Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1

✓ Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1 ↠ Peach-Pit - Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1, Zombie Loan Vol Michiru Kita s a weak spirited girl who has a hard time saying what s on her mind One day she notices mysterious ring like markings around the necks of two of her classmates Chika Akatsuki and Shit
  • Title: Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1
  • Author: Peach-Pit
  • ISBN: 9780759523531
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1 ↠ Peach-Pit, Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1, Peach-Pit, Zombie Loan Vol Michiru Kita s a weak spirited girl who has a hard time saying what s on her mind One day she notices mysterious ring like markings around the necks of two of her classmates Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana two boys who miraculously survived a horrible accident six months ago Michiru possessing the rare ability to see these rings knows that they warn of impendinMichiru K ✓ Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1 ↠ Peach-Pit - Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1, Zombie Loan Vol Michiru Kita s a weak spirited girl who has a hard time saying what s on her mind One day she notices mysterious ring like markings around the necks of two of her classmates Chika Akatsuki and Shit
  • ✓ Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1 ↠ Peach-Pit
Zombie-Loan, Vol. 1

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  1. Peach Pit P chi Pitto is a female manga artist duo in Japan, made up of Banri Sendo Send Banri and Shibuko Ebara Ebara Shibuko Their group name derives from the diner hangout Peach Pit from the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 Although both have similar styles, with some artwork it is possible to identify which artist drew it Both are known for their bish jo styled works As noted in their books, they are both Geminis and have Almost flushed our phones down the toiletice The two of them grew up together and went to the same elementary school and have been best friends ever since Both started as doujinshi manga artists, but not as Peach Pit Then they were scouted by Dengeki Comic Gao In 2008, one of their manga, Shugo Chara , was awarded the Kodansha Manga Award for best children s manga Shugo Chara was also turned later into an Anime television series.

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  1. I, contrary to other rather pessimistic reviews, adore this manga I like how Michiru isn t one of those heroines that is terribly powerful and fights every battle while the others characters watch She is shy and her klutziness is humorous to watch She isn t a bland character but she isn t the main star who leaves every one else in the dust either I also like the fact that neither Chika or Shito fall heads over heals in love with her their personalities clash in a way which is always fun to watch [...]

  2. Zombie Loan ran in Monthly GFantasy, a magazine that supports shounen series that tend to have fantasy settings and supernatural elements I ve read two other series that run in this magazine Pandora Hearts one of if not my favorite shounen series of all time and Black Butler which was incredibly meh to me so I dropped it after a good solid try I ve seen all these series described as being appealing to woman such as the beautiful character designs and sweeping costuming in Pandora Hearts even tho [...]

  3. Couldn t go farther than chapter 3 The guy at the end was so full of shit He thinks anyone who doesn t live to the fullest are scum and trash What about people with depression And telling the girl to kill herself just because she doesn t confirm to his idea of living what a pos.

  4. Michiru Kita is a nerdy girl who has a what they called Shinigami Eyes, which is the power to allow her to see a death ring around the person s neck The ring will start off gray, then when the ring turns pitch black, the person dies Michiru accidentally bumps into two boys name Chika and Shito, in her class, both have black rings around their necks, but are still alive.How Because there ZOMBIE After a freak accident, that was supposed to kill them both, they made a deal with Zombie Loan In retur [...]

  5. 08 February 2013Best part of the entire volume view spoiler He s a dickcheese bastard hide spoiler The concept for Zombie Loan, Volume 1 sounds interesting and dark, but it failed to spark any interest in me at all I think the main character, Michiru, is a hopeless pushover to the point it s almost embarrassing to see Sadly, she has an extreme case of doormat itis The strange thing about her, which is even stated in the synopsis, is that she has a hard time expressing herself to others Then why [...]

  6. Zombie Loan has been on my to read list for quite some time and thanks to the ABC Challenge in the Manga Book Club, I had an excuse to finally check it out The first volume is kind of meh and slow It has potential, and I m sure things will pick up But the first volume made two distinct impressions on me 1 This feels like a emo, paranormal version of Fruits Basket Chika and Shito are pretty much Kyo and Yuki and Michiru is Tohru.2 Why are these paranormal beings called zombies when they are nothi [...]

  7. This is a review for the series up to volume 4, but I ll refrain from posting major spoilers.For the most part this is a decent series People into action will enjoy it , as will most zombie fans I like the characters well enough, but I can see where this will have the potential to have a lot of filler, as it s 13 volumes long So far so good, although I m not as drawn to read this as I wanted to Artwork wise, it s cute It s rather tame for a Peach Pit book and the fanservice here is practically [...]

  8. This is the story of a high school girl who unwittingly becomes the gopher of two boy zombies They re not the nicest people you could meet, but they re certainly cute The heroine of the story can see rings around people s necks and she knows when they re about to die which is what makes her useful to the zombies who are paying off a loan so they can be whole again At least, that s what I think happened.The graphics are confusing, to say the least I would stare at the pictures and wonder just wha [...]

  9. I liked the premise weak willed orphan Michiru can see people s impending death when she tries to warn two of her doomed cute, male classmates who miraculously survived a recent accident, she learns that they have already made a very special bargain Oh, and young women are going missing, and a super cute little doggy actually isn t I won t be picking up volume 2 though because I really didn t like the characters very much Michiru is okay, though her transformation comes unconvincingly fast her t [...]

  10. I found this manga at random, and unlike other negative reviews I actually love this manga Being an avid shoujo reader myself, thus manga was refreshing and different, I was definitely hooked into the story line all the main casts are pretty awesome its worth a read imo and defs goes into my favorites self

  11. Uhhhhh the worst thing about this manga is Peach Pit s artwork which is quite ugly and the main heroine looks like an alien which is, of course, not unheard of in manga The story is very average I d take any Dark Horse series over this one Even Princess Resurrection from Del Rey is better I really wonder if I will force myself to read the second volume I foolishly bought.

  12. Series Review This series flew under the radar They even made a joke in a bonus comic about not being popular and wondering if they should even do a character popularity poll It s really good though The world set up was cool with how they used data, ferrymen, and shinigami I thought it dragged a bit at first once the main group officially met up, but it picks up later and gets a lot better I wasn t 100% satisfied with the ending it reminded me of Chibi Vampire in a way I don t want to spoil anyt [...]

  13. When I first read the synopsis for ZOMBIE LOAN I thought Michiru would be a character I could relate too because she has a hard time saying what s on her mind which I had a problem with when I went to school but she s also a character who has an apathetic attitude towards life She keeps her true feelings to herself and allows herself to be used daily by her friends and it really is a sad existence when what all she seems to be doing is existing I suppose it doesn t help when she takes her glasse [...]

  14. Overall Rating BSynopsis Michiru Kita is a mousy girl, who runs errands for her friends, and has Shinigami Eyes, which allow her to see a ring around a person s neck This ring symbolizes the person s impending death once they are marked to die, a gray ring, which is invisible to normal people, appears around their neck Over time, the ring gets darker, and once the ring turns completely black, the person dies Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, two boys in her class, both have black rings around [...]

  15. Review for the entire series.I am conflicted on my opinions of Zombie Loan I picked up primarily because I thought it would be a great read alike for Black Butler, a manga series that I ve really enjoyed but have fallen behind on Zombie Loan shares dark paranormal supernatural elements and humor of Black Butler, however, there is a lot thoughtful meditation on the value of life and what it truly means to live sprinkled throughout the series It took me up to the third volume of Zombie Loan to wa [...]

  16. 1.5It s hard trying to connect with a main character who keeps everything inside while letting everyone walk all over her when you re the type of person who s pretty vocal about her opinions and is too lazy to do half of the stuff that people ask her to That, and the stilted, cliched lines used in the action scenes made me want to quit the book after the first two chapters But I forced myself to finish the volume because I wanted to give the book the benefit of the doubt, hoping that it would ge [...]

  17. Peach Pit, Zombie Loan, vol 1 Yen Press, 2003 It s taken me a number of years to track down a copy of the first volume of Zombie Loan, and I gotta say, it s nothing at all like I expected I was expecting Otsuka s Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service except, you know, in reverse Chock full of the cuteness one expects from the Peach Pit crew, but with the darker overtones suggested by the title at least, suggested by the title if you think about it from a Japanese perspective, which I failed to do oo [...]

  18. The set up to the story is very slow and the characters aren t too fantastic They are a bit annoying make it difficult to like any of them I do remember the characters becoming a little better as time goes on and now that I have the entire series I am going to power read through them all The premise of the story is interesting A small group of high school students die and then refuse to die so they take out a loan to become a zombie To remain a zombie and hopefully eventually get your life back [...]

  19. I wondered at the girl being so ugly with her glasses on and so pretty with them off It is a superficial detail that intrigued me from the beginning I love Shito, and was attracted to him right off but over the course of the volume have come to love Chika equally so I kind of love how they defend and bully Michiru using her shingami eyes I quite love how contrastingly nice and mean Shito is to her.Its an interest take on zombies and the mix in of the ferry man from greek or roman mythology is go [...]

  20. Prelim Review I read this a long time ago, but having only recently acquired the rest of the series, I decided to re read it I forgot how.ying the entire cast is at first Perhaps because the anime gets this all out of the way quicker I forgot, but Shito is a bipolar jerk, Chika is a loudmouth jerk and Michiru is soquetoast I just wanted her to die And then she did and then she came back and the story became slightly interesting.Seriously though I spent most of this book anticipating the next bo [...]

  21. This manga started off slow and I got to a point where I wasn t sure where it was going The artwork isn t very intense, so I was wondering when the story would get into some action, but it finally did Once it got going I found myself really enjoying the story There is still so much that is unexplained, but I would imagine that they will reveal as the story goes along There is a nice bit of action with a good story, perhaps too much dialogue at times and the sound annotations are very excessive [...]

  22. I m not sure how I feel about this one Part of me liked it, but part of me didn t.This is kind of a deal with the devil type manga, which I like The characters however I think it ll take some time for them to grow on me Shito and Chika are kinda prickly and I m not sure if I like them or hate them Michiru s a quiet, wishy washy girl who doesn t say what she feels and lets people walk all over her, and I really didn t like her until the end, when she seems to grow a lot.I think I ll give this ser [...]

  23. The manga plot is alright, pretty standard, I love how almost every page breaks from the comic cell barriers What I don t get is why they take the time to comment on everything written in Japanese labels on things what don t matter on the pages weather it matters or not I do not need to know the types of chips on the table, but low in behold it ll be written at the bottom of the cell I hardly think a Japanese reader would care because to read the food product labels and steno pad company details [...]

  24. This first manga was of introduction to it s characters and it s time set, and the layout of it s background on what s to be ahead It doesn t grab you right away, however, it does have you wondering what then, now what, will she still continue to be this timid shy innocent girl The art work is very crisp, and aren t too shy on the gore or at least the imagination of it A nice steady read on a rainy day Although I didn t give this manga high stars, I WILL be reading Volume 2.

  25. Liked how the author slowly built up their friendship after so many conflicts and resolutions to make the reader really feel the result at the end Sort of made it depressing because the characters also realised how they went through everything together, and no one could be replaced, only at the end, which was too late Michiru also goes through a change, sad how she accepted her fate at the end and didn t cry as much as I wanted to.

  26. I really like this volume, its a great start Also I really like the characters, no one of them are perfect or even very nice if I am being honest but that s what makes them good I didn t think I d like the main character, a quiet protagonist isn t usually my thing, but I surprisingly warmed up to her She has it in her to be cool, I just know it Even the plot seems to be interesting, so overall yeah, better than I thought it d be D

  27. There are some series where you really want to kill the main character for being so annoying, and this is one of them Granted, you almost get your wish, but it s still not enough to make up for the wishy washy main character I also think the author was going for enigmatic and cool for the two main guys, but they just seemed flat and not all that interesting The art is decent, but due to the plot and characters, I didn t enjoy it much.

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