The Dragon Round

The Dragon Round Best Read || [Stephen S. Power] - The Dragon Round, The Dragon Round The Count of Monte Cristo with a dragon a dark literary fantasy in which Power paints his scenes with vivid and meticulous detail and takes his tale of revenge in unexpected and refreshing directions
  • Title: The Dragon Round
  • Author: Stephen S. Power
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Dragon Round Best Read || [Stephen S. Power], The Dragon Round, Stephen S. Power, The Dragon Round The Count of Monte Cristo with a dragon a dark literary fantasy in which Power paints his scenes with vivid and meticulous detail and takes his tale of revenge in unexpected and refreshing directions Marie Brennan author of the Natural History of Dragons series Jeryon has been the captain of the Comber for than a decade He knows the rules He likes the rules The Count of Monte Cr The Dragon Round Best Read || [Stephen S. Power] - The Dragon Round, The Dragon Round The Count of Monte Cristo with a dragon a dark literary fantasy in which Power paints his scenes with vivid and meticulous detail and takes his tale of revenge in unexpected and refreshing directions
  • The Dragon Round Best Read || [Stephen S. Power]
    497Stephen S. Power
The Dragon Round

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  1. Stephen S Power is the author of The Dragon Round, published by Simon Schuster in July 2016 His short fiction has appeared most recently in AE, Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online, and he has stories forthcoming in Amazing Stories, Deep Magic and Lightspeed He is also a Pushcart Prize nominated poet and longtime book editor, working on several New York Times bestsellers and award winning titles He went to Wesleyan for a B.A in English and the University of Florida for his M.A in English, doing a thesis on Blake, but concentrating mostly on Gator football.He tweets at stephenspower, his site is stephenspower, and his home is in Maplewood, NJ.

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  1. There is no innocence, merely degrees of guilt.Jeryon is a steady and content enough captain in a society of great inequity But, there are others far less satisfied with their present opportunities and seek Mutiny.Given the captain s choice, they drift with the sea Making do and suffering the brunt of the elements until they are fortunate enough to make landfall, but not where they expected or planned.Profit, advancement and self over others and the law make for a bitter dish With it comes desi [...]

  2. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 07 09 I d wanted to read The Dragon Round by Stephen S Power for a long, long time I d say pretty much from the moment I first read its description and glimpsed that stunningly gorgeous cover For one thing, the fact that my love for dragons can only be matched by my love for seafaring fantasy definitely helped turn this book into instant catnip for my senses Needless to say, my expectations were ultra high going in And I just really want to le [...]

  3. Bumping up to 3 stars for the first half of the book, which I really liked a salty nautical yarn with dragons Captain Jeryon is a seasoned merchant his priority to to get his cargo where it s going, and to avoid the threat of huge dragons which are than capable of setting ships aflame and sinking them But dragons are also insanely valuable everything from their hide to their ichor is a valuable commodity, enough to make a seaman s fortune So when Jeryon orders his crew to flee from an approachi [...]

  4. Well, well, well Loved the cover, loved the premise Swashbuckling adventures and dragons YES SIR THANK YOU SIR You can probably feel it coming, though the dreaded but I ve been thinking for a couple of days on how to review this one Eventually, I decided to divide it into three sections Part One and Part Two in this review correspond to Part One of the book Part Tree here corresponds with Part Two of the book We are introduced to Jeryon, captain of the Comber, and pretty much the rest of his shi [...]

  5. The Dragon Round is a fantasy tale in which a honest Captain of a sailing ship was sent out to sea with one other person, without oars, water, food, or sail by a mutinous crew The two were sent afloat and came upon an island and were able to survive They found an orphaned dragon hatchling and adopted and cared for her Jeryon, the Captain, plans to use her in his plans to get revenge on the crew using the dragon The rest of the book, after the dragon grows up, is revenge based and loses it s attr [...]

  6. Dragons Who doesn t like them I m a big fan of dragons, in fact, I find these imaginary mystical creatures exuberant and delightful But that s just me.Captain Jeryon had a set of rules aboard the ship Comber and he always insisted on following them When he and his crew set sail on the high seas to deliver medicine that was supposed to stop a plague, a dragon attacked them and Jeryon s insurgent crew overthrew him along with his apothecary Evelyn Deserted in an island with only the clothes on the [...]

  7. 2.5 StarsRead all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes First, I want to say that I completely love the cover The colours work wonderful and it immediately caught my eye and would certainly also do so in a book store Yes, I ll even admit I wanted to read this book mainly because I liked the cover so much At least I m honest about it.After an encounter with a dragon a mutiny takes place that leaves Captain Jeryon and his apothecary in a small boat on a very large ocean Stranded on a small island an [...]

  8. Just couldn t get into this one The writing was overdone, there were too many POVs, and the level of detail both dragged down the pacing and made the action indecipherable Most importantly, though, I couldn t connect enough with any of the characters to want to persevere through the narrative issues.

  9. lynns books 2016 06 23 thThe Dragon Round is a fantasy adventure with plenty going on and a protagonist hellbent on revenge.At the start of the story we meet Jeryon, Captain of the Comber with plenty of experience under his belt He s a fair man but also a company man through and through and one who believes in acting by the book Unfortunately as Jeryon and his crew are making a headland for home the shadow of a dragon appears on the horizon The choices are limited Hope the beast hasn t spotted t [...]

  10. 2.5Nope, this one was not for me Or rather the second half wasn t If it had continued in the same vein as the first half I probably would have liked it But there is a definite difference between the first and second half and I found the second half excessively long and boring About a billion characters were introduced out of nowhere, while the original two were basically dropped One never reemerged until the last couple pages for no purpose but as a set up for a sequel So there was no satisfying [...]

  11. Jeryon is the captain of a successful trading ship, plying the sea between the five cities of the League, making a good living for himself and a fine profit for his owners Unhappy with their captain s decision to forego harvesting a dragon the crew has managed to kill and wanting to advance their own careers quickly, Jeryon s first and second mates lead a mutiny that casts him adrift in a dinghy with no sail, no oars, no tools The crew also sends away Everlyn, an apothecary who sought passage a [...]

  12. 3.5 5 stars I received a copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The Dragon Round gave me conflicting feelings all the way through The writing wasn t my favorite too much he did this, he said that, for my tastes And of course as others have said it was over detailed at times The underlying story was fascinating though, a bit on the darker side of humanity though If you re looking for a happy story with nice characters this isn t it Self preservation and coin is the name [...]

  13. The Dragon Round by Stephen S PowerThis tale is of a rigidly principled sea captain, a equally principled apothecary and an unprincipled dragon Jeryon lived by rules He followed the company rules and set his own rules on the sea Sadly he discovered that following the rules can have some seriously negative consequences when faced with greed and moral depravity Jeryon finds himself supported by an unlikely source, the foreign apothecary who refuses to be a party to his crews rebellion The resultin [...]

  14. Recieved an ARC from the publishers via NetGally for an honest review.This fantasy adventure story titled The Dragon Round by Stephen S Power was filled with battles on the sea, dragons, avarice, and vengeance Set in a world where wealth is everything Where the wealthy only look the get wealthier no matter the cost to others.Captain Jeryon, who is essentially a good man and rule follower, is trying to return to port on schedule with much needed medicine for a plague that has hit his port city an [...]

  15. This is an interesting adventure with a dreary end The first half is survival on a tropical island and then learning about dragons The second half makes me conclude that revenge is not as pleasant of a business as a certain Spaniard would have us think and definitely don t expect a happy ending I enjoyed reading it, the writing style is fresh and intriguing and there is a strong female character with no real romance to worry about But yeah, rather dreary.

  16. Ahoy there me mateys I received this fantasy eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So here are me honest musings e dragon round Stephen S Power Title the dragon roundAuthor Stephen S PowerPublisher Simon SchusterPublication Date currently July 19, 2016ISBN 9781501133206Source NetGalleyThis book contains dragons and a sea captain out for revenge That was enough to pique me interest Two of me favorite things The novel started out with a bang I love the Captain, Jeryon I loved the ap [...]

  17. I would like to thank Simon Schuster as well as NetGalley for a copy of this e ARC to review Though I received this ebook for free, that has no impact upon the honesty of my review Teaser For fans of Scott Lynch and Naomi Novik comes a high fantasy epic that blends swashbuckling adventure with a dark tale of vengeance when a ship captain is stranded on a deserted island by his mutinous crew, he finds a rare dragon egg that just might be the key to his salvation and his revenge.He only wanted jus [...]

  18. I was really excited to be approved on NetGalley for The Dragon Round I love dragons I love piratey kind of behaviour It sounded great.Alas, the writing meant that I never got to see any of that The Dragon Round opens with the captain of the ship overhearing two of his mates talking about him We re not actually shown what they re talking about, we just get a few paragraphs where we re told what the captain is thinking Not a great opening.We re then switched to the conversation between the mates [...]

  19. You can find this review and others like it at The Nomadic Reader.This book started out pretty interesting Tales of swashbuckling adventures, a mutinous crew, and an island where Jeryon and the apothecary from his ship are eventually stranded The whole first half of the book was about their adventures in survival Separated at first they find a way to survive and eventually meet up on the island They create a camp together, and stumble onto a baby dragon hatching All of these stories I enjoyed a [...]

  20. I received a digital ARC of this book from Netgalley.There s a lot to like about this book Dragons, sailing, corrupt regimes, well developed characters I read most of this book thinking I would give it a 4 star review, or perhaps 5.But, Mr Power makes some choices that just don t make sense to me We spend large parts of the book with Jeryon, mutinied captain of the Comber Set adrift with him is Everlyn, the ship s apothecary They eventually wash up on an island, where multiple times Power makes [...]

  21. I wanted to give the book a higher rating but I didn t love the ending Pros Powers creates a vivid world through tight writing and interesting characters Well placed details drew me into this world of merchant ships and dragons The plot reads like a blend ofHis Majesty s DragonsandCount of Monte Cristo Set in a pretty brutal society made me think of the merchant houses of the Republic of Venice a loyal to the company captain is betrayed by his men The rest of the books is about his revenge and a [...]

  22. Wow, Robinson Crusoe meets fantasy in this excellent new book by Stephen S Powers All the court intrigue you could want as well as high seas adventure This book seems to have it all and dose it well I recommend this to all lover of fantasy and adventure fiction I look forward to treading his next book.

  23. I started Dragon Round eagerly It is being promoted as a book for fans of Naomi Novik, which I am, and also of dragons A ship s captain makes a decision the crew disagrees with, and they mutiny The captain and the poth the ship s female apothecary are given the captain s chance they are set adrift in a small boat I thought the tale was very slow starting, but really picked up once the captain and the poth make it to a small island where they find enough food and shelter to survive The captain dr [...]

  24. DNF at 30% I love a good dragon story, but this one was too mired in minute that I had a hard time finding and connecting to the story and characters This author is very very detailed in describingwell, everything Way too much focus on the inner workings of a boat for me Between the strange terms while he was trying to establish the world building, plus the nautical terms, and hopping from character to character, I had a hard time figuring out what was going on and who was who I am not a super d [...]

  25. ComberInteresting, When I read a book, I like to delve into to story deep enough that I become the lead player or character and then as the adventure unfolds, the world becomes mine and all around me is my life and times as I see fit I liked this book from the start as i slipped into the lead and let myself fight on through all the ups and downs, to finally win my battles against those who ruined me, got my revenge on the world and feel satisfied that I could rescue the maiden and all would be w [...]

  26. The first scene, in which the dragon attacks the Comber, was my favorite Everything was described in great detail, and you could tell that the scene wad well thought out Stephen Power was then able to create a plausible reason for which the crew could preform mutiny.Power was also able to create believable characters and an involving storyline As one review on the back says, Think you know where the story is going Think again This was an excellent first novel, and I am exited to read book two.

  27. The eyes of the dragon go round and round, round and round, round and round The eyes of the dragon go round and round all through the town That was the first reaction from my budding reader, when he finally discerned the words on the cover of the book we got in the mail And that was about the most funny thing about this book too.The beginning gave me a feeling of something like His Majesty s Dragon, with its very proper and likable captain Only it s styled as play than a novel We get to see the [...]

  28. Unnerving Magazine ReviewThis one is billed as The Count of Monte Cristo but with dragons My not knowing the classic story probably puts me in a minority with relatively well read individuals you can t read everything.Also, The Dragon Round does not fit in with the norm with my typical reviews It s a high seas fantasy adventure, however, Stephen S Power had a story appear in the first issue of Unnerving and has another story slated for Issue 5, so I figured there was pretty good chance that I d [...]

  29. In The Dragon Round by Stephen S Power Captain Jeryon and apothecary Evelyn are placed over board during the crew mutiny aboard The Comber Miraculously landing on a desert island where they find a dragon hatchling They raise the dragon in the hopes of using her to escape the island, but Jeryon plans to use her to get revenge on the crew I loved the beginning of the book, but once the goal was only revenge, I no longer eagerly turned the pages Such a strong first half made the second half of the [...]

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