A Choice of Treasons

↠ A Choice of Treasons ↠ J.L. Doty - A Choice of Treasons, A Choice of Treasons As a lifer in the Imperial Navy fighting in a war that has lasted for generations York Ballin s only hope at an honorable discharge is the grave Matters only get worse when the emperor s daughter p
  • Title: A Choice of Treasons
  • Author: J.L. Doty
  • ISBN: 2940011487774
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Nook

↠ A Choice of Treasons ↠ J.L. Doty, A Choice of Treasons, J.L. Doty, A Choice of Treasons As a lifer in the Imperial Navy fighting in a war that has lasted for generations York Ballin s only hope at an honorable discharge is the grave Matters only get worse when the emperor s daughter princess Aeya decides to do a little slumming with her entourage on a remote planet and York and his fellow crewmen are forced to rescue her But after returning her safelyAs a li ↠ A Choice of Treasons ↠ J.L. Doty - A Choice of Treasons, A Choice of Treasons As a lifer in the Imperial Navy fighting in a war that has lasted for generations York Ballin s only hope at an honorable discharge is the grave Matters only get worse when the emperor s daughter p
  • ↠ A Choice of Treasons ↠ J.L. Doty
    107J.L. Doty
A Choice of Treasons

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  1. Jim has nine published SFF books and he ll be releasing his tenth, Never Dead Enough, the 3rd in The Dead Among Us series, early next year His first success came as a self published writer when Child of the Sword went word of mouth viral about four years ago He was able to quit his day job as a running dog lackey for the bourgeois capitalist establishment, and work for himself as a fulltime writer He says his new boss is a real jerk so demanding The self pub success also led to traditional contracts with Open Road Integrated Media, and Harper Collins Voyager.Jim is also a scientist with a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering his specialty is laser physics He has a big pet peeve regarding lasers as weapons in science fiction He spent decades working in the laser and electro optics industry, even did some research on laser weapons in the 80 s And when writers use a laser as a weapon in a story, they invariably get it wrong, usually by violating some basic law of physics Jim gives a presentation on laser weapons, and what writers do wrong no names please.Jim was born in Seattle, but he s lived most of his life in California, though he did live on the east coast and in Europe for a while He now resides in Arizona with his wife Karen and three little beings who claim to be cats Tilda, Julia and Natasha But Jim is certain they re really extra terrestrial aliens in disguise.From a very early age he made up stories in his head, but he never considered writing In his family you went to college, got a degree in something useful and got a real job, so he did the Ph.D thing But he was still making up those stories in his head, so thirty years ago he sat down and wrote a science fiction novel, and as he says, It was the worst thing he s ever read It was the hardest decision he ever made, but he literally threw it away and turned to other writing projects.Science has always been a passion of Jim s, but writing is an addiction In April 2016, Of Treasons Born, the prequel to A Choice of Treasons, was published by Open Road Integrated Media, and in August The Thirteenth Man was published by Harper Collins Voyager He just finished The Witch of Val d Ossa, the first book in The Valley of Bones series Right now he s working on By Treason Forged, the 2nd book in The Treasons Cycle, The BlackSword Regiment, a new military science fiction series, and the 2nd book in The Valley of Bones.Jim intends to keep on writing and publishing stories, but no laser weapons.

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  1. Riveting military space opera Lieutenant York Ballin, a naval combat lifer, with experience and determination in his little finger than the whole Imperial Fleet commanders put together is caught in a cat and mouse game of pursuit spanning deep space and the pursuers are mounting The Federal Directorate of the Republic of Syndon and his own Imperial forces want to blast his ship, the cruiser Cinesstar, into nothingness, and for what True on board is the Empress and the Princess Who wants them de [...]

  2. An excellent military sci fi story that was brought to life by a great narrator Noah Levine Though I felt frustration from time to time with the MC, I really enjoyed a full story told in a single novel with lots of action and a great ending 4.5 Stars for a great listen and recommended for any fan of military science fiction or just science fiction in general

  3. Minor plot spoilers aheadSummary As a young boy, York Ballin knew the sting of rejection as his foster parents paid him little heed, and as he grew older the choices he made garnered him no respect from society So after a barbaric act committed by him and a few friends as young men, Ballin finds himself with a choice between a guaranteed short life on a distant mining facility or the possibility of an even shorter life aboard a starship in the Imperial Navy In the end the choice is made for him [...]

  4. Well.I ve read I think five books in a row now without reviewing them Some of them were very entertaining, some less so And as many of you know, my major love is fantasy But the book that moves me to start catching up on my reviews SF all the way.Damn, this was an exciting book I actually disliked several things about it it had several glaring logic physics problems, it was incredibly tropey in spots, and some of the dialogue was downright clunky But it was breathless and exciting and kept me li [...]

  5. l histoire d un militaire qui r ussit stopper par la force et son habilit d jouer toutes les man uvres ennemies, une guerre sans fin entre deux civilisations humaines Quelques sc nes dispensables de tentatives de meurtres et de tortures, un fond politique mince on ne sait pas vraiment pourquoi cette guerre des m chants assez caricatur s et un h ros qui survit tout Bref, pas d plaisant lire pour qui aime l action mais rien de transcendant dans le genre sinon pour les circonvolutions politiques et [...]

  6. Wow This one reminded me of Cherryh s book Action packed and tensed, sur le fil du rasoir A rightly paranoid and half mad protagonist is to bring back his ship and his men to safe heaven through war and treasons I really liked it.

  7. Confessions are in order I write novels and most recently wrote my first complete science fiction story It is called, USS Kepler Dawn, a story of mankind s first attempt to colonize another star system Previous novels were two westerns, two police procedural mysteries with paranormal twists, and one World War II military romance set during the Battle of Britain As it turns out, J L Doty and I share a former publisher, Telemachus Press The owner introduced me to Jim and I decided to read some of [...]

  8. Still reasonably good space opera Not up to the standard of the prequel, but a fun read The author explicitly states that he changed things in this edition for the sake of continuity, for which l commend him However, I think at least one important thing slipped by If it is not wrong, it is confusingly stated In the prequel York achieves at least 24 1 2 blood chevrons In this book the number is stated at 12 It appears that that is the total number not just the number on one arm and a large annoyi [...]

  9. This, the second in the series, follows the hero York Ballin through an even larger section of the cosmic war which was introduced in the first book However, while the climax of the first book was in a much smaller space with a few key players, this story ends in a truly huge fashion, with multiple characters and impacts across the galaxy.With great characters, incredible action, and a completely unexpected ending, this was a great add to the series It s bloody and downright gory at times, but d [...]

  10. I didn t like York Ballin in the beginning liked him better as the story went on The story was good enough that I wanted to see how it would end And it was a satisfying ending.

  11. J.L Doty s future might be grandiose but is not bright, no matter trough how many solar systems you may travel Intrigues old as life itself take place among the empire, and no one is safe from them, not even the rulers I never thought that not paying attention in physics class would pay off so beautifully, I bought in on all the tech explanation Doty introduced in the book and made a heavily packed science fiction tech book haughtily entertaining.Is a cool view on what might be in the far far fu [...]

  12. A Choice of Treasons eBook was published in 2015 and was written by J L Doty jldoty Mr Doty is the author of 10 novels and this is the second of his Treasons Cycle series I received a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I categorize this novel as R because it contains scenes of Violence, Mature Language and Mature Situations The setting of this Science Fiction Thriller novel is in a far future Humanity has spread through the stars and we have come into contact with a few other race [...]

  13. Great book Lots of action, strong leading character and a surprising number of tough women even though the author doesn t call attention to it which I like.

  14. A Choice of Treasons by J.L Doty is a very gripping military space opera.The story revolves around York Ballin, a Navy veteran who finds himself leading marines on a warship trying to outwit the enemy It s broadly split between 3 main parts the initial rescue, fleeing the war and the enemy, and then the choice of treasons to attempt to end the war.This was a really great read especially the main character Ballin with all his flaws but to me the best part was the middle section of the book where [...]

  15. I won this audiobook from the author thank you J.L Doty but Audible is giving me nothing but trouble and will not allow me to listen to the book I just can t understand it I followed the MANY directions on audible but it still says trouble connecting to server I ll try again later when I m not so frustrated with the whole thing.I ve finally gotten audible to work, after dicking around, but it shouldn t take this much effort to get a simple service to play Plus it made me sign up for an outlook [...]

  16. This was a nail biter all the way through Its like an old sea adventure tale, but, in space I enjoyed being in the head of opposing captains and seeing how they rig their ships to trick the other.The tech is realistic and well placed throughout the book Doty does not try to explain how they travel beyond the speed of light which is for the best because any such explanation would have created a giant hole.This is the best sci fi I have read in a very long time and I can t wait for the next instal [...]

  17. Keep ReadingI almost did not read this book because the POV changes were confusing until I got to know the characters I think the author could solve this with Headers indicating character or even local A glossary of characters would help also But once I got past the first 4 or 5 chapters I enjoyed the book I did not give it 5 stars because of the unexplained weird powers the main character would occasionally experience which of course got him out of lethal situations Also this was political int [...]

  18. SEND OUT THE ALERT THIS BOOK IS REALLY GOOD AND ON AUDIBLE.The fact that this book only has 88 ratings is straight up criminal, this book was fanastic I know there is a prequel but I read this one first because well it was written first and I felt it worked great.I kind of don t want to give away too much of the plot but the main character is the driving force of the story, he is a bit aggressive angry crazy especially when he starts getting low on sleep compared to other space opera heroes, an [...]

  19. Absolutely loved it I can t say if the science is accurate but there was a perfect balance between focus on the characters tech.Loved to hate the nastier situations the hero found himself in, I haven t been so anxious while reading for a while I ve read this authors The Thirteenth man Child of the sword will be reading When dead ain t dead enough, along w anything this author writes yes, they were that good Hope for in this universe.Thank you for a great book

  20. I found this to be one of the best books I ve read in years to be honest It was a roller coaster ride of a story with so many twists and turns.I also had the pleasure of interviewing J.L Doty about the book, Interview.

  21. read the sample and was compelled to buy it should read it fairly soon when in the mood for a fasten your belt adventure

  22. Sci Fi Military that begins slow and then explodes into can t turn off action, intrigue and a few double crosses While the ending is a bit weak, the story is too good to worry about the finale.

  23. I loved this book,liked the main charactor and the situations he was involved in and how he resolved them It was well written,well thought out and ended just right.

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