The Darkest Corners

The Darkest Corners Best Download || [Kara Thomas] - The Darkest Corners, The Darkest Corners The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the lies little girls tell and the deadly truths those lies become There are ghosts around every corner in Fayette Pennsylvania Tessa left when
  • Title: The Darkest Corners
  • Author: Kara Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780553521467
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover

The Darkest Corners Best Download || [Kara Thomas], The Darkest Corners, Kara Thomas, The Darkest Corners The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the lies little girls tell and the deadly truths those lies become There are ghosts around every corner in Fayette Pennsylvania Tessa left when she was nine and has been trying ever since not to think about it after what happened there that last summer Memories of things so dark will burn themselves into your mind iThe Dar The Darkest Corners Best Download || [Kara Thomas] - The Darkest Corners, The Darkest Corners The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the lies little girls tell and the deadly truths those lies become There are ghosts around every corner in Fayette Pennsylvania Tessa left when
  • The Darkest Corners Best Download || [Kara Thomas]
    354Kara Thomas
The Darkest Corners

About Author

  1. Kara is the author of THE DARKEST CORNERS, coming April 2016 from Random House Delacorte She is also the author of the Prep School Confidential series from St Martin s Griffin under the pen name Kara Taylor Kara has written for Warner Brothers Television and currently writes full time on Long Island, where she lives with her husband and rescue cat.

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  1. 3.5 starsI m going back and forth on my rating with this one It was a very engaging read, but somehow I still found myself let down I enjoyed what I read and flew through it thinking there would be this big payoff, but the ending just didn t work for me This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year With expectations so high, I guess it was bound to happen Oh well Ten years ago four girls were found dead along the Ohio River by the interstate all killed the same way There was a serial kil [...]

  2. One detail can change an entire story A necklace A phone call The smallest things could mean the difference between a man s life and death.3 1 2 stars The Darkest Corners is a slow, mature, character driven mystery about lies and truths, the media involvement in crimes, and confronting one s past It doesn t have the usual fast paced, pulpy style we might expect from YA, but slow start aside, I was glad for it.And it does start slow I feel like I should issue a warning about that I found that it [...]

  3. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I m pretty sure this ended up on my Kindle when I went looking for a library book that wasn t available so this was offered as a suggestion instead but I m not positive because well Before I begin I need to apologize to this book for being the next thing I picked up after suffering from a severe bookhangover from Boy s Life I m not sure anything I read would have been able to get me out of the fog that one left me in, but I am fairly certain this still wou [...]

  4. Such a crazy mystery and thriller It surprised and engrossed me I just wish some of the loose ends and plot lines were tied up better.

  5. USA folks here is a GIVEAWAY of a copy of this book Review posted on The Eater of Books blog The Darkest Corners by Kara ThomasPublisher Delacorte PressPublication Date April 19, 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC from NetGalleySummary from The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the lies little girls tell, and the deadly truths those lies become There are ghosts around every corner in Fayette, Pennsylvania Tessa left when she was nine and has been trying ever since not to think about i [...]

  6. I think since I m not being absolutely forced with my arm twisted behind my back to read this one, I m just going to stop while I m ahead This is truly a case of that old cliche It s not the book, it s me Maybe it s the fact that I m headed into another dreaded book slump or maybe I m finally realizing that mystery thrillers of the YA variety just aren t for me whatever the reason please don t pass up this book on my account I m just really needing to find something that grips me at the moment.

  7. A truth that s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent William BlakeKara Thomas, an American author, pens a dark psychological thriller in her new book, The Darkest Corners that unfolds the story of two teenagers who drift apart after the night when one of the teenager s cousin was found murdered one summer night Now years later, both of their past comes knocking at their doors, and willing or unwillingly they must face the past and the lies before they begin their college life.S [...]

  8. 5 Words Witness, family, murder, lies, secrets.In my head, I bigged this up so, so much This is one of my favourite authors and she was stepping away from her Prep School Confidential roots and going darker, serious, twisty and creepy And it worked so well and I loved it I was absolutely not disappointed.The story was quite slow to start, it felt much character driven than her previous books, and everything built up gradually until all of a sudden it was at break neck speed and I couldn t put [...]

  9. Two things that are my absolute favorite 1 Murder mysteries in which I am wrong about absolutely everything2 Books that make me say THIS IS SO GOOD out loud while I m readingAnd yes, this was both I love love loved this book It s full of red herrings and secondary characters and tertiary ones and yet it s written so masterfully that you can simultaneously keep everything straight while also totally reading the wrong things into everything, and that is just fabulous I d venture to say this is my [...]

  10. The answer to this mystery is actually really interesting But I m not sure enough evidence was planted beforehand to make it feel entirely satisfying, and for my taste, there was too much time spent on superfluous details and there are too many uninteresting red herrings in the first 3 4ths of the book I would love to have read this story if certain characters has been developed view spoiler especially since women culprits are so much less common hide spoiler , and perhaps if a lot of the extra [...]

  11. Way to go, Kara Thomas I was a little apprehensive to read this one as it was targeted as YA, but I am so glad that I finally picked it up The Darkest Corners was a quick, easy read that I simply did not want to put down I found a few things predictable, but there were several twists and turns that I did not expect.

  12. 2 1 2 stars I was prepared to give this one star all the way up until the end, which was such a huge improvement it forced me to bump my rating up.Tessa and Callie sent a man to prison ten years ago Now Tessa is back in Fayette and she and Callie are rethinking their statement when new bodies begin popping up in town Could the murders have a connection with the crime that took place so long ago Even if a thriller doesn t have the best character development, I still expect one thing from it a com [...]

  13. Finally a YA Mystery that I loved It wasn t 100% perfect, but it was SO interesting 4.5 StarsA YA Mystery that sucked me in I ve been looking for a LONG time for a really good YA Mystery it seems to be one of the hardest books for me to find any I ve read so many BLAH books, and then this one came along, and it s anything but BLAH I was really hoping the serial killer angle would be that deciding factor, and I have to say I didn t even need there to be a serial killer for me to be into this book [...]

  14. First let me say this OMG THIS BOOK OMG OMG OMG Thank you for letting me get that out of my system This book has been sitting heavily on my mind since I finished reading it I cannot help but think back on it And every time I do I discover that I like it and So I bet you are here because you are curious about this book and what it is about etc etc etc.Well to quickly sum it up it is a psychological thriller murder mystery That should tell you right there that it needs to be read, but I will giv [...]

  15. Release Date April 19, 2016 Genre Young Adult Mystery, Thriller, CrimeI ve wanted to read this authors work for a quite some time now and while I wasn t totally disappointed I did find the book to be both too much and too little at the same time That sounds confusing, right Well let me tell you why In terms of too much there was a LOT going on especially behind the scenes that don t make sense until the very end And even at the end I was confused Had the author stuck to one issue because these i [...]

  16. Visit Stay Bookish for book reviews It s been a few years since I read a really good thriller and I can t even begin to tell you how glad I am that I read The Darkest Corners Not only did it ignite my interest in mystery books, It also left on the edge of my seat, eagerly turning pages.Firstly, I loved the atmosphere of this book It lives up to its title with a really ominous storytelling approach and mood It captured the tone of the genre very well, which is ultimately what made me excited abo [...]

  17. 4.5 5 Netgalley provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review This was intense.There is so much drama throughout this book it really keeps you interested I ll skip the whole summary of the book But Tessa is our main character Tessa is young, and has gone through some serious shit She s stronger than she thinks She s determined She s kinda badass Callie, her best friend, is almost opposite What happened to them when they were kids truly broke her But she s your typical high school girl Tessa a [...]

  18. The Darkest Corners is that kind of atmospheric, cleverly twisted type of Young Adult novel that I m very fond of when done really well and in this case it was done really well.Tessa and Callie were best friends until one dark night that has reverberated down the years until the point where we join the story which finds Tessa going back to Fayette to face down her demons whilst dealing with the loss of her father Secrets still bubble below the surface, dangerous secrets that could have widesprea [...]

  19. There are worse things in this world than monsters, and somehow, they always manage to find me While YA thrillers tend to be lacking for whatever reason, I think Kara Thomas did a really solid job at writing an fairly unpredictable and fun page turner I ve talked about this before, YA really isn t up to par in the horror thriller genre at all I would go as far as to say, it s the most lacking of any category with this genre I m not really sure if it s because YA readers don t tend to read scarie [...]

  20. Holy shit I loved this so much, I can t even I was hooked from the very first page, because it s a murder mystery book, with an unreliable narrator, with mainly female characters and which gave me Gillian Flynn vibes, although it s not as dark and gruesome as Flynn s books are But for me, this was a recipe for instant success.It follows the story of Tessa, a girl who comes back to her home town, to see her father before he dies of cancer in prison Ten years earlier, Tessa and her best friend Cal [...]

  21. A lot has changed in the ten years since Tessa and her then best friend Callie testified they saw Wyatt Stokes, better known as the Ohio River Monster, lurking in her backyard the night Callie s cousin Lori was murdered Now living with her Grandma in Florida, Tessa does all she can to avoid thinking of her time spent in Fayette, Pennsylvania But when news reaches that her father is dying, Tessa is forced to return home Staying with Callie and her family is uncomfortable, not only because the two [...]

  22. Actual Rating 3.5The Darkest Corners follows Tessa as the death of her imprisoned father brings her back to Fayette, the town in Pennsylvania that holds all the memories that haunt her As she reunites with Callie, her ex best friend who parties to forget, Tessa finds herself investigating another murder, which seems oddly similar to one that happened years ago the murder of Lori, Callie cousin What does this mean It means that the murderer could still be at large and the man Callie and Tessa lan [...]

  23. 2 starsI really wanted to like this book I really did Unfortunately, it didn t live up to my expectations Rather, I was telling myself this would be a good mystery thriller that I would enjoy You can imagine my disappointment when I finished reading it The Darkest Corners is not a bad book There are some parts of the story I did like But the flaws it had prevented me from fully enjoy it.For one thing, not much happened 100 pages in, nothing happened 200 pages in, something happened but it didn t [...]

  24. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really liked this I normally don t read YA thrillers because I tend to be annoyed with either the situation or the mystery itself YA thrillers usually involve mysteries that aren t a big deal at all or are too much of a big deal for teens to handle And even though this mystery was far too big for Callie and Tessa to handle, I really bought into the idea that only these girls could solve the mystery of the Ohio River Monster, since they were the ones who s [...]

  25. Why have I been putting this review off for so long Seven months, to be exact Is it because this book was so profoundly eh that I can t talk about it for longer than a paragraph Is it because it s so unmemorable that I d forgotten major plot points in a few days, so things could only be reallyyyy bad after MONTHS Or is it because this book was not so bad that it really needs to be roasted, and probably no one really cares to see a review of it anyway If you answered all of the above, YOU RE TODA [...]

  26. A pretty solid YA thriller for fans of true crime I thought it had some similarities besides the title ha ha to Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, with the true crime themes and the girl revisiting a crappy childhood The writing in this lacked the sly, dark humor that I love in Flynn s writing, though.For me, The Darkest Corners took quite a while to get started and kind of meandered along, stuck in exploring the main character s dysfunctional family and friendship relationships But I m glad I kept r [...]

  27. 2.5 Stars I m having the hardest time with books so far this year I m in a little bit of a reading and blogging slump now Eh, I may do a mini review for this one later.

  28. We re all capable of violence, but some of us are born with it in our blood I just finished The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas and I m shook Like, I expected to be shook but I m flabbergasted by how shook I am This is basically me every few pages while reading this Once again, Kara Thomas wrote an amazing psychological thriller that s so juicy you can t seem to put the book down This is how you tell a Noir story I m not sure if this was supposed to be Noir or not but it certainly had that feel t [...]

  29. 3.5 starsThe I think about this book, the I realize that there are many aspects of it that separate it from others There is no romance and it focuses on the middle class rather than the upper class These two facts alone separate it from many other thriller novels.The Darkest Corners follows Tessa as she returns to her hometown to say goodbye to her dying father in prison Tessa is reluctant to return home because as a child she testified in a high profile serial killer case with her best friend [...]

  30. I received an ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review First of all, I did not want this book to end It s not a fast paced thriller but rather a slow burn murder mystery, deftly nuanced characterization, and a narrative voice that draws you in Thomas has great skill in creating the layers of mystery in the plot, and there are many threads to follow Yet they all dovetail together in a believable way And that ending spoilers, but I did not see that last scene coming and my heart leaped [...]

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