Go, Ivy, Go!

Go, Ivy, Go! Best Read || [Lorena McCourtney] - Go, Ivy, Go!, Go Ivy Go Ivy Malone is back This invisible LOL little old lady has been on the run hiding out from the vengeful Braxtons for almost three years now With an unlikely propensity for getting tangled up in murde
  • Title: Go, Ivy, Go!
  • Author: Lorena McCourtney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Go, Ivy, Go! Best Read || [Lorena McCourtney], Go, Ivy, Go!, Lorena McCourtney, Go Ivy Go Ivy Malone is back This invisible LOL little old lady has been on the run hiding out from the vengeful Braxtons for almost three years now With an unlikely propensity for getting tangled up in murder and with the threat of the Braxtons always on her heels they have not been dull years Friend boyfriend Mac MacPherson is usually around too hints of marriage ocIvy Malone is back Thi Go, Ivy, Go! Best Read || [Lorena McCourtney] - Go, Ivy, Go!, Go Ivy Go Ivy Malone is back This invisible LOL little old lady has been on the run hiding out from the vengeful Braxtons for almost three years now With an unlikely propensity for getting tangled up in murde
  • Go, Ivy, Go! Best Read || [Lorena McCourtney]
    129Lorena McCourtney
Go, Ivy, Go!

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  1. Lorena McCourtney Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Go, Ivy, Go! book, this is one of the most wanted Lorena McCourtney author readers around the world.

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  1. An awesome ending waiting on a new beginningI have now finished the Ivy Malone series and I completely enjoyed each one Ivy is funny, adventurous and full of spunk These books always make me laugh out loud This is a great conclusion to the Braxton threat and I look forward to the Mac Ivy mysteries.

  2. I was thrilled to discover that Lorena McCourrtney had penned another Ivy Malone mystery I LOVE this character Ivy Malone is smart and savvy, old fashioned in a charming sort of way, and a great amateur sleuth Good thing that, because she seems to have a penchant for stumbling on dead bodies With her mutant curiosity gene she cannot walk away from these challenges, and her antics in solving crime are often hilarious.In this 5th mystery, she is still being chased by the Braxton family, a nefariou [...]

  3. I love Ivy MaloneThere is something about these Ivy books that I find totally mesmerizing Despite the incredible situations that Ivy always falls into, she is so very real that you feel like you could sit down and talk to her about anything With the happy ending of this book, I fear the Ivy stories are at an end and if so I am really going to miss her.

  4. Another great Ivy Malone mystery Loose ends were finally wrapped up to a satisfying conclusion I am looking forward to Ivy and Mac mysteries that were teased at the back of the book.

  5. Clever EndingI followed Ivy through 5 novels and enjoyed the journey as she attempted to solve murders without becoming a victim herself The characters are well described and you become part of the adventure However the last chapter is not developed well It just placed the 2 main characters in a small town and you don t know what Ivy and her fellow will do next So the ending was a downer.

  6. Stubborn once againVery entertaining but find it unbelievable that anyone would stay in a place multiple people are trying to kill you in And if they are so clever as to quickly find you, they would repeatedly fail The Lord is indeed on our side, but whenever we blatantly disregard inspiration, there are consequences That being said, great characters to get attached to.

  7. Awesome Fun satisfying lovely story, a perfect end to this series What s next I am sure it will be fabulously engrossing

  8. Ivy Malone has been on the run from the Braxton family for years, but they haven t tried to kill her recently Maybe it s safe to go home Her boyfriend disagrees, but once Ivy gets an idea in her head, there s no stopping her.If you re not familiar with Ivy, she s a self described LOL little old lady In the first book in the series, aptly titled Invisible, Ivy discovered that most people don t notice elderly people which came in very handy when she decided to solve a murder.Ivy is down to earth, [...]

  9. Another cute book about a little old lady and her RV and boyfriend She got tired of running for the last three years, avoiding the gang who threatened to kill her for testifying against one of their family members She and her friend return to her house in Missouri only to find things aren t as they were when she left A body is dead in the bathtub and has been dead for quite a while turns out the body belongs to a woman who had been living in the house and had posed as Ivy Who killed her Ivy says [...]

  10. Ivy decides to go back home Mac isn t happy about it so they head in separate directions Ivy is hoping the Braxton s have stopped looking for her and she can settle down in her own house now.What a disappointment when she gets to her street How things have changed, and not for the better The street is all run down and most of the houses are rentals or boarded up now A company is trying to buy up all the properties but no one is sure what they are going to do with the area.When Ivy goes inside he [...]

  11. This is the last of a five book series and such a fun read I would recommend them all to anyone who just wants a great few hours of escape Ivy calls herself an LOL, little old lady and says that LOL s are invisible but she isn t invisible to a family that want to kill her for helping to put a member of their family in prison Since she was first threatened she has toured the country in an old RV with her cat and finds dead bodies along the way In this final book Ivy wants to go home She has been [...]

  12. My favorite lol little old lady , Ivy Malone is back in this 5th installment Ivy has been traveling for three years in her motorhome While her house was supposed to be looked after by a property manager she arrives to find the home filled with garbage, all of her furniture gone and a dead body in the bathtub Was the dead woman killed because someone thought she was Ivy or was it a different reason With the help of her friend Mac, a young couple and a new policewoman Ivy solves the case.

  13. A new beginning Ivy, still on the run from the Braxtons heads home only to discover the reason they haven t been a problem recently is that they believe she is already dead but they murdered the wrong LOL Now what Mac comes to the rescue and she sees old friends and meets new neighbors The only question remaining is where Ivy will go next I really hope this isn t the last we see of her

  14. Finally I read the first three books in this series and enjoyed them so much I bought them for my mom and a friend After a while I thought to check and see if any were complete, and yay The next book was done Ivy will make you giggle with her antics, and take you on a ride to solve murders that seem to occur wherever she ends up Read it, you won t be disappointed.

  15. I love this whole series by Lorena McCourtney starting with the first one, Invisible The characters are well drawn I would love to know a real Ivy Malone, amateur somewhat geriatric sleuth The plots are intriguing and the resolutions are satisfying In addition, the books are clean without being preachy or unrealistic Basically light hearted intrigues with humor and some depth.

  16. One of McCourtney s best Ivy gets into all kinds of trouble predicaments that seem impossible to get out of, especially for a LOL Love how McCourtney weaves trouble from the nefarious Braxton s with the sweet love story between Ivy and Mac.If you love cozies, you ll love all of the novels in the Ivy Malone series Keep writing em, Lorena

  17. Another great Ivy Malone mysteryIf you haven t read an Ivy Malone mystery you should Even though the heroine is a LOL little old lady she is cute, funny and even better a good clean heroine who loves the Lord I can t wait for the Mac n Ivy mysteries.

  18. Great read much too short.Looking forward to seeing what Ivy Mac Pherson gets into next.Good story line, hope in the future Seeing that a LoL can have adventure in her life as well as romance, is a joy to be involved in.o

  19. Good story with an adorable heroine.Lorena McCourtney writes mysteries with a good natured Christian view I like being able to read stories with adventure and clean language Thank you Ms McCourtney

  20. I really enjoyed this book the story had enough surprises to keep me guessing I wish there would have been a few pages at the end, it ended good, but I would like a few details.

  21. As usual with Lorena McCourtney s Ivy Malone Mysteries, I loved this book Fun, crazy, witty and endearing.

  22. One of you re best Ivy Malone books and hope not you re last Love all you re books but this is one of you re best The Ivy Malone series is great could you start the next one now

  23. Fun ReadingThanks for writing this fun and exciting book Enjoyable to the end Loved all of the books in the series.

  24. PerfectionI was hoping for this book Don t want to give any spoilers here If you have read all of this series so far make sure you read this one.

  25. Finale Just when you ve jumped in to figure it all out, this author hits you with the unexpected and unforeseen A good read to end a series and begin the next one

  26. Ivy fanEnjoy time with Ivy and Mac Love the way they argue without hurtful words Makes the characters seem real Look forward to next book Love the mystery with clean language.

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