[PDF] Gus | by ☆ Kim Holden - Gus, Gus The journey that began in top rated best selling Bright Side continues This is the story of Gus Losing himself Finding himself And healing along the way but the honest to God truth is I don t even k
  • Title: Gus
  • Author: Kim Holden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Gus | by ☆ Kim Holden, Gus, Kim Holden, Gus The journey that began in top rated best selling Bright Side continues This is the story of Gus Losing himself Finding himself And healing along the way but the honest to God truth is I don t even know how to function any Bright Side wasn t only my best friend she was like my other half the other half of my brain the other half of my conscience thThe journey that began in top rated best s [PDF] Gus | by ☆ Kim Holden - Gus, Gus The journey that began in top rated best selling Bright Side continues This is the story of Gus Losing himself Finding himself And healing along the way but the honest to God truth is I don t even k
  • [PDF] Gus | by ☆ Kim Holden
    411Kim Holden

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  1. Some of my favorite things reading, writing, the two coolest guys on the planet my husband and son , my bicycle my husband built it for me , Facebook I m fairly certain it s an addiction at this point , iced coffee hazelnut , and music LOVE Sunset Sons, the 1975, Dredg, the xx, Balance and Composure, Teenage Bottlerocket, and 30 Seconds to Mars I also love dreaming, which brings me to my next point I have one bit of advice for anyone reading this follow your dreams It s never too late Get started today heck get started RIGHT NOW I wanted to write a book 20 years ago Instead I waited And waited I should ve been writing But I didn t I don t do regrets, because the past is just that, the past But let me tell you there s nothing in the world like achieving something you ve dreamt about for years and years So, get started Make your dreams reality I love to hear from other readers Send me a message or find me on Facebook facebook kimholdenauthor and tell what s up in your reading world.

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  1. 5 EPIC starsKim Holden knows how to hit you right in the feels with her stories Every single time I really thought I would be okay reading Gus That there would be no tears boy was I wrong My emotions were working overtime while reading this, as were my tear ducts I will say, however, that by the end, I had such a big smile on my face and my heart was filled with so much happiness, that the tears were than worth it.Aside from Kate, Gus was my favorite character in Bright Side Something about thi [...]

  2. Love isn t a one way journey Everyone likes to read about the beginning of love, the swift beautiful descent into the butterflies We all love the meet cute, the caf flirtations, the ensuing weeks when two characters sink into love and are swept away on a road towards their inevitable white taffeta destiny But nobody wants to talk about the wreckage, the after effects, the sorrow that can linger after love leaves And any form of love can leave, not just romantic love Sometimes the loss of a frien [...]

  3. Bright Side wasn t only my best friend she was like my other half the other half of my brain, the other half of my conscience, the other half of my sense of humor, the other half of my creativity, the other half of my heart How do you go back to doing what you did before, when half of you is gone forever When I opened Bright Side I had no clue what was in store I went in blind and came out shining.When I opened Gus I knew what was coming I knew Kim would give me heart and soul Even though I knew [...]

  4. 4.5 Stars Bright Side wasn t only my best friend she was like my other half the other half of my brain, the other half of my conscience, the other half of my sense of humor, the other half of my creativity, the other half of my heart How do you go back to doing what you did before, when half of you is gone forever Kim Holden delivered a sequel that for me was much creative and less predictable than it s predecessor To be honest, I was in moderate like with the first book but in this book I FELT [...]

  5. 4.5 stars How do you go back to doing what you did before, when half of you is gone forever Warning, there will be spoilers in this review for those of you who haven t read Bright Side yet, so only read on if you have read Bright Side or are fine with spoilers I warned you Gus was a book I was hesitant to read as Bright Side shattered my heart I HATE unrequited love and I cried so hard for Gus at the end of that book for being in love with a girl who he didn t get a chance at forever with So thi [...]

  6. Genre Contemporary RomanceType Book 2 of 2 from Bright Side seriesPOV First Person DualRating Gustov Gus Hawthorne took the loss of his best friend hard He lost one thing that tethered him to the ground Without it, he quickly spiraled down to self destruction As lead singer and guitarist of the now popular band Rook, he was supposed to be their leader, but his detachment forced the record label to have someone keep close eyes on the band.Scout MacKenzie was necessary addition to Rook camp As the [...]

  7. Good book Unfortunately, just like with the first book in this series, I couldn t quite connect with the characters all the way I loved Gus, the hero I like the heroine But I just never quite fell in love with them as a couple May be it was the whole dead ex thing Ok, she wasn t his ex but he was deeply in love with her Normally stuff like this wouldn t bother me but I felt like the bringing up of Bright Side was constant and kept taking away from the romance At least for me There was just too m [...]

  8. 5 Heal my Heart StarsIf any of you are worried to delve into this after Bright Side, I ll just say that this book gives us the happy feeling It will give you everything and , I m telling you, I am very happy with how this book unfolded and ended for me its was the best way for Kim to help us readers to move on and ultimately again to question ourselves To think and then to understand who Gus really is It still has emotional moments but its not gut wrenching just happinessfor me anyway This book [...]

  9. I love this book so much it makes my heart ache I m at the tipping point of a transformation that began months ago, an intentional decision put in motion And it feels so fucking good I ve come to the full realization that my happiness, my life, falls squarely on my shoulders No one s gonna do it for it me I m the one who makes it or breaks it It s a choice A choice that demands action in exchange for reward Idleness and complacency lead to mediocrity Sometimes action is really fucking hard fough [...]

  10. Every since that heartbreaking ending and what Gus did in Bright Side, I ve been dying to hear his story and thankfully, now we get to It was really easy to like Gus in Bright Side and not only like him but commiserate with him I not only wanted him to have a HEA but I needed it The one thing that surprised me was I had no idea how much I would come to love Gus butat comes later First, we have to watch him self destruct Luckily, it wasn t as bad as it could ve beenank goodness for Franco or it [...]

  11. I re read because well GUS was my favorite book of 2016 and Franco audiobook just came out and I wanted to read GUS again 3 Loved it soooooo hard 5 Gus Stars Audible Review HERE I am going to be completely honest, I wasn t going to read Gus, and here is why I was completely gutted with Bright Side Like my heart hurt too much to revisit any part of this story again But with the coaxing of some fabulous, book friends I decided what the heck give Gus a shot And thank god I did, his book really does [...]

  12. Reviewed by Hello Beautiful Book BlogPerfect sequel to Bright Side This book will help you heal and provide happiness and closure Spoilers for Bright Side 1 below Kim Holden has a way with creating the best chemistry between all of her characters I m not just talking about romantic chemistry, but also the friendships the characters share It is really something special and I feel it each time I read one of her books Just as in Bright Side, Gus is strongly character driven I really value a book th [...]

  13. Excuse me, but NO.I ve read Bright Side and absolutely loved it I was looking forward to seeing how Gus moves on after book one When I read BS I had a feeling Gus was going to make a perfect book boyfriend Kim Holden s characters are refreshing, because she writes perfectly cute, nice and feel good characters and the men are not as holes But I have to say, I kinda think all those 5 star reviews GUS has been receiving is due to the fact people still love and rave about Bright Side Here s why GUS [...]

  14. 5 Wonderful Stars This duet is very dear to my heart and I had no doubt I was going to love Gus as much, if not than Bright Side These are characters that stay in your heart forever, their stories, not only give you the feels but they will also inspire you to try to always live life on the bright side.The story picks up right after Bright Side left Gus He was completely lost without his best friend Then he is forced to go on tour to promote his band s new album in Europe.Gus is deep into dark t [...]

  15. 2.5 3 aras nda gidip geliyorum G n I m ok fazla sevmemekle birlikte sonundan etkilendi im i in 3.5 vermi tim Kitap bana olduk a iyimser, Pollyannavari gelmi ti Ve kitapta en sevdi im karakterlerden birisi de Gus olmu tu O y zden bu kitab daha ok sevece imi d n yordum Ama d nd m gibi olmad Hani birisini ok az tan rs n z ama ok seversiniz Sonra onu daha ok tan mak istersiniz sonra da bunu istedi inize pi man olursunuz Hislerim az ok b yleydi Ke ke Gus ilk kitaptaki haliyle b raksayd m haf zamda nk [...]

  16. GUS Bright Side, 2 by Kim Holden5 stars Grief Anger Grief Anger GriefAnger After you have read something as perfect as Bright Side you are always going to be nervous reading the sequel, I mean, how can something so perfect ever be matched or even topped Well, I needn t have worried at all As soon as GUS landed on my kindle I was all in from the first to last word Kim Holden does Gus proud in this book and she has given us a story that was honest, real, emotional, intense and so heart breakingly [...]

  17. Kim Holden Dude You totally broke my heart in the most Epic way AGAIN Last year I read a book with a very plain orange cover, that completely did a number on me It s a book that has stayed with me and I often think about Kate, when I read an emotional book Apart from the main story about the beautiful Bright Side, I came away wanting to know about Kate s best friend, Gus, because I well and truly fell for his huge heart, so this brings me to now and the book with the very plain black cover Gus [...]

  18. I loved Bright Side with all my heart The book and the girl It was so beautiful and real.But Gus Gus stole my heart in its entirety I cried than I did for Bright Side, actually I watched Gus in his downward spiral and I watched him grow and heal He was so human and heart broken and I was right there with him I felt his whole journey, and I was honored to be on it with him and Scout.I know that Bright Side changed lives, and I understand that But it was Gus that did it for me It he I don t even [...]

  19. Originally posted on Three Little Birds Book Blog.When I read Kim Holden s books I feel like she s writing to me and me alone I feel connected to the story as if it s mine That s her gift, and I ll cherish it as long as she decides to write because her work makes me better Bright Side was one of the most emotional books I ve ever read fuck that, it was the most emotional book I ve ever read and it made me question my life and choices so than any other art piece has before Gus was the same It di [...]

  20. I think Bright Side is a flawless book, so even though I was curious about what happens next with Gus, I was hesitant to read this continuation of the story I mean, how does an author successfully follow up an emotional five star read I have no idea, but Kim Holden makes it look easy with Gus How do you go back to what you did before, when the other half of you is gone forever Gus is barely coping after his devastating loss His pain is palpable, raw and very real, and it s difficult to see this [...]

  21. 3,5 tan 4 3 versem az, 4 versem ilk kitaba haks zl k D r st olmak gerekirse ilk kitap kadar muhte em de ildi Gus ok seviyordum, bu kitapta da sevmeye devam ettim Ama Scout ok sevdi im bir karakter olamad malesef Ba lardaki kendine g vensizlik tesi ezik hali beni pek memnun etmedi Ki ben ilk kitapta Gus Kate ili kisinden yana de ildim, Kate in e i benim i in hep Keller oldu Buna ra men Scout la Gus ili kisi beni mutlu etmedi Gus n 2 y l i inde ya ad klar , ini leri, dibi g rmesi, sonra kendini yi [...]

  22. 1.5 y por la sombra de Bright side que a n persiste algo en esta 2 parte Si no fuera por eso, probablemente lo hubiera abandonado.Estoy super cabreada e indignada En primer lugar el libro est plagado de errores de edici n o impresi n Que s , que somos humanos y podemos equivocarnos, pero se puede pasar una vez o dos, no m s Y en segundo lugar, el tema de la traducci n que es p sima En mi opini n este libro es un claro ejemplo de como se te puede joder una lectura por culpa de una mala traducci n [...]

  23. People, I m going to go over board here and rate this with 6 GUS stars this story deserves no lessd it was an experience I won t forgetis was a closure I needed, it was than enough to make me feel COMPLETE on several different levelsd bear with me cause I can t help it LOL but do thisd yes Gus was in my heart already from the first book Bright Side, he was just the one who fit in that one part of my shattered heart to fill it with hoped what I got from him was as he calls it redemption, it was [...]

  24. I don t even know where to begin Obviously, we open with Gus, Katie s BFF, who is lost without her He is adrift Kim Holden takes us on a journey of grief, the road traveled by those left behind when a loved one leaves us It s not pretty But it s real As a reader, I rolled through the pain with Gus, I felt it deep inside as if it were my own I felt his torture I hit rock bottom with him.But I also rose from the ashes with him Is this book Bright Side No, it isn t It is the book that shows us what [...]

  25. I love Gus and Bright Side so freaking much, they definitely rank up pretty high with my favorite characters ever Bright Side killed me, I am talking crying the next just thinking about it I was terrified to read Gus and while it had it s emotional moments it definitely helped.I love this book, I love these TWO books I can t recommend them enough

  26. 5 Do Epic Yellow Sticky Note Love Stars for the story and the narration Kim Holden is a master of eliciting emotion from her readers listeners Her understanding of human nature and adeptness at creating one of a kind, truly inspiring characters is unparalleled Thank you Ms Holden for another fascinating, love filled story that reminds us all why we should never lose hope and instead always aspire to Do Epic Moreover, not only is this story first rate, but the narration is also top notch both fro [...]

  27. 5 I Only Do Epic StarsFirstly you can call me Mrs Hawthorne because Gus owns my heart body and soul.I FLOVE him with everything that I am, A week later and I m still in a funk, I m really not ready to let go, I don t think EVER Going through Gus s heartache was like you were right there beside him, You felt the his pain weave throughout your whole body, and you couldn t help but just cry with him, for him.From about 4% of the Kim Holden had me on my knees , the tears flowed and I just wanted to [...]

  28. 5 Beautiful, magical, earth shaking stars Song Read All About It, Pt III by Emile SandeSong Skinny Love by BirdyIt has been a few days since I finished this amazing book and I know that no review I can write will do it any justice so my feelings are what I give to you Also, I warn, I do not know how to write a review for this book wo including Bright Side as well.Kim Holden has clearly perfected the art of writing, I say she is a magician sorcerer of wordsing magic with my heart and soul, making [...]

  29. Me ha parecido una historia sosa, plana, simplemente el d a a d a de Gus.No he visto feeling entre los protagonistas y he visto sobre todo poco romance.Nada que ver con el de Kate.

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