House of Rain

Unlimited House of Rain - by Greg F. Gifune - House of Rain, House of Rain Gordon Cole is a tired and lonely old man A troubled Vietnam vet and recent widower he does his best to survive in an increasingly dangerous neighborhood while drowning in the nightmares of his horri
  • Title: House of Rain
  • Author: Greg F. Gifune
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited House of Rain - by Greg F. Gifune, House of Rain, Greg F. Gifune, House of Rain Gordon Cole is a tired and lonely old man A troubled Vietnam vet and recent widower he does his best to survive in an increasingly dangerous neighborhood while drowning in the nightmares of his horrific past and struggling with the death of his beloved wife Katy And then the whispers begin calling to him from the shadows terrifying visions stalk him relentlessly the sGordon Cole i Unlimited House of Rain - by Greg F. Gifune - House of Rain, House of Rain Gordon Cole is a tired and lonely old man A troubled Vietnam vet and recent widower he does his best to survive in an increasingly dangerous neighborhood while drowning in the nightmares of his horri

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  • Unlimited House of Rain - by Greg F. Gifune
    113 Greg F. Gifune
House of Rain

About Author

  1. Called One of the best writers of his generation by both the Roswell Literary Review and author Brian Keene, Greg F Gifune is the author of numerous short stories, several novels and two short story collections His work has been published in a wide range of magazines and anthologies all over the world, and has recently garnered interest from Hollywood His novels include The Bleeding Season, Deep Night, Saying Uncle, A View From The Lake, Night Work, Drago Descending, Blood In Electric Blue and Dominion.Along with his short story collections, Down To Sleep and Heretics, his work has been nominated for numerous awards and is consistently praised by readers and critics alike across the globe For seven years he was Editor in Chief of Thievin Kitty Publications, publishers of the acclaimed fiction magazines The Edge Tales of Suspense 1998 2004 and Burning Sky Adventures in Science Fiction Terror 1998 2003 , and currently serves as Associate Editor at Delirium Books The son of teachers, Greg F Gifune was educated in Boston and has lived in various places, including New York City and Peru A trained actor and broadcaster, he has appeared in various stage productions and has worked in radio and television as both an on air talent and a producer Earlier in life he held a wide range of jobs, encompassing everything from journalism to promotions The author of numerous novels, screenplays and two short story collections, his work has been consistently praised by critics and readers alike, and has been translated into several languages and published all over the world Greg and his wife Carol live in Massachusetts with a bevy of cats Discover about his writing at GregFGifune and UninvitedBooks.

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  1. When Gordon s wife Katy died, their lives together died and with it a huge part of Gordon, when he met and fell in love with her it bought him back from the brink, in a way rescued him from all the inner turmoil and conflicts of the Vietnam War.All but alone now, an old man, living and in the memories of his past and as he sees a gang of kids beat a homeless man, a decision is made, he will take action but first he will face the onslaught of his past and attempt to find restitution.House of Ra [...]

  2. Ugodno sam iznena en.Mra na , melanholi na i prelijepo napisana novela o starcu Gordonu , koji je traumatiziran nakon smrti svoje supruge i kojeg proganja pro lot Gifune je uspio stvoriti odli an setting i dobru tmurnu atmosferu zbog koje se ova pri a ne e ubrzo zaboraviti , te je uspio na oko 150 stranica , to neki autori ne uspiju sa 500 stranica da napi e odli nu pri u o prijateljstvu , ljubavi , gubitku i o bolu i u o kojoj emo dugo razmi ljat te da ostavi jako dobar utisak.Sigurno u probati [...]

  3. If it were actually possible I d give this one three and three quarter stars Yep, I m Finicky I know.House of Rain is the story of one man, and the demons that haunt him The horrors of war inflicted deep scars on Gordon s mind, and in all likelihood his life would never have been a joyous one But then he met Katy Her love healed and changed his life She saved him.When we first meet Gordo many years have passed, and his world has changed again He is a troubled and lonely old man, plagued by guilt [...]

  4. Greg Gifune remains one of the masters at creating atmosphere that actually seeps off the page and envelopes the reader completely House of Rain is no exception If anything, it showcases Greg s mastery of this element to perfection His characters immediately become a part of your life There were several scenes in this novella that I had actually paused to look out my own windowsd yes, it was raining Our main character, Gordon, has flashbacks to his days in Vietnam, happier times when his beloved [...]

  5. House of Rain made me want to blow my brains out a good way It is relentless, depressing, and moving Gordon s heartbreaking experiences are rendered beautifully We re never quite sure if Gordon is in touch with true demonic forces or simply his personal demons But the brilliance of the book lies in the opening and closing sections excellent The atmosphere is engaging and the prose vivid This one, as I have found others of Gifune s works, lingers.

  6. I like everything that I have ever read from Mr Gifune and House of Rain is no exception The writing is vivid and the main character really pops off the page The story line flows somewhat disjointedly which was ok because it did circle back around, but as a previous reviewer Mike stated it kind of left me hanging at the end I don t require closure for every story especially shorts , but would have liked a few answers for this one There is no way around the fact that Gifune is a master of atmosp [...]

  7. Is there anything Gifune writes that isn t great Where does he get all this stuff the other writers would kill for I can t really do justice to this without giving too much away and I m just not going to do it even with a spoiler alert This is a story firmly rooted in reality A profound story of love and horror that also freely plays with the supernatural but only so much as is needed to drive home the stark and profound beauty of the story and the bargains we all make that can t be taken back I [...]

  8. I am such a big fan of Greg Gifune He writes what I would classify as intelligent horror That s not to say other horror is unintelligent he simply makes me think on a deeper level His stories are not wrapped up and tied up there is a lot to think about and there is always plenty left to your own imagination and interpretation Other writers I would classify similar to Greg Gifune are Lee Thompson and Gary Braunbeck.Over the last couple of years, Gifune has made his way on to my must read list I f [...]

  9. I d been looking forward to the release of HOUSE OF RAIN, and it lived up to my expectations It is typical of Greg Gifune s moody, atmospheric, suspenseful, what is real and what is not style I was completely drawn into Gordon s experience, perceiving it vividly through him And what a heart wrenching experience it is throughout.Gordon is an older character, and his physical limitations play a key role in his outlook, what happens, and how certain things happen That whole aspect his age related l [...]

  10. I enjoyed reading the story and love the way Greg writes I liked the atmosphere he created while telling the story But when I was finished with HOR I felt a little unfulfilled I had questions that were not answered, that I wish were and maybe I was expecting to much from this book I know he can t write books like The Rain Dancers or Dreams the Ragman all the time That being said, a excellent story overall, but with a few ends not tied I gave it 4 stars.

  11. I m only giving this a 3 because the ending didn t do much for me Everything else was pretty awesome The visions, the occult and supernatural happenings whether they happened or not and the fact that this old man was a bad ass I just think there was much left to the imagination, but that s how Gifune writes Overall, I love his writing and how he wrote Gordon as a struggling, emotional human being.

  12. i have many books by greg gifune on my kindle but this is the first one i have read that left me scratching my head I liked the book i just think i was left with a few too many questions at the end I don t believe there is anything that Gifune writes that isn t amazing he is extremely talented and has some very unique ideas.

  13. Seit Gordon seine geliebte Frau Katy verlor, ist er ein einsamer alter Mann Da er sich die Miete f r die sch ne Wohnung nun auch nicht mehr leisten kann, zieht er in ein heruntergekommenes Viertel, in eine kleine Wohnung um Nachdem Gordon als junger Soldat im Vietnamkrieg gedient hatte, kehrte er als gebrochener Mann mit schlimmem Trauma zur ck und die Einzige, die diese Dunkelheit aus ihm vertreiben konnte, war Katy doch jetzt ist sie nicht mehr da und Gordon versinkt immer mehr in der Dunkelhe [...]

  14. It isn t all that often I find a book with an elderly person as the protagonist So, right up front, I was interested in reading Greg Gifune s new novella, House of Rain.Gordon Cole finds himself an old man isolated in a city he longer understands, long removed from his time in the Vietnam War, and grieving the recent death of his wife The streets seem to grow violent every day, as he witnesses the brutal beating of a homeless man by a group of teen boys, from the window of his tiny apartment Wi [...]

  15. Die Rezi findet ihr auch auf meinem BlogInhaltGordon Cole, ein 72j hriger Vietnamveteran, lebt alleine in einer kleinen Absteige Vor einem Jahr hat er seine Frau verloren und damit das wichtigste in seinem Leben.Gordon versinkt mehr und mehr in seiner Einsamkeit, seinen Schuldgef hlen und auch das Trauma aus dem Krieg ist noch nicht berstanden Er hat Visionen und f hlt sich verfolgt Doch wird er wirklich verfolgt oder ist alles nur eine Ausgeburt seiner Fantasie MeinungEine Novelle die nach Span [...]

  16. Originally published here iheartreading book revThis is a story of darkness, loneliness and hidden agendas, an interesting take on what it means to grow older and learn to live with mistakes in the past Gordon has lost the love of his life, his wife Kathy, and is struggling to survive Old, the days of youth long gone, violence around him increasing with every heartbeat The city isn t the world he came to know and love any it s a dark and cold place His past has finally caught up with him, and he [...]

  17. I received an advanced ecopy of this book for free from NetGalley, for the sake of reviewing.This book is a rather excellent exploration of dark pasts and emotional writing The plot has a few little turns to await you, and while they never reached a level of jarring surprise I d want to warrant five stars I think it deserves a solid three because of the intricate tale of darkness and loneliness that it weaves It was enough to pull me in and want to know , to piece together the little pieces that [...]

  18. I love Greg f Gifune all his work is painful, soulful and at times very difficult to read.but always memorable Gordon Cole a tired and lonely ex Vietnam vet in this short story that moves between fact and visionor does it I did enjoy but not my fav Gifune.

  19. things in Heaven and Earth Deep within him, Gordon has always carried the horrific memories of his time in Vietnam but his love for his wife Katy has allowed him to put those days behind him But now Katy has died and Gordon is old and alone, and all the guilt and fear has returned along with the voices in the rain, whispering, calling Gordon s nightmares of a night long past are now seeping into his daytime world and he can t ignore them any longer.Dark, frightening and blood soaked, this novel [...]

  20. House Of Rain ist eine sehr tiefgr ndige und nachdenkliche Geschichte um den einsamen Gordon, der den Tod seiner geliebten Frau einfach nicht berwinden beziehungsweise gar akzeptieren kann.Das Buch ist mit seinen knappen einhundert Seiten beinahe als lange Kurzgeschichte zu betrachten nichts desto trotz schafft es der Autor, in diese leider zu wenigen Seiten eine sehr bedr ckende Geschichte entstehen zu lassen, die sehr ernst und auch etwas deprimierend ist Gifune ist dabei aber ein wahrer Meist [...]

  21. Gordon Cole is a masterfully woven, fully dimensional, elderly character stricken with pain and powerful memories Gordon struggles to process a gang beating up a homeless man along with evaluating his life Gifune is so skilled at setting up Cole that the reader is compelled to follow every word waiting and reacting like a concertgoer to a demonic heavy metal riff.While there is very little story in this novella, there is ample characterization and atmosphere, all of which are excellent For those [...]

  22. This is the story of Gordon, an elderly Vietnam vet devastated by the loss of his wife he is both surrounded by and lost in old and crippling memories After witnessing an attack on a homeless man by three youths, he beings seeing things, and as he begins to think he is going mad, old secrets start to surface, secrets he would rather stayed hidden What happened that night so many years ago at the club, and what has the incessant rainfall got to do with it This started quite quietly, so the ending [...]

  23. Kurzbeschreibung Seit seine Ehefrau Kathy gestorben ist, lebt Gordon Cole, ein 72j hriger Vietnamveteran, v llig abgeschottet in einem heruntergekommenen Viertel Er versucht den Schmerz ber ihren Verlust zu bet uben Doch als es pl tzlich anf ngt ununterbrochen zu regnen, kommen die Erinnerungen zur ck Erinnerungen an etwas Schreckliches Gordon muss bald feststellen, dass nicht nur die Erinnerungen zur ckgekommen sind, sondern auch jemand, mit dem er eine offene Rechnung zu begleichen hatMeine Me [...]

  24. House of rainThis was a moving and creepy atmospheric read I enjoyed this story immensely Greg really conjured the psychological drama and emotional aspect of this story beyond my expectationsI recommend this story to anyone who loves psychological horror and supernatural horror genres.

  25. A strange book, but a VERY good one Not a lot of plot overall although that s not really the point of the story It s a character study and an atmospheric tale of grief and possible madness Some first rate writing and a character you really care about for the short time you re with him Highly recommended.

  26. Can t recommend.Too much bouncing back and forth made this an aggravating read trying to piece everything together Killed any chance at fluidity.I was glad to finish for the wrong reasons.Definitely not as good as the first one of his I read.

  27. For a horror book I thought this would hook me I was left with many questions at the end and things that wanted to know.Sometimes it bored me and for a horror book that s not supposed to happen.Still if you like horror books give this one a try.

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