A Time to Reap

[PDF] Read ☆ A Time to Reap : by Jonas Lee - A Time to Reap, A Time to Reap Pemberton Academy is not just a school it s a gathering place for the children of the future that are afflicted with Temporal Displacement and Telepathy in short time travelers and mind readers who
  • Title: A Time to Reap
  • Author: Jonas Lee
  • ISBN: 9781499502824
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ A Time to Reap : by Jonas Lee, A Time to Reap, Jonas Lee, A Time to Reap Pemberton Academy is not just a school it s a gathering place for the children of the future that are afflicted with Temporal Displacement and Telepathy in short time travelers and mind readers who have been diagnosed with this disease The Academy is not all as it seems after an explosion nearly takes one of its classmates but not before Carter Gabel rescues her byPemberton Acade [PDF] Read ☆ A Time to Reap : by Jonas Lee - A Time to Reap, A Time to Reap Pemberton Academy is not just a school it s a gathering place for the children of the future that are afflicted with Temporal Displacement and Telepathy in short time travelers and mind readers who

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  • [PDF] Read ☆ A Time to Reap : by Jonas Lee
    364 Jonas Lee
A Time to Reap

About Author

  1. Writing out of the Black Hills of South Dakota, Jonas likes coming up with new and creative worlds that speak to the plausible while remaining believable With a fist full of peanut MMs and a cup of coffee, he has written his first trilogy about a supernatural teen able to time travel and Jonas enjoys entertaining with suspense, humor and cliff hanging moments that keep readers wanting to never put the book down Beyond writing, Jonas has a gift for useless knowledge through watching trivia shows and a love for cinematic adventures Music fuels his writing and you can see him actively carrying on with earbuds in almost everyday.

One thought on “A Time to Reap

  1. Jonas Lee s assisstent contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading and reviewing this book She thought I d like it and after I read the blurb and googled a bit I gladly accepted and well, she was right I highly enjoyed it I m usually not so much into time traveling and all that stuff because it can get very confusing but even while A Time to Reap had some confusing moments I still didn t lose interest and wanted to know what will happen next.Carter Gabel is the main character of t [...]

  2. I just finished reading this book, and I am so blown away that I am having trouble organizing my thoughts, but I m going to give it a shot anyway There is so much to be praised in Jonas Lee s debut novel, A Time to Reap The protagonists, Carter and Mo, are fun, likable, snarky, and relatable basically everything I like in characters The storyline is intricate and addictive, with twists and turns that I absolutely did not see coming The plot itself, set in an alternate future where citizens can t [...]

  3. Read this review at Brilliant BookshelfThe author provided me with a copy in exchange for an honest review A Time To Reap gives an interesting spin on the idea of time travel, and features a protagonist who is likable and really funny I m really into the idea of time traveling and have read many books in the past that breached the subject Sometimes it seems to be much of the same thing, but I was glad to find out that Jonas Lee gave the idea an original spin, with solid background information, s [...]

  4. As the story goesere s a teenager named Carter Gabel He can travel in time But so can others AND some kids can use telepathy So they all go to a special school Carter discovers a girl And like all good dystopians, someone is endagered and new gifts emerge in order to save them Then of course, they learn of people at the school were the ones trying to hurt them Awesomeness ensues, don t want to spoil that Things settle down, but only after Carter does what he does things up Sadness ensues And the [...]

  5. Rating overviewWriting Story Characters Appearance Overall 4.5 Genre Science Fiction Fantasy Teen Young Adult Jonas Lee s debut novel, A Time to Reap, brings with it an edge of your seat excitement and anticipation that is lacking in so many new books today Time travel isn t new to the science fiction genre, and if I m honest not really one of my favorites However, Jonas brings a fresh new look and feel to his story breathing life into an old idea I recommend it for teens and young adult readers [...]

  6. A Time to Reap The Legend of Carter Gabel 1 by Jonas Lee is a young adult science fiction novel that follows teenager Carter Gabel on the most difficult and exciting adventure of his life thus far Carter has the ability to travel through time, an inherited trait and one which the government monitors closely in individuals Like Carter, Mo is a teenager with powers, only hers are telekinetic As Carter s and Mo s abilities develop, the government becomes interested in them, and they must go to gre [...]

  7. I gave this book three stars not because it was a bad book, I genuinely enjoyed it but well, because it was a time travel book which is hard to write and can get off track with too many branches of possibilites The author did a great job with it though With that, there will be some criticisms I was actually looking forward to reading A Time to Reap by Jonas Lee the first few pages made a really great impression on me because of an interesting sentence and style of writing The main character, Car [...]

  8. I received this free in exchange of an honest reviewI feel so terrible because I got asked to read and review this book months ago and I literally have only just picked it up because I was drowning in both NetGalley books and university work literally and I finally have a little breather before I have to go head first into my dissertation so I thought I best read this while I can, otherwise it would have probably taken me another 6 months to pick this up.Anyway, on to my review A Time to Reap wa [...]

  9. This review has been done in conjunction with NerdGirl Official For information, please check out their FB Hello Time Travel Ever since I watched an episode of a crazy show called Doctor Who, I ve been obsessed with time travel, and this book was awesome Just what a geek like me wanted The main characters, Carter and Mo, are great I m not normally a fan of instant love couples but these two are a powerhouse Strong, and unbeatable I liked that Carter was tough and snarky but also was real He did [...]

  10. Got this e book in exchange for a review.Fast paced and funny, A Time To Reap is an interesting novel that centered on time travel, teleportation, and telekinesis Throughout reading the book i can t help but imagine how it would look like as a movie adaptation awesome, I guess.Anyway, 3 stars because everything was happening too fast Mo and Carter s friendship escalated quickly to romance There were times when i had to skip some parts since Carter was too talkative I dunno I kind of got confuzzl [...]

  11. A Time to Reap is a fascinating tale that follows Carter Gabel a time traveler through his adventures Carter is newly learning about his abilities to jump through time when he gets thrown into a battle with The Program , a power hungry organization whose goals are to keep track of all of those with abilities and use that to their will With the help of his mother, and new girlfriend Mo, Carter is able to survive his adventures and just might save the world I found this book to be extremely intere [...]

  12. I ve just finished reading Jonas Lee s A Time to Reap My first reaction was Where is the next one What an amazing read It is an extremely well written story filled with wonderful characters that you can really connect with His clever use of dialogue, filled with exciting twists and turns, is marvelously funny and keeps you guessing at the next directional change You end up wishing you could be friends with Carter and Mo It is an exciting book that keeps you deep in the story, right to the very e [...]

  13. Actual rating 3.5 I was contacted by Jonas Lee s assistant in regards to reviewing this book I like time travel books, my favorite being Diana Gabaldon s Outlander, so I accepted The plot is interesting It s the future and certain people have special abilities that have been noticed by the government Carter Gabel is one of these people He starts off as most of them do, with no way of controlling his abilities and knowing little about them Carter s character was likable enough as a teenager most [...]

  14. I loved this book It definitely left me wanting Anything having to do with time travel is right up my alley, but I was intrigued by the unique perspective taken by the author What a great way to make it his own.I will absolutely be waiting for the next installment in the adventures of Carter Gabel

  15. Usually I m not a huge fan of time travel books, since most of them leave me with a headache from thinking of all the how s and whys and the science of time travel But this author does a great job of not getting too bogged down in the details that usually make my head spin The story is fast paced and action packed, and Carter is a snarky, humorous character that teens should appreciate However, I didn t give the book stars because it just left me wanting The world building was not, in my opini [...]

  16. In this first installment of the Carter Gabel series, we meet our protagonists, Carter and Mo, and learn of the abilities that make these teenagers unique It s a classic story of good versus evil, retold in a fresh way by author Jonas Lee His story winds through time and space, with imagery that transports and characters who are as real and relatable as they are special I devoured this book swiftly and it whet my appetite for I m so excited to rejoin Carter, Mo, and their story as the adventure [...]

  17. A book about time travel that I can understand without a migraine By all means, let me read it.I sincerely enjoyedA Time to Reapand here s why.Carter Gabel is a Leaper That is, he can leap through time, which is an interesting ability the only problem is, he can t control it, all he knows is when it s about to happen And to make matters worse, when he gets back to the present, he s stark naked Unbeknownst to everyone, but his mother, Carter is a lot powerful than he could fathom and things are [...]

  18. There is always something interesting and complicated about time travel Any author that is able to truly create a story with a time traveler I have to give kudos to because I would not be able to keep my storyline straight and believable But Jonas Lee does a great job with Carter in his book I was quickly hooked within the first few chapters especially with Carter s personality His sarcasm and smart ass attitude is something I connect with because, honestly, I can be a sarcastic smart ass myself [...]

  19. A Time to Reap by Jonas Lee is a time travel science fiction novel subtitled The Legend of Carter Gabel The main character is the teenaged Carter 16 , a time traveler or Leaper He attends the Pemberton Academy along with other Leapers and kids with powers of telepathy and telekinesis If it ended as strongly as it started I would recommend it heartily.The famous SF author Arthur C Clarke formulated the following Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic That applies to [...]

  20. I received a free PDF copy from the Author from the groupAll About YAin exchange for an honest review.A Time to Reap, centers around teenager Carter Gabel But he s not a normal teenage boy, Carter is a leaper He has the ability to leap through time which is pretty badass For him, he can leap at any given moment, but one of the downfalls that comes with leaping is that he comes back in the nude For most of his life, Carter has been raised by his mother Alba Carter s father Joshua left them when h [...]

  21. I have received this book free from the Author through group All About YA R2R in exchange for my honest review 4.5 Stars I am having trouble starting this review, my mind in a jumbled as I sift through the epicenes that is this book I have always been a fan of time travel and how if you think about it too much, it just gives you a headache and the utter sense of confusion Jones Lee has taken that confusion and has built a distinctive world with rules and foreboding We start with Carter, he awake [...]

  22. What I really loved about the book was the authors understanding of characterisation Carter is a plucky teen with a real sense of humour and wit He is mischievous but also bold and shows a lot of courage throughout the book It is a real skill to be able to give a character so much spirit but also give them so much depth The same with Mo, at first she comes across as a vulnerable wraith like spirit, who lacks courage and is very vulnerable, but she grows significantly throughout the book and we s [...]

  23. blogbetweenbooks A Time To Reap,The Legend Of Carter Gabel By Jonas Lee I received a copy for an honest review Paperback, 250 pagesA Time to Reap The Legend of Carter Gabel, 1 Pemberton Academy is not just a school, it s a gathering place for the children of the future that are afflicted with Temporal Displacement and Telepathy in short, time travelers and mind readers who have been diagnosed with this disease The Academy is not all as it seems after an explosion nearly takes one of its classmat [...]

  24. I honestly didn t know what to expect with this book, but it s definitely a YA novel, set in the future, that keeps you hanging until the very last page The really great thing is that even if you don t read any of this series, you d be OK Sure, the book ends on a kind of cliff hanger, but it s not the kind where you re left screaming at the book, frantically looking for pages that aren t there and then cursing the author for making you wait god knows how long until the next book comes out The b [...]

  25. The future is not carved in stone, not for me at least What s It About Spoiler Free Carter Gabel is a young man who has chronologically displaced person syndrome, or cdps, a medical phenomenon of the future He is a time traveler who experiences sudden departures, usually arriving at his destination stark naked He is also a student at Pemberton Academy, a school with students who can time travel, and read minds At this school, he meets Mo, a young woman who can read his thoughts This presents a p [...]

  26. I won this book through a First Reads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.Thank you Jonas Lee for sending me a signed copy Let s get on with the review shall we.It s not often that I rate books three stars Usually I really like a book or I really don t A Time to Reap is one of the few books that has left me feeling somewhere in between I ll start with the things I liked about this book.I absolutely love the cover The color scheme is great and I m a sucker for anything that has to do with t [...]

  27. This review has also been posted on my blog Book Rambles I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion Going into this book, I didn t know what to expect The synopsis caught my interest and I haven t read a lot of time travelling books in the past so this read definitely interested me and I wanted to give it a go As a whole, I pleasantly surprised.I was expecting it to be futuristic but the overall feel of the book is quite similar to modern day expect with futuristic ad [...]

  28. A Time to Reap is the first novel an author requested I review My husband can attest to the goofy happy dance that resulted from that request so thank you Jonas Lee for the confidence boost I am excited to post a review of A Time to Reap A Time to Reap is about a young couple, Carter and Mo, with extraordinary talents who are forced to fight for their lives against the organization known as the Program Readers experience the story from Carter s point of view and are in for a treat as Jonas excel [...]

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