Carpool Diem

Free Download Carpool Diem - by Nancy Star - Carpool Diem, Carpool Diem Annie Fleming s family has always adjusted well to her hard driving career How could they not Annie keeps them in line at home with typed edited and proofed to do and not to do lists for her husband
  • Title: Carpool Diem
  • Author: Nancy Star
  • ISBN: 9780446581820
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Carpool Diem - by Nancy Star, Carpool Diem, Nancy Star, Carpool Diem Annie Fleming s family has always adjusted well to her hard driving career How could they not Annie keeps them in line at home with typed edited and proofed to do and not to do lists for her husband her babysitter and her daughter No TV on a school night please But when an obnoxious co worker conspires to force Annie out of her job she finds herself out of workAnnie Fleming s fa Free Download Carpool Diem - by Nancy Star - Carpool Diem, Carpool Diem Annie Fleming s family has always adjusted well to her hard driving career How could they not Annie keeps them in line at home with typed edited and proofed to do and not to do lists for her husband
  • Free Download Carpool Diem - by Nancy Star
    177Nancy Star
Carpool Diem

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  1. Nancy Star, the author of five novels, started out in the movie business where her first job was scouting for books to turn into movies Born in Queens, she now divides her time between New Jersey and Martha s Vineyard, which is where her newest novel, Sisters One, Two, Three slated for release on January 1, 2017 is set Her works have been translated into multiple languages and optioned for TV and her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Family Circle and Diversion magazine.

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  1. book description Annie Fleming s family has always adjusted well to her hard driving career How could they not Annie keeps them in line at home with typed, edited, and proofed to do and not to do lists for her husband, her babysitter, and her daughter No TV on a school night, please But when an obnoxious co worker conspires to force Annie out of her job, she finds herself out of work and face to face with her family, who, it turns out, isn t quite as well adjusted as Annie thought Husband Tim do [...]

  2. This book didn t promise anything deep and recently I really needed something NOT deep I will admit that the title pulled me, it is such a cute clever little title I find myself sometimes not only judging books by their cover title, but also pitting them against books that aren t even in the same genre This one was really cute for what it was I felt there were some holes in the story line, things would change without too much explanation especially with her husband, I felt like we didn t see eno [...]

  3. Quick, fluffy book I liked the term another review mentioned that they considered it mom lit , not chick lit Others have mentioned that it s the perfect story for a Disney tv movie I agree I downloaded this into my Kindle ages ago, I think because it was free and I finally got around to reading it It s funny that some readers have mentioned that they could relate and knew parents like the soccer parents in this book As a soccer mom of a child in competitive travel soccer, I guess I m lucky that [...]

  4. Nancy Star comes from a background in movies and in my mind, this is a perfect script for a cheesy Disney movie on the on the Disney channel Everything is way over the top the mom is an oblivious control freak, daughter is a surprise soccer star, the coach is the villianous over bearing coach, and a few bumbling idiots along for the ride It s a fun read I swear some of the situations the mom finds herself in as she tries to jump into the unpredictable life as a stay at home mom, compared to the [...]

  5. I would actually give this three and a half stars It was a cute take on corporate wonderwoman turned stay at home mom, set against the backdrop of a competitive girls soccer team While the subject was light think chick lit without the sex , every suburban mom will be able to identify with the challenges and characters Star describes A bit wacky at times a jealous dad sabotages the soccer field in hopes one of his daughter s rivals will get injured the over the top soccer coach makes the girls pr [...]

  6. This book was like a Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley High for moms Meaning, that it is amusing drivel where nothing really bad actually happens but the main character still goes into convulsions every other chapter and everyone but the bad, bad men ends up happier at the end.I did rate it two it was okay stars though because it was fascinating to read backwards Yep, it was late at night and I was working on the this very slow computer I had already read the first couple of chapters and knew it [...]

  7. Thank goodness it was a quick read because I hated most of the characters, especially the coach Winslow and the disgruntled parent, Roy It s not often that I have such negative feelings about a character, but I really hated these two, so much that I found myself speed reading at times just to get through it.What s sad is that the author wasn t that far off when creating these characters Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in youth sports that closely resemble these two.In the end, I liked h [...]

  8. The Soccer Mom story drew me to this book I am a part time Soccer Mom The author kept the characters true to life I felt Annie s pain when she was trying to balance work and home For a minute I did think Tim was not being true to his marriage, but I was happy that he was being true I did feel bad that the Power team had a crazy coach I would recommend this book to a woman who is a mom and is looking for a lite read.

  9. This book was actually, delightful Sure, it s a fluffy read, the end wrapped up in a neat little bow, but was still really fun to read I m wondering if those soccer memos were inspired by some real life letters sent home from obsessive coaches One of my favorites is when the coach congratulates a girl for not being afraid to get aggressive with a fellow teammate during practices while simultaneously wishing her victim a speedy recovery An easy, fun, yet relatable read.

  10. Worth reading for the great send up of traveling soccer, not much else stood out in the quick novel Corporate exec Annie Fleming is let go from her job and she focuses her attention on her daughter Charlotte and the quest for a better soccer team The girls could be 8, 10, or 12 for all the development they receive Only Winslow West really stands out as the over powering leader of the elite soccer club, the Power He s building a Winslow West soccer empire, with disastrous results.

  11. This was a perfectionist mom is forced by circumstance to slow down and re evaluate her life story, with a lot of Soccer Mom thrown in The society of the soccer obsessed was a fun element, but I d ve liked steps in the mom s epiphany It sort of seemed to happen magically one minute she s frantically trying to do it all, be perfect, etc and the next minute she s all different Still, it was a fun book and a good read.

  12. The two main parts of Carpool Diem would have been interesting on their own if they d been fully developed Together, though, they make for a disjointed socca story that will most likely leave you feeling socca frustrated Read the full review at nightsandweekends arti

  13. Book about Annie who is a perfectionist in the corporate world and thinks everything is together in her home life when she loses her job and gets thrown into the world of travel soccer mom she finds out differently good story but a little extreme in places some parts of story line were not as well developed as I would have liked

  14. I picked this up from the New books at the library It was funny in parts and sad in parts It s about a married women who gets laid off whose been working for years and tries to readjust to being home with her 12 year old daughter who has just tried out for a soccer league and her husband whose struggling in his job.

  15. This is the first book that I have read in a long time that didn t come with a recommendation for friends, family or a book club I found it on the library shelf while looking for another book I liked it Just a fun little read about a mom who loses her job and tries to figure out how to be a mom at home and bring her little family together again.

  16. This is a fun fast summer read As a soccer mom myself, I laughed out loud when I read about all of the notorized paperwork and the competition to be on the best team Believe it or not, this is real life Not great literature, but it was fun.

  17. This was a light, easy to read book I would recommend it to any soccer mom who can appreciate the craziness of it I thought the ending was a little disappointing, but liked the fact I didn t have to think too hard while reading it.

  18. This was a light hearted fun read I have a 13 year old daughter who plays soccer but not in a traveling league so it was fun to read what I ve missed or not The newsletters the coach of the top team puts out are very funny.

  19. I got it only because it was on sale in Kindle store it was OK, not terrible, it is good but a little scary to know about the life of a soccer mom other than that I wish I had picked something else

  20. This book I have to be honest it was okay I found that the story dragged on and the ending was a little disapointing that Charlotte didn t want to stay on Winslow s team and that she didn t go back to her first team.

  21. This book was ok The reviews on made it seem much better then it was I mean, it was ok, not terrible Maybe I am just looking for something a little meatier or a little fluffier It just wasn t really up my ally but like Liz, I felt bad if I didn t finish it LOL

  22. I liked the idea of the book and it was well written but it was really hard to get through It took me several years to finish this book I would pick it up and put it down It offers some nice lessons but all and all it s not one of my favorite reads.

  23. This was an easy read, but a bit over the top That s the point, I guess, but it felt too exaggerated to me Makes a good point, though, about how we all rush through life, mostly for the wrong reasons, and miss what s important.

  24. This was a fun and quick read I liked the satirical play on the parents and coaches If I read Gerri saying socca riffic once , though.This is a good summer beach read I would have liked of the cut throat corporate world.

  25. A quick easy, beach read type of booknd of slow at times, but overall not too bad There were a couple of characters I wished had been developed, but considering it really is a chick lit book I didn t expect too much.

  26. This was a great read Some humor, some life lessons, some struggles, and no swearing I am not a so called soccer mom, but I know them and this was a funny portrayalt all that off the mark either.

  27. That I never want to be a travel soccer mom I hated this book than Colin hated soccer when he tried it at age 4 If you are a crazy travel soccer obsessed kids sports person this book might amuse you.

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