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Tea & Comfort Best Read || [AndreaHurst] - Tea & Comfort, Tea Comfort Fear made her run A second chance at love made her stayAfter receiving life changing news Kyla Nolan ran away from her life as a top model in New York and left her fianc Luke Bradford behind Now
  • Title: Tea & Comfort
  • Author: AndreaHurst
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

Tea & Comfort Best Read || [AndreaHurst], Tea & Comfort, AndreaHurst, Tea Comfort Fear made her run A second chance at love made her stayAfter receiving life changing news Kyla Nolan ran away from her life as a top model in New York and left her fianc Luke Bradford behind Now almost two years later Kyla has a rebuilt her life as the successful owner of Tea Comfort on Madrona Island She lives in a cozy home behind her tea shop has great Fear made her run A s Tea & Comfort Best Read || [AndreaHurst] - Tea & Comfort, Tea Comfort Fear made her run A second chance at love made her stayAfter receiving life changing news Kyla Nolan ran away from her life as a top model in New York and left her fianc Luke Bradford behind Now
  • Tea & Comfort Best Read || [AndreaHurst]
Tea & Comfort

About Author

  1. When not visiting local farmer s markets or indulging her love for chocolate, Andrea Hurst is an author and literary agent Her passion for books drives her to find and write stories that take readers on a journey to another place and leave them with an unforgettable impression She is a developmental editor for publishers and authors, an instructor in Creative Writing at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, and a webinar presenter for Writers Digest She lives with her two dachshunds in the Pacific Northwest, on an island much like the fictional Madrona, with all of its natural beauty and small town charm.Her published books include The Lazy Dog s Guide to Enlightenment and Everybody s Natural Foods Cookbook , and she co authored A Book of Miracles Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love with Dr Bernie Siegel To learn about Andrea and her books, visit AndreaHurstGet ConnectedFacebookTwitter

One thought on “Tea & Comfort

  1. I read most of this book during Hurricane Irma, and a 5 day long and as of today, still counting power outage, until my Kindle died Then I ran out to the car and charged it up Hurst is a good writer, her stories are interesting and the characters well done This book wasn t quite as good as the Guestbook The whole premise of the book just did not make sense to me I don t know why a diagnosis of any disease, much less lupus, would cause someone to run away from a fabulous career and the man she lo [...]

  2. I got this book through Kindle Unlimited and this is a sequel to The Guestbook To tell the truth, I enjoyed this book better than the previous one.Don t get me wrong I did enjoy the previous one as well, but as far as the plot and character development go, this sequel wins hands down.This is my honest personal opinion, but Lily seemed a bit narcissistic and totally and overly wallows in her own misery where she could have been saved if she had allowed herself to be upfront and ask for help, wher [...]

  3. I thought that the first book of the Madrona Island Trilogy, The Guest House, was better than Tea Comfort The atmosphere building was better as was the character development In the first book, although Lily was coming out of an abusive relationship, she did grow a backbone and a business She also developed some strong female friendships with fellow business owners Jude and Kyla I was disappointed that the women were not portrayed as strong women in this book The friendship is still there but not [...]

  4. An nice read of love lost and love rediscovered in an enchanting setting, Madrona Island While the setting may seem developed for the story, Andrea has done a nice job of structuring her story around a real island setting filled with wineries, funky little shops and close, supportive relationships Can t wait for the next book in the series

  5. Tea Comfort by Andrea Hurst is a quick easy read that reminds the readers to believe in second chances and to give love a chance Ms Hurst has written a wonderful second installment in The Madrona Island series I love the fact that Kyla has to face her past head on, not only in the love department, but in life in general A person can t change who they are or where they are from, but they can embrace it, face it head on, and be the best possible person they can be Tea Comfort is the perfect title [...]

  6. Two people meet, fall in love desperately and then something tragic happens and they are separated.Fate has it that they meet again One has already made herself a new life on an island where she finds true friends and an occupation she had always dreamed of having.The story is absorbing as we see what difficulties the couple has in returning to their passionate love story My only disappointment was that the book leaves so many questions up in the air and to follow up the story I am compelled to [...]

  7. Loved it I loved The Guestbook and I loved this book The ending was a little rushed with a few errors but it still was a charming and fun read

  8. I love this series, they are such cozy reads which make me want to move to Washington and live on an island in the Puget Sound I m looking forward to the third installment.

  9. This book was the very definition of cutesy romance While I enjoyed the setting a little island called Madrona off the Washington state coast I found the characters grating for the most part, and the conflict entirely too simple It added up to be a fairly tedious, drawn out story where nothing much happens Back to the good bits, though Kyla, a former NYC model, has moved to Madrona to open a tea shop called Tea Comfort There she lives a quaint, happy life practicing reading tea leaves, concoctin [...]

  10. A touching story of dedication, love, suffering and finding hope The main characters are people that I could know in real life What happens when decisions are made based on what is thought to be the best for everyone The author shows how love and hope can be found in any circumstance Also, that secrets can be harmful and can destroy relationships The truth can bring hope and love I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading by this author I received a copy of this book from the author and t [...]

  11. Enjoyable ReadI ve had this book on my kindle for awhile and finally decided to read it I m glad I did It is a romantic and easy story to get absorbed in The characters were like meeting new friends Going along with them on their life journey was like spend time with people I like being with It was a fun read.

  12. The premise of this prior to reading sounded good The reality was somewhat different and I ended up skim reading the last third The storyline was weak with the information that was held back as a teaser turning out to be unrealistic than once I exclaimed to myself, really I don t often let a book defeat me, but this did, and I certainly don t want to read the sequel.

  13. Island romanceFor fans of the old Fantasy Island or Loveboat tv seriesthis is for you Wealthy young man persuades troubled model who runs away to the island and opens a tea and herbal gift shop Not much realism but a predictable happy ever after ending with the cliff hanger for one character leading to another story in the series.

  14. RomanceRomance is in the air Sometimes love can be messy and not go as planned In this book that ius certainly the case This is book 2 of series but uIt can be read as a stand alone book.

  15. Relaxing afternoon story.This was a nice story without drama Sometimes it s nice to relax with a sweet story and imagine yourself on a beautiful island with all the happiness and lovely people in this story Left me with a warm glow.

  16. Great story I really enjoyed reading this romantic love story The development of the characters was just right and each one complimented the others I definitely want to read the others.

  17. UpliftingThanks for introducing me my ideal island location I could move there tomorrow Lovely story that was well written The characters are delightfully real I will now have to read books 1 and 3 in the series.

  18. Lost love foundRunning away from problems never works out, except in romance novels, which is why we love them Everything works for the best in the end A recommended feel good read.

  19. Fabulous sequel to The Guestbook This book is about Kyla, the owner of Tea and Comfort in the town In the 1st book, Kyla is faced with the fiancee she ran away from at the opening of the Inn This book is all about how Kyla and Luke deal with what s happened between them and if they can move forwards Luke moves onto the Island when he buys the winery in Madrona Both Kyla and Luke have healing to do as well as dealing with their respective families I enjoyed this book as much as the 1st and I cann [...]

  20. This story had potential but the couple got together far too quickly and the rest of the story felt like fluff or filler Should have been a novella.

  21. Still not super well written and yet I actually like the characters, to a point Very simple, predictable, and contrived plot but a nice fluffy read.

  22. Love foundDarcy had it all A career, money and an amazing boyfriend Then an appointment to the doctor changed it all She changed her name and left without a goodbye She left her true love Luke Enjoy the book.

  23. This is a nicely written story with good characters, romantic and descriptive A thoroughly enjoyable read.

  24. I do not usually give romances great reviews, but this series has great characters and interesting twists.

  25. I really liked the story and characters in the Madrona Island Series The book was a quick easy read that held your interest I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

  26. Sweet read about love and trustI really enjoyed getting to know the characters, watching them learn about love and trust Hope to hear from them soon.

  27. Really enjoyedI enjoy this type of series that covers friendships their lives and loves over a 3or 4 book series Awesome book

  28. Easy readEasy reading, romance book with some interesting twists but fairly predictable as a whole Enjoyed it for the most part

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