No Angel

[PDF] No Angel | by ↠ Tara Hart - No Angel, No Angel Charlie Hunt is a slut Have you ever let one word define you Allowed one single word to shape your reality I have I m not the girl you take home to meet your parents I m the opposite I m a sure thing
  • Title: No Angel
  • Author: Tara Hart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Book

[PDF] No Angel | by ↠ Tara Hart, No Angel, Tara Hart, No Angel Charlie Hunt is a slut Have you ever let one word define you Allowed one single word to shape your reality I have I m not the girl you take home to meet your parents I m the opposite I m a sure thing with no strings attached but one college jock took it too far and for once I m the person who needs saving Evan Dawson is lost I never imagined myself back here in myCharlie Hunt is a slu [PDF] No Angel | by ↠ Tara Hart - No Angel, No Angel Charlie Hunt is a slut Have you ever let one word define you Allowed one single word to shape your reality I have I m not the girl you take home to meet your parents I m the opposite I m a sure thing
  • [PDF] No Angel | by ↠ Tara Hart
    364Tara Hart
No Angel

About Author

  1. Tara Hart writes romance stories for those searching for their happily ever after Her upcoming releases include No Angel a new adult novel and Lost Bound a stand alone read that teeters on dark romance.Tara was born and raised in Australia She currently spends her time travelling around Asia finding inspiration for her next story.Tara loves to connect with readers, writers and bloggers A complete introvert by nature, once she likes you she will be your friend for life.

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  1. 3,75 Believe stars This was a lovely story with much depth So why i haven t put stars I had some issues with the heroine, but i will say about it laterBut beyond that reason, it was a very interesting story with very lovely characters, especially Charlie and Evan I ve been this way for as long as I can remember.The girl with a heart made of iron and a deeply tortured soul Charlie Hunt is a SLUT.That is the word that defined Charlie for the past six years and she seemed indifferent in what the [...]

  2. 4.5 stars ARC kindly provided byBook Enthusiast Promotionsvia Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This is the story of Charlie and Evan, a girl with a bad reputation and a guy with a good one.This book took over my heart and left me breathless times that I could count The writing is so beautiful and it has so many layers that it s impossible not to feel Ms Hart has made a great job creating Charlie and Evan, both of them with faults and virtues The plot was moving in a nice pace with few [...]

  3. Received a review copy through NetGalley.No Angel was an amazing new adult contemporary romance I enjoyed everything about this story The characters, the drama, the new friendships and This was definitely a book I could see me recommending to others to read I absolutely loved the dual POVs and how the meshed so well together.Charlie is known as a slut She used to the rumors, what people say and doesn t try to change them She uses sex to feel empowered, desired and cared for She doesn t care tha [...]

  4. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Charlie has been judged by just about everyone her entire life Her mother is an alcoholic and her father left when she was just young It s up to her to take care of her little brother, and to bring in money for their basic needs.Evan has come back to Chicago to look over his brother Their parents are both dead, and his brother isn t taking it so well He sees Charlie at a party for the first time and is immediately enthralled with her.Ch [...]

  5. I received a complementary ARC in exchange for an honest reviewCharlie is just a college girl trying to make it through life Between taking care of her younger brother, dealing with her alcoholic mother, and being labeled as the campus slut she has a lot on her plate The last thing she expects to happen is to be in the sights of Evan.Evan is also dealing with his own share of issues After a tragedy in his family he has left behind his life in Boston in order to move back to Chicago and take care [...]

  6. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Tara Hart in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE No Angel AUTHOR Tara HartGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE April 18th, 2016MY RATINGI ve not read anything by this author before but when I read the synopsis I had to go stalking this book NO ANGELis spoken in dual POV S Evan Charlie Charlie s just your normal average teen who comes from a dysfunctional family, she has been judged by just about everyone her entire life Her party having mother [...]

  7. I ve been reading so many thrillers lately that I thought I would try something light for a change I wasn t disappointed This was an easy read, although I did find myself skimming through the last 20% of the ARC By the 80% point, I was eager to read something suspenseful with plot twists to keep me intrigued That didn t happen for me with No Angel, but ultimately the book does what it says on the tin If you re interested in an NA romance with a kind male protagonist and a broken female, then th [...]

  8. I got this book for an honest review 4.5 Stars this book was about charlie and evan Charlie is a college girl who lives with her mother and her little brother she hasnt got it easy as her mother is always drunk and partying so she has to do everything so she hasnt got it easy and there is also the matter that she is known as the school slut.Then there is evan he has just moved back to town to look after his brother after his dad died in a car accident both characters meet for the first time unde [...]

  9. I loved the title of this book, the cover and the synopsisI felt things for these characters, especially Charlie, Kyle and Evan because I have lost a parent and though the pain dims it never goes away Kyle and Evan are brothers, younger and older Charlie is tough and vulnerable with all she goes through and even she had her sweet brother Connor and her bff Grace I m so happy she met Evan when she did Can t wait to read Grace s story Already preordered Tara s next book New fan here

  10. I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My Star Rating 4.5I ve been this wayfor as long as I can remember.The girl with a heart made of ironand a deeply tortured soul excerpt from the journal of Charlie HuntThe moment I picked up this book, I was compelled by this story.This is my first time ever reading anything of the author s before, so this is plain honesty.Evans and Charlie s story draws you in from the start Charlie isn t your typical young ad [...]

  11. ARC provided for an honest review.5 of 5Release Date April 18, 2016 Sometimes I think Charlie is the strongest person I know, but slowly the cracks are beginning to show WOW I could NOT put this book down The characters are complex, the dialogue is entertaining and the plot is solid, captivating and thrilling I absolutely loved it One of my new favorites Charlie is such a wonderfully developed character She is an average girl attending college and working part time Her life is dysfunctional She [...]

  12. 5 Feeling Loved starsThis book is an amazing debut novel I really loved it I can t wait to see what this author releases next It was emotional and refreshing I highly recommend this book Evan moves back home to keep an eye out for Kyle, his little brother He goes to a college party with him and there he sees a young woman dancing She s dancing like she doesn t care what anyone thinks about her and he s fascinated about her Evan asks Kyle who she is and Kyle warns him to stay away from Charlie be [...]

  13. I ve slightly mixed feelings on No Angel by Tara Hunt Firstly though, can we all take a moment to appreciate the cover I loved this cover and I really felt like the model was Charlie This was my first book by Tara, so there were no real expectations although the synopsis made the book sound really good.Charlie Hunt is a slut No, I don t think she is In fact I think we all can guess the girl is really misunderstood I really felt for Charlie I got why she did what she did, why she was the way she [...]

  14. Reputations suck Then add college reputations into the mix, well you can kiss your social life goodbye I am No Angel Evan Dawson is back home in Chicago He left his life in Boston to be here for his brother Kyle Since their dad s untimely death, Kyle has been teetering on being kicked out of college So, do I want to be in this role Nobut he is my brother.Charlie Hunt is the local college slut Well, if you ask anyone worth something, this is what they will tell you Charlie is aware of what is sai [...]

  15. No Angel is a gritty, emotional read that you won t be able to put down.No Angel is the story of Charlie and Evan Charlie is a beautiful girl with zero self esteem For years, people have called Charlie a slut and now she believes it, too Evan sees her at a party He has no idea who she is All he sees is a beautiful girl dancing like no one is watching Then his brother tells him Charlie is no good Evan sees her again a few weeks later when his brother throws a party Something happens to Charlie an [...]

  16. Amount of sex 3 5How explicit 2 5Romance 4 5 Overall 3.5 5Charlie Hunt grew up with no father, a drunk mother and a 13 year old brother, Connor She was the one who cleaned, cooked, shopped, and took care of the household She dreams of a better life, but everyone seems to have their own opinion about Charlie whether right or wrong Instead of standing up for herself, she just accepts that everyone thinks of her as a slut All she wants though, is to find that special guy and fall in love.Evan s par [...]

  17. I received a copy of No Angel in return for my honest review.Tara Hart is a new author to me and after reading this story I really look forward to reading by her In this book you meet a damaged woman She comes from a troubled family She has been hurt time and time again and does not know her worth She is labeled a SLUT and has no problem living up to her reputation in a desperate attempt to get any attention she can He is smart and confident He comes from good stalk Their paths cross in a not s [...]

  18. Now it s the moment to talk about a story I ve loved This book talks about Charlie, a girl with a bad reputation, and Evan, the kind of man every womam wants From the first he saw her, Evan is obsessed by Charlie and, even if Evan s brother tell him about her reputation, Evans still wants to know about that girl And after they meet in a party, their story begins I think everyone who loves NA romance has to read this story and to know how the love between Charlie and Evan evolves If you like the [...]

  19. Charlie is known for her attributes and abilities, but what they don t know is how she lives and what she does to make ends meet and help her family survive.Evan is back home to care for his brother after their parents die.Both meet, she thinks he is like all of the other men boys she has had before.He only knows that she is beautiful and different and does not see or hear what others say about her.A beautiful book about trying to find your true self and in there also finding someone who can lov [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this story It was an easy read with a nice flow to it and I think it would be a great introduction to the new adult genre for anyone who has never read a book in the genre I thought the characters were very likable, especially Evan swoon I also really enjoyed that the book was told in dual POVs and some of the themes that are at times difficult to talk about were dealt with very well in the story My only dilemma with this book is that at times it felt rushed, especially towards [...]

  21. I was asked to read and review by the Author for an honest opinion about her story I m so happy she did This is a very smooth read with loveable characters The writing skills by the Author are amazing So much details and creativity I will definitely follow and read of her work My hero Evan is such a pleasant romantic man Very drool worthy There were many moments when I would fan myself during some scenes Very hot and sexy A must read.

  22. The story is about a young girl Charlie who lives a tough life whit her mother who has a drinking problem while she takes care of her little brother She has a bad reputation as a Slut But one day she meets the nice and very good looking guy Evan Will she find love and will she learn to love herself I really loved this book a fantastic love story about tough and fantastic girl I couldn t put it down and read it in s day will highly recommended this book

  23. I really truly love how this book goes in the opposite direction How it s not the same theme as normal books with the same plot It s different It interesting And I absolutely loved it I received an ARC for a honest review.

  24. I liked the characters, and the premise of the story but this really suffered from a lack of a heavy handed editor I m not even talking about typos, there were just too many wtf moments that jarred me out of the story for me to really enjoy it view spoiler For starters, the story is set in Chicago And while it s common knowledge that there are plenty of beaches in Chicago, most people know Lake Michigan is a a lake, and b a freshwater lake But yet, at one point the main character calls it the oc [...]

  25. 4.25 StarsThere are some debut novelists that obviously do their homework and Tara Hart is one of those, this was than I could have anticipated and for that I was truly grateful, it isn t often as a blogger that you have the opportunity to have your expectations completely blown out of the water but this author did just that with a book that was definitely stepping forward with purpose Evan is Mr Responsible having returned home to almost assume a responsibility for his brother Kyle but that is [...]

  26. Big thanks to Tara for an ARC copy for review.Nothing makes my reader s heart happy than a New Adult romance And when Tara Hart offered me the chance to read her newest upcoming novel, No Angel, I jumped at the chance This was my first book from this author, and it was told in dual perspectives, which is one of my favorites I m an official Tara Hart fan Things have not been easy for the main character, Charlie Hunt Having grown up without a father, and not to mention a poor excuse of a mother, [...]

  27. I have mixed feelings about this book On one hand I liked it, but on the other hand it wasn t my favorite I felt like Charlie was a complex character who wasn t developed well We were shown some aspects of Charlie s life that definitely explain the way she is, but something fell short about it There wasn t enough detail about her life and things she had gone through previously Her mother was an alcoholic and her dad left when she was twelve which has now left her with the responsibility of takin [...]

  28. You can learn a lot about judgement and the prejudices from Tara Hart s new book No Angel.Charlie and Evan give the reader a new perception on things.If you are honest with ourselves how often have we judged people based on stuff we heard others telling us about them without even knowing how much of it is true I connected with a lot of things Charlie thought but also Evan was right on a lot of stuff Surely there were some wrongs in their thoughts and idea s too, there needed to be, because other [...]

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