Four-Patch of Trouble

´ Four-Patch of Trouble Ç Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones - Four-Patch of Trouble, Four Patch of Trouble From international bestselling author Gin Jones comes a small town murder with big consequences Someone has murder all sewn up Keely Fairchild left her previous profession as a high powered attorney t
  • Title: Four-Patch of Trouble
  • Author: Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition

´ Four-Patch of Trouble Ç Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones, Four-Patch of Trouble, Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones, Four Patch of Trouble From international bestselling author Gin Jones comes a small town murder with big consequences Someone has murder all sewn up Keely Fairchild left her previous profession as a high powered attorney to lead a quieter life as a certified quilt appraiser But when she s asked by the Danger Cove quilt guild s president to prove that a local dealer is selling cheap reproduFrom int ´ Four-Patch of Trouble Ç Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones - Four-Patch of Trouble, Four Patch of Trouble From international bestselling author Gin Jones comes a small town murder with big consequences Someone has murder all sewn up Keely Fairchild left her previous profession as a high powered attorney t
  • ´ Four-Patch of Trouble Ç Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones
    487Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones
Four-Patch of Trouble

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  1. Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Four-Patch of Trouble book, this is one of the most wanted Elizabeth Ashby Gin Jones author readers around the world.

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  1. This tale follows a lady lawyer Keely Fairchild, who gave up her job due to stress related illness, and now goes around authenticating antique quilts She doesn t make quilts herself The location is the Pacific Northwest Antique is clearly relative as no quilt here can be than a few hundred years old, but a supposed charlatan passing off newer quilts as antique annoys all the local quilters Is he really a fraud He claims to have provenance for all his quilts A death occurs swiftly, but I found i [...]

  2. I will admit that I had some problems with this I can t go into too much depth without giving away spoilers, unfortunately A couple of things as an example, vaguely speaking There was just too much repetition of a med condition I definitely sympathize with it, it was just there too often And an incompetent official run amok and allowed to jump to conclusions too quickly Some other repeats perhaps too many red herrings The story was interesting, though I understand the fervor of collectors Also t [...]

  3. I have been enjoying the books in the Danger Cove series and this one is no exception Four Patch of Trouble introduces us to Keely, a former high powered partner in a law firm that had to find a new career and make major lifestyle changes due to health problems These changes led her to Danger Cover and a new career as a quilt appraiser Who would have ever thought appraising quilts could be dangerous During the course of an appraisal, she ends up thrust into the middle of a murder investigation t [...]

  4. Loved it.I think this one was my favorite so far in this series Again the author did a tremendous job of keeping me from figuring out who the killer was Looking forward to book 5.

  5. This was an odd one compared to the others It didn t wrap up well at all and left some outstanding questions I don t think I want to read any of this series.

  6. HOW CAN QUILTING BE DANGEROUS so i enjoyed reading the 4th book of the new multi author mystery series that takes place in danger cove since each book introduces us to a new mystery solver you do not have to read the books in order though so far each book has brought mentions previous residents In Four Patch of Trouble we meet keely fairchild a recently high power criminal attorney suffering from a health problem which causes her to pass out when under stress so she changed her career and became [...]

  7. Another Great Danger Cove Mystery This is another great Danger Cove Mystery This is the fourth book in the Danger Cove Mysteries Series I love how each book in this series is written by a different author Each author has their own writing style that brings each character to the town we have grown to love Keely left her life as a high powered lawyer and moved to the small town of Danger Cove Keely has a medical condition and was advised to eliminate the stress in her life She moved to Danger Cove [...]

  8. Delighted with this entry in the new Danger Cove Mysteries, written in this case by Gin Jones, who also writes a cozy series featuring Helen Binney As in the Helen Binney books, our fair protagonist has a medical condition and manages pretty well on her own, thank you very much Keely Fairchild has abruptly quit her job as high powered lawyer because she developed syncope which means she faints when she gets overstressed Now she s building a business as a certified quilt appraiser.You d think it [...]

  9. Keely Fairchild is a lawyer with a problem She had to retire early from her practice because when she is under a lot of stress and conflict she passes out She is now living in Danger Cove with a new career a quilt appraiser This should be a stress free occupation However, Danger Cover seems to have its shares of unusual murders When a local antique dealer is killed with a quilt, Keely has to help discover the murder to help some quilters she knows She also finds some help with a local reporter M [...]

  10. The concept of the Danger Cove mysteries being co written with Elizabeth Ashby by various authors is an interesting one We learn about the town and the townspeople remain consistent However since everyone puts their slant on their character and mystery, some books are better than others in my opinion Also the general topic of they book varies widely from restoration to quilting I must admit although the quilts are beautiful I am not very interested in the actual construction of quilts through th [...]

  11. Kept my interest until the endBeing a quilter, having helped organize and execute a quilt show, and observing quilt appraisals on some of my own quilts, I have to say the authors got much in the story right Little things that don t matter with the overall plot, like how quickly the main character appraised a quilt, did not keep me from thoroughly enjoying this novel I did figure out who the culprit was about halfway through, but that did not change the enjoyment of this mystery.

  12. Keely Fairchild had hoped to settle down into a nice, quiet life when she opened her quilt appraisal business But when a crooked quilt peddler is murdered while she s at his office, Keely s on pins and needles Suspects abound, but there are no material witnesses So Keely has to put together the pieces before she loses her professional reputation, and possibly even her life.A Four Patch of Trouble is such a fun read who knew that quilters were such a spirited bunch I m looking forward to many qu [...]

  13. I won a copy of this book in a Facebook contest I had never read any of the books in the series, which is written by different authors I really enjoyed the book The main character, who recently went from being an attorney to being a quilt appraiser, feels like she could be a friend, the action takes place in a small town, and the supporting characters are believable I recommend this book if you love cozy mysteries.

  14. Found new writerCute I liked how the description of the place and main characters were laid out in the first chapter Before I began to read this cozy mystery i had started two others not written By these authors by chapter 3 if a Book has not grabbed my attention I move on and I m so glad I did I enjoyed it a lot and will be reading their future Books

  15. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This was the first book I ve read in the Danger Cove Mysteries I found it to be very entertaining There were a lot of interesting characters, an intriguing murder and great dialogue I m definitely interested in reading from this series.

  16. How can a quilt appraiser lead to excitement Keely can do it Keely has to get rid of all stress or she will pass out So she leave her law firm to appraise quilts That should do it but not in Danger Cove Dead bodies have a way of turning up Good story and the added illness adds a extra layer

  17. Another great Danger Cove Quilting Mystery I love the Danger Cove series and the latest book did not disappoint It was well written as usual had many fun interesting characters of course a great mystery to solve I love how well Gin Jones lays out her characters and storyline You re never left with a boring moment Looking forward to the next one Buy it

  18. I know this is book 4 in the Danger Cove series, but it s the first one I ve read I found it a totally enjoyable read, with lots of fun characters You can bet I ll be backing up and reading the first three in the series.

  19. I like quilting and mysteries This book encompasses both as a retired attorney becomes a quilt appraiser and identifies a shop owner who defrauds by selling newer quilts as antique When he is killed, she must find the murderer as she is one of the suspects.

  20. Goodthe little women who were part of a quilting organization and a mucisam murder politics plus politicianse way that politics plays.

  21. I want to live in Danger Cove I enjoyed this book as much as the previous three and can t wait for book 5 to come out July 20th

  22. Meh My least favorite in the series so far Probably because I could not care less about quilting and there is just SO MUCH quilting talk.

  23. Forgery in Danger CoveGood cozy mystery, well written and very enjoyable Would definitely recommend this book to any one interested in quilting, mysteries quirky characters.

  24. Quilting Scrabbles Retired, stressed out lawyer becomes a quilt appraiser But life in Danger Cove can lead to Quilting cover ups when fakes start showing up Fun ride

  25. I found the how quilting part of the story between fakes, reproductions and the real thing confusing in the middle confusing.

  26. Gin Jones has written another crafting masterpiece I adore this Danger Cove series and I really like this author I recommend this book for all cozy fans.

  27. This was my first quilting cozy I really enjoyed it and it had great characters and a wonderful story line.

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