The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

Free Download The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea - by Sebastian Junger - The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea, The Perfect Storm A True Story of Men Against the Sea It was the storm of the centurya tempest created by so rare a combination of factors that meteorologists deemed it the perfect storm When it struck in October there was virtually no warning She
  • Title: The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea
  • Author: Sebastian Junger
  • ISBN: 9780393050325
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea - by Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea, Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm A True Story of Men Against the Sea It was the storm of the centurya tempest created by so rare a combination of factors that meteorologists deemed it the perfect storm When it struck in October there was virtually no warning She s comin on boys and she s comin on strong radioed Captain Billy Tyne of the Andrea Gail from off the coast of Nova Scotia Soon afterward the Free Download The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea - by Sebastian Junger - The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea, The Perfect Storm A True Story of Men Against the Sea It was the storm of the centurya tempest created by so rare a combination of factors that meteorologists deemed it the perfect storm When it struck in October there was virtually no warning She
  • Free Download The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea - by Sebastian Junger
    150Sebastian Junger
The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

About Author

  1. Sebastian Junger is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of War, The Perfect Storm, Fire, and A Death in Belmont Together with Tim Hetherington, he directed the Academy Award nominated film Restrepo, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance He is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and has been awarded a National Magazine Award and an SAIS Novartis Prize for journalism He lives in New York City.

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  1. I didn t see the film so I came fresh to the book It had a lot of impact on me because I have been in a small boat, a 34 catamaran in a 4 day storm out in the Atlantic before Brazil It wasn t a perfect storm but it was still rough, with huge seas and a constant exhausting beating against the wind It prevented us going into Fernando do Noronha, our next stop, we couldn set a course for the archipelago at all So I could not just see but feel what a difficult position they were in I know quite a bi [...]

  2. This is a powerful and heart wrenching true story Many people are familiar with the movie I saw it at the theater when it first came out in 2000 But, it wasn t until now that I finally read it.It is the story of many different people and how they were affected by the Perfect Storm also known as The No Name Storm and the Halloween Gale in the North Atlantic during Halloween week in 1991 The primary story follows the crew of the Andrea Gail The early part of the book is reminiscent of Moby Dick as [...]

  3. Onvan The Perfect Storm A True Story of Men Against the Sea Nevisande Sebastian Junger ISBN 393337014 ISBN13 9780393337013 Dar 248 Safhe Saal e Chap 1997

  4. There was no God to turn to for mercy There was no government to provide order Civilization was ancient history Inside the ship, as the heel increased, even the most primitive social organization, the human chain, crumbled apart Love only slowed people down A pitiless clock was running The ocean was completely in control William Langewiesche, A Sea Story On October 28, 1991, the fishing vessel Andrea Gail and her crew of six men disappeared off the Grand Banks in a tremendous storm created byc e [...]

  5. How do men act on a sinking ship Do they hold each other Do they pass around the whisky Do they cry This is the heartbreaking true account of the last moments of those aboard the fateful last voyage of the Andrea Gail, the swordfish boat caught in the heart of the ocean during one of the worst storms to hit the North American eastern seaboard, in October 1991.This book was of a factual account, attempting to recreate the last days and the possible thoughts and actions of those who sadly lost th [...]

  6. All collapsed, and the great shroud of the sea rolled on as it had five thousand years ago Moby Dick I have a special bond with this story My first encounter with The Perfect Storm was through watching the movie I still remember that movie clearly on my mind even though I haven t watched it for a few years now It s even easily in my top ten favorite movies of all time list I simply loved it As a child I had always been terrified of the ocean and all its dangers Strangely though, I was in love wi [...]

  7. I like Junger s writing style a lot He s very poignant and manages to write in a both matter of factly and emotionally sensitive way at the same time This is the story he could piece together about one particular boat lost at sea, as well as what might have happened to its crew, during one of the worst storms ever recorded He does this by combining very technical know how about fishing and boats with an understanding of the psychology behind men s choices to go out at sea and how they deal with [...]

  8. It took me a little while to get into this book, but I m really glad I did The last third was so powerful that I m getting goosebumps writing this review A Perfect Storm was packed full of information on the fishing industry, weather formation, and culture of fishing villages I was interested in the tales of rescue, survival and loss, which the book also delivers on.The format of this book didn t match my initial expectations it is not a single linear story, even though it seemed that way at th [...]

  9. A mature hurricane is by far the most powerful event on earth the combined nuclear arsenals of the United States the Soviet Union don t contain enough energy to keep a hurricane going for one day Page 102 I have had The Perfect Storm on my bookcase for quite sometime Near the end of Columbine , the author, Dave Cullen, mentioned that Mr Junger s description of the crew of the Andrea Gail their last hours, was what he strove for when he wrote his book.He said that the way Mr Junger described thei [...]

  10. Such a fascinating and gut wrenching account of a storm that affected so many lives An odd half documentary half story telling feel to it and as it doesn t try to fictionalize anything allows the reader to come to her own conclusion about the final moments of the Andrea Gail It starts out strong, gets a bit too technical in the middle, but finishes as a page turner with true accounts from others who survived the storm All in all, a really great book.

  11. One of my all time favorite reads I love the ocean and stories about it This one holds a bit of imagination into what may have happened out there at sea in a crazy storm I really like this book and have read it multiple times.

  12. I thought this would be a pretty interesting book I had vaguely heard the story when the movie came out, although I haven t seen the movie.The Perfect Storm is a great name for the book, as the book revolved around the storm that took out the Andrea Gail It gave a lot of good information about fishing, but overall I wasn t impressed by the book, especially when it concerns the Andrea Gail The synopsis on the back of the book annoyed me, because I thought the book was going to be entirely about t [...]

  13. More people are killed on fishing boats, per capita, than in any other job in the United States What a tragic, but true story The author did a good job capturing the feel of the fishing culture It was technical, but interesting how the science of the weather and the science of the fishing industry came together to make this perfect the book even defined perfect as something NOT good storm I was enthralled the entire time, even though I knew how the story ended A great book for me.

  14. Since the Mayflower, my relatives were fisherman around Gloucester, making this book a fascinating read for me I remember my great grandfather talking about cod fishing on the Grand Banks and the storms that sank friends boats Not long after I read the book, I was staying in a bed and breakfast in the small town of Scituate down the Massachusettes coast, and the movie was playing in a tiny theater across the street, so I went When I came out, it was pitch black and a huge thunderstorm had come a [...]

  15. This was pretty good and read really quickly, especially toward the end The quite drawn out description of what it s like to drown was terrifying, as well as the description of what the ocean is like in a storm like that I m scared of the ocean so I found it oddly fascinating in a horrific way I also thought that the very real importance of dreams and premonitions was described in the book crewmen would get a bad feeling about going out with a boat and family members would dream about loved ones [...]

  16. I had heard that this book was good but I thought it was sort of boring I don t know anything about boating and I think you have to have some boating knowledge before reading this book There are pages and pages of descriptions about what a swordfishing boat looks like, using words I had never even heard of It would have been helpful if there was a diagram of the boat, just as there was a map of the Atlantic at the beginning of the book that was a great reference What I did like about the book th [...]

  17. This is a review of the audio book which I downloaded for free from the Sync Audio summer reading program last summer If you haven t had a chance to use this program, go to audiobooksync and register Remember that movie with George Clooney and Mark Walhberg This is the book that inspired that movie While the book doesn t really have any sexy movie stars, it does pay homage to the fishermen and rescue workers alike The Perfect Storm is the story of the Andrea Gale, a fishing boat that set out in [...]

  18. After turning the last page of this book I had to take a deep breath and stretch my tense muscles Moments ago I was in the cold ocean with a handful of men I was with a little boy missing his father I was dreaming about a lover lost at sea This book takes the reader with it It s a book you experience rather than read.

  19. I had mixed feelings about this book, but I would recommend it to just about anyone The history and dangers of commercial fishing off the treacherous waters of New England the north Atlantic are well expounded full of fascinating facts and anecdotes But Junger was faced with a fundamental problem with this book that I m not sure he was able to overcome satisfactorily and that s that he spends a good deal of time getting us intimate with a large cast of characters the fishermen and loved ones aff [...]

  20. I was motivated to read this book after I fell in love with authors like Krakauer and Pierce who wrote books on real, chaotic events that have inspired many For example, Krakauer writes about mountain climbing experiences and experiences in the snow while Pierce wrote about a plane crash in the Andes where the survivors struggled to make it back home After being fascinated by the way these authors wrote about tragic events that always left me in suspense I thought The Perfect Storm would be the [...]

  21. This book whose title added another phrase to our lexicon is classic non fiction a collection of unrelated true stories, interwoven with essays examining everything from ocean rescues, to deadly occupations, to the line fishing industry, to weather patterns of the Atlantic Ocean Where the movie cuts most of this and focuses on the ill fated vessel at the center of the storm, the book does what books do so well it explores the issues and colors in the background, never forgetting to keep building [...]

  22. Richard Davidson did a good job narrating this nonfiction book However, I found that I had difficulty keeping track of what was being told in audiobook because my auditory memory is not as good as my visual one I rewound and relistened to several parts because of that eventually got a print edition from the library to skim while listening that combination worked well for me Because of this difficulty I would say the audiobook was 3.5 stars but an extra star was added due to the added value of th [...]

  23. I think anyone who has ever made a Coast Guard joke should read this book Just saying.Part nature book, part adventure, part tragedy, part fish the book is a pretty good much It is somewhat slow to start, but when it does take off, it takes off.

  24. This got a four, as whilst I admit myself captivated by the beginning, which shows in incredible detail the dangerous lives of these fishermen and women, but the time I got to the actual storm, I found myself somewhat bogged down in detail It s a great book, don t get me wrong, but in the midst of the storm I m not sure I need an examination of wind speed Just the description would have done Don t let this put you off Never did I learn so much about fishing and boats, and since they are not subj [...]

  25. I absolutely hated this book It s just over 200 pages but it took me than three weeks to force myself to complete it I hated the author s style so much that whenever I could bring myself to read a few pages, I started looking for something to distract me.Beyond stylistic preferences, I had problems with its structure First off, it was entirely written in the present tense, making it sound like a sports play by play commentary This is a very clumsy approach the only thing worse is writing from a [...]

  26. If you are someone who loves to read fact after fact, tons of boat history, and a book that has at least five different perspectives that the story is told in, in the first 20 pages, then this is the book for you The Perfect Storm Starts with Bobby and his girlfriend, Christian, sleeping They wake up, and they round up their gang Then they all head to a bar Bobby and his friends drink and drink, and drink some Afterward, everyone in the group, not including Christian, go to the sword fishing bo [...]

  27. Junger s book, The Perfect Storm, documents the storm and the disappearance of a sword fishing boat, The Andrea Gail, which took place off of the Massachusetts coast in the early 1990s The Andrea Gail set out several days prior to the storm beginning and was having very bad luck finding swordfish The captain of the boat, Billy Tyne, refused to return home empty handed and so he decided to sail farther out to sea in order to find the swordfish After completing a successful swordfish run, Tyne and [...]

  28. I saw the trailer to the film adaptation of this and immediately had to find the book I bought it one day before a train journey and started it as soon as I sat down All I can say is that I rode the length of the line back and forth for most of the day until I had finished the book It was one of the most dramatic, interesting and powerful books I had ever read.I still reread storm every couple of years as its power rarely diminishes This is a wonderful book expertly executed The balance between [...]

  29. Not a huge fan of how he organized this book because describing these different things like the fishing industry, hurricanes, drowning, etc really took away from the main characters As a reader I became very confused when he would start to describe a crisis on the sea but then suddenly switch to describing someones background personality It made no sense and I didn t like that about it I also don t think he should ve included the story about the Andrea Gail bc to me it really took away from his [...]

  30. This book could easily sweep the floor with fictional thriller novels to think that the events in it were true is really frightening But it s not really supposed to be scary It s the story of brave men fighting to survive against a storm that engulfs them, and it s written vividly, with lots of emotion and featuring people who are very memorable after reading about them It s really worth reading, I highly recommend it.

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