Red Days and Grey Nights

Red Days and Grey Nights Best Download || [Brandon Collier] - Red Days and Grey Nights, Red Days and Grey Nights Ten years after being a sex slave Pepper Phillips now has the means and opportunity to punish those responsible and to find her daughter Pepper was a young woman abducted during a vacation and for ye
  • Title: Red Days and Grey Nights
  • Author: Brandon Collier
  • ISBN: 9780989520331
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback

Red Days and Grey Nights Best Download || [Brandon Collier], Red Days and Grey Nights, Brandon Collier, Red Days and Grey Nights Ten years after being a sex slave Pepper Phillips now has the means and opportunity to punish those responsible and to find her daughter Pepper was a young woman abducted during a vacation and for years she was controlled by Don Bolivar who took away her child for future use in his human trafficking business Pepper managed to escape his control with the help of a wealtTe Red Days and Grey Nights Best Download || [Brandon Collier] - Red Days and Grey Nights, Red Days and Grey Nights Ten years after being a sex slave Pepper Phillips now has the means and opportunity to punish those responsible and to find her daughter Pepper was a young woman abducted during a vacation and for ye

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  • Red Days and Grey Nights Best Download || [Brandon Collier]
    415 Brandon Collier
Red Days and Grey Nights

About Author

  1. An author known for gritty tales and suspenseful thrillers, Brandon started off with non fictional accounts of U.S History as a youth, and then switched to writing fiction novels while learning at the Iowa Writer s Workshop during his college years It was there he wrote numerous screenplays and stories, including Underneath the Palms of Rio, a haunting thriller in the beautiful and dangerous backdrop of Brazil.Brandon can be followed here bcollierbooks.wordpress twitter bcollierbooksfacebook bcollierbooks

One thought on “Red Days and Grey Nights

  1. Pepper is an attractive young woman from Britain who is kidnapped while on a Caribbean holiday with her friends Her kidnapper is a sadistic and cruel criminal who runs the main sex slave operation on the island From the first few pages of the book I was rooting for Pepper and found the very many descriptions of what happened to her and the other victims a very difficult read There is much to empathise with Pepper about but that would spoil the plot.The villain, Don, is a most despicable man who [...]

  2. In short Red Days and Grey Nights is a deceptively simple concept for revenge against a sex trafficker that benefits from solid character development.I ll admit that this isn t something I normally go out of my way to find Revenge or justice stories don t often appeal to me, for some reason Maybe it s because the way they set up how much the antagonists have it coming to them, I feel too comfortable knowing that there will be poetic justice by the end But that s no fault of the author Mr Collier [...]

  3. I have read in the news about young women who have disappeared while on vacation What happens to these women Some are murdered while others suffer a fate worse than death This is the fictional tale of Pepper, a beautiful and slightly rebellious British girl who goes to the Caribbean with friends and is abducted by a ruthless man, Don Bolivar, who runs a sex slave trade operation Pepper keeps her sanity through trying experiences and grows from the spoiled, privileged person she used to be into a [...]

  4. A very gritty story that puts a spotlight on human trafficking Pepper Phillips is a woman enjoying the good life until she is kidnapped and goes through torture until she makes her escape and seeks the people that have hurt her I could see this story catching on quick by word of mouth.

  5. This was a difficult book to get through, and not because of the subject matter, but because it was just not a good book And I hate to say that I wanted to find something good in this book, something that I liked, but I just couldn t.I was excited going into this book, because the plot seemed interesting, and in capable hands, it would ve been a very good read, but unfortunately, it just wasn t The characterization was random and all over the place, and none of the characters were likable, not [...]

  6. I d recommend this book to readers who enjoy gritty thrillers and are ok with moderate to high violence The book is split into two parts In the first half Pepper is snatched while on holiday and kept captive with a group of other women as a sex slave Some harrowing scenes but also displays of the power of friendship in extreme situations Some interesting incidents of dissociation into fantasy worlds as a coping mechanism Pepper finally escapes to Paris with the help of one of her clients who int [...]

  7. When ever a young woman disappears from somewhere exotic or remote, you always find yourself wondering what happens to them Well, this book offers a small glimpse to something that is happening largely throughout the world Pepper, a beautiful British girl goes to the Caribbean with friends and is abducted by Don Bolivar Don is a ruthless S.O.B who runs a sex slave trade operation Through horrific and soul stealing experiences, Pepper somehow finds the strength needed to withstand all and come ou [...]

  8. Red Days and Grey Nights as a title may be somewhat of a misnomer Neither of these colors is really dark in fact, red can be very bright But this novel is dark It s as dark as they come.Sex slavery is not an easy subject to read or discuss Some books that deal with this subject matter are solely revenge thrillers, with the abused violently dispatching the morally corrupt in a frantic plot driven pace.Fair criticisms of this novel can be its pace which is slow and the choosing of scenes long conv [...]

  9. A modern day sex slaveThis story is all about a young woman called Pepper, who is abducted while visiting Puerto Rico and imprisoned by a ruthless man, who sells her and other women to his customers.Needless to say, Pepper is not happy with the situation, and to add to her problems she finds she is pregnant Escape is a risky option those who try mostly end up dead She plots a way out nevertheless, and waits for her moment.The premise for this story was an engrossing one, but for me it went on to [...]

  10. From reading the blurb, I thought this would be a book about a mother fighting to get her child back The blurb gives us all the information we need about Pepper, the main character Unfortunately, the first 270 pages are a lengthy and detailed backstory dump of the blurb For me, this killed all the tension because I already know what happens It s not like the author needed these pages to reach novel length, either The book has twice the word count of the typical thriller novel The second half the [...]

  11. British college student Pepper Phillip s Caribbean vacation turned into one long living nightmare when she was abducted into the sex slave trade To make things even worse, she was secretly pregnant at the time Perhaps surprisingly, the captors allowed Pepper to carry her child, Lili, to term.This epic novel covers much about the horrors of the forced sex trade, under the direction of an evil man known as Don However, as we see later on in this sad saga, Don is not the only force to be reckoned [...]

  12. RivetingWhat a eye opener Pepper story was so sad but real Vividly seeing in my mind her inhuman living conditions was hard It is brutal what this woman went through to escape the sex trafficking world She did whatever she had to get to her daughter Thanks for the great read

  13. Wow The perfect mix of drama, action, and redemption This is a very gritty story like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and really shows the despair in life that some women across the globe are experiencing Pepper Phillips is a woman you admire and root for with each turn of the page.

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