Serpent's Kiss

Serpent's Kiss Best Read || [Thea Harrison] - Serpent's Kiss, Serpent s Kiss In the latest Novel of the Elder Races a Queen on the brink of sanity has no one to rely on except the Wyr warrior whose conviction is every bit as strong as his passion In order to save his friend s
  • Title: Serpent's Kiss
  • Author: Thea Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780425244401
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle

Serpent's Kiss Best Read || [Thea Harrison], Serpent's Kiss, Thea Harrison, Serpent s Kiss In the latest Novel of the Elder Races a Queen on the brink of sanity has no one to rely on except the Wyr warrior whose conviction is every bit as strong as his passion In order to save his friend s life Wyr sentinel Rune Ainissesthai made a bargain with Vampyre Queen Carling without knowing what she would ask from him in return But when Rune attempts to make good on hIn the late Serpent's Kiss Best Read || [Thea Harrison] - Serpent's Kiss, Serpent s Kiss In the latest Novel of the Elder Races a Queen on the brink of sanity has no one to rely on except the Wyr warrior whose conviction is every bit as strong as his passion In order to save his friend s
  • Serpent's Kiss Best Read || [Thea Harrison]
    443Thea Harrison
Serpent's Kiss

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  1. I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff I taught myself to read when I was four That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work I wasn t sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don t have to ride my tricycle to get there My Elder Races series began May, 2011 You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Once again, a hot blonde guy disappoints me That s right, Chris Hemsworth, I m talking about you You could have at least answered my letters, phone calls, or emails But nooooooo, someone has to send a restraining order instead of a love letter Fine Just don t expect me to keep sending you locks of my hair sigh Well, it s obvious that I was running out of hair anywayFor some reason, I expected Rune to be funny and adorable He wasn t He s just a boring guy in a pretty package Shiny things distract [...]

  2. Rune and Carling A Gryphon who was treated like a god in ancient times and a Vampire Queen and Sorceress.Although this is not surely my favorite book in this series, it contains unquestionably my favorite scene in the whole series She said, Kneel She felt his surprise as her command jolted through him.But then he did a thing that surprised her in return He raised his eyebrows, gave her that easygoing insouciant grin of his and said, Okey dokey With a flourish he went gracefully down on one knee [...]

  3. I ve got to say this is my least favorite so far I really like the characters in their own right and even together but the plot was a challenge for me I see the potential but found it to drag on and on It was difficult not to DNF when it felt like it was going nowhere but again, I liked the characters, so I stayed Carling is losing herself and Rune has these special powers that seem to complement hers Together they make some phenomenons happen that hint at a higher purpose All in all I m glad I [...]

  4. If you looked up fucking boring , under examples you d see this book referenced It was really fucking boring I wanted to DNF it from the beginning, as that s when the fucking boredom started and didn t end, but I thought I d miss out on crucial info to the series I really don t think I would ve missed out on much at all This book barely involves any characters that appear in the proceeding books It s mainly a vampire book Rune, a gryphon, owes a debt to Carling, the vampire elder a queen, of sor [...]

  5. Serpent s Kiss is the 3rd book in Thea Harrison s Elder Races Series and is the story of Vampyre Queen Carling Severan and Wyr sentinel Rune AinissesthaiIn the last book, Storm s Heart, Carling saved Tiago s life at Rune request with the understanding that he would owe her a favor in the future And the time has now come Carling s power is slowly fading and the signs are that she is dying Rune agrees to help her find a cure for the serpent s kiss, the disease that is killing her.Carling turned ou [...]

  6. 4.5 starsThe Series PredicamentI may be the only one out there who says this but I loved this book as much as the previous books in the series For me, the problem with series is most often about books being all so similar they getring Or something like that Here the main problem, and the prevailing opinion is that the books after Dragon Bound weren t as good Different maybe Less focused on romance, sure But, I think we forget while comparing, these are some pretty awesome books I loved Dragon Bo [...]

  7. More than 5 stars and Top Read 2012.I think I know reasons why readers will find this book hard to understand, and too slow for them Because like Rune Ainissesthai very difficult to pronounce and write, huff , Serpent s Kiss is a book that full of riddle Waiting its mysteries to be solved I sound like Sherlock Holmes here, hmm.The event of Serpent s Kiss is continue from Storm s Heart Because Rune make pact with Vampyre s Queen or ex Queen that also a witch, Carling Severan, to save Tiago s life [...]

  8. 3.5 starsDefinitely better than book 2 which bored me a bit This one had a nice beginning and amazing development, but then it got stuck with a boring to tears ending Things were getting better and better and I really thought I would end up loving the book, but then the ending went ALL WRONG WHY did it go wrong I love strong and capable main characters than any other type I just adore to see a character who is able to ACHIEVE whatever he she wants because he is powerful enough to fight whatever [...]

  9. 2.5 starsThings I liked about this book 1 Rune I love you I didn t want to I fought it I put up barriers, and they all came crashing down one by one It wasn t just one thing It was everything you did, both here in the present and back in the past It s everything you were, and everything you are So I just fucking love you, and you are going to have to fucking deal with it You got that Who doesn t love a hot, strong gryphon who s a ladies man, but changes when he meets his mate pure fiction, I kno [...]

  10. Holy Cow.hands down this is the hottest book I ve read in a long time and I m not talking about the sex although that s really hot too I m talking about the romance and the lust and the desire was so intense and it starts right off the bat with the first kiss And I know that hotel lobbies will never be the same for me So, if you didn t know, this book is about the Gryphon, Rune, and the Vampyre, Carling In the prior book, Storm s Heart, we met Carling and when Carling healed Tiago, Rune promised [...]

  11. 4 Time Traveling Stars I absolutely LOVED most of this book The main characters were great and the Idea of this story was awesome This was a Paranormal Syfi romance lover s me who also finds Egyptian mythology very interesting me dream Rune was an overprotective secretly a sweetheart of an Alpha male who was surprisingly in touch with his feminine side Carling was a tough chick with just enough vulnerability to make you love her The time traveling idea was so interesting The problem for me was t [...]

  12. This is the third novel in the Elder Races series and Rune s story, with the Vampyre Queen Carling as his love interest I do think this is a much better book than the travesty that was Storm s Heart, but it is nowhere near as good as Dragon Bound It was okay Hands down the best thing about the book was the heroine, Carling I liked exploring her backstory and her motivations for her actions She was also a strong, likable character I did not like Carling from the previous books, but I am surprised [...]

  13. When I finished Storm s Heart, I was surprised that the next book was going to be about Carling and Rune Rune, I understood Carling I didn t really pay much attention to her in Storm s Heart I really didn t think that she would merit an entire book.What a pleasant surprise Carling s story was fascinating I never expected Carling to have such a scientific mind, or that she was meticulous in her research about her condition Carling s impressive library of documents would make museum curators and a [...]

  14. Posted at yummymenandkickasschicks I included quite a few quotes this time around Lots of good ones Serpent s Kiss is the third book in Thea Harrison s Elder Races series I adored the first book I really enjoyed the second book I loved this book Thea s writing is so solid, her world so well constructed, her characters so darned likable, it s almost impossible not to think these books are simply wonderful.Now normally in a paranormal romance series where each book focuses on a different couple we [...]

  15. When I find an author I enjoy, I have a tendency to go from book to book, glutting myself on their entire catalog This can be good and bad It s great to immerse myself in a style I enjoy, but when I think about rating or evaluating the book, my scale is skewed towards rating in comparison to other books by that author Thea Harrison s Elder Races novels are my current addiction, I no sooner put down one than I m anxiously anticipating the next SERPENT S KISS is a bright spot in an already wonderf [...]

  16. Original, good PNR with very good world building I liked seeing characters again from the earlier books After the last book when we met Carling, I was worried if I would like her in this one She seemed pretty icy remote when we met her previously However as I saw sides of her in Serpent s Kiss, she grew on me Even though she s uber powerful, she s also caring, smart, hardworking, shows some humor, etc Rune was good as the lead herofunny, powerful, smart, hot, etc I liked how their relationship [...]

  17. Ok I seriously did not like this one I finished it solely because the next in the series was recommended to me and I just could NOT move on in the series without finishing this It just goes against my nature It struck pain in my heart to even THINK about it Ultimately there just isn t enough going on here No build up no nothing Just Carling dying and Rune trying to save her and no real reason to save her Somehow, he just falls in love with her Sorry if that is a spoiler if it IS a spoiler, you [...]

  18. This is my least favorite of the series and the pairing between Rune and Carling just didn t do it for me I never found the character Carling to be all that interesting Compared to the heroines in the last two novels, Carling is rather bland The one scene that stood out for me, and not in a good way, was when Rune was trying to change the way that Carling dresses Am I the only one who took offense at this It was just so patronizing He was hand picking everything from her underwear to her shoes a [...]

  19. I enjoyed this one than the previous installment It started of real slow and I was not hooked when Rune went to re pay his debt to Carling and they just seem to research on her island but after that the book picks up really well and I liked seeing how Rune affected Carling and made her fun and actually alive And I love growling, jealous alpha men.Rune was awesome as well, he actually talked fashion and stuff I just hope that we see Dragos and Rune make it up in later books The whole time thing [...]

  20. I believe my last status update says it all This book is a brick wall I just kept throwing myself at.Until one of my friends sacrificed herself and finished the book The crazy train not only left the station, it derailed at WTF ville apparently I ll still read the next book, but unless it s just as amazing as Dragon Bound, I m going to have to drop this series and weep for what could have been.

  21. 2.5 stars I wanted to like it, but I was bored with the entire storyline The romance was tepid, the storyline boring, the bad guy lackluster, and the ending a bit frustrating I almost DNF d it but kept reading on as I planned to read in this series and didn t want to be lost later on But when I finally finished this, I was not sure if I will stick with this series or not Will need to think on it.

  22. Serpent s Kissby Thea Karrison Elder Races 3 Reviewed for Under The Covers Blog I have to say that I am addicted to Thea Harrison s Elder Races World It is a phenomenal world of Wyr kind, Elves, Fae, Demons, Monsters, Vampires and Witches Thea Harrison did not disappoint I was sucked in this original and intense world she has created I honestly was afraid to rate this book because I thought I may be biased See, I attended a lunch get together with Ms Harrison on the day this book was released Sh [...]

  23. I loved Dragon Bound It was an amazing and fresh book, with a good storyline, inventive action sequences, and lively dialogue I m a big believer in good dialogue, with characters having a sharp wit, and generally speaking a touch of sarcasm and humor The dialogue and action were two of the best things about Dragon Bound I read in twice, then couldn t wait for Storm s Heart, even though it was out only a few months later However, I was a little disappointed in Storm s Heart Sure, I realize not ev [...]

  24. Loved it To save his friend s life Rune made a bargain with Vampire Queen Carling Rune goes to pay up and is surprised to find a woman on the edge This story was so awesome Carling s disease causes her to have episodes that threaten her well being and puts her in dangerous position Rune is a total alpha Wyr sentinel and is determined to save Carling no matter the risk He is a dark, sexy, powerful alpha One of my favorite scene is Carling as a little girl Total awwe moment These two hold their ow [...]

  25. Not sure why but this one was a struggle for me It didn t grab my attention and I forced myself to carry on I m not convinced that it was the book itself but perhaps me instead I just found myself wanting to do other things instead of read gasp I must admit to wanting to know the outcome and that is why I kept going.

  26. My re read for the Elder Races series continues, and I m approaching the point where I got waylaid in the series before So I m making sure to take notes this time I continue to enjoy Harrison s world building and unique paranormal characters, and I remember the next book, Oracle s Moon, being one of my favorites so I will be moving onto it very soon That s not to say that Serpent s Kiss wasn t very good it was.The hero of this installment is Rune Ainissesthai, a gryphon and First Sentinel for Dr [...]

  27. This is for the Audiobook Sophie Eastlake was the narrator and did a fantastic job The pacing of this book may not be for everyone There isn t a lot of heart racing adventure What there is, basically, is a really good romance set in a paranormal world I really appreciated how Harrison focused on developing Rune and Carling s characters They worked together to solve the mystery of Carling s health while behaving rationally and acknowledging their growing feelings for each other.So many times when [...]

  28. Oh the Author had a good ending, but left SO much unsettled because there is NO WAY that such strong, powerful, and dynamic characters would be left living like this matter how much they loved one another.I LOVE this series, and I LOVE this Author s writing, and characters but, just a pet peeve of mine once a story is written we never hear what happens to them that is why the Night Huntress Series and the Kate Daniels Series are so attractive to me in the PNR genre.

  29. One day of my fav quotes He was a sirocco that blasted through the topography of her mind and soul until they shifted like desert sands

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