Dreaming Awake

[PDF] Download » Dreaming Awake : by Gwen Hayes - Dreaming Awake, Dreaming Awake She fell for him in a nighttime world But the time for dreaming is past and the here and now can be just as fragile their love When Theia Alderson first encountered a mysterious handsome boy in her d
  • Title: Dreaming Awake
  • Author: Gwen Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780451235541
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download » Dreaming Awake : by Gwen Hayes, Dreaming Awake, Gwen Hayes, Dreaming Awake She fell for him in a nighttime world But the time for dreaming is past and the here and now can be just as fragile their love When Theia Alderson first encountered a mysterious handsome boy in her dreams she never imagined how finding Haden Black and falling in love could change her life To save Haden Theia sacrificed everything And the dangerous bargain she made coShe fell for [PDF] Download » Dreaming Awake : by Gwen Hayes - Dreaming Awake, Dreaming Awake She fell for him in a nighttime world But the time for dreaming is past and the here and now can be just as fragile their love When Theia Alderson first encountered a mysterious handsome boy in her d
  • [PDF] Download » Dreaming Awake : by Gwen Hayes
    116Gwen Hayes
Dreaming Awake

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  1. Gwen Hayes that s me lives in the Pacific Northwest with her real life hero and a pack of wild beasts two of whom she gave birth to She is a reader, writer, and lover of pop culture which, other than yogurt, is the only culture she gets Gwen also edits kissing books.

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  1. It s too bad that the main thing I did like in the first book was virtually absent in this one What one thing Those nightmare snippets of sisters sewn together, of burning men and the like, well little of those were in this one I d come into this knowing what I disliked in Theia and Haden, so there were no big surprises from their department The last one ended with things upside down Instead of love having conquered all, making someone better than they were, they d been placed on equal footing I [...]

  2. Okay, so I still REALLY liked this book, but there was a time, you know, after Varnie died, when I had to just sit the book down and walk away from it for awhile Varnie was my favorite character gosh dang it My heart is completely broken

  3. I love the fantasy world Gwen Hayes created dark, terrifying, haunting, chilling, twisted, creepy and lovely at the same time.

  4. Just got the book, woo hoo I miss Varnie And Donny I couldn t help but sneak a little peek, either Can you blame me What are you going to do Donny wondered Sit here and look pretty, Varnie answered.Ame gave him the You re joking, right stare Varnie s job is to help keep me centered He s a strong psychic, but he s not really into practicing witchcraft Or demon summoning, for that matter, but nobody ever listens to me about that, he interjected The last one worked just fine, Amelia argued, gesturi [...]

  5. This book was ok, not great but readable My initial problem was that I read the first book in the series so long ago it was really hard to remember how it had left off, even after reading my rating summary.This book had a lot going on in it, but it really didn t get good until about half way through Theia now had demon blood in her and she s trying to figure things out with herself and Haden Her friends Donny and Amelia are still around, as well as Varnie and Gabe.Basically, Theia doesn t know w [...]

  6. Beautiful book Didn t care much for the first half too slow and bumpy , but the second half than made up for it Would have liked for a few things to be tied up e.g Mara, but nonetheless, I loved how the book finished off, especially the last paragraph

  7. I m done, I m so done.The story, the concept and the writing shows certain degree of promise, but I m aloof to all of the characters and the painfully stupid romance between a 170 years old dude and a teenage girl.

  8. Mhe MHE Just a big fail For several reasons 1 stars for mentioning Renesmee, another star for Theia to notice that she s stupid and do the Edward This is another letter to my future self, something a few bloggers and I started because we were marathoning HIMYM and thinking, Hey, we need things like that And yeah, I regret everything Dear Patricia,you have started this book in January, but then noticed that you just couldn t keep reading it Then in February you ve picked it up again and about 8 h [...]

  9. MY THOUGHTSLOVED IT possible slight spoilers Theia is miraculously recalled from Under by her besties, Ame, Donny, Gabe and Miss Varney Varney is a psychic and plays a larger roll in this installment He helps bring her back tthrough the efforts of Ame s newly discovered spell casting talents Back in Serendipity Falls, Theia tries to resume her teen life, but finds her remote father even distracted and she finds that the deal she made with Haden s mother may have even deeper repercussions than s [...]

  10. It was good not great but still a good book I liked it I like Hayden the best Just can t say that I was thrilled But it was still a good read.

  11. In all honesty, it was a good book HOWEVER I did not care for the part where she left him for his own good NO I am absolutely sick of that What ever happened to strenght in numbers This is ridiculous Despite that, I found that the twists and turns that the book took were quite entertaining I was like huh.I am genuinely suprised I did put the book down a couple of times because it was a little slow in the beginning but by the end I was like OMG OMG This is why I gave it a four stars Everything BE [...]

  12. First, I have to say that Dreaming Awake is much better than Falling Under I m a big fan of dark, scary, twisted tales and this book is most definitely one of those It would be a good anime I kept imagining Haden as Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight.

  13. THE FAERYS VIEWDreaming Awake by Gwen Hayes was absolutely fantastic, I was waiting for this sequel to Falling Under and when I was allowed to view the ARC I was beside myself with joy Gwen Hayes has a true talent for grabbing the reader and taking them on a marvelous ride of mythological proportions I don t want to re hash the book but discuss of the changes that occur since the first book, Falling Under First thing THEIA She has really grown into a strong self reliant heroine, her maturity ra [...]

  14. Don t read this if you haven t read Falling Under It would spoil some plot lines This picks up right after Falling Under Haden has rescued Theia from Under They re home trying to go back to a somewhat normal life This is a little hard now that Theia has Mara demon blood mixed in with her own She now possess demon qualities and cravings that she s finding hard to fight Also, both Haden and Theia know that just because they escaped Under doesn t mean that Mara has forgotten them They know she ll c [...]

  15. Wow, this sequel really took me by storm In the first book Theia meets Hayden, prince of Under Since that s the land of nightmares, her life gets interesting fast She s inexplicably drawn to him both in dreams and in reality Despite early missteps they manage to fall in love Please don t tell me you think that s a spoiler or I may smack you In the process both of them have changed, for the better and for the worse.Now they re dealing with those for the worse parts and they are a doozy Theia real [...]

  16. This was a nice sequel and conclusion I liked how it seemed to move at a faster pace then the first one I liked how her friends were all there for her considering what she was Of course the best part was knowing we got a happy ending.

  17. Actual rating would probably be closer to 2.5 stars I think This book had all the possibility to be better than the first with how it could play out Unfortunately, the execution of the story fell totally flat Theia seriously annoyed the hell out of me for pretty much the entire story It was just stupid how she dealt with all the issues that were happening to her and around her How could she possibly think she was doing the right thing by keeping EVERYTHING to herself That and how does she immedi [...]

  18. I really enjoyed it It was strangely addicting and enthralling For a first novel that disappointed me, I really liked the sequel Dreaming Awake was, hands down, better than its previous, Falling Under I wasn t very much impressed with Falling Under, because I felt it was the same story so common in YA fiction Nothing I haven t seen before I didn t like Theia or Haden in the first book, but I loved Amelia, Gabe, Varnie, and Donny especially Donny They were enough to make me have some semblance of [...]

  19. If this is the end of this series, I say that it makes for a good one I ended up enjoying it than I had expected, despite how much the character frustrated me in the first half of the book I guess it was a lot like how they acted in the first book The second half was much better It seems to be the end of the series I hope so It ended on a good spot, even if it leaves some questions I didn t feel like those questions had to be answered in some sort of absolute It s an HEA or as much of one as th [...]

  20. P ni J prost ani nev m, co na to v echno po dn ct Ani nev m, jestli jsem se n jak v razn na tohle pokra ov n t ila anebo sp ne Prvn d l byl hodn dobr , ale skon il tak v elijak, e klidn nemusel m t pokra ov n , p itom mohl Ch pete, co t m bl bolen m v bec mysl m Theia se dostala ze sv ta no n ch m r a te by se m la op t zapojit do ivota, jak vedla d ve Jen e to dost dob e nen mo n , proto e nic nem e b t takov , jak b valo Haden i Theia moc dob e v , e je Mara nenech jen tak uniknout, a proto sp [...]

  21. I ve been thinking about what to say about this book for a long time I want to start off by saying that I know that it s hard to write the middle book of a series Wait I don t know that I know that typically, the middle book seems to be the hardest It seems to be the hardest for writers, and it s certainly the hardest for readers Maybe that s because authors want us readers to get from point A to point C, but going through point B is just too damned hard to explain Or maybe there never was a poi [...]

  22. Dreaming Awake is a powerfully written, emotionally gripping story that hooks you and keeps you there as the rest of the story unfolds It s beautifully written, almost lyrical in a sense, and the imagery is quite powerful and heartwrenching This is the second installment in this gripping trilogy, filled with romance, betrayal, friendship, and heartache The pace picks up a great deal and there is quite a bit of action, the character s are amazingly written and utilized in the best possible way Th [...]

  23. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThis has not been a good year for sequels Some of my least favorite reads this year were follow ups to books I loved For various reasons, the magic had been snuffed out, and I unfortunately have to add DREAMING AWAKE to that list DREAMING AWAKE is all the disappointing when compared to the dark and delightful FALLING UNDER There were only two chapters in this entire book that I liked, two of the three chapters not written from the protagonist s POV Not [...]

  24. My Thoughts We are back with the crew from Falling Under Theia and her friends, her really strict father, and of course Haden Lovely, demonic, charming Haden.In this book, Theia is trying to be normal again and deal with her non humanly urges She craves something she can never get She knows she must be strong and overcome it Theia is also trying to figure out how to be with Haden and have an uncomplicated relationship This does not go over too well, since she has to be careful with him and not l [...]

  25. The sequel to Falling Under, Hayes brings back Theia, Haden, and the rest of the gang Now that Theia is back to the human world, she has some readjusting to do as she quickly realizes that things will not be the same And that Mara, the queen of Under and a human s worst nightmare, will never let Theia go.I have to say, I loved the first one, but this one completely blew my mind The world that Hayes has created is haunting, chilling, twisted, dark, and incredibly creepy She brings back this world [...]

  26. I don t think I have ever said this before I could be wrong but don t think so but I totally loved this book than the first one I really enjoyed Falling Under but this one was amazing Theia has been recalled by her friends and is back in her world All of Theia s friends are back and are helping her keep her demon side in check while also trying to fight Mara, the Mare Demon Haden is back as well and while Theia and Haden s relationship is heating up, he is keeping a secret from Theia Add that t [...]

  27. Last year, I knew nothing about FALLING UNDER when I read it I d never heard of Gwen Hayes I hadn t requested it for review it just showed up on my porch one day But I loved it I enjoyed heroine Theia Anderson s proactivity, the strong female friendships, and the swoony romance.When DREAMING AWAKE, like FALLING UNDER, showed up randomly on my porch one day, I was surprised I didn t think FALLING UNDER needed a sequel Theia and Haden had saved each other End of story But as I read, DREAMING AWAKE [...]

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