ago, before I discovered the magic of storytelling, I was an exhibition designer I have fond memories of working in the strange world of museums Sometimes I can still be found in auction houses pawing over old relics I ve shared my home with a number of the animals that frequent my books, if not the flying pigs I love art and books, old and new I m into rock music, movies, theatre and RPG video games But mostly I like to write, where I get to create my own worlds If I had to name my favourite book of all time it would be, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson The first book to inspire me as a child Maybe, my own books are OK too My Facebook Page is facebook stephenmoorefantasyaMy author page is author stephenoreMy Blog author show

One thought on “Graynelore

  1. I don t like abandoning books, especially books I ve accepted from Netgalley because this was received free from the publisher through Netgalley for review, thank you to them But after fighting the prose to about 15%, I decided to cut my losses and move on to one of the others.I did not enjoy Graynelore But I have to give it credit for helping me pin down exactly why I don t like it and similar books See, there are rules of writing and spelling and syntax The rules exist for a reason They have e [...]

  2. This book came about because the author, Stephen Moore, discovered that some of his ancestors had been among the notorious Border Reivers, violent and bloodthirsty inhabitants of the disputed area of border between Northumberland and Scotland for centuries past Not wanting to write a historical novel, he has used the character and appearance of the Border country, mixed with the atmosphere of suspicion and violence which was rife there, to create a haunting and gripping adult fantasy novel Previ [...]

  3. Steve certainly has stepped outside of the realm of children s fiction with the introduction of his adult book Graynelore It is reminiscent of the Icelandic sagas in the gritty descriptions of battles waged and the cold manner in which reivers approach their life and calling to war with their neighbors at the behest of their lord There is a dreamlike quality to the telling of the tale and I was reminded in parts of the ancient ballads of England The ballad of Tristan and Isolde in fact came to m [...]

  4. Exceptional cover art draws the reader into the world of Rogrig Wishard, a hardened Reiver and a crude and ruthless warrior He owes his loyalty to his clan, who are the only family he knows He lies for them, steals for them, kills for them He has no sensibilities, nothing to appeal to for mercy until one day on the battlefield, he faces something greater than himself, something so unexplainable and unexpected that he is left reeling, never to be the same again This novel deftly juxtapositions br [...]

  5. I was first draw by the intriguing cover and name of this book and I wasn t disappointed I was quickly hooked on the main character s story and world he lives in Every chapter left me wanting to read the next and if time allowed I could have quite happily read this book in one sitting.It s fantasy with self discovery, it is extremely descriptive with some sadness along with excellent humour.I loved Graynelore and would recommend it to anyone I will be purchasing the book to go in my book case.

  6. In my view this book is one of the greatest fantasy books I ve ever read The characters and structure are truly phenomenal I love the way the author has coloured his world with details neatly borrowed from the history of the North of England I live in the north so it made me feel even closer to the book At long last a stand alone fantasy novel that doesn t pull its punches and delivers the goods with a totally satisfying final pay off Highly recommended.

  7. Did Not Finish.I was looking forward to this book It sounds interesting and I absolutely love the cover.Unfortunately the writing style, the storytelling and the characters did nothing for me In fact the writingstyle bothered me from page one, and it did not get better I do however think that I would have liked it if I had read it when I was younger around twelve or so.Not because it is a kiddie friendly book blood, murder, rape and , but I wouldn t have noticed the flaws back then, and therefo [...]

  8. Exquisite authorship, deeply rich storytelling, perfect editingThe editing of this book is clean, tight, consistent The many descriptive or colloquial for this universe turns of phrase are always consistently used Completely professional.Bards play an important role in the story and Mr Moore created a bardic tale The writing has an almost lyrical aura, appropriate for a tale including the fey Mr Moore s writing in this tale reminds me in its feel of Mr Rothfuss style in The Kingkiller Chronicles [...]

  9. In a word, bland.There is nothing new or interesting here and what there is isn t very good.It uses the poor style of having almost the entire story narrated by the main character talking about himself in the third person, this means the words are dead on the page, no emotion or empathy just raw facts, it feels like a writing exercise from a course rather than a real book.The author also show a staggering lack of understanding of the use of the comma, he uses them everywhere, there have to be at [...]

  10. Rogrig is a reiver, caring only about stealing and killing and following his graynelord, but when something strange happens on the battlefield, he wanders off on a world changing adventure.In the end, I gave it three stars You might be asking why The book and story are presented well meaning it shows the ticks of someone having scoured over it to bring it to perfection This is no hack job And in fact, others may rather enjoy the long winded sentences that sometimes lead right back to where they [...]

  11. Refreshingly originalGo on Just buy it.It s really unusual to find a fantasy story which is just one book long, but that s what this is Surprisingly it is all told from a single point of view as well.The story is beautifully crafted and written with a very unusual style, it reminds me of many of the best fantasy books from the 70s There is even a beginning a middle and an end, which leaves with all the loose ends tied up I ve really enjoyed this story, I recommend it.

  12. Somewhat Refreshing Sample Overdoes Its Uniqueness To TediumI bought it after reading the sample and finding it refreshing that things were not quite explained and the protagonist talked and waffled rather than narrated However, this was overdone throughout the book and he seemed to recap things over and again There was promise, but in the end nothing really happened and what did never quite made sense, a fact apologised only too often by the storyteller.

  13. I wasn t sure what to expect, but Moore delivers an engaging tale in a fresh fantasy world inspired by the Borders region between England and Scotland A dark adult fairy tale with great details drawing on Reiver culture, something I ve always found fascinating Looking forward to what s next from this emerging talent.

  14. Man discovers that he has faerie heritage and that he must work with different people in his lands to try to fix what has been done to faerie.It was very readable, quite like a fairy tale but fairly unforgettable too.

  15. I found the writing style difficult to read and found myself re reading large passages as the text seemed to veer away from the situation.As i have been unable to finish the book i am unable to award than one star

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