[PDF] Alliance | by Ö S.K. Dunstall - Alliance, Alliance As the Linesman series continues linesman Ean Lambert finds himself facing an alien ship he doesn t understand and a terrifying political threat he cannot fight The lines The soul of every ship It wa
  • Title: Alliance
  • Author: S.K. Dunstall
  • ISBN: 9780425279533
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Alliance | by Ö S.K. Dunstall, Alliance, S.K. Dunstall, Alliance As the Linesman series continues linesman Ean Lambert finds himself facing an alien ship he doesn t understand and a terrifying political threat he cannot fight The lines The soul of every ship It was once thought there were only ten but that was before an alien vessel appeared at the edge of space before Ean Lambert heard lines singing Ean s ways of communicatAs the Linesman series con [PDF] Alliance | by Ö S.K. Dunstall - Alliance, Alliance As the Linesman series continues linesman Ean Lambert finds himself facing an alien ship he doesn t understand and a terrifying political threat he cannot fight The lines The soul of every ship It wa
  • [PDF] Alliance | by Ö S.K. Dunstall
    467S.K. Dunstall

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  1. S.K. Dunstall Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Alliance book, this is one of the most wanted S.K. Dunstall author readers around the world.

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  1. A great second book in this brilliant space opera series.Ean Lambert finds himself as the chief Linesman of the New Alliance, a new political entity rising out of the events of the previous book The New Alliance is also at war with the Gate Union, a conflict that it is bound to lose because of the GU s monopoly over galactic trade and the Gates required for safe travel What stops the war from being over before it s begun are the alien ships that Lambert and his friends now have control over, but [...]

  2. 4.5 stars So, so good A completely satisfying follow up to Linesman.Always the worry with a second book is whether it will meet the expectations set out by the first Alliance completely met those expectations The story picks up right from where Linesman left off, continuing a story of complex political machinations mixed nicely with interpersonal stories The multilayered world created by the Dunstall sisters continues to reveal itself, while characters both new and returning remain as compelling [...]

  3. 4.5Having loved the first instalment in the series, I had high expectations for this novel, and fears Would it be as compelling Short answer YES Once we follow the extremely likeable Ean in his tribulations The narration is this time shared between him, Captain Kari Wang, a complex protagonist dealing with loss in all its shapes, and an assassin contracted to kidnap Lambert The authors have put together an excellent story, keeping some of the same faces, pushing others to the background while n [...]

  4. Another fun space opera, told in 3rd person POV The story includes sentient power lines and humans who ve colonized dozens of planets Also there s some alien technology, some military maneuvering, espionage, and murderous treachery The science is soft and glossed over.The story is interesting and heartwarming, with some humor and some dangerous, suspenseful scenes I was expecting action in the second book in the series, and I expected to learn about the alien spaceships, but there was enough g [...]

  5. Great As much as the first book I loved, loved the mix of SF, with politics I m so looking forward to reading what happens next

  6. Oh my god give me all these books I want this entire series on my shelf right now Alliance builds on the exciting promise made by S.K Dunstall in Linesman to bring us a new space opera series that is bold both in its vision of interstellar politics and its cool SF technology After a long time avoiding space opera except to catch up on the good stuff I ve missed because of the overgrown weeds of nanotech posthumanism, I m so happy to be enthusiastic about a brand new entry into this subgenre Whil [...]

  7. FYI for anyone with vision issues the font in the printed edition is very small If you re buying the book, it would be worth spending the extra money for the ebook edition for this one I was frequently tempted to pop for the 7.99 myself I hate publishers that charge for ebooks than print, the print was only 6.37 at the time of this review even though I had the library book in hand.I definitely recommend reading the first book first with this one, don t jump into this second book cold It gets ri [...]

  8. Alliance is a bit slower and less interesting read than the previous novel in the series, but it still manages to capture both old school space opera and humanistic approach to science fiction and fantasy that is sorely lacking in the fields of space opera and military sf This one is, perhaps unfortunately, all about the world building or perhaps the space ship building, so the characters are put firmly in the second place, although the new character of captain Kari Wang has her moments to shine [...]

  9. 4.5 starsThis is a wonderful story that I m enjoying immensely It s not heart stopping or wrenching, just an entertaining and engaging space opera with an interesting premise and likeable characters, read by a competent and easy to lose yourself in narrator.I m going to jump right into book 3.

  10. Review at The Book Nympho thebooknympho 2016 02 alliI waited about 5 minutes to start Alliance after finishing Linesman My review review show I had already requested the arc after starting Linesman because I knew right away I HAD to know About 92% of the way into this book, I already felt the terror of it ending and not knowing when the next book would be available so I went to the Internet After much reading, I found the possible title of the third book, but no tentative release time Panics I [...]

  11. The Linesman series manages to maintain a delicate balance between varying POV, it s usually a tactic that usually annoys me as inevitably you end up stuck with one character who no one cares about In this case Kari Wang swept me off my feet and I raced through the novel to keep up with both her and Ean Captain of the Kari Wang and sole survivor of a mysterious attack which sliced her ship in half taking her legs with it , Kari is caught up in the scheming of the New Alliance and is assigned to [...]

  12. Linesman much like Dark Horse was a breakout surprise for me last year It just blew me away and I can t count how many times I have re read it since So seeing the next one on was an immediate pre order.I jumped in as soon as I got home from work, and I was quite surprised we didn t start with Ean Lambert All of the last book was from his perspective, so I just wasn t ready for Captain Selma Kari Wang Fortunately she completely rocks, a completely in charge woman, and it was a hell of an introduc [...]

  13. I was very excited to read Alliance Linesman had set such a wonderful stage and story, and I was looking forward to the building of that story.Unfortunately, Alliance is a somewhat disappointing sopho effort It s not that the book is bad, it s rather decent, but it s lacks the momentum and page turning excitement of Linesman.I think the heart of the issue with Alliance is that it should have been a novella or short story instead of a full blown novel, or, as a novel, it should have had another a [...]

  14. Awesome addition to the series It did add a lot of new characters and there was a lot of plot which I enjoyed I wish the book had been longer to include some character development for Ean and the other main ones I felt like they stayed stagnant Hopefully the next book combines both.Re read today It just keeps getting better each time I read it

  15. I have been looking forward to this book since I finished the first one This had lots of action and lots of discoveries but over all didn t move the plot forward as much as I was hoping for That being said I still loved the story, world building and the characters Now I m waiting for the next one.

  16. Linesman ok iyiydi ama Alliance olmam S k nt s sahne haz rlamak d nda pek di e dokunur kurgusu olmamas nda Gemilerle ilgili yeni bir ka ey rensek de, ilk kitaptaki gizem yok Bu roman sonraki ler i in gereken karakterleri tan tma roman olmu Arada ana hikayeyi ilerlerletse ya da heyecan verici bir tehdit sunsa daha ba ar l olurmu O y zden ilk kitab n hatr na y ld z veriyorum.

  17. Amazing It ended up being one of my favorites I really love the story and characters It won my undivided attention from the page one I wish there were books like that.

  18. This is a strong, engaging installment continuing from The Linesman My rating 4.5.Ean is busy building his relationship with the alien lines while training Rossi, Fergus and other linesmen how to communicate through singing rather than thought manipulation Abram has been promoted and required to leave the Lancastrian Princess The new bodyguard for Michelle sees Ean as a dangerous weapon and a major risk She is intent on getting him off Michelle s ship and it looks like Ean will be sent as the pr [...]

  19. 1.7 stars, rounding up to a 2 star rating There were times when reading this felt like a school assignment Class meets three days a week It has been so long since I have been to class that I forget which room it is in, and when I finally arrive in class I am under dressed and there is an important test on the last ten chapters of this book, which was a chore to read I wake from my dream and realize that I have finally finished the book and can now get on with life.I liked S.K Dunstall s Linesman [...]

  20. Alliance eBook was published in 2016 and was written by S K Dunstall skdunstall This is the pseudonym for Sherylyn and Karen Dunstall Together they have published three novels in their Linesman series This is the second in the series I received an ARC of this novel through netgalley in return for a fair and honest review I categorize this novel as PG because it contains scenes of Violence The story is set in the far future with humanity spread out into the stars The Lines are what enable starshi [...]

  21. A good sequel, definitely should be read in order Nothing too flashy, so maybe this should be only 3 stars, but it kept me hooked without resorting to romance or anything else that wouldn t fit well It delves into the mysteries of the lines still doesn t solve anything A lot of realism in that Why haven t they investigated this or that aspect No time A lot going on, but much is just mentioned since it s mundane stuff Still, it fills all their days as they scramble to deal with the tense politic [...]

  22. I loved Linesman so much that I started reading Alliance immediately after I finished It was a fantastic continuation on the story, where Ean continues to learn about the alien ships and communicating with all the lines, and teaching other linesmen to do the same A captain is finally chosen for the Eleven, Captain Selma Kari Wang, who lost her ship, her crew and her legs in an attack by ships using alien technology She isn t sure she wants another ship, since she should have died along with the [...]

  23. A great trilogy that hints at a 4th book In this intriguing world, Linesmen have psychic connections to the power lines of alien ships A likeable cast grows familiar, trusting bonds as they battle a shifting sea of multi world alliances amid power grabbing schemers The attention to behavior and environmental details instill life to make it real Lies, deception, and numerous characters used as pawns were a challenge to keep straight and had me snoozing often, but I would plow on through until it [...]

  24. Sci fi space opera Ean sings to the alien ships and they answer Captain Wang lost her ship, her crew and her legs and now they want to make her captain an alien ship A lot to keep you turning the pages.

  25. Kari Wang needs character development A surprising number of typos for a published work, and much repetition of world building elements, such as single linesmen aren t affected by line eleven is it just Ean s autism

  26. A massive improvement on Linesman Very glad I opted to continue the series The pace increased immensely and the general flow of the story is far better than it s predecessor Makes me greatly anticipate Confluence.

  27. As entrancing as the first book, this one made me dive in the story right away Again And not Want to stop reading till the end.

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