[PDF] Unloved | by ☆ K.D. Wood - Unloved, Unloved The kid wasn t supposed to be real Back home after her ordeal in New Zealand with Andrew Neely McIntire has convinced herself the awful memories she cannot seem to shake are nothing than bad dreams
  • Title: Unloved
  • Author: K.D. Wood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unloved | by ☆ K.D. Wood, Unloved, K.D. Wood, Unloved The kid wasn t supposed to be real Back home after her ordeal in New Zealand with Andrew Neely McIntire has convinced herself the awful memories she cannot seem to shake are nothing than bad dreams But when the picture of a child that could be her clone lands in her mailbox everything she has fought to regain starts to crumble Even with the extra support from HaThe kid wasn t supposed [PDF] Unloved | by ☆ K.D. Wood - Unloved, Unloved The kid wasn t supposed to be real Back home after her ordeal in New Zealand with Andrew Neely McIntire has convinced herself the awful memories she cannot seem to shake are nothing than bad dreams
  • [PDF] Unloved | by ☆ K.D. Wood
    321K.D. Wood

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  1. K.D Wood lives in north Mississippi with her family and a very spoiled White Waug She creates love stories and smoking southern erotica, but not your mama s happy ever after She s a consumer of chocolate but not spiders and completely composed of liquid awesome When not in her office pounding the keys she can be found under a snuggly blanket, cup of coffee close by, with her nose in a book Follow her on Twitter at KDWoodauthor, stalk her on instagram K.D.Woodauthor, like her on Facebook, you ll find her neglecting her blog at K.D.Woodauthor, or email her at K.D.Woodauthor gmail

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  1. My Rating 4 out of 5 stars This is going to be a short review Not because I don t have enough to good or bad things to say about Unloved but for fear that I will reveal too much A lot of things occurred that would completely ruin the story for you if I told you.Neely is trying to put the past behind her and move on with her life with Hayden But the poor girl is doomed to be happy Andrew s mother threatens to harm everyone she loves if she doesn t find Andrew and convince him to have a pure taniw [...]

  2. Unloved by K.D Wood a fab four star read Unloved is the second book in the Unwilling series This is the 3rd book by this author I have read, and I have enjoyed them all, I plan on reading as I find the writing both passionate and intense and so wonderfully written that they take you away to another world This is a second book in the series and I would recommend you read them in order to get the most out of the series.This story follows on from Unwilling and tells us of Neely McIntire s story, [...]

  3. This book follows where Unwilling left off It has most of the same characters plus some It seemed like book 1 was just an intro and so while it was good, this one was filled with action and you seem to be able to jump into the story a little better So, to me, this book was better than the first.I still love Neely and of course I still hate Andrew, sorry I just can not bring myself to like him I tried to in this book, but sometimes it s hard to change your viewpoint Plus this book really made me [...]

  4. Ugh, I hate to be so vague in my reviews but I don t want to give anything away Why does KD make you want to spill everything Anyways, Neely is trying to move forward and leave things in the past However, the past has a way of coming to the forefront Neely loves Hayden but is drawn to Andrew Can she have them both Lucas is identical to Neely and needs her to protect him from Andrews mother Can she do this while not telling Hayden everything 4.5 stars You will not be able to put this book down Ma [...]

  5. Unloved by KD Wood is the second part of Unwilling I highly suggest that you read Unwilling before this one as this one starts where Unwilling left off This book is the continuation of Neely McIntire s story Her story is about love and how many people you can love at one time and the struggles that come with it This author continues to impress me with her writing style and her creation of characters You will enjoy her true to life characters that are connectable They will pull you into their wor [...]

  6. Unloved is the second book in K.D Wood s Unwilling trilogy and there is no way on Earth that anyone would ever dream of reading it as a standalone Unloved is the continuation of Neely and Andrew and Hayden s story I have been haunted by their story since I finished reading the first book couple of months ago every time I go for my daily walk in the nearby National Wildlife Refuge and see the beautiful water lilies blossoming, I remember what Neely told Hayden at the beginning of the first book w [...]

  7. I went into Unloved by K.D Wood, without realizing that this was the second book to a series So needless to say that I was slightly lost at first It actually took me a couple of chapters to figure out what was happening and why The book starts off with Andrew Huckley, sending off a package to someone, and needing to do it for his son Then it jumps to Neely McIntire receiving a package from Andrew with a HUGE bombshell So needless to say, I was a little confused How could she not know that she d [...]

  8. 4 starsUnloved is the second book in the Unwilling series by KD Wood and was another great instalment to a series that is still taking me by surprise When I read the first book it took me a while to get into it as it was a new genre to me but I ended up loving it and so I couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next As the book is a continuation of Neely s story book 1 should be read first This is one of those reviews that is hard to write without spoiling the story Unloved was definitely [...]

  9. Unloved by K D Wood is a continuation from Unwilling, I suggest you read Unwilling first if you haven t already so that you are familiar with the story and what has transpired so far with all the characters I loved this book just as much as the first one Neely McIntire has been through so much and she s still trying to put all the prices of her life back together, convincing herself that everything she went through was just a really bad dream Hayden just wants their relationship to go to the ne [...]

  10. K D Wood has done it again with Unloved the second book and follow up to Unwilling If you haven t read unwilling you will need to as this is not a stand alone book This is the second part of a psychological sci fi thriller with a dash of romance added in The storyline drags you right into the book and doesn t let you go until the very last page The characters are still very well written and the emotions tear at your heartstrings This is a must read Just when Neely thought things were returning t [...]

  11. Unloved by K.D Wood is the second book in the Unwilling series This author is extremely talented and imaginative Not only does she write about romance, but she can throw in some fantasy elements and it can be an amazing novel for anyone who reads romance, new adult, or fantasy based novels This novel is a continuation of the first Unwilling and shouldn t be read as a standalone as you will not know or understand some of the key elements and events in the second book So strongly suggested to read [...]

  12. Holy Hell I have so many feelings going on right now I think this book destroyed me in both a good and bad way Unloved is the sequel to the amazing Unwilling While unwilling was a twisty, mind bending story which I loved , unloved takes it to another level Unloved picks up with Neely one year later after the events of the last book Neely is still struggling with the trauma s of the past and doesn t know how to move forward and to start her on life What I loved about Neely in this book, is she fi [...]

  13. I finished this book not long ago and was surprised at the twists the story has taken However, I think it is even better than the first book in the series, and that surprised me, too, as I had thought it pretty great Katie s writing is so spot on, and really wonderful Her characters and her plotting are simply superb Since several others have written about the storyline itself, I will simply say that Hayden really surprised me I hope he is long term out of the picture, or at least changes his st [...]

  14. This ENDING This BOOK Five AMAZING stars KD Wood has a way with words that just suck you in I m so glad the final book in the series is available now I can t wait to read it Do yourself a favor and check out this gripping trilogy It s a must read I loved the first book, but this one brought me to tears I can t wait to read from this author Five AMAZING stars

  15. ARC was provided by Author for honest review This was such and AMAZING story I couldn t put it down Just when you think life has settled down for Neely, that she can get her life back and settle down with Hayden, the letter arrives The parts of the horror she lived through the ones she never told anyone just came back to haunt her with strawberry blonde curls.I couldn t wait to get my hands on this story UNLOVED picks up shortly after book 1, UNWILLING, and I have to tell you, KD Wood doesn t di [...]

  16. This is the continuation of Neely s story from Unwilling Neely s past is behind her, however the future is about to become muddy She must make some difficult decisions about her life concerning Hayden and a taniwha We learned what a taniwha was in Unwilling, but no spoilers here as this series is too good to give that away.Hayden is confused and becomes angrier by the moment as he doesn t understand what Neely is feeling I loved Hayden in the first book, but in this one, his true colors come ou [...]

  17. This book picks up not long after the first one leaves off It was a great continuation of this story I found myself wondering how the characters got to where they are We went from a love interest that was completely devoted and willing to do anything for the woman he loves to someone that was unwilling to even listen to her side of the story He did not even give her a chance to explain what was going on and what she had gone through We have the main character that completely changes her look on [...]

  18. Unloved picks up the story of Neely, Andrew, and Hayden where Unwilling left off Where Unwilling kept you guessing throughout, Unloved keeps you yearning for I couldn t get enough of every single scene and storyline I read this book as a beta reader and by the end of it, I had sent a text to KD asking why she HAD to give me all the feels for these characters and even a few unexpected ones I absolutely cannot wait to read the third book in this series, Unboundless, when it comes out later this y [...]

  19. Why did it end First, I truly dislike Hayden As odd it might sound, I really was hoping Andrew and Neely could make it It was devastating how it ended but still so beautiful I m curious to know what happens to sweet Lucas If there is a love interest with Neely I am cheering for Nathan.

  20. This book is like a Smoky Mountain road Twists, s curves and even a couple of tunnels My heart pounded through most pages and I cried only a couple of times I cannot recommend this second book in K.D Wood s series highly enough I received the ARC thinking I had figured where K.D was gonna take this story, but she showed me LOL BUT I loved every minute of it

  21. Wow KD has written one great story Her first book in this series was good, but this one is even better I m sitting on the edge of my seat for the next book I m giving this book a 4.5 star rating

  22. Wow Just wow What a super sequel I cannot wait for the next one Stopping here before I give anything away.

  23. Unloved by K D Wood is the second novel in the Unwilling series This is my second novel by this author Starting off where the previous book left off, Neely is trying to forget her ordeal with Andrew, writing it off as a bad dream and trying to move forward with Hayden With a picture in her mailbox, all she has tried to do comes crumbling down To protect those she loves, she must keep secrets How long before the secrets come out and the world she has been trying to protect, starts to become too m [...]

  24. 4 StarsUnloved is the second book in the Unwilling Trilogy by K.D Wood This is a paranormal romance full of drama, angst, thrills action and a love triangle Unloved begins a year after the thrilling events that took place in the last book Neely is back home after her ordeal She is still raw from the experience and struggles to make sense of her memories, preferring to pretend that it was all just nightmarish dreams She is a little stuck, with everything still hanging over her she s not sure how [...]

  25. Unloved by K.D Wood is set a year after the events of Unwilling It continues to follow Neely McIntire as she attempts to rebuild her life If you haven t read the first book in this amazing series I suggest you do so Otherwise you will be completely lost.Life hasn t been easy for Neely and just when she thinks things are starting to settle down she gets a letter from Andrew A letter containing a picture if a little girl that could be her twin Not only for she now have to deal with this sudden rev [...]

  26. Unloved by KD Wood is the second book in the series, following Unwilling You must read Unwilling first, or you will have no clue what is going on in this book This series is so strange and weird to me, but that is why I enjoy it Its nothing like I have ever read before, and the backstory Wood created, is fascinating The creatures and anatomy is bizzarre and one of a kind I like the characters, as they are very realistic, even though the story is quite sci fi in nature The story alternates point [...]

  27. Unloved is part two following Unwilling by KD Wood It is definitely not a standalone and you must read Unwilling and read it soon Oh my what a great continuing story Unloved takes place a year after Unwilling ended The danger has returned, the love has returned, but the crazy never left The characters of this story bring out the UGH frustration, anger, and heartbreaking feelings in me Neely was kidnapped in book one by people, Andrew and his mother, who were beyond crazy When she was found by he [...]

  28. Unloved by K.D Woods is book two in a trilogy Book one, Unwilling, should be read first as there is so much to the story you will need to understand, plus this story starts about a year after the crazy events of the first I have read a few stories by this author and I must say they continue to surprise me and exceed my expectations Book one was a rollercoaster of emotions and twists and this one was no different There were scenes where I was freaking out trying to figure out what the next move w [...]

  29. Unloved is by K.D Wood and is the second book in the Unwilling series This book is best enjoyed after reading the first book It picks up close to where the first book left off The story continues after Neely returns from New Zealand She is trying to figure out what happened to her still and pick up the pieces of her life Hayden wants to move on and advance his relationship with Neely The problem is that she has received a communication from Andrew that is bringing Neely back into his reaches as [...]

  30. Unloved is the second book in the Willing series by K.D Wood This is a paranormal new adult college themed romance I did read Unwilling, the first book of the series, prior to reading Unloved Strongly recommend reading the books of this series in order as Unloved begins where the author left off in Unwilling following Neely McIntire.Neely s character continues to grow and morph in this series, especially in Unloved I felt the uncertainty of her emotions and decisions as she attempts to shake the [...]

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