Necessary Risk

Unlimited Necessary Risk - by Tara Wyatt - Necessary Risk, Necessary Risk Former child star Sierra Blake is making a stunning Hollywood comeback and attracting a scary amount of attention When her home is vandalized and her safety threatened she knows it s time to bring in
  • Title: Necessary Risk
  • Author: Tara Wyatt
  • ISBN: 9781455590278
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Book

Unlimited Necessary Risk - by Tara Wyatt, Necessary Risk, Tara Wyatt, Necessary Risk Former child star Sierra Blake is making a stunning Hollywood comeback and attracting a scary amount of attention When her home is vandalized and her safety threatened she knows it s time to bring in the professionals But from the moment she sets eyes on her indecently sexy new bodyguard Sean Owens Sierra s thoughts are anything but professional Few things in this worFormer child Unlimited Necessary Risk - by Tara Wyatt - Necessary Risk, Necessary Risk Former child star Sierra Blake is making a stunning Hollywood comeback and attracting a scary amount of attention When her home is vandalized and her safety threatened she knows it s time to bring in
  • Unlimited Necessary Risk - by Tara Wyatt
    452Tara Wyatt
Necessary Risk

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  1. Tara Wyatt is the award winning author of both romantic suspense and contemporary romance She lives near Toronto with her husband and the world s cutest dachshund.A librarian by day, she has the arduous task of selecting books for children and young adults Tara has been writing since 2013, and her first book, Necessary Risk, was published in 2016 Since then, she s written two books, three novellas, and has co written three books She s currently working on her next romantic suspense series, Blue HEAT, which will be available in 2018.Visit her online at tara wyatt, or find her on Twitter taradwyatt.

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  1. Bodyguard SeriesNecessary Risk Book 1 Primal Instinct Book 2 Coming May 2016Chain Reaction Book 3 Coming February 2017Necessary Risk is the first book in Tara Wyatt s new Bodyguard s series AND her debut novel I am looking forward to books from this author and this series This book features a beautiful child star and the man that is willing to do anything to protect her.As a former child star, Sierra Blake is used to being in the spotlight and attracting attention, wanted or otherwise But as he [...]

  2. Sierra Blake, former child star, is used to being in the spot light and attracting not necessarily wanted attention But lately, that attention is getting a bit scary now she s feeling like her safety is at risk and it s time to hire some protection Some pretty damn hot and sexy protection Sean Owens has been providing personal security for his company s clients for over ten years and never has he ever been at risk of losing his heart to a client Until he met Sierra There s a spark between them t [...]

  3. When I first heard about this book, I had a bit of a SQUEE moment The blurb reminded me of The Bodyguard I fell in love with overly protective men the first second I saw Kevin Costner on the screen in that movie Talk about hot as hell I just KNEW that Necessary Risk would be amazing and I wasn t disappointed in the least The story of Sean and Sierra that Tara Wyatt created was nothing short of perfect I loved how Sierra was so strong in the face of such terrifying events happening around her A s [...]

  4. I really loved this story and the chemistry between Sierra and Sean is immediate Sierra is a child teenage star who has really stepped back from the limelight and is only doing appearances for the cause she is helping with Choices Choices is a clinic specializing in help for birth control, pregnancy and general questions and that is where Sierra went when she was young after she had a pregnancy scare Sierra is at a question and answer session for her old tv show when the subject rolls around to [...]

  5. I liked this one the chemistry and romance between h h was very nice.The suspense was a little over the top by the end but I liked both hero and heroine and looking forward to book 2Full review coming

  6. It doesn t get better than a hot, protective and possessive hero, a smart and tough heroine in danger and some very sexy interludes to keep readers coming back for With the number of hunky security experts we ve been introduced to in this book, I know I am looking forward to the rest of the series.Former child star Sierra Blake has signed on to be a spokesperson for a women s health group but someone does not like it When she s attacked in public, she does not think much of it but when her hous [...]

  7. Virtus Security Director, Sean Owens, certainly didn t expect to run into former child star and teen crush Sierra Blake in a parking garage Sean had come to check on an employee and Sierra was part of a television convention where she also talked about her work with a national women s center Vividly vocal protestors of the center showed their displeasure by assaulting Sierra from the audience.Rushing away in terror and shame, Sierra runs into the wall of Sean s protective arms After calming down [...]

  8. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good romantic suspense novel and if it has the bodyguard trope I m a goner So, of course I couldn t wait to get my grabby hands on a copy of Necessary Risk.Sierra is a former child star that s getting back into the spotlight in a different sort of way By speaking out on behalf of Choices and what they do to help women Unfortunately someone doesn t like the work that Sierra is doing and seems to be out to get her Enter Sean.Sean just happens to be in th [...]

  9. Tara Wyatt s debut novel delivers everything you could ever want from romantic suspense a strong heroine, a capable and protective hero, and a plot that just won t quit Sierra is the spokeswoman for a Planned Parenthood type organization, and she hires super mega hot bodyguard Sean Owens after receiving numerous threats on her life One would think NECESSARY RISK would easily fall into a damsel in distress sort of narrative, but Wyatt refuses to make Sierra into a weakling Sierra is brave, bold, [...]

  10. Former child star Sierra Blake is garnering a lot of attention for her advocacy of pro choice facility Choices When the attention starts getting negative and threatening, she turns to private security firm Virtus, specifically owner Sean Owens, for help Sean has never once broken his cardinal rule and gotten involved with a client, but Sierra makes him want to break all his rules and then some He has to keep a level head Everyday, the threat against Sierra gets worse, and they ll have to figure [...]

  11. I received an ARC of NECESSARY RISK from NetGalley and Forever Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review Wow Where to begin I LOVED this book It s sweet, hot, and suspenseful Did I mention hot It s the story of Sierra, a former child star, whose life is threatened She hires Sean I did say, hot, right to protect her The two soon fall for each other But danger awaits Sierra every time she turns around, and Sean must face a tragic past in order to find the strength to protect Sierra [...]

  12. Great book.Sierra was a child star who now works with Choice is a nonprofit organization that helps women in situation such as wanting an abortion or wanted help at low cost Since she is the face for Choice a lot of negative attention is attracted to her When things start to go south she ask for a bodyguard a hot one especially like Sean Sean is a bodyguard owner of the company, when he help her out he realizes that he is close to falling in love with her but she is a client Will he break the ru [...]

  13. Loved the smart, sexy interaction between the characters Sets up the next book in the series nicely Read now

  14. My Thoughts The Romantic Suspense novel, Necessary Risk was an entertaining and sexy debut As soon as I read it was part of a Bodyguard series, my mind travelled back to 1992 the year my first daughter was born, so I remember it well and the movie called The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston costarring Costner was a retired Secret Service Agent, who decided to work as a bodyguard and Houston, a music star hired him to protect her from an unknown stalker Necessary Risk had all the [...]

  15. What a great beginning of a new series OMG this is by far the best book I ve read this year I ve read over 50 If I could rate it higher than 5 stars, I would It had me captivated from the first page and I just couldn t read it fast enough So hot and steamy you ll need to have a fan handy to cool yourself off Sierra Blake was a childhood star and as an adult has no desire to be in the limelight as an actress She did all the sex, drugs and drinking as a teen star and is now totally over that scene [...]

  16. Reviewed by LoriBook provided by NetGalley for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis is the first book in the Bodyguard series It was fast paced, it was funny, and it entertained me All very important criteria that I need to have in my books, especially when I m reading a romantic action, suspense book.More then likely, the reader will figure out what s going to happen at end, but don t let that be a determent to reading the book I like predictability, I like knowing what s go [...]

  17. Sometimes you read a book that just blows you awayr multiple reasons That s exactly how it was with Necessary Risk for me I adored this one Everything about it From the sexy hero, to the mysterious plot, and the heroine who holds her own, but wasn t afraid to ask for help at the same time This is one book I won t soon forget This is the story of Sierra, a girl who wants nothing than to help with a cause that s near and dear to her heart, even when it puts her life in danger Yet when things prov [...]

  18. SERIES Bodyguard 1Tara Wyatt has written a great debut novel with richly crafted characters and strong tension The suspense side of things was a little predictable but overall I enjoyed it,Sierra is a very admirable woman who refuses to be scared away from what she believes in She let things get out of hand when she was a teenager and Choices was there when she needed them The scene where Sean and Sierra meet is so sweet as Sean helps calm down Sierra this is one of his best traits He s great at [...]

  19. Necessary Risk isn t really a risk at all Nothing about this book charming, new or even sets its self apart from all the other book in the suspense romance This book wasn t really all that suspenseful I really dislike Sierra because she threw herself at Sean only to rejected over and over again He tells her its because its his job to protect her and can t protect her if they were together.There were moments of fun dialogue that kept me hoping it would pick up but it just never could deliver.This [...]

  20. 4.5 stars I m not generally a romance reader, so this one definitely had me blushing This book was a fun, sexy, suspenseful romp that would make the perfect beach read I LOVED the characters Sierra was a strong, take no shit kind of lady and although Sean was a totally swoon worthy hero, he did have some demons to deal withI also appreciated the small details, like his apartment full of books If I m being perfectly honest, I felt like the parts with the bad guy could have been fit in a bit seam [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this book I started this book this afternoon and finished it just a few minutes ago It really kept my interest I kept trying to figure out who was behind all the awful things that kept happening to Sierra Sierra was an incredible woman She was put through the ringer and still kept being positive and upbeat The chemistry between Sean and Sierra was so present you could almost feel it as a reader I absolutely adored Taylor, Sierra s bff She was hilarious The other bodyguards were [...]

  22. I loved and enjoyed reading the suspenseful romantic novel by the wonderfully, talented Tara Wyatt that I received free from the Giveaway.Sierra Blake, a beautiful young woman and a former child star, is a spokeswoman for Choices Someone is targeting and threatening Sierra so she hires a bodyguard, Sean Owens As Sean and his team try to protect Sierra from danger, Sean and Sierra s attraction and feelings for each other ignite.Read the highly recommended, well written, must read love story of Si [...]

  23. I LOVED THIS BOOK Hot hero, relatable heroine, and a fast paced story that was compulsively readable Wyatt s writing really drew me in, making the world and characters come alive Did I mention the hero was hot HOTTT What s , he and the heroine were hot together I don t read a lot of romantic suspense, but if this book is any indication, I ve been missing out The tension sexual and romantic , along with the looming threat to the heroine s life, all came together to make a sizzling debut Next, ple [...]

  24. Necessary Risk is the first in a new series by new to me author Tara Wyatt A former child star is attacked and needs a bodyguard Sean Owens runs a security company and agrees to be her bodyguard despite the chemistry between them Of course he eventually fails to keep his distance but that is fun too Necessary Risk has a terrific set of characters and a fairly good mystery The chemistry between Sierra and Sean is palpable and will keep you flipping pages to find out what happens next.Complimentar [...]

  25. This was a suspense romance Sierra was a childhood start now working for choices which is a place for women goo to make choices When she starts getting threatened she hires Sean s company to be her bodyguard He guards her well and the heat rises While she is determined to not let whoever is trying to scare her to not hold her down She realizes she has many decisions to make.I really enjoyed this story the suspense is not overdone and the romance is just right

  26. The bad guy was predictable but the suspense was intriguing enough to hold my interest Sean and Sierra were okay as a couple I wasn t feeling a connection between the two beyond the physical attraction so it was difficult to wrap my head around the two falling in love This is an interesting read considering the subject matter and I am curious to see what s in store next 4 stars for the action and suspense.

  27. I enjoyed this first book in Ms Wyatt s series Sean and Sierra were attracted to each other from their first meeting and it developed from there.The only part that I didn t enjoy was the last unfortunately mistake Sierra made at the end It seems as though she didn t think it out clearly.I can hardly wait for the other books in the series

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