Shut Out

[PDF] Download ☆ Shut Out : by Kody Keplinger - Shut Out, Shut Out Most high school sports teams have rivalries with other schools At Hamilton High it s a civil war the football team versus the soccer team And for her part Lissa is sick of it Her quarterback boyfri
  • Title: Shut Out
  • Author: Kody Keplinger
  • ISBN: 9780316175562
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ☆ Shut Out : by Kody Keplinger, Shut Out, Kody Keplinger, Shut Out Most high school sports teams have rivalries with other schools At Hamilton High it s a civil war the football team versus the soccer team And for her part Lissa is sick of it Her quarterback boyfriend Randy is always ditching her to go pick a fight with the soccer team or to prank their locker room And on three separate occasions Randy s car has been egged whileMost high school sport [PDF] Download ☆ Shut Out : by Kody Keplinger - Shut Out, Shut Out Most high school sports teams have rivalries with other schools At Hamilton High it s a civil war the football team versus the soccer team And for her part Lissa is sick of it Her quarterback boyfri
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Shut Out : by Kody Keplinger
    299Kody Keplinger
Shut Out

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  1. I m a 19 year old college student and young adult author My first book, THE DUFF, debuted on September 7, 2010 I write books for teenagers and strive to be honest and true to life For info, check out my website.kodykeplinger

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  1. You know there s something wrong with a book when the boys are falling all over themselves for the main character and you re wondering why.I guess Lissa was okay at first For the first half, maybe But then she turned into this huge caricature who just lost all intelligence and became obsessed with winning the war and finding every pretext to feel sorry for herself I am aware not all teenagers are sensible, responsible beings I do, however, like to actually feel something other than annoyance for [...]

  2. 4 stars Shut Out is one of those books that was so fun to listen to This is the second book of Kody Keplinger s I ve read Duff being the first and I have to say I love her style She writes fun reads with just enough seriousness emotion to keep me invested But they re also on the light side and entertaining This was just the type of story I was in the mood for Lissa is sick of the feud at her school Soccer boys vs Football boys It s been going on too long It s effecting her and her relationship w [...]

  3. I know why some people might not like this book, I understand the problems they might have with the situations, the characters and so on, but i m as sure as hell that i did like it, probably as much as I liked The DUFF.Full review originally posted at ReadingAfterMidnight You know, this is a strange world we are living in.I always read some reviews here and there about some books not only this one and I see people saying that this or that are not some books that they would allow their children r [...]

  4. 3.5 stars You can t control everything Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out Let go a little and just let life happen Lissa has a problem Her boyfriend Randy keeps putting her second to a stupid rivalry between the football players and the soccer players at her high school Every time they make out in his car it gets egged, he leaves dates early for retaliation attacks and so on Lissa isn t the only one fed up, all of the girlfriends for boys on both of the tea [...]

  5. 3.5How to write a fun YA contemporary Well, just follow Kody Keplinger s recipe cause she s got it down to a science I m serious They ll call me a pussy And if you help them, I ll call you a dick So no matter what you do, you re going to be some form of genitalia She was constantly cracking me up with her dry humor And what I loved most about her She felt like a real teenager who at times let s be honest, often than not made mistakes.She was also strong She wasn t perfect or had some constant G [...]

  6. Because Cash s fingers stilled, resting lightly against the back of my head, which didn t hurt any He looked down at me for a long second before continuing Because I want to see you with someone better than him Someone who will see how lucky they are to have you I bit my lip, nervous but determined to ask my next question Do you happen to have someone particular in mind, Cash Maybe 4 days, three attempted books, and countless exaggerated sighs later, and I can t get this author s characters out [...]

  7. Shut Out is loosely based on the retelling of Aristophanes Lysistrata Lissa is sick and tired of the rivalry between the soccer and football team, it s been running almost like forever.But now it s seriously getting out of hand, it s coming in between her relationship with Randy, her boyfriend.So Lissa comes up with a plan to get all the soccer and football player s girlfriends together and go on a strike.A SEX STRIKE It s bound to get the boys so wound up that they will put an end to their pett [...]

  8. 2 1 2 stars Original review posted on The Book Smugglers HEREShut Out is a modern day retelling of Aristophanes Lysistrata, a classic Greek play about Lysistrata and her attempt to end the Peloponnesian War by persuading the women of the warring nations to withhold sex from their husbands in order to force peace negotiations This foments a battle of the sexes as both sides try to stand their ground until eventually, the men give in and peace is achieved.I was curious to see how Kody Keplinger wo [...]

  9. PERSONAL REVIEW Wow Is that really what High School is like these days I m getting old SCHOOL LIBRARIAN REVIEW I think parents who opened this up to some random page and started reading might have some issues with this book If I put this on my library shelves, I d expect someone at some point to complainor even challenge this book And, I might have to agree, which is why this book would not be one I would purchase for my school library.First off let me say that this has an overall good message B [...]

  10. First, the good frank talk about teenage girls sexual lives, exploration of double standards, inspiration from a classic I m a sucker for modern re tellings.The bad It took me a long while to feel as if I could relate to the protagonist at all It seemed like her only personality trait for a good portion of the book was having a boyfriend Finally, we find out she s also a control freak who works in a library just like me ha But seriously, the fact that every single girl in this book with the exce [...]

  11. I m still trying to figure out how to review this I read and finished it a few days ago and I thought it was good and I mean really good I was really hesitant to pick this up because I read The DUFF and really didn t like it, I didn t like the writing, the characters or the plot, I basically didn t like the book SO you can see why I was pretty hesitant to pick up Shut Out But boy am I glad that I did.Shut out is about Lissa, a girl who is constantly reminded of the ongoing feud between the socce [...]

  12. I was afraid to read Shut Out because friend of mine was disappointed after reading it But I m happy that I read it it was refreshing novel in the flood of young adult fiction I recommend this book to all teen girls, and to some girls over twenties, who have some issues with sex and what is expected of them when it comes to it Ending is the only thing that I was how to put itrcastic, maybe I know you writers want to make us satisfied, so, obviously, you give us happy endings But in the real life [...]

  13. I m going through a phase and I only want to read and re read high school romances This was absolutely what I needed right now before starting another long fantasy series Hamilton High we meet again This time as well as the first time around Kody Keplinger nails it Everything about this book is amazing, the plot, characters, subplot, character development I love that smartass humor and the witty comebacks I love Lissas characters, she is a control freak and she owns up to it, what I love the mos [...]

  14. 1 1.5 starsThis is the first review I ve written for a 1 star book and I debated whether to write it at all, but here it goesTo me, the experience of this book can be divided into three stagesStage One The Warning AlarmWhen the book starts, we get to see Lissa and her boyfriend We learn there s a war going on between the soccer and the football team of the same school That was the first thing that bugged me Those boys acted so immaturely, pulling pranks, acting like this WAR is a matter of life [...]

  15. 4.5 stars Be warned you may find this review full of over enthusiastic gushing for this book Shut Out was just an awesome read Shut Out is loosely based on the retelling of Aristophanes Lysistrata Lissa is sick and tired of the rivalry between the soccer and football team, it s been running ever since her brother Logan went to high school, which was 10 years ago But now it s seriously getting out of hand, it s coming in between her relationship with Randy, with Randy focusing on the rivalry tha [...]

  16. Initial thoughts This was a FABULOUS sopho novel, that I loved I highly recommend picking this up in September it will not disappoint.Official review Shut Out was a spectacular sopho novel by young writer Kody Keplinger It was filled with steamy romance, tested friendships, girl power, and This was inspired by the play Lysistrata and I can t wait to check it out now I started reading this the second it arrived in my mailbox and I didn t put it down until I finished later that day Kody s sopho n [...]

  17. Most rivalries usually connect with two opposing school, but that s not the case for Hamilton High The football team and the soccer team are at constant war with all their hazing, pranks and fights and the girls who date these moronic idiots are always pushed aside during the rivalry months Lissa is sick to death of always coming in second, so she comes up with a plan with then a little help from her friends What is the one thing boys can all agree on that will make them change the error of the [...]

  18. Shut Out is a 5 star book for me because of the sex The topic and discussion of sex get your mind out of the gutter people I applaud Kody Keplinger for having the confidence to address the topic of sex in young adult fiction Shockingly, it is still a taboo subject for the genre and Keplinger does it with maturity, intelligence and humor.In this battle of the sexes tale, the girls of Hamilton High led by Lissa Daniels go on a sex strike to end a rivalry between the soccer and football teams The q [...]

  19. I totally loved this book I actually didn t think I d like it that much but loved it It s a unique story, haven t read one like it This is the second book from this author that I ve read I think she will be put in my favourite author shelf

  20. On one hand, Miss Keplinger s youthful style and her exploration of sexuality is exactly what YA contemporary readers need to see On the other hand, her books aren t what would typically be considered well written while her stories provide valuable messages, they aren t what would conventionally be considered smartly crafted Personally I believed Shut Out to be a better read than The DUFF, Keplinger s debut, but still it s not a novel without its fault.The students at Hamilton High are caught at [...]

  21. It was an okay book to me I didn t nearly enjoy it as much as The Duff by the same author, because Lissa just didn t really work for me It s not about her personality in general, but how she developped throughout the story It was kind of boring to me, because it was way too obvious how it would all end, and I hate it when everything is so obvious, but the main lead just goes all drama queen in her head and always comes to the wrong conclusions and all that I find it to be reeeeeally lame And als [...]

  22. Shut Out by Kody Keplinger is a book that if you can t get past the premise source material it will frustrate you Shut Out is based on a the greek play Lysistrata in which, a woman named Lysistrata persuades the women to withhold sex from their partners in order to force the men to negotiate peace Taking that premise and putting it in a modern high school setting is problematic for a few reasons one, there are obviously other alternatives to ending a inter school rivalry than a sex strike two, i [...]

  23. This is a surprising thing, an update of the Greek play, THE LYSISTRATA, set in a modern American high school In the play, the women of Athens withhold sexual favors from their husbands so that they will end the war with Sparta, so this seems like a strange story to update But at Hamilton High School, the big rivalry is between the football and soccer teams, and the girlfriends are sick of it They ve been stood up because their boyfriends are busy egging people s doors, they ve been interrupted [...]

  24. Relectura First in spanish, then in english En serio me gusta mucho este libro Ojo, no es ninguna obra maestra No tiene una prosa perfecta, es m s bien simple y fresca, la historia no es la m s pensada del mundo y tiene sus momentos cliches Pero aun as creo que es un libro que debe ser m s le do Tiene un esp ritu juvenil bien retratado y tiene un buen mensaje sobre la sexualidad y las mujeres, y obvio, los chicos tambi n porque cuestiona muchas cosas que damos por sentado en nuestra sociedad y q [...]

  25. Honestly this is a intriguing read, but there s tons of problems and the whole idea was quite stupid As for The protagonist Lissa was fine until the very end, Cash was cute if it wasn t for him I won t be reading this.

  26. The guys were such jerks in this book Apart from Cash obviously , I know I probably shouldn t have enjoyed it as much as I did

  27. E High school girls cut off their boyfriends from sex in order to end a sports rivalry I really hate the idea that sex is a thing guys get from gals.

  28. Five Stars This is an important book that young adult girls should read as it discusses candidly and tactfully the taboo subject of sex.For some reason when I began my e book, Shut Out I mistakenly thought I was reading a book about football Instead I was surprised to find a novel that dealt with teenage sexuality I applaud Ms Keplinger s efforts with this book She tackles a challenging issue not only for teenage girls but also adult women She opens the door to the subject with candor and tact T [...]

  29. Shut Out Review on K BooksFrom first hearing about this book, I really wanted to read it It sounded amazing and just the kind of thing that I would love I have never read any other books by this author before so I didn t really know what to expect in terms of both the story developing and the narrative techniques I absolutely loved it.I love Kody s writing, it s so edgy and you don t get that a lot in young adult contemporary romance novels so I thought it was a really fresh way of writing such [...]

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