The Time in Between

The Time in Between Best Read || [María Dueñas Daniel Hahn] - The Time in Between, The Time in Between The Time In Between is a word of mouth phenomenon that catapulted Mar a Due as a debut author to the top of Spain s bestseller lists This sweeping novel which combines the storytelling power of The
  • Title: The Time in Between
  • Author: María Dueñas Daniel Hahn
  • ISBN: 9781451616880
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover

The Time in Between Best Read || [María Dueñas Daniel Hahn], The Time in Between, María Dueñas Daniel Hahn, The Time in Between The Time In Between is a word of mouth phenomenon that catapulted Mar a Due as a debut author to the top of Spain s bestseller lists This sweeping novel which combines the storytelling power of The Shadow of the Wind with the irresistible romance of Casablanca moves at an unstoppable pace Suddenly left abandoned and penniless in Morocco by her lover Sira Quiroga forgThe Ti The Time in Between Best Read || [María Dueñas Daniel Hahn] - The Time in Between, The Time in Between The Time In Between is a word of mouth phenomenon that catapulted Mar a Due as a debut author to the top of Spain s bestseller lists This sweeping novel which combines the storytelling power of The
  • The Time in Between Best Read || [María Dueñas Daniel Hahn]
    203María Dueñas Daniel Hahn
The Time in Between

About Author

  1. Mar a Due as Vinuesa was born on 1964 in Puertollano, Spain She is a professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Murcia, and is also an academic author and has worked at different universities in North America She came into the spotlight in 2009, achieving great success in Spain thanks to her first novel, El tiempo entre costuras, published in English language as The Time in Between and The Seamstress, a historical espionage novel, which sold than a million copies It has already been translated into than 25 different languages.Mar a Due as has seven siblings and lives in Cartagena.

One thought on “The Time in Between

  1. I am going to be honest I said I would read this book because I think I need to read women authors and foreign writers, just to get out of my comfort zone But when I finally got the book in my hands and read the synopsis I was scared because it was hitting a lot of things I tend to avoid What will I have in common with a pre WWII seamstress as she deals with love and intrigue in Southern Europe A dressmaker for goodness sake But being the dutiful guy that I am I took it to work with me to read [...]

  2. Part historical novel, part spy novel, part romance, this book has a good story A young woman grows up in poverty in Spain just before the Spanish Civil War She works as an apprentice to her mother in a dress making shop in Madrid She sees another world as she goes in servant entrances to mansions making deliveries of dresses Her awareness of these two worlds influences her when she reaches marriage age because she dumps the local guy who loves her and she runs off with a con man who is fleeing [...]

  3. Ko voli pansku knji evnost i odli no napisan roman ovu knjigu nikako ne treba da propusti Bila je veliki hit u paniji i svuda u svetu osim u Srbiji Prevod je dobar, knjiga se guta u dahu posebna poslastica za sve koji u ivaju u debelju kastim knjigamaU me uvremenu su anci snimili i odli nu seriju po ovoj knjizi Ima je na Netflixu

  4. Wow I devoured this book It pretty much hit all the right notes for me exotic places, a little romance but not too much , spies, MI6, deception, and fashion I always seem to resonate with the international bestsellers The Far Pavillions is a favorite, as is Perfume Anyway, I recommend this book highly With two full time jobs, a child, and a novel that I m revising, the fact that I finished it in three days should sufficiently recommend it.

  5. Being an English Major I am very critical of literature I will pick a book a part because I can I began reading this because it was ent to me to review I wasn t looking forward to it at all I was actually dreading it So I began reading it with a terrible attitude knew I was going to be critical probably unjustly in my review.I began the book while waiting for a doctor s appointment with a doctor who is routinely at least 1 hour behind schedule I had to keep rereading the beginning because I was [...]

  6. So, I actually got 400 pages into this one before deciding to put it down for good Why didn t I finish The book is 600 pages long, and the action part of the book spying doesn t get started for 350 pages The first half of the book is all character development and set up Unfortunately, 400 pages into the book, I really don t have a good idea who our heroine is She says she s uneducated, yet is some sort of social chameleon who gets by on faking her way through everything And you know, that s actu [...]

  7. H j algum tempo que um livro n o me fazia ficar acordada at tarde para acabar de ler as ltimas mais de 100 p ginas Aconteceu ontem ou deveria dizer hoje, pois j passava da uma da manh quando terminei , com esta hist ria complexa mas muito bem urdida, que mistura na perfei o personagens ficcionais com personagens hist ricas e nos faz viajar pela guerra civil espanhola e pela Primeira Grande Guerra, por Espanha, Marrocos e tamb m, um bocadinho, por Portugal A escrita, sem ser deslumbrante, boa, e [...]

  8. I, in some small degree, ruined this book for myself by reading another book also set in Morocco at the same time TTIB deserves to be read singularly It provides for the reader a wonderfully insightful look at Spain and Morocco in the 1930s, setting in place events regarding the involvement of the Germans as they struggled to influence the Spanish government In the middle of all this is Sira, a talented seamstress who finds herself in the unenviable position of spying for the British government [...]

  9. A Tad Long But Overall A Pleasant Read.This novel begins in Spain just before World War II It was a commendable book although a tad long where some chapters could have been condensed to keep the reader from becoming bored The main character Sira, was a dressmaker for several rich women who were married to high ranking German officials While Sira created outfits for these women, she would listen to their gossip and soon found herself taking a much different direction in life than she could ever h [...]

  10. I love a good historical novel This one has elements I am familiar with Germans and Nazis, mixed with elements I knew little about the Spanish Civil War, the leadership bought by the Nazis and how the Allies dealt with attempts to keep Spain out of WWII.There are four parts to the book but all are told by Sira s perspective Sira is a humble seamstress in Madrid, helping in the shop where her mother works She learns skills, is promoted, meets a nice boy, gets engaged then runs off with another ma [...]

  11. As it takes place during the Spanish Civil War albeit seen from the distance of North Africa and World War II, I was very interested in the setting of the book, as I don t know much about what was going on in Spain during this period The premise is very promising a young, poor Spanish seamstress is ruined by love and has to create herself anew as a seamstress to the high society of Tunisia I was interested during the first two parts of the book, especially as world events start to creep into her [...]

  12. I will have a full review on FBC in early November and I will c p it here so for now several quick points the book is indeed a page turner and you never really know when time passes reading it I was shocked to see it ending and I could have read another 600 pages easily the ending is good and satisfying but the book could have gone on for a while for sure a first narration and the voice starts a bit slow one thing I cannot abide is silly narrators and for the first 70 80 pages Sira makes some r [...]

  13. Fun, exciting and exotic I know you shouldn t judge a book by its cover, but that is part of the reason I chose this book such a beautiful cover The book takes place in Madrid, Morocco and Portugal during the Spanish Civil War and World War II Part romance, part spy novel, part historical fiction including some characters who really existed , this book was a page turner I loved all the locales, but especially the parts set in Morocco.

  14. review in English below 3,5 O livro muito bom e mereceria bem as quatro estrelas um romance hist rico bem escrito, bem pesquisado, bem ambientado.S tive pena que a autora n o tivesse conseguido transmitir mais emo o tudo contado e descrito duma forma que me pareceu distanciada, de tal maneira que mesmo os epis dios mais emocionantes n o me fizeram sentir nada, a n o ser vontade de continuar a ler para saber o que aconteceria a seguir.Mas o pior foi o Ep logo, em que Mar a Due as decidiu n o s co [...]

  15. He le do este libro por recomendaci n de una amiga y tambi n por la de los miles de lectores mencionados en la solapa, pero yo personalmente no s si lo recomendar a.No comprendo por qu este libro no me ha gustado m s Tiene todos los ingredientes de la clase de literatura que m s me ha gustado siempre la poca de la guerra civil espa ola y la posguerra, las historias de mujeres, la conexi n entre el mundo hispano y el anglosaj n Tal vez me encuentro simplemente en una etapa diferente de mi vida Co [...]

  16. Read by Zilah MendozaLength 21.8 hrs UNABRIDGED This is the story of a young seamstress and her mother during the Spanish Civil War After being engaged with a government clerk, Sira falls in love with a salesman and decides to fly with him to Morocco.In the meantime, she met the father she never knew.By returning to Spain, she then becomes an undercover agent for the Allies during World War II.This is a story with a first person narrator which makes the narrative quite long and too boring in my [...]

  17. Vrijeme izme u krojenja Jedna od knjiga koje se zaista te ko ispu taju iz rukuNeka vas ne odbije preko 650str Ja se ne sje am kada sam zadnji put ovako opse nu knjigu pro itala u ovako kratkom vremenu Pri a sama po sebi nije ni ta novo i, dosad, nevi eno pratimo sudbinu Sire Qiuiroge mlade kroja ice iz Madrida Ali ta je sudbina, ahliko zanimljiva da grozni avo okre e stranice u i ekivanju doga aja Iako se radnja doga a u prvoj polovici 20st 1 i 2 svj rat , Sira ga iako je bitan sudionik provodi [...]

  18. This book is several things It is a coming on age story It is a Romance It is a spy novel and it is a first person memoir I didn t like it very much The author s style is not very polished Duenas never seems to get her character into the action in such a way that the reader is there with her She describes the action rather than having the characters inhabit it The plot is certainly ingenous and appears to be based somewhat on facts At least the Acknowledgement at the back of the book seems to gi [...]

  19. Lost in translation Not a bit of it.I often find that books written in another language are never quite the same when translated and when I first began to read this book, it seemed a little flat, even though the story was moving on quite quickly However, after a very short time, things really started to pick up and from then on, I couldn t put it down.Set in the time of the Spanish Civil War and the run up to World War II, the book is set partly in Spain and then in Morocco and follows the fortu [...]

  20. Yes,this was a brilliant book I couldn t turn the pages past enough to see what was next It is a big book,I know,but if your enjoying the story,the pages will fly by.The novel follows Sira from her early days in Madrid as an impetuous teenager in love with a con man, to Morocco as a bankrupt criminal, to Tetouan as a couturier businesswoman, back to Madrid, and then to Lisbon to spy on the Germans.Duenas stitches together Sira s world of espionage with her job as a dressmaker Sira s skills trans [...]

  21. It wasn t that the book was bad, it was an interesting story But the author teased out elements of the story in such an unsatisfactory way that it was painful Then, breathlessly, she d practically leap over the pertinent piece of information in a coy manner paraphrasing I looked through the peep hole, and saw the person I expected to see I let them in blah, blah, blah And then just before the end of the chapter she d FINALLY toss in who d been at the door Just odd.The whole book had this leading [...]

  22. Every so often I encounter a novel that keeps me mesmerized and enchanted, This novel is a masterpiece in writing, story telling, characterization, plot and setting Told in first person narrative, this is also a character driven book the reader sees, feels and experiences everything through the protagonist s perspective, and yet there are many mysterious areas unexplored I applaud Sira s bravery, quiet dignity and immense adaptability She also exudes an innocence and a lack of selfish motives sh [...]

  23. I had to reluctantly let this book go after reading about 120 pages There were several aspects that I could not overcome in order to keep ploughing through its 600 plus pages Perhaps it s me, perhaps I am suffering from reader fatigue and have lost my patience with books that do not get to their point, especially in an age when publishers expect nay, demand that the novel s trajectory be clear by the end of the first chapter.I picked up this book as I was interested in learning about Morocco in [...]

  24. This book was written in the first person but there was one section where it reverted to third person as the character who was writing the story could not have known what was happening in that section as it was occurring in another country Then, at the end of the chapter the narrator said that they had discovered the information through letters that had arrived from another character What sort of advice was this writer receiving from her editor Obviously not good advice as I could see a way out [...]

  25. Cuatro estrellitas y media A pesar de su extensi n considerable, la novela mantiene el inter s y parece bien documentada Lo que m s me ha gustado es la ambientaci n en el norte de Marruecos en los tiempos del colonialismo.

  26. ovo je za mene bio ist u itakjiga puna historije,zabavnih i intrigantnih likova, ispunjena s mnogo detalja ali sa takvim stilom i neusiljeno u da je to na nivou umjetnosti.Knjiga koju vrijedi pro itati i koja vas ne e ostaviti ravnodu nim ni jednog trenutka.Hvala Maria

  27. O melhor livro que li este ano A intriga est bem desenvolvida e as personagens s o interessantes, particularmente a protagonista O background hist rico leva nos por caminhos da poca da II GM menos explorados pelas publica es mais vistas dos ltimos anos, nomeadamente o envolvimento da Espanha Franquista no conflito.

  28. The Time In Between is a comprehensively challenging fictional debut over 600 pages of minutely researched Spanish history is skillfully woven into a page turning tome that totally tugs the reader into the fascinating life of a remarkable young woman whose determination, strength, and demeanor irrevocably changes her destiny.The consequential trials endured during and after Spain s Civil War, leaves a country politically and ideologically divided, its citizens cautious not only of what the new r [...]

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