When the Heavens Fall

Free Download When the Heavens Fall - by Marc Turner - When the Heavens Fall, When the Heavens Fall If you pick a fight with Shroud Lord of the Dead you had better ensure your victory else death will mark only the beginning of your suffering A book giving its wielder power over the dead has been
  • Title: When the Heavens Fall
  • Author: Marc Turner
  • ISBN: 9781783297573
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download When the Heavens Fall - by Marc Turner, When the Heavens Fall, Marc Turner, When the Heavens Fall If you pick a fight with Shroud Lord of the Dead you had better ensure your victory else death will mark only the beginning of your suffering A book giving its wielder power over the dead has been stolen from a fellowship of mages that has kept the powerful relic dormant for centuries The thief a crafty power hungry necromancer intends to use the Book of Lost SoulsIf yo Free Download When the Heavens Fall - by Marc Turner - When the Heavens Fall, When the Heavens Fall If you pick a fight with Shroud Lord of the Dead you had better ensure your victory else death will mark only the beginning of your suffering A book giving its wielder power over the dead has been
  • Free Download When the Heavens Fall - by Marc Turner
    147Marc Turner
When the Heavens Fall

About Author

  1. Check out my website for a free audio short story tinyurl pgulukwVideo trailer tinyurl o9e7ye9Marc Turner was born in Toronto, Canada, but grew up in England He graduated from Lincoln College, Oxford University, in 1996 with a BA Hons in law, and subsequently joined a top ten law firm in the City of London After realising that working there did not mix well with simple pleasures such as having a life, he fled north first to Leeds and then to Durham in search of a better work life balance Unfortunately it proved elusive, and so in 2007, rather than take the next step and move to Scotland, he began working part time so he could devote time to his writing Following the sale of his debut epic fantasy novel, When the Heavens Fall, he started writing full time.Why writing Because it is the only work he knows where daydreaming isn t frowned upon, and because he has learned from bitter experience that he cannot not write The authors whose work has most influenced him are Steven Erikson and Joe Abercrombie Consequently he writes fast paced, multi threaded novels with a liberal sprinkling of humour novels written on a panoramic scale, peopled by characters that stay in the memory Or at least that s the theory .He lives in Durham, England, with his wife and son.

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  1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews I m one of those readers who let this novel slip by when it was first released A fact which seems odd, because with its huge world, multi thread narrative, and grimdark tinged story it is exactly the sort of fantasy I tend to look for And I never would have had a second thought about passing it up if I had not begun seeing reviews about it Not all of those were five star reviews, truth be told, and some of the reviewers were not glowingly complimentary [...]

  2. Turner s debut is sporting a departmental line of structure rarely seen in modern fiction Pick a random fantasy book from your bookshelf Turn it upside down Read the summary Now tell me the plot No, wait, let me do that for you You have a story told either from one or from multiple points of view, by several main characters You follow the Protagonists personal stories, and in doing so you sometimes witness a greater plot arc that involves the fate of an empire, or even that of a world Well, in W [...]

  3. Although When the Heavens Fall didn t knock my socks off, I m still glad I read it The elements that didn t quite work for me were basic plot construction choices, which means the author had all of the world building, characterization, and writing skills, and even executed his vision to my satisfaction, he just didn t give me a satisfying journey on top of it all Because of that, I am super excited to dive into his second book and see how a new plot structure with a new cast of characters unfold [...]

  4. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 05 22 bMarc Turner s When the Heavens Fall was a book that snuck quietly onto my radar earlier this year I knew next to nothing about it beyond the official publisher s description, and so as with most things shrouded in mystery, I was instantly intrigued and hoping it would score a surprise hit In retrospect, my first impressions might have been different if I had kept my expectations in line, but even after they were tempered I knew I proba [...]

  5. Seek not beauty in battle Seek not beauty in death Consider not your own life If you wish to protect that which must be protected, then strike while your opponent s back is turned I knew next to nothing about this book I knew of its existence and I knew I didn t liked the cover And that s pretty much it.Then, in a great anthology Evil is a Matter of Perspective An Anthology of Antagonists, I have read a short story about water mage pirate Mazana Creed And, besides pirates and great female charac [...]

  6. While I hesitate to call this a throwback or reactionary fantasy, there s no question that When the Heavens Fall has a very late 80s early 90s feel to it From the characters, to the world building, to the story, to the narration, Marc Turner s debut just feels like something I d almost swear I read 25 years ago That s not necessarily a bad thing many of my favorite epics are from that era but it will certainly present a challenge to readers who ve become accustomed to something polished and co [...]

  7. Can t quite put my finger on why this book wasn t a hit with me It s a weak 3 stars The world building was good, not great good premise, exciting battle scenes The magic system was unique and well explained Pacing at times left something to be desired most of all the characters I feel weren t well developed Could be my mood, or the books I have read lately have well developed characters and I don t feel this one has been up to par on that end

  8. I was completely drawn into this world, multiple stories of unrelated characters facing different issues and challenges, dealing with the gods meddling with human affairs It is a 4.5 stars book for me, reminiscent of the Malazan Book of the Fallen with interesting characters, magic systems and gods.

  9. Well, this started out well enough interesting world and four POV characters to guide us through itbut by the midway point it just seemed to be all show and no real substance There s a Prince, a Priestess, a Guardian with Jedi like powers Star Wars , and a demi goddess who are all or less on converging paths to defeat a crazy coot mage with his very own Precious Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien The problem is there is no real character development going on in 700 pages worth of story so what we r [...]

  10. One of the best debut fantasies I ve ever read Turner is someone that will become a household name in the years to come 4 out of 5 stars.

  11. Originally reviewed at thequeenofblades.uShamefully, I didn t pick this up immediately when it was released I had noticed it on , but I had many, many books to read It was shelved, and joined the back of the line Yes, I am an awful person It wasn t until I met Marc Turner that I figured I better get to it When the Heavens Fall was compared to Malazan by another reviewer This set off alarm bells in my head I love Malazan, no not just love When I m reading any of TMBotF, I live in them I eat, slee [...]

  12. Full Review at Tenacious Reader tenaciousreader 2015 0When the Heavens Fall by Marc Turner is reminiscent of Steven Erikson and Glen Cook I think for readers looking for something new but love some of the older fantasies, this could be a good pick.When I began this book, I have to confess I expected to love it But I just can t say that was the case I still feel like I should have loved it, there are many great things about this book, but honestly I just didn t It was still good, just not as good [...]

  13. Fantasy Review BarnAll roads lead to Rome.Mayot gets his hands on an object that gives him power to rival the gods And it is quickly apparent he plans on using it His presence turns into a magnet for everything to follow a focal point for the entire cast to converge on for differing reasons Some know exactly why they are heading to this man while some are driven there by factors beyond their control But each soul that heads in his direction is drawn in completely one way or another their fate wi [...]

  14. I would not be the first to say that there has been a real explosion of fantasy literature in the last 5 10 years Some of it is fantastic and some of it not so good, but we still enjoy reading and talking about it all don t we I came across Marc Turner by accident as I follow his UK publisher Titan on Twitter and on Fantasy Faction there was loud chatter about a new author on the scene Curious about an author writing a new epic fantasy series called, The Chronicles of the Exile, I purchased a co [...]

  15. When the Heavens Fallby Marc Turner is the author s debut novel This is a big swords and sorcery epic that seems to channel a touch of Steven Erikson The story is catapulted into action by the theft of a magical book that is filled to the brim with magic the Book of Lost Souls As the mage who stole the book begins to explore its power over the dead it begins to drawn the attention of gods and men into an epic convergence of power The story follows several characters from different corners of the [...]

  16. Really solid book Essentially a quest story as four very different characters and their cohorts travel to try and win a Book of the Dead that has brought an army of the dead to life and threatens everyone It is complex and jumps between the main characters a lot All of the main characters are well drawn and I was fond of the resolute Guardian Luker and his assassin friend Jenna but the eccentric mage Mottle was by far the most fun Should be read in long bursts if you can do it do as to keep ever [...]

  17. 4.3 I d say abitterdraft 2015 05 when The Book of Lost Souls, an ancient relic guarded closely by a circle of mages for centuries, has been stolen by the rogue mage Mayot Mencada through the subtle directive of the goddess Spider The Book gives its wielder immense necromantic power, and Mayot s ambition knows no bounds as he openly challenges the god Shroud s rule over the underworld by raising the ancient dead and lashing out at any settlement near the Forest of Sighs, the cursed forest he has [...]

  18. Review in portugueseEsse livro um prato cheio para os f s de fantasia cl ssica dos anos 80 e 90 e para os f s de Steven Erikson evidente a influencia que o Marc Turner teve dos livros do Steven Erikson e do Joe Abercrombie, os personagens s o ricos e cheios de qualidades e defeitos enfim humanos e a narrativa n o te entrega nada de m o beijada, voc literalmente tem que ficar prestando aten o no que est acontecendo o tempo inteiro, caso contrario voc vai acabar boiando na hist ria.A premissa do l [...]

  19. An excellent read for all fans of dark fantasy Really wish I hadn t waited so long to read it but on the plus side there are 2 books available in the series to datery keen to see where the story goes next

  20. The review will be highly Malazan centric since there s a lot of parallels and the author himself has recognized Erikson as a major influence There s also a lot of parallel characters Hood Shroud, Ardata Spider, Antler God Beast GodsThat does not mean the personality traits of these gods or their goals are the same The writing style and plot layout are much Esslemont than Erikson Things are generally laid out in a straightforward manner not laced with subtext and portents of things to comes hun [...]

  21. I both love it and hate it when I enjoy the first book in a new series I love it because I have the thrill of knowing that even when I reach the last page there s still plenty where that came from and I hate it because what do you mean I have to wait until next year for the second one After just a few pages I knew that the Chronicles of the Exile would be yet another series I d be following I d seen this book reviewed on several blogs I follow, and was completely pulled in by the overwhelmingl [...]

  22. Simply the best Fantasy novel I ve read since Abercrombie s First Law trilogy and Jeff Salyards Bloodsounder s Arc trilogy Loved everything about this book It gave me exactly what I crave.

  23. 3.5 Stars.No spoilers.This first book of a trilogy, is a traditional typed high fantasy, where we have numerous story lines, of groups of, or singular Luker, a Guardian, Ebon a Prince, Parolla a necromancer, and Romany a High Priestess characters involved in search of a mage who has stolen The Book of Lost Souls and with that he is trying to take over as the Lord of the Dead Each is in search of this book and the mage, Mayot for different reasons What happens when they all converge Things seemed [...]

  24. A very nice but not nice fantasy debut.The most solid part of the writing was definitely Turner s feel for setting Without going overboard, the descriptions of ruined temples and forests of undead were vivid enough to make me feel as if I were playing several levels of a Diablo game It definitely felt like a world driven fantasy than a character driven one, and given the right ingredients, I m sometimes fine with that This was one of those times.As a huge fan of big and bad, and preferably old [...]

  25. My review today is for When the Heavens Fall The Chronicles of the Exile, Book One by Marc TurnerA copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review My opinions are my own.I have been meaning to read this book forever it seems but something always got in the way, another book, another review request, always something I finally put everything else on hold and read it and I sure am glad I did I immediately feel in love with this book I felt so at home with this story and charac [...]

  26. koeur.wordpress 2015 03 1Publisher TorPublishing Date May 2015ISBN 9780765337122 Genre FantasyRating 4.0 5Publisher Description A book giving its wielder power over the dead has been stolen from a fellowship of mages that has kept the powerful relic dormant for centuries The thief, a crafty, power hungry necromancer, intends to use the Book of Lost Souls to resurrect an ancient race and challenge Shroud for dominion of the underworld Shroud counters by sending his most formidable servants to sei [...]

  27. 3.5 4 star review as this is only the first few chapters and so at this stage there is room for development.Just finished reading the first few chapters in When the Heavens Fall by Marc Turner This is the start of a swords and sorcery epic fantasy with magic, Gods and plenty of swordplay.This is an odd review to write because at the moment I ve only read an excerpt of the story but I can already say that this is a story that I would definitely continue with as this got off to a very promising st [...]

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