Break Me In

Unlimited Break Me In - by Shari Slade - Break Me In, Break Me In Do you get what you deserve Under his hands or on the back of his bike the freedom I feel with Noah is an illusion No baby You get what you take and you keep what you can hold He ties me to him with
  • Title: Break Me In
  • Author: Shari Slade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Break Me In - by Shari Slade, Break Me In, Shari Slade, Break Me In Do you get what you deserve Under his hands or on the back of his bike the freedom I feel with Noah is an illusion No baby You get what you take and you keep what you can hold He ties me to him with fear and obligation and lust Binds us tighter with his twisted sense of honor I just hope his chains are strong enough to keep me safe These are short hot reads Do you get what you deserv Unlimited Break Me In - by Shari Slade - Break Me In, Break Me In Do you get what you deserve Under his hands or on the back of his bike the freedom I feel with Noah is an illusion No baby You get what you take and you keep what you can hold He ties me to him with
  • Unlimited Break Me In - by Shari Slade
    408Shari Slade
Break Me In

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  1. Shari Slade is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy new adult and rock star romance She s a snarky optimist A would be academic with big dreams and very little means When she isn t toiling away in the non profit sector, she s writing gritty stories about identity and people who make terrible choices in the name of love or lust Somehow, it all works out in the end If she had a patronus it would be a platypus.Frequently found in a blanket fort, you can also find her contributing at Wonkomance, on twitter, facebook, or tumblr For new release updates, sign up for the newsletter.

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  1. Break Me InBelief has to be suspended when reading this serial The characters contradict themselves a lot and are quite illogical in their actions.

  2. The only flaw with The Devil s Host Motorcycle Club series, is its too short, longer chapters needs to be added The author has a keen eye, and dramatic detail, plot and storyline are edge cutting sharp You can feel the brotherhood as if you d walked into the biker bar as a club bunny or sweet butt violence is in the air, your heart hammers to the tunes of war Yeah I m with Noah, as the shits hits the fan with the Bloody Jokers.

  3. Hot dangerous and addicting This book was a short quick read and I still can t get enough It makes me want Noah is hot dangerous, sexy and he takes care of what s his and Star is his Not even she is allowed to hurt herself let alone anyone else When things take a twist Noah has to hold onto his control or risk not only losing his life of Stars too I can t wait to read from this series

  4. Break Me In by Shari Slade1 starThis novella continues where the first book leaves off Star is on her way to enter the motorcycle club under Noah The first novel in this five part serial wasn t great, but it was a good set up and had me interested in where this series was going It was offered for free within the first book, so I decided to pick it up because I was intrigued to see where this story was going Not surprisingly it quickly went down hill The plot is just too confounded and quickly tu [...]

  5. SNS Rating 5.0 Dee s Review In this second installment, Star and Noah have to face Dev, the ruthless leader of the club What follows is a tense, frightening episode of torture, beatings and pain, both physical and emotional Star s faith in Noah is strained and Noah s faith in himself is tested to the breaking point The club goes through changes and a war is declared Talented writing continues to paint with words the vivid colors of anger, fear, lust, power control, treachery, tenderness and anxi [...]

  6. Check out my review discussion at Smexy Books Wicked Wednesdaysmexybooks 2015 06 wicked

  7. The stakes are getting higher and the danger growing ever closer to Star after bad boy biker Noah takes her in payment for another s betrayal Things aren t that clear cut though as Star s been looking for an escape from a life becoming oppressive and Noah s isn t as bad as he first appears While this installment is a bit darker than the previous we get to see deeper into Star and Noah s souls and to the better lives they re desperate for but doubt they ll ever have For now they ll take what the [...]

  8. WOW, how intense This is a dark erotic story The author has done and amazing job capturing the characters and what it must be like to be part of an outlaw biker gang The spoke and unspoken laws The loyalty that goes into the brotherhood.Star s cousin Harry was in some deep trouble with the Devil s Host Dev wanted information and he did not care how he got it or who he had to hurt Nothing would stand in his way He was out for blood.Noah was an Enforcer for the Devil s Host When Noah had come to c [...]

  9. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie s Book Reports Carla s Five Star ReviewBreak Me In is the second novella in the Devil s Host MC series, and it is the continuation of Noah and Star s storyG I am sooo in love with Noah He is hot He is sexy He is 100 percent alpha male He always gets what he wants and what he wants is Star Lucky, lucky girl He has claimed her, and he will do whatever it takes to protect her and keep her safe even if it means going again [...]

  10. I received a copy of this hood in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie s Book Reports Bread Me in is the second novella in Shari Slade s Devil s Host MC Series You have to read Ride Me Hard or your going to be lost.Star hops on the back of Noah s bike and off they go To his clubhouse She is his and Noah isn t letting a star go There is no way to say much about this story without giving something away Break Me In takes off right where Ride Me Hard left off These two are off to the clubhous [...]

  11. I just finished Break Me In and I really enjoyed this It s apart of the Devils Host MC series so Ride Me Hard must be read first As you know Noah is the enforcer and he has taken Star back to his club to talk to Dev What he doesn t expect is to have to enforce punishment on Star to find out information from Hardy because he was not talking It is was a quick yet sexy read I m kid confused at a particular spot that happened in the story but cant wait to see what happens next Story 4.5Sex 5Overall [...]

  12. Shari sure knows how to take you on a dark and twisted ride This continues from part one and only gets better and hotter and twisted and dark Star is one touch woman She is smart, smarter than Dev, as she proves She s obviously had a rough past and I hope we find out about that If you ve been keeping up with the flash fiction then you don t want to miss this because there is a lot of extra goodies thrown in ARC provided for honest review

  13. Star is still with Noah of her own free will She loves him or something close to it Noah is very protective of her and his club Getting things cleaned up in the club, is going to be hard he says but she is willing to stick around and help What will happen with the rival club coming on their turf.

  14. So fucking hot Noah is perfect He s a tortured soul with a loving heart And did I mention he was FUCKING HOT

  15. I m pretty sure she s not ok and needs mental help And all the guys are horrible But I kinda wanna see what happens.

  16. HOT, DIRTY, DARKThis is my second read from Shari Slade and not disappointed yet These stories are CAPTIVATING and steamy A thrill ride taken never knowing what s ahead.

  17. Break Me In is another fast paced, exciting read.Continuing from where Ride Me Hard left off, Noah drags Star along with whatever it is that he s doing Drag, I use the word lightly because she went with him willing, despite his warning signs to stay away Despite that he beat up the sheriff who was hitting on her Did the officer deserve that beat down, maybe a little but not to that extreme.Star willing leaves behind a life where her landlord comes and goes out of her apartment as he pleases An a [...]

  18. This second part of the 5 part serial starts right where part 1 left off, with Noah and Star heading out on his bike for parts unknown at least to Star It s not to be meant to be read as a standalone, though you could fairly easily jump into the story with this chapter.Star comes across in this chapter as still rather naive and trusting, not really understanding that Noah has a job to do, one that will impact her greatly At the same time however, Noah is obviously a conflicted character He is an [...]

  19. Storyline 5Angst 4Tissue 0Value 5Panty Scorching 4Over All Rating 4.5 StarsReviewed by Jenny and RobinKindle eARcBreak Me In is part two in the Devil s Host MC series This gritty MC book continues as Star takes off with Noah to be owned by him It appears that being owned by Noah means that no one else is allowed to touch or use Star There are some surprisingly tender moments in this installment but also some nail biters The ending leaves you jumping up and down saying WHYYYYYY Robin Part two sta [...]

  20. Break Me In is the second in the Devil s Host MC serial I read the first part of the serial, Ride Me Hard, and liked it I loved Break Me In The story picks up with Noah and Star reaching Noah s MC clubhouse In the previous installment, I didn t really connect with Star because I couldn t figure out her motivation for following Noah so easily As I read, I gained a greater understanding of the traumatic past that Star endured She describes the foul scent of the MC as The signature scent of my chil [...]

  21. Received a review copy in exchange for an honest review original tour posting can be found at mnonmklreviews 20We start this part right where we left off with Star getting on the back of Noah s bike as he s taking her away from the destruction of her current life In this volume in the series, we see Star getting to be comfortable with the choice she made in RIDE ME HARD, but we also see that Noah has a possessive side.I mean, yeah, sure, we got that in RIDE ME HARD, but it is extremely evident [...]

  22. In this second installment of the Devil s Host MC series from Shari Slade, Noah and Star hit the road, finishing up some club business before returning to the clubhouse Unfortunately, things get a little violent there when Noah has to do some dirty work for Dev, the club president I m really liking this MC serial from Shari Slade It s unapologetic in its violence and heat and the serial length size are just packed with action I m really starting to get invested in Noah and Star and where they wi [...]

  23. Reviewed on behalf of Mytimeoutbookblog I give Break Me In Part 2 Devil s Host MC Serial 5 stars for upping my curiosity about this motorcycle club and leading me further into the lives of Noah and Star.Shari Slade has brought insight into the story of this motorcycle gang and definitely leaves you wanting Noah is scary, dangerous and sexy and has claimed Star as his He takes care of what is his Dev, Noah s boss, is out for blood and he is testing Noah Will he be able to pass this test Star kn [...]

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