The Merchant's Daughter

[PDF] Read ☆ The Merchant's Daughter : by Melanie Dickerson - The Merchant's Daughter, The Merchant s Daughter An unthinkable danger An unexpected choice Annabel once the daughter of a wealthy merchant is trapped in indentured servitude to Lord Ranulf a recluse who is rud to be both terrifying and beastly H
  • Title: The Merchant's Daughter
  • Author: Melanie Dickerson
  • ISBN: 9780310727613
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ The Merchant's Daughter : by Melanie Dickerson, The Merchant's Daughter, Melanie Dickerson, The Merchant s Daughter An unthinkable danger An unexpected choice Annabel once the daughter of a wealthy merchant is trapped in indentured servitude to Lord Ranulf a recluse who is rud to be both terrifying and beastly Her circumstances are made even worse by the proximity of Lord Ranulf s bailiff a revolting man who has made unwelcome advances on Annabel in the past Believing that liAn unthin [PDF] Read ☆ The Merchant's Daughter : by Melanie Dickerson - The Merchant's Daughter, The Merchant s Daughter An unthinkable danger An unexpected choice Annabel once the daughter of a wealthy merchant is trapped in indentured servitude to Lord Ranulf a recluse who is rud to be both terrifying and beastly H
  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Merchant's Daughter : by Melanie Dickerson
    124Melanie Dickerson
The Merchant's Daughter

About Author

  1. Melanie Dickerson is a New York Times bestselling author, a two time Christy Award finalist, two time Maggie Award winner, Carol Award winner, two time winner of the Christian Retailing s Best award, and her book, The Healer s Apprentice, won the National Readers Choice Award for Best First Book She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers ACFW and Romance Writers of America RWA Melanie earned a bachelors degree in special education of the hearing impaired from The University of Alabama and has worked as a teacher in Georgia, Tennessee, and Ukraine She lives with her husband and two children in Huntsville, Alabama.

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  1. SWEET BABY JESUSThis was the preachiest thing I ve ever read I mean, I m Catholic and I like values and insights inspired from the Bible but holy did this book talk about Jesus and God a lot and how they re the reasons good things come, how they re the ones blessing every good thing that happens, how they re the ones that smite the bad guys and how they re the ones curing diseases etc etc Every time the MC would read the Bible for her Lord, we d get paragraphs and pages explaining parables and t [...]

  2. This was my first time reading this author, but it will certainly not be my last This story pulls you in starting with its cover photo which captures the essence of the book perfectly Even though The Merchant s Daughter is a Christian romance there are other themes presented such as discrimination, forgiveness, and honor which are just as powerfully written as the romance Falling in love requires the main characters to face their personal issues and deal with them before a solid foundation can b [...]

  3. This was a sweet retelling of Beauty and the Beast I am glad my daughters will have books, such as these, to read when they are older I appreciate the fact that Dickerson isn t afraid of applying such strong biblical themes to her stories I can easily understand why christian, YA girls devour these books up For me, however, it was just an OK read Often, I found myself skim reading through repetitive details just trying to get the plot to advance The ending was lovely though, and the characters m [...]

  4. I m a big sucker for BeautyBeast books when they re done right, and trust me, some authors have really reworked the classic to become heaps better than the original tale This one, however, is a terrible interpretation of the classic story Firstly I have nothing against religion, but this book goes totally overboard with the preaching in a very heavy handed way that just sucks the life out of the story I COULD have overlooked that if not for the ridiculous portrayals of the characters in the stor [...]

  5. I have to say I enjoyed this book than Dickerson s debut novel, The Healer s Apprentice Both stories are marked by a certain fantastic quality but The Merchant s Daughter is historic fiction than fairy tale.I loved Dickerson s approach A history fanatic, I was impressed by her decision to set her retelling of Beauty and the Beast in England 1352 Dickerson s attention to detail and the cultural practices of the day made her story fresh, fun and truly unique Impressive to say the least but Dicke [...]

  6. Her s lord s own scent of lavender and warm masculinity Warm masculinity You honestly used that I wasn t aware that was a thing.Silly phrasing aside, this was okay I didn t dislike it quite as much as The Healer s Apprentice But I m seeing an annoying trend in this lady s books Perfect main characters that have been wronged in some way, overly Christian main characters, weird creepy dude A stalking the main girl or B trying to take advantage of but then love interest that isn t a love interest y [...]

  7. This book was very good I recommend it to everyone As i was reading this book, I happened to be learning about this same day and age in history class, and everything in this book lined up perfectly with my history book So well done, Melanie, on your research And once , the author did not fail to keep me spellbound throughout the entire story This is the third one of her books i have read the other two are The Fairest Beauty and The Captive Maiden and while i loved the other two, i noticed a few [...]

  8. I did not realize until I was about two thirds of the way through this book, but The Merchant s Daughter is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast Not only that, it is a Christian, historical retelling of Beauty and the Beast I am a huge fan of historical fiction which is what drew me to the book in the first place but I am also a big fan of retelling of fairy tales and Christian fiction To have all of those elements together in one book made for a great read for me It s been a couple of weeks sinc [...]

  9. The Merchant s Daughter gave me the same feeling as did The Healer s Apprentice Melanie s stories of love and Christianity are beautiful in their simplicity that manages to sing out with perfect love Love of Christ that urges the characters to strive to live and better their lives and help others, and the love between the two main characters that make me smile and sigh and ache for them to be together, to love completely with no hindrances I realize this book, as a Christian story, will not appe [...]

  10. If you re in the mood for some good historical in the lord servant days romance for YA, this might be the book for you The basic storyline is a lot like the classic Beauty and the Beast with just a hint of other fairytales Annabelle s mom and brothers are almost like Cinderella s wicked stepmother and step sisters The pace for the romance is along the timetable and path of Beauty and the Beast.The story is about the daughter of a wealthy merchant, who dies after misfortunes leave the family poor [...]

  11. A magnificent, magical, haunting and mesmerising tale a re telling of a classic fairytale with many twists and turns, with characters that will make you feel happy, scared, sorrowful and mostly awed by the talented way Melanie Dickerson has told the story of a beautiful merchant s daughter whose misfortunes may just be the start of something beautiful.It has so many life lessons that can be taken away so much truth, so much human emotion You feel for the merchant s daughter and her inner struggl [...]

  12. FINAL RATING 4.50 STARS CATCHALLThis was my first read from this author but it certainly will not be my last The beautiful love story is romantic and everything about the book is absolutely lovely I burned through it so quickly and I simply could not get enough Every page left me yearning for This gorgeous retelling of Beauty and the Beast is marvelousE HEROINEAnnabel is a beautiful and complex character and I loved her from the start And I m not just being biased because of the whole name thin [...]

  13. I really enjoyed this one just like the previous book in the series.This was a retelling of Beauty and The Beast with Christian flare.This series is like a warm hug, perfect when the rain is pouring Read via audible

  14. I Loved This Book This is the third book that I ve read in the Hagenheim series reading them out of order because why not and it is by far my favorite Yes, this series can be cheesy at times, and that was certainly true for this book as well But it was just so sweet I loved the characters in this book Annabel and Ranulf s relationship was so cute Also, it took me almost 100 pages to make the connection between the names Annabel and Belle Go figure I feel like Beauty and the Beast can be a tough [...]

  15. The Merchant s Daughter is a non magical retelling of Beauty and the Beast, basically a historical romance set in the 1300s It is also an inspirational romance, meaning it s the kind of book an evangelical Christian can feel safe reading I ve enjoyed some inspirational books in the past because you can be sure of getting the romance without the graphic sex, and the romance is usually emotional than physical It does have its downsides, though, with characters who often go off into an aside with [...]

  16. wowowowowowowow Did I mention beauty and the beats is like my fav disney priness movie and that this was just as amazing Well the end almost had me in tears when view spoiler Annabel kissed Ranulf s crippled hand and ugh the feels Those were good feels It was amazing because it was unconditional love and ugh We can fangirl about this together guys view spoiler Ugh Read this, you won t regret it hide spoiler hide spoiler

  17. Sadly, this author hovers in the 2 star range for me This is the third book I ve read by her and for future reference, I need to remember NOT to be seduced by her book covers and her titles I love Young Adult books I love fairy tale retellings I love historical fiction and even Christian fiction These genres draw me in So by those accounts, I should have enjoyed this book As I started this one, I actually felt like this one was going to be a solid 4 stars I enjoyed the set up It was a great Beau [...]

  18. First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.This book kept me burning the midnight oil After enjoying Melanie Dickerson s The Healer s Apprentice, I have been eagerly looking forward to this next fairytale retelling, The Merchant s Daughter And I was not disappointed Taking The Beauty and the Beast fairytale which is my favorite , Dickerson spins a delightful story set in medieval England Get ready for an enchanting adventure though without any magic or spells When Annabel s family is condemned [...]

  19. This engaging historical romance combines elements of some well loved stories to make it an enjoyable read Intentional or not, this book brought to mind Jane Eyre Mr Rochester and Jane , North South the BBC version, as I haven t read the book , and Disney s Beauty and the Beast I confess to being familiar with Disney s version than any other adaptation I could go into detail about the scenes and characters that brought these great romances to mind, but it will be much fun for you to read the b [...]

  20. I don t know what to say Full disclosure First off, this is my first delve into religious fiction and not being particularly religious, I went into it with some trepidations When I entered the giveaway for this book I didn t realize it was a book deemed religious fiction, I just thought the synopsis was interesting and I entered When I did realize what it was, I forged ahead determined to read it and review it to the best of my ability without prejudice since that is the whole reason books are o [...]

  21. Thanks to NetGalley and Zondervan for the opportunity to read and review this book Retelling of Beauty and the Beast I just love retellings, and I love books in this time zone.After Annabel Chapman s father, a wealthy merchant, dies, her family is left with nothing but debt Annabel choses to work as a servant to the new lord of her village, Lord Ranulf le Wyse rather than marring the repulsive Bailiff Tom Annabel has heard tales of the lord as a monstrous beast, while he is scarred terribly he c [...]

  22. The Merchant s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson is the second book in the Hagenheim series.Great book It got my attention much sooner than the first book in this series, though I ended up loving that book too and I really enjoyed it beginning to end Such a wonderful, sweet, romantic story, and a very creative retelling of Beauty and the Beast.3Full disclosure I won this book from a giveaway on a blog, but had I not won it, I would have bought it because I wanted to read it anyway.

  23. Seventeen year old Annabel Chapman grew up as the daughter of a wealthy merchant in 14th century England Several years ago, her family s fortune was lost when her father s ships sank in a storm Soon after that, her father died from the pestilence Since then, her family, who believed themselves better than the other villagers because they were once wealthy, has refused to do their share of the required fieldwork Until now they have managed to get away with it, but with the death of the absent old [...]

  24. The Merchant s Daughter was a compelling read that had a creative twist on the infamous fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast I fell in love with the characters The intro of the family situation that led to her being an indentured servant was a bit tedious, but once she entered the service of Lord Ranulf, the pacing picked up and I was enthralled with the story until I finished the last page I read this novel quickly, but not because it was a simple story I loved the depth of emotion and the characte [...]

  25. I love this cover, so romantic I like that you can see her prince charming in her mirror This was a wonderfully done retailing of Beauty and the Beast The writing was well done, and the characters were what really kept me turning those pages The good ones as well as the villians Let me tell you there were quite a few villians in this story including Annabel s own family I wanted to throttle all of them In my opinion they get the worst family award, yes they were that terrible Certain events tran [...]

  26. For years Annabel s family shirked their duties and now that Lord Ranulf is moving to town, they must pay for their crimes Unfortunately, the responsibility falls to Annabel She must marry the evil bailiff or become Lord Ranulf s servant Choosing the lesser of two evils, she packs her bags and begins three years of indentured servitude.But life with Lord Ranulf is not as horrible as she feared Though the man has a horrible temper and is scarred and disfigured, he allows Annabel to read from the [...]

  27. Such a sweet story, and simply wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast Annabel and Ranulf s was a lovely romance I especially loved getting to know Ranulf At first, he seems like a scary, heartless person, but as you slowly get to know him, you realize he s anything but At one point, I even stopped imagining him with his scars and eye patch just couldn t do it He was obviously P my favourite character

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