Amy, Number Seven

[PDF] Amy, Number Seven | by ↠ Marilyn Kaye - Amy, Number Seven, Amy Number Seven Amy Candler is the perfect year old girl She can do anything She knows everything But Amy doesn t have all the answers to the mystery of her past All she knows is that her recurring nightmares seem
  • Title: Amy, Number Seven
  • Author: Marilyn Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780553492385
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Amy, Number Seven | by ↠ Marilyn Kaye, Amy, Number Seven, Marilyn Kaye, Amy Number Seven Amy Candler is the perfect year old girl She can do anything She knows everything But Amy doesn t have all the answers to the mystery of her past All she knows is that her recurring nightmares seem so real That her crescent shaped birthmark wasn t there yesterday That a strange man is taking photos of her That her mother is acting weird That someone is sending hAmy Candler is [PDF] Amy, Number Seven | by ↠ Marilyn Kaye - Amy, Number Seven, Amy Number Seven Amy Candler is the perfect year old girl She can do anything She knows everything But Amy doesn t have all the answers to the mystery of her past All she knows is that her recurring nightmares seem
  • [PDF] Amy, Number Seven | by ↠ Marilyn Kaye
    433Marilyn Kaye
Amy, Number Seven

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  1. I was born in New Britain, Connecticut, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia I also spent a year 5th grade in Montgomery, Alabama, and a year in Ann Arbor, Michigan 8th grade As a child, I always wanted to be a writer, but I had lots of other ambitions too I wanted to be a teacher, a librarian, a movie star, the president of the United States, and a ballerina I didn t achieve all my goals I never became a movie star, the president of the U.S or a ballerina But I ve been a teacher and a librarian and most of all, a writer I ve been writing for as long as I can remember Growing up, I always kept a diary I wrote poems, stories, plays, songs and lots of letters Writing wasn t easy for me, but it felt natural and right.I ve always read a lot, too I was an English major at Emory University I love Shakespeare , and I also received a master s degree in library science at Emory I earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and I taught children s and teen literature at St John s University in New York for over 20 years Now, I m a full time writer, living in Paris, France the most beautiful city in the world.

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  1. Amy is just a normal healthy kid until she puberty kicks then Then, instead of getting pimples or hair armpits, she gets strong and super smart She is fast and can do the most complicated math problems in the blink of an eye She thinks all this is pretty cool until she starts getting notes warning her not to show her talents And when her mother starts freaking out over everything Amy does, Amy knows something is up She and her friends are determined what is different about Amy.I read this becaus [...]

  2. Actual rating 2.5 starsInitial thoughts I must ve read this book for the first time about twelve years ago For me that s half a life time Hah So it s interesting to compare my perspective now with that from back then When I was twelve, I had just about learnt English Naturally, my linguistic knowledge wasn t anywhere near as good as today, so I didn t notice any of the editing errors Also, I wasn t so jaded yet by perfect characters By now I avoid books with perfect protagonists.Alas, in this bo [...]

  3. Simply, I don t like perfect characters, even if they have a major part in the plot I was just searching around my library and came upon this book the cover was interesting, the How many are out there on the cover of the book gave away literally all the surprise in the book for me.The supporting characters were forgettable and not all that interesting they didn t have quirks, except for Tasha s dental fear, which was just a plot mover so it s not really what I meant and it seems like all they di [...]

  4. I read this book years ago, but I still remember the series I use to stay up late reading them I remember the perfect girl, who turns out to be a cookie cutter like her other sisters This was an interesting book I usually don t give ratings on books I read before because I don t retain that much of the story or my opinion on it this series however stuck in my head.

  5. 4.5 stars This review is for the series as a whole This was my favorite book series when I was 11 and it is the reason I started liking and reading sci fi.When I was younger and reading this series for the first time I would have given it 5 stars, but rereading it now I have to take off half a star because most of the plot twists are very predictable Back then it didn t bother me so much, so don t let that stop you or your kids from reading the books, the stories were fascinating anyway If I was [...]

  6. The book Replica Amy,number 7 is one of my 10 favoritebook I ve read in all my life.The book is about this 12 year old perfect girl who lives with her mom.Shehas an autobiography she needs to write and the problem is that she does not know anything of her past.She asks her mom, she gets nervous and doesn t say anything.There are many strange things happening in her neighborhood and in her school.Weird letters mailed toher,strangephotographer following and taking pictures of her,answering every q [...]

  7. Amy, Number Seven is really impressive for a YA novel Sort of a cross between Anna to the Infinite Power and Orphan Black, this dark sci fi mystery is exciting and creepy all at once.

  8. I read this series for the first time when I was eleven, and I loved it I was hooked instantly and finished the first book the day I got it from the library Unfortunately, like a lot of small town libraries, they only had the first few books in the series which went on to have over 20 , so I never got a chance to see how the story ended Years passed, and now I work in a library that has the ability to do inter library loans and was so excited to find out that I finally have a way to know how the [...]

  9. Competently written book with a very interesting concept But the ending was just a little bit too abrupt Enjoyable nevertheless.

  10. This is such a nostalgic book, i remember i LOVED this series in middle school It carried on forever too which was even better.

  11. I really enjoyed going back to this book I find the characters lovely and the mystery intriguing The English cover spoils the main twist or mystery of this book, but when I first read it as a kid I ve read it in translation and I had no clue what it was about I remember I enjoyed the mystery very much as well as slowly uncovering Amy s past Even though Amy s amazing at everything she does, she s very relatable I m planning to read of these in the future I can t remember how many of them I ve re [...]

  12. Replica By Mariyn Kaye is about a young 12 year old girl named Amy Chandler living with just her mother Nancy Chandler alone, going to school and having gymnastics as a hobby and something that she found that she was good at by skill and talent Amy keeps having these nightmares about something from her past She can t seem to understand why she s having them.Whenever she has a dream it starts out with her laying flat on her back She could hear the faint familiar, rhythmic sounds, like a muffled d [...]

  13. Amy Candler thinks she is a normal twelve year old girl But she doesn t know much about her past And overnight, she can do awesome things such as see and hear from long distances, tumble and twist like a top gymnast, and throw a basketball like Micheal Jordan But her mother is acting weird And someone is taking photos of her And she has a crescent moon shaped birthmark on her back that was definetely not there yesterday And someone is sending her notes Amy is slowly discovering who she really is [...]

  14. Ohhhhh man was I into this book I never read any of the rest of this series, because I so deeply enjoyed, at 12, the way it ended ANYWAY is this good Probably not, although the friendship at its heart and the way it revealed The Awful Truth still hooks me, because I am and was at the time Into Deep Dark Family Secrets And I apparently read as a kid a lot of books where for girls puberty brings on gifts both horrific and incredible I mean, it s a thing, see Carrie and similar And it seems like th [...]

  15. This is the first in a series about a girl named Amy She s twelve and has a problem with nightmares As far as she knows, her father is dead Her best friend is Tasha Amy has a fairly normal life.Until some guy starts taking lots of pictures of her and she starts to develop considerable writing abilities, and gymnastic abilities, and succeeds at virtually anything she tries to do.Which would be okay except for these strange notes she s been getting about hiding her abilities, and her mother freaki [...]

  16. I remember reading this series when I was in 5th grade or so I never completed all of them, though, because my local library library didn t have them all However, I remember loving the first ten or so that I was able to read.The story is about a girl who suddenly discovers strange talents that she didn t have before The people around her, including her mother, start acting differently, and Amy knows that something strange is going on I don t recall detail for detail what happens, but we can all [...]

  17. Girl sci fi about 12 year old Amy discovering that now that she s going through puberty, she s getting near perfect at eveything from gymnastics to math to seeing hearing over long distances While researching her own life for an autobiography for shcool, she keep running into mysteries and missing information, leading her to believe her mom has secrets about her past It s relatively interesting, written pretty realistically in a 12 year old s style It flows naturally until the end, which makes a [...]

  18. This is the brilliant introduction to how to be a clon.This is a good story to get lose in to, Amy Candler is a smart 12 years old girl who starts to discover things about hers own story, until she found the truth.She is a rational kid, who finds out that her whole life was a fake set up She makes some mistakes that nearly get her in trouble, but her mother guardian protected her.Her friend Tasha and Tasha s brother helped her to investigate the mistery until she found the answer, and she is for [...]

  19. I loved this series when I read it in primary school It was one of the first books I d read that explored genetic modification and the creation of a genetically superior human It is such a fun adventure series for younger readers with plenty of action and intrigue as Amy tries to keep one step ahead of those hunting her and piece together the mystery of her past It is essentially Dark Angel for a younger audience, seriously fun with such an awesome plot and characters I would wholeheartedly reco [...]

  20. Probably one of the first books i read by myself Certainly the fist series I had ever read I loved them From here I started reading books from authors like Lois Duncan, Caroline B Clooney, and Christopher Pike I remember going to the school library constantly and bothering the librarian for these books They didn t have all of them, so I never did get to finish the series I would go back and read them, but I m sure they would be quite boring and childish to me now, so I m not sure if I should or [...]

  21. This was actually the first book I read in English, which tells you it s pretty simple language wise I had to look up the word zillion only and I was armed with highschool English, which I was failing but the story is engaging and, although in retrospect the plot is not that original, I still believe it s well written I read as much of the series as I could find later on and had to stop for lack of availability around book 12.

  22. I really enjoyed the Replica books when I was younger They were qucik easy reads, that were also entertaining.As far as plotlines go, it s fairly typical and what you can expect from the fiction sci fi realm think, Alex Mac, or Animorphs The trials and tribulations of being a teenage clone.I haven t read any of the replica books in quite some time, but did enjoy them throughout middle school.

  23. after searching for this series for 3 weeks, i ve finally found them i remember reading this series back in grade 4 but couldnt complete them because my library didnt stock them all i remember being obsessed, always going to the library just to check if they got the new one time to reread and relive my childhood

  24. I first started reading this series back in 8th grade, and I absolutely loved them They were perfect for my age group and had just enough mystery and science fiction and cute young teen love to satisfy any reading need i had at the time I am now 20 years old and still fondly go back to my shelf and pick up a random book out of the series and read, if only for nostalgia s sake.

  25. I like a good story To me, it doesn t matter if the story is written for kids or adults Overall, this is a fun series The only weakness is the trilogy in the middle of the story that made no sense The 4 star rating is for the series, not the book The trilogy is the only reason that this is a 4 instead of a 5 rating.

  26. I read a couple of these books when I was younger but for some reason I stopped I have wanted to start this series again for quite some time now, because I remember liking it I don t actually remember reading this first book before, so it was nice to find out where it all started This was a young, fun and easy read I will at some point continue with the next book.

  27. I remember reading this and making a fit when i lost the book.Replica is a great book I loved reading it I loved the cloning business and the plot is interesting.I mean imagine that you are this SUPER HUMAN and discovering that there are 7 of you out thereKinda freakish huh.Anyway i recommend this to EVERYONE It is really a great read.

  28. I read the first 6 books of this series in Dutch the only ones that were translated when I was in elementary or middle school I absolutely loved them They were page turners and I read all six in a week or 2 I was completely addicted to them I wish I d known then that the series actually consisted of 24 books in English I think I mourned for a while after I finished the sixth book.

  29. Raquel I read this series when i was younger and I loved it The moment a new book of the series came out I had to go that day and get it from the book store I still think of Amy and Andy after all these years

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