Something Missing

[PDF] Read å Something Missing : by HazelRobinson - Something Missing, Something Missing Susan is a survivor she s had to be Orphaned and taken from her home in Winchelsea she was forced to leave behind the first boy she ever loved The only boy she ever loved Now as an adult Susan is le
  • Title: Something Missing
  • Author: HazelRobinson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read å Something Missing : by HazelRobinson, Something Missing, HazelRobinson, Something Missing Susan is a survivor she s had to be Orphaned and taken from her home in Winchelsea she was forced to leave behind the first boy she ever loved The only boy she ever loved Now as an adult Susan is left with both the physical and mental scars of a life devoid of warmth and kindness a life she is determined to change for the better Returning to her childhood home sSusan is a sur [PDF] Read å Something Missing : by HazelRobinson - Something Missing, Something Missing Susan is a survivor she s had to be Orphaned and taken from her home in Winchelsea she was forced to leave behind the first boy she ever loved The only boy she ever loved Now as an adult Susan is le
  • [PDF] Read å Something Missing : by HazelRobinson
Something Missing

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  1. Hazel lives in the small town of Rishton in Lancashire England, with her husband, three children, two cats, dog, rabbit and lizard She fills her days dashing between school runs, pets and housework and at night she comes to life either writing or watching her favorite program Supernatural yes she is Supernatural obsessed Her road to writing started with a love for paranormal romance novels, and after finding a passion for tragic romance she set out on the mission to share her own story After long nights writing and a lot of Supernatural episodes she is finally ready to share Something Missing Hazel loves nothing better than sitting with a cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit and a good book.

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  1. 5 Stars I was given this book to read in turn for an honest review Susan was torn away from her hometown and left orphaned at the age of 10 Her best friend Max is the only person she truly knows Sadly, being orphaned isn t the worst of her childhood memories she has had a harrowing journey through the care system leaving her with both mental and physical scars Susan s approach towards her adult life is self destructive and when she returns to her childhood home in Winchelsea she is faced with th [...]

  2. Tear Jerker This story of a girl who goes through a tragedy of being an orphan, then being ripped away from her best friend Years later they reconnect, and pick up where they left off, like before she left Only Susan isn t the same, and her being an.orphan isn t the worst tragedy in her life And her best friend Max has a secret as wellThe author did a great job with the emotions in this story You understood the characters so it seemed like you were right there with them This book had me crying V [...]

  3. This is a really brilliant emotional story Susan is broken After the death of her parents then her grandmother she is put into foster care Things haven t been good to her She then decided to move back to her grandmothers house Here she meets Max Can Max break them walls around Susan s heart Will they have a happy ever after Grab some tissues and jump into this book for a really good emotional read Highly recommend this book Looking forward to reading from this author.

  4. This story is about Susan and her best friend and now lover Max, they both have troubled pasts but when susan returns after being put into foster care they find there way back to each other but become lovers, there are troubles along the way and a ex girlfriend who wants to split them up.I liked the range of emotions that you go through with story line some of it is deep but draws the story line in furthernt wait to see future releases from Hazel

  5. 4.5 Stars A wonderful job from new author Hazel Robinson on her debut novel The story of Max and Susan was a very turbulent one These two had many ups and downs since they reunited all these years later, and had to overcome such a large amount of obstacles which stood in the way of their happiness Their relationship progressed very quickly which almost made it seem as if they had never been apart in the first place At times it did feel like it was all happening too fast, but in the end you reali [...]

  6. Before reading Something Missingby Hazel F Robinson make sure you have the tissues handy because it is a real tear jerker The story begins with a young 10 year old Susan and a Young Max attending the funeral of Susan s Grandmother and only living relative When the Child Services come to take her away in order to put her in care Max and Susan run to the beach where he swears to take care of her and asks her to run away with him Both of them swear they never want to be apart but they are practical [...]

  7. Hazel supplied her novel for me to read and give my best opinion of her novel, Something Missing I m happy to say, from the start Hazel pulls you into her main characters Their journey becomes yours in relatable scenes peppered with surprise beyond imagination The author builds suspense with both Susan and Max leaving questions for the reader Yet be assured they are answered at the precise moment you need to know Even when the tides shift showing Max s past bare yet shady, his vulnerability has [...]

  8. This is an emotional romance book by Hazel Robinson The book was done by being narrated by the author with dialogue between the characters I found this novel very emotional and the characters had been through so much at a very young age The main lady in this book is Susan and her parents had died and her grandmother passed away when she was 10 years old She didn t have any other family so she was forced to go into foster care The family that Susan ended up living with most of her life were abusi [...]

  9. I was provided with an ARC by the author in return for an honest review.I loved this story It is a beautiful, heart wrenching story of love and survival Susan is 10 years old and is all alone, she has no family The one friend she had, Max, tries to save her, but he can t After Susan is taken into custody by the state and sent to foster homes, her childhood is hell But, she has the will to survive As an adult she goes back to her hometown, her happy place, which was her grandmother s home where s [...]

  10. Susan has endured a life that no one should have to go through Orphaned from the age of ten, she is placed into foster homes that are far from loving, nurturing, and ideal Susan leaves behind her friend Max, who is completely devastated that she is taken away from him.When she reaches adulthood, she returns to her home town to begin a new life She once again meets up with Max He knows she is damaged and has a true desire to fix her As they begin a new found relationship, his damaged past rears i [...]

  11. Something Missing By Hazel RobinsonI received this book in exchange for an honest review I was intrigued by just the title of the story and was excited to read it The story is about the problems people face in their past and what it takes to overcome them Susan has had many things in her life happen to her, that she did not have control over She had some fond memories, but they were buried deep, due to such a horrific past She moves back home and runs into her friend that has had a positive impa [...]

  12. Susan and Max last saw each other just after the funeral of her grandmother, when she was 10 She is immediately thrown into a horrible foster care situation Next the story picks up right as she s grown and going back to her grandmother s, having forgotten Max even existed Once she makes it home Max and her are quickly reunited as adults and begin a new phase of their relationship, which does seem to move rather quickly You will fall for these characters, they seem very real and very flawed which [...]

  13. Hazel Robinson is a very talented writer I just finished Something Missing and fell in love with her style and plot twists That being said, in my opinion, she could slow down and allow the story to develop before moving on.I enjoyed getting to know Susan and Max and would love the opportunity to get better acquainted with Polly I have a feeling I will be seeing them all again based on the delicious cliffhanger this book ended on Had this book been split into two and some of the events deeply ex [...]

  14. 4.5 starsHazel Robinson s debut novel is well written, has likeable characters you can identify with and struggles that will break your heart Susan and Max were separated when she was ten years old, tossed into foster care after the death of her parents.Grown and back in her grandmothers house she and Max are reintroduced to each other as adults where they try to pick up where they left off years ago.Their relationship does seem to pick up a little quickly but once you finish the story you under [...]

  15. I was gifted this book for an honest reviewI loved this book because in a way I can relate to this story I could feel the emotions in Susan but not so much of Max.Max seemed a mystery Sometimes I felt sorry for him I can understand his back and forth feelings for Susan.Thank you for this awesome story of finding just the right love.I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a good love story.

  16. It was pretty goodr a romance I really shouldn t say anything about this book because it s definitely not my genre I will say that I really liked the characters Sometimes the plot seemed a LITTLE predictable, but it also had some good twists that I did NOT expect So even though it didn t convert me into a romance fan, I think it was a pretty good sample of the genre for a non romance reader I d recommend it to fans of the genre If I may , it is really sweet.

  17. A story of a childhood love torn away to be found again as adults With emotional scars and mystery surrounding them it is a romance that will have you in tears heart broken for a girl, Susan, that lost everything at the tender age of ten and a boy, Max, that never forgot the girl he promised to love and protect I had red puffy eyes from crying and loss of sleep after this one I can t recommend it enough.

  18. I was given the honor of reading and reviewing for this awesome author I can t say anything bad about this book It was amazing how much one person can go through and still be a functioning person And still have the capacity to love anyone or anything.

  19. TARA S REVIEW 4 Intriguing Stars As kids, Susan and Max were two peas in a pod When Susan is pulled from the life she knows and loses the people who are everything to her, she struggles to deal with her past When Susan goes back to her home town and reunites with her first love Max, it seems that they easily transitioning back into their old ways.Though Susan and Max both have very sorrowful pasts, they try to work things out within their own selves, but their scars of the past threaten to pull [...]

  20. Review also on my blog reviewedthebook 2014I m a sucker for a sweet and simple romance story and Something Missing felt like that kind of book Susan was reconnecting with Max, the first boy she d ever kissed but of course, things weren t going to be that straightforward Susan was still damaged from the abuse she suffered growing up and Max was being secretive too It all sounded like the makings of a nice romance film to me.The issue I always have with watching romance films is that they move too [...]

  21. I actually had the opportunity to read this book in beta and i totally meant to Unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle If your a regular on my blog you know im always reading up a storm My tbr is overwhelming, i work a full time job and theres the family, Oh and sleep So sometimes despite my best efforts things fall between the cracks Im so disappointed in myself because i really feel i couldve helped with the book There were a few things i wouldve suggested and maybe Hazel wouldve taken my ad [...]

  22. Susan returns home after being placed in the foster care system She was taken away from her childhood best friend Max, the only boy that she ever kissed She is so broken both physically and mentally and keeps herself from getting attached to anyone But will she allow herself to open up to Max and attempt to heal the brokenness inside and replace what s missing Are the physical scars hiding her truth Will she find the something missing to fill the hole that she thought would never be fulfilled Wi [...]

  23. Reviewed by Janice Owen, Reviewer for book lover bookblogA Review of Something Missing by Hazel RobinsonPromising Storyline 3 starsThis is the first book that I have had the opportunity to read by Ms Robinson First, I know she is from the UK, so some of the wording will be different than what I am used to here in the US, but there was a LOT of grammatical errors and an unclear delineation of breaks in time All of these added up to a hard read, but I really did love the characters of Susan, Max a [...]

  24. I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review Something Missing is about finding love again after surviving a lot of hurt and heartbreak This is an emotional read that is filled with angst, sorrow, romance, and healing I really liked the history between Max and Susan I am a sucker for stories where the hero and heroine find each other again after many years apart and this story definitely fits that description There are many parts in this book, that will tug at your emotions Su [...]

  25. Something Missing was a good read It was not what I excepted For some reason I was expecting a quick fluffy read, Something Missing is not a fluffy read, It s full of emotion It takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.I was drawn right from the beginning It starts with Susan having become and orphan and is being taken away form her best friend Max Years later and after a tough childhood, Susan ends up going back to the house she grew up in She runs into Max The connection between them is [...]

  26. This was the first book that i have read by this author and I enjoyed it Only one criticism I have is that I wanted of the story It kind of jumped from bits of the story too quickly and I wanted to get a deeper picture The end of the book was filled with emotion and the character appeal was stronger, but all in all I enjoyed the story Susan and Max were childhood friends until Susan s gran died and she got taken into care This is when Susan s nightmare started Physical and mental abuse left her [...]

  27. Susan has had a hard life She was taken away at a small child and had been traumatized back then also She fell for a boy when she was ten years old Max was her protector and friend Susan decided to come back home to face her fears She goes to live at her grandmothers house and that s the day Max came back in her life Max built up her confidence and made her feel wanted The began a relationship until she became scared and ran She realized how dumb she was and came running back They get a surprise [...]

  28. It s good, a little on the emotional side Something missing is a story about two people who are whole together but when they are apart they feel as if something is missing from their lives They complete each other And they belong with each other It doesn t mean that they won t face hardships in life but it means that they can overcome anything as long as they believe in being together I loved Max and Susan s heart breaking and heart warming at the same time story.P.S I recieved a complimentary c [...]

  29. 4 Intriguing Stars Click here for my full review A gifted copy was received by the author publisher in exchange for an honest review Be sure to check out of my reviews at lustfulliterature facebook lustfulliter

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