[PDF] Drake | by ↠ Peter McLean - Drake, Drake Hitman Don Drake owes a gambling debt to a demon Forced to carry out one assassination to clear his debt Don unwittingly kills an innocent child and brings the Furies of Greek myth down upon himself
  • Title: Drake
  • Author: Peter McLean
  • ISBN: 9780857665126
  • Page: 262
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Drake | by ↠ Peter McLean, Drake, Peter McLean, Drake Hitman Don Drake owes a gambling debt to a demon Forced to carry out one assassination to clear his debt Don unwittingly kills an innocent child and brings the Furies of Greek myth down upon himself Rescued by an almost fallen angel called Trixie Don and his magical accomplice The Burned Man an imprisoned archdemon are forced to deal with Lucifer himself whilst bHitman Don Drake owes a g [PDF] Drake | by ↠ Peter McLean - Drake, Drake Hitman Don Drake owes a gambling debt to a demon Forced to carry out one assassination to clear his debt Don unwittingly kills an innocent child and brings the Furies of Greek myth down upon himself
  • [PDF] Drake | by ↠ Peter McLean
    262Peter McLean

About Author

  1. Peter McLean was born near London in 1972, the son of a bank manager and an English teacher He went to school in the shadow of Norwich Cathedral where he spent most of his time making up stories.By the time he left school this was probably the thing he was best at, alongside the Taoist kung fu he had been studying since the age of 13 He grew up in the Norwich alternative scene, alternating dingy nightclubs with martial arts and practical magic.He has since grown up a bit, if not a lot, and spent 25 years working in corporate IT He is married to Diane and is still making up stories.

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  1. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 02 04 aDrake is a darkly humorous urban fantasy about the unfortunate misadventures of a hieromancer hitman named Don Drake, though I must say, labeling him a hitman is greatly simplifying the kind of work he does With the help of a nine inch tall animated idol representing the earthly form of a bound archdemon which he calls The Burned Man Drake is able to summon forth demonic creatures from hell to sic on his victims, killing them without [...]

  2. I was recommended this as a darker and grittier kind of Harry Dresden.It is, and it isn t It doesn t feel like a copy of Dresden, but it is a really entertaining, fast paced and gritty urban fantasy The main character is not a hero in this one he gambles, he s broke, he drinks way than is good for any human and for a living he summons demons and kills people Oh and he also is quite used to using people And still, you can t help but like him, and cringe whenever he s followed by bad luck yet aga [...]

  3. Solid urban fantasy without amazing me too much Drake was a decent character but didnt do much for me than Dresden did I really enjoy Urban fantasy alot but this didnt seem to excite me all that much Definitely has potential The burned man was very funny but I found his jokes a little repetitive after awhile Good villains and decent magical world Flawed main character but nothing overly exciting about him either.

  4. Well that was interestingDrake is pretty much an alcoholic, british version of Harry Dresden, but with less smarts and less likableness I still enjoyed the story, but not enough that I feel excited about the next book at all cuts ties Fare thee well.

  5. Magic is a tricky beast, what with all the subtle intricacies and specifics that have to be just so It s hardly a surprise then that the powers the magic can offer are open to a certain amount of abuse For every good miraculous thing that can come from magic, there is an evil, violent opposite The key lesson Practitioners of the arcane arts needs to be wary, what goes around comes around Don Drake, the magically imbued hitman, is going to learn that the hard way He is about to have what can at b [...]

  6. At first I didn t like Don at all but I grew fond of him throughout the book The story starts where everything just goes terribly wrong for Don, hitting lower than low.The book has a dark and gritty feel to it, which truly entertained me throughout the story I liked the second half of the book better where the pace picked up and I grew fond of Don I very much enjoyed experiencing everything through the eyes and thoughts of Don, which are explicit and brutally honest That s how you realise he not [...]

  7. lynns books 2015 12 31 dra3.5 of 4 starsDrake is a new urban fantasy written by Peter McLean and set in a gritty London underground where gambling and gangsters, demons and other ancient creatures stalk the shadows.Don Drake is essentially a hitman, he calls himself a Hieromancer but basically, in his own words, he summons and sends demons and other nasties to do the dirty work he s been contracted to do by the local mob He has a little helper, a rather repugnant and vile mouthed creature called [...]

  8. A reallyreallywell written debut gripping urban fantasy at it s finest An intriguing tale of black magic and the price one pays for the same, an unforgettable anti hero Don Drake whose sniveling cowardly behavior combined with a warped sense of righteousness gentleman liness leads him into all sorts of trouble As promised, detailed review Angry Robot holds the open door submission almost every year towards the fag end And from the slush pile, some genuine gems emerge who go onto acclaimed fame H [...]

  9. Imagine if John Constantine from Hellblazer was a REAL bastardThat s Don Drake A magical hitman summoning demons to kill Drake lives on the absolute seedy end of the magical worldScrewing up a job Drake finds himself in deep troubl Can the Angel Trixie get him out of it Or like any PI in a noir mystery for vaguely disreputable urban magicians are surely the direct descendants of PIs like Marlow Spade should he know that when a good looking dame comes into your officeit s ALWAYS trouble sorry I c [...]

  10. Pecka, tenhle nr asi pln nevyhled v m ale jak koda Kdy jsem etl r zn doporu en , tak mi p i la nadhodnocen Av ak dle m ho, Constantin se dostal fo sp r Guy Ritchieho a funguje to kr sn nemohu se do kat dal ho d lu

  11. tak tohle byla superjizda kniha neuveritelne frci, dej nema zadna slepa mista drake je neuveritelna postava, propletajici se pribehem budto opily, nebo zmlaceny, v nejhorsim pripade oboji a navic sjety doufam, ze brzy vyjde druhy dil.

  12. Drake es la novela debut de Peter McLean, libro de fantas a urbana que inicia la serie Burned Man y que se ha puesto a la venta hace solo un par de d as el 5 de enero concretamente Este libro lo consegu gracias a la p gina NetGalley y la verdad que simplemente lo ped por su portada no s porqu pero este estilo me atrae y por alg n post en la p gina web sfsignal donde sin ponerla bien ni mal si que hablaban de ella como una novedad a tener en cuenta As que sin casi ninguna referencia y guiado simp [...]

  13. Don Drake, a down and out diabolist hitman, has feelings for his ex girlfriend, drinks a lot, gets in serious trouble with the Furies who are extremely unpleasant , has to deal with an angel who is a bit less angelic then she used to be, has to face off against various demons, magic users, and To say he s having a bad time of things would be a massive understatement Don is not truly a bad guy, but he does have a tendency to make very bad decisions.He lives in a seedy part of London and ends up [...]

  14. Disappointing, unoriginal and repetitive.It s not an awful book If you re looking for some light, fast paced, dialogue and action centered read, this one might do the trick As for me, Drake proves once again that Urban Fantasy is definitely not a genre for me.

  15. Drake je skv l a z bavn oddechovka hlavn proto, e a koli to ze za tku vypad , e protagonista bude bad ass z hard boiled nrovky, ve skute nosti je to permanentn vylitej l zr, kterej se jen n hodou p ipletl mezi s ly, kterejm nerozum a kter ho p i ka d p le itosti semelou Drake d l jedno patn rozhodnut za druh m, pad do fakin obvious past a stejn mu fand me sice je to kret n, ale trochu sympatickej nakonec je.

  16. If Harry Dresden was a shorter, alcoholic supernatural hitman who channels power from the effigy of a high powered denizen of Hell, he might be Don Drake, the protagonist I m not sure anyone would be comfortable describing him as a hero, least of all himself of Drake.In Drake, the first in the prospective Burned Man series, Drake makes a mistake on a hit that accidentally results in the death of an innocent a five year old boy This brings him into conflict with the Furies of legend Even better, [...]

  17. Rounded up to 4GR 7,5 out of 10.From the first sentence He saw my warpstone and raised me an angel s skull, and there was no way I could cover that bet you know you re in for a treat And oh boy what a ride A detective noir thriller with demons, fallen angels, the furies, Very well put together I can t wait for the next installment.Highly recommended for all urban fantasy fans.

  18. A book that opens with tarot card poker, being played for an angels skull, you expect a certain kind of book What I got was a hellfire charge version of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Don Drake fucked up, on such an epic scale that he rated a personal from Lucifer, and now a few nice people want him dead, and a few very pleasant, charming people want him to pay his debts now with interest.Have fun cookies

  19. A wonderfully deranged urban fantasy that s darker and cruder than Dresden or Sandman Slim The pace is rocket fast Most of the characters are fleshed out well The one liners are razor sharp.Also, the magic theory is spot on.While many of its elements are nothing new, DRAKE takes the genre to deeper pits for a devilishly fun ride.

  20. Drake, prvn d l urban fantasy s rie Sp len mu , je debutov m rom nem Petera McLeana, kter n m p ineslo vydavatelstv Host P b h n s zavede do sou asn ho Lond na se v jeho p nou a magi , kde se potlouk diabolista Don Drake Jeho specialitou je vyvol v n d monick ch bytost a pln tuto schopnost vyu v ke sv ob iv Kniha na ka d str nce p n dechem noirov detektivky, postavy jsou drsn , d ji t temn a nebezpe n , pln mlhy, vyk i en ch klub r zn ch kvalit a smrt c ch kouzel Vedle lid se tu pohybuj nadp iro [...]

  21. I have to start reading fantasy if it can be as hilarious and well written as DRAKE.Drake, our protagonist, is no chosen one or a noble knight on a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact He s a bit of a cock it s okay he admits it whose ancient artifact calls him a pillock and says things like, Oh, cock me silly Did you try to fuck a bear or something and who women are definitely not falling over themselves to rumble in the hay with In fact, somebody has vandalised his shop sign to read Don Drak [...]

  22. Please give my review a helpful vote review R1N6IHOI found myself drawn into this book as a fun, easy read that I knocked off in a few hours I was fully prepared to dislike this book, but I found myself liking it despite my initial expectations.Honestly, this subgenre has tipped over into formula and cliches So, we have a magic user in this case a Diabolist Summoner living in a run down part of London with a snarky smart alecky magical prop in this case, a nine inch tall fetish of a burned man [...]

  23. Mysl te si, e k zeln k, ktor privol va d monov, padl anjel a f rie s poriadna d vka kli a t to kniha v m u ni nem ete pon knu M lite sa Najprv sa zd , e dej ah humor, ale potom je jedno, ko ko podobn ch diel ste tali a filmov videli sa na to namot te a budete ta do noci Prizn vam, e spisovate si s originalitou hlavu nel mal, no vytvoril tak n vykov pr beh, e v m to bude primne jedno, preto e postavy v etko vyv ia S tak divn , e si udr ia va u pozornos do poslednej str nky Ur ite si chcem pre ta [...]

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, particularly the deftly painted seedy world of Drake s London Drake might drink too much, swear too much, throw up and get beaten up a lot, and not be a particularly nice person, but I quickly got on board with his terrible situation and had to keep reading to find out if he could climb out of his hole.The plot wasn t the type to take me on a huge emotional ride, but it was sound and satisfying, and after reading it the sequel to Drake has jumped to near the top o [...]

  25. I heard a lot of good things about this trilogy I m one book in and very happy with what I ve read so far McLean spins an engaging tale with his clear, fast paced storytelling Got the next book on order at my local book store hurry, you guys.

  26. Detektivky drsn ho americk ho st ihu jsem nikdy moc nemusel Ale i kdy Drake m e p ipom nat Phila Marlowa, nesm rn mi te sedl.Mo n i proto, e je to Brit.Drsn ulice, alkohol, kr sn i nebezpe n eny a hlavn hrdina na pokraji bankrotu Stereotypn a nudn P iho te Lond n, d mony, and ly a magick amulety a o z bavu m te postar no.P b h jsem si u il, i kdy lo vid t, e p eklad z pas s cockney a e tinou Je fajn, e se p ekladatelka neb la zn l sti esk ho vulg rn ho slovn ku , ale relativn spisovn zbytek text [...]

  27. It s pretty much what you would expect from this type of book down on his luck magic detective type although this twists that trope on its head right off the bat by making the lead a magic hitman instead gets into trouble than he s worth, leading into a downhill slide that makes him question his life choices and whether it s too late to turn back Easy to read, tough to pick the main plot out, but it s gripping enough to keep you reading to find out what exactly is going on and how all the piece [...]

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