Reckless Magic

✓ Reckless Magic ↠ Rachel Higginson - Reckless Magic, Reckless Magic Book in the Best Selling Star Crossed Series year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years She can t seem to stop herself from closing them down Kingsley is
  • Title: Reckless Magic
  • Author: Rachel Higginson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Reckless Magic ↠ Rachel Higginson, Reckless Magic, Rachel Higginson, Reckless Magic Book in the Best Selling Star Crossed Series year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years She can t seem to stop herself from closing them down Kingsley is her last chance to finish high school and the last private school willing to accept her She is focused on just getting through graduation until she realizes Kings Book in the Best Se ✓ Reckless Magic ↠ Rachel Higginson - Reckless Magic, Reckless Magic Book in the Best Selling Star Crossed Series year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years She can t seem to stop herself from closing them down Kingsley is
  • ✓ Reckless Magic ↠ Rachel Higginson
    138Rachel Higginson
Reckless Magic

About Author

  1. Rachel Higginson is the best selling author of The Five Stages of Falling in Love, Every Wrong Reason, Bet on Us and The Star Crossed Series.She was born and raised in Nebraska, and spent her college years traveling the world She fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, but came back home to marry her high school sweetheart Now she spends her days writing stories and raising five amazing kids.

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  1. I hadn t figured anything out on my own yet SpoilersduhOh Reckless Magic, where do I even start A good friend of mine gave that book to me, since she is absolutely in love with the whole series We agree with a lot of stuff, sadly this book is not one of them I wanted to like it, I couldn t That doesn t meant I don t understand what people might see in it, I get it believe me, it is just not the one for me.Please let me tell you, no matter what I might say here, I don t want to bash the author I [...]

  2. This book is quite possibly my favorite book of 2011 I am SO glad the next two books are already out as I plan to devour them asap Gosh, where to start.Ok, first, Eden She s so normal I loved her If she was a real gal, we d be best friends She was shy yet outspoken when it mattered She was effectively suspicious but loyal She was loving, with whole heart and body and soul and really, in my opinion there should be no other kind of love She was sweet, caring, feisty, funny and also seemed to be ma [...]

  3. It was really hard to rate this book because my feelings are so conflicted For the first half of the book I was really bored and constantly frustrated with everything that was happening Our main character, Eden, is left in the dark about everything going on around her She is full of magic but it keeps exploding out of her and she doesn t know how to control it and no one is informing her about her magic, her family, or the danger she is in I just wanted her to get her act together and try and fi [...]

  4. I would really love to be able to give this book four stars, because it definitely kept me entertained and engrossed in the story and characters But, and I don t know if this is just the edition I got it was free after all there were so many instances of grammar errors typos and flow writing style issues that I feel like I just can t go higher than three The story found within Reckless Magic is filled with adventure, romance, and of course, magic The beginning is a bit slow and there are several [...]

  5. Unfortunately, I have to put this book on the DNF shelf.At 2 hours and 35 minutes in, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has happened, unless you count numerous unexplained fainting spells as something Nothing happening would be fine if it was because the characters were being developed, but I know as little about Eden now as I did on page one All that being said, I would have kept going, being that this book was described as Twilight meets Harry Potter both awesome , but then this happened I parked my car in t [...]

  6. Rather frustrating heroine Yes, she is only 16 and is pretty naive, but very little growth maturity by the end of the book, if at all Hard to keep cheering her on, especially with all the teenage angst riddled narration from her point of view The plot development is rather weak The characters seem to accept sudden changes and revelations like they are not that big of a deal Sometimes their viewpoints attitudes are conflicting, view spoiler e.g Avalon thanks Kiran for everything with a lot of emo [...]

  7. I loved this book It definitely wasn t the most well written book I ve ever read but it was probably one of the most addicting and fun to read If I were to factor in the predictability and the cliches embedded in both the characters and plot then I would have to drop my rating down to 3.75 5 stars but I honestly cannot do that because of how engrossed I was with the story Absolutely planning on continuing with the series soon and can t wait to see how things carry on in the second book Actual ra [...]

  8. I loved, loved, LOVED this book Reckless Magic is a YA Paranormal that should be read by everyone remotely interested in this genre The characters are well developed and well written I judge books by how they make me feel while I read them I read Reckless Magic at every opportunity in bed, while I was making dinner, riding in the car could not put it down Reckless Magic made me laugh out loud at 2am my husband wasn t thrilled , it made me tear up toward the end and the whole way through I was ro [...]

  9. I actually started reading this book with high hopes While the prologue was pretty generic twin babies being dropped on a door step I thought that it could possibly turn itself around After all, Harry Potter managed to make that scenario interesting too, didn t it And it certainly started strong I really wanted to like the main character Eden But I could tell that the author really wanted Eden to like the main male lead, Kiran Even Eden wondered why she was being pushed into this snot of a boy s [...]

  10. Awesome in a totally unexpected way I downloaded this book on my nook because it was free and it sounded cool I was expecting maybe 100 pages and a easy decent plot spectacular, just a cool free book.Boy was I wrong This book is a whirlwind of all that makes reading awesome The characters were amazing, especially Eden, the main character She was so relatable and awesome She had me laughing out loud quite a bit Her best friend Lily was so sweet, I really liked the way she was described, she wasn [...]

  11. O.M.G this book had me feeling all kinds of aggravated Not in a bad way at alljust with the characters They drove me batty absolutely wanted to knock some heads around And you know those dreams where you are screaming at the top of your lungs but no one is listening That s Eden to a T Poor girl is over looked and unwanted The teachers treat her with disrespect and the students are cruel and mean I will say the girl has an iron tongue, cause if it was me I would have told each and every one of th [...]

  12. I m not sure I understand the high ratings for this book unless of course, most of them just came from young girls who are primarily concerned with the romance in the story And, well, given that this is a YA romance book, that very well may be My primary complaint is that the writing is amateurish It holds promise, but the text feels half baked There are tons of typos, but even worse, there are numerous grammatical and word usage errors An editor and a dictionary would have gone a long way here [...]

  13. Reckless Magic is LITERALLY one of the best books out there Or at least, in my opinion it is haha Rachel Higginson wrote an amazing story that just left me speechlessd cryingd crying though I was really emotional during these books This series deserves 5 stars and so many

  14. I HAVE FEELINGS When I read the synopsis for this story I neither expected what I was in for, nor how completely and utterly in love I would fall with it I finished it like 5 minutes ago and I m still dealing with the amount of emotion flooding through me I consider this one of the best books I have ever read so I made it my mission to convince you to read it as well Here s why THE PLOTMeet Eden, a typical teenage girl who just has a couple of probblems she s a witch, she doesn t know it and she [...]

  15. I m a sucker for shitty, nonsense fantasy fluff, so another bildungsroman style magical universe sounded right up my alley And No I read both this and the next charitably designated novel in the series, as I m largely immune to over the top romance drama appearing in an otherwise seemingly well constructed fantasy world The disappointment factor has been the lack of any judicious editing, specifically in reference to her grammar The author seems to be unable to distinguish between there their th [...]

  16. Stayed up all night reading yes read while I cooked yes Read while my husband drove the car yes What can I say ALL I wanted to do was read this book So the main reason why I loved this book was because I love when a girl has some attitude Like when a boy wants the girl to do one thing and she makes sure she goes out of her way to do the exact opposite Yap that is this girl She does what she wants The set up for the romance for this book was so well thought up it seems like something you would wa [...]

  17. I can t I can t I really can t finish this one Maybe some other time, I m pretty sure that this is a good series but my mind, heart, body and soul is not ready for this one I am so sorry Rachel Higginson.It s not the book, It s me Till we see each other again.

  18. First thoughts Amazing I couldn t put the book down or to be literal my kindle but I was amazed at the never ending intensity of the characters and the issues that were brought along I quite enjoyed meeting Eden, Kiran, and Avalon And the I think of it, there weren t really any characters that I down right hated even if said person was the antagonist The writing itself was wonderful, it flowed smoothly, the plot was perfect and character development definately was planned perfect, I mean who c [...]

  19. I understood the purpose of the Resistance, but the battle I chose to fight would be the one that brought me closer to the man I loved with every fiber of my being Eden Matthews knows that she s going crazy She has to be There is no one else in the world that can set fire to a school, flood another and magically produce huge tropical bees Little does she know that she isn t going crazy She s about to find out that she s different but not in the way she thinks.When she is given a final chance to [...]

  20. I was told by several of my friends what a great book Reckless Magic was It was freaking fantastic Just when I thought I had this book figured out, Rachel threw in a curve ball I never saw coming From the first page to the last word, I was gripping my iPad unable to tear myself away from the heart pounding excitement of Reckless Magic Rachel hits the ground running when she introduces the reader to Eden Matthews Due to her special abilities Eden has been kicked out of several schools feels like [...]

  21. I picked up this book and really didn t think much of it at first, but needless to say that I was pleasantly surprised This is one of those rare books that I just couldn t put down There is no testing of waters as you are plunged in head first into a riveting world of romance, magic and adventure One of the best things about the novel is the complexity of the characters you come to love them while watching them struggle to find their selves You laugh when they laugh You cry when they cry You bec [...]

  22. I m torn For plot it gets 4 stars I liked it But due to some word choice spelling errors this rating should be considered a 3.5 Reckless Magic had a really interesting enjoyable story line, but had its fair share of issues It would benefit greatly from an editing once over I would gladly read the next installment in this quartet.

  23. Simply amazing I loved it It gets you hooked from the first page And if you have Kindle devices free But I would totally pay money for it There are some grammar errors but ehh who cares

  24. Honestly I tried I really did, i just couldn t, I mean I don t like anyone in this booknot one personand I specifically hate Eden and Kiran, there is a special place in my personal hell for them 1.5 stars Dnf at 75%Lets organize this review into two, shall we the good Aunt Sylvia maybe The general idea of the whole immortal world in the book The 4 classifications of immortals The plot the bad EDEN KIRAN Eden s Ms I am weak display Kiran s I like you i like you not display Eden and Kiran s unbeli [...]

  25. This book is a must read.At first, Reckless Magic wasn t at all appealing to me I mean, come on, what s up with the cover So it stayed on my to read list for about a week until my curiosity got the better of me And so it came as a shocker to me when I find out how amazing the book is.Eden Matthew enters a new school which turns out to be her last resort since she either got her last school burned down or flooded But what she doesn t know is that she possesses a great power and is, in fact, a wit [...]

  26. I passed by Reckless Magic twice, until I finally just went ahead anddownloaded it because, hey, it was free It turned out to be one ofthe best decisions I ve made.Reckless starts off a little slow and I wasn t sure I wanted to keepreading The prologue is written in third person and I was a littleworried the whole book would be like that Thankfully it wasn t andthe first chapter was set in our main characters POV, first personPOV that is Eden is one of the better heroines I ve read about and Ica [...]

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