Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

Unlimited Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors - by Jenny Nimmo - Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors, Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors Over million Charlie Bone books in print Charlie s power is taking on a new dimension as he meets a new cast of characters including Mr Pilgrim s replacement Tantalus Ebony and the mysterious n
  • Title: Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors
  • Author: Jenny Nimmo
  • ISBN: 9780439545280
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors - by Jenny Nimmo, Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors, Jenny Nimmo, Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors Over million Charlie Bone books in print Charlie s power is taking on a new dimension as he meets a new cast of characters including Mr Pilgrim s replacement Tantalus Ebony and the mysterious new student Joshua Tilpin who appears to be magnetic But Charlie isn t the only one dealing with changes Billy has been adopted by a child hating couple called t Unlimited Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors - by Jenny Nimmo - Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors, Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors Over million Charlie Bone books in print Charlie s power is taking on a new dimension as he meets a new cast of characters including Mr Pilgrim s replacement Tantalus Ebony and the mysterious n
  • Unlimited Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors - by Jenny Nimmo
    171Jenny Nimmo
Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

About Author

  1. Jenny Nimmo was born in Windsor, Berkshire, England and educated at boarding schools in Kent and Surrey from the age of six until the age of sixteen, when she ran away from school to become a drama student assistant stage manager with Theater South East She graduated and acted in repertory theater in various towns and cities Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Hastings, and Bexhill She left Britain to teach English to three Italian boys in Almafi, Italy On her return, she joined the BBC, first as a picture researcher, then as an assistant floor manager, studio manager news then finally a director adaptor with Jackanory a BBC storytelling program for children She left BBC to marry a Welsh artist David Wynn Millward and went to live in Wales in her husband s family home They live in a very old converted watermill, and the river is constantly threatening to break in, as it has done several times in the past, most dramatically on her youngest child s first birthday During the summer they run a residential school of art, and she has to move her office, put down tools type writer and pencil, and don an apron and cook They have three grown up children, Myfawny, Ianto, and Gwenwyfar.

One thought on “Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

  1. A moth Horse bones A buried heart A good witch and an apple tree A castle turned to glass by horror Awesome 4th book in the series

  2. When I found the latest Children of the Red King book in the catalog I was really excited Luckily I only had to wait about a week for the hold to be filled, and then I read the book in an afternoon Plus an hour In this year s adventure, Charlie heads back to school only to discover some of his key up points are not in fact present Manfred Bloor is not in fact gone, neither is his creature mate Asa Pike, and Mr Pilgrim, the popular piano teacher, is missing Even the good news that his friend Bill [...]

  3. The magical children of Bland Academy set off on another uninspired adventure that take them to a mirrored castle that really doesn t do anything, and they defeat some bad guys and I don t really get the point of anything.My favorite thing about the book by far is that the kid, at least as drawn on the cover, looks kind of like Art Stukas.Clearly a ripoff of Harry Potter, and clearly written for a lower grade level, and clearly written by somebody who has observed people but doesn t get them So [...]

  4. Charlies Bone is back yet again He heads back to Bloors Academy and finds out that his friend Billy Raven is being adopted by the de Gray s But Charlie suspects the de Gray s are not the kind loving family Billy has always dreamed of Billy s true guardian reveals himself and sends Charlie and Billy caught up in a spinning mystery that has to do with the Castle of Mirrors A new villian, Joshua Tilpin, emerges and is his magnetism a new threat or is it harmless and is Olivia Virtigo s endowment so [...]

  5. Another one in the series of the Children of the Red King We get to know the Endowed Children better and as human beingsCharlie who can jump into pictures is shown to us as the vulnerable little boy,desperately in search of his father, believed to be hypnotized Risks his life and Billy s to search for a safe place for Billy but in reality trying to see if the man trapped in the Glass Castle is his father.Billy, a sad orphan, who can talk to animals, longing for a family, never getting adopted Be [...]

  6. My seven year old continues to love this series I think it s a great series for younger readers who like fantasy stories A slightly better reader than my son could read these himself As an adult reader, these stories are merely okay The characters remain relatively simple and good and bad clearly and completely delineated The castle of mirrors was a cool idea, if somewhat poorly executed here The idea of a castle that burned in a magical fire such that it essentially turned to glass mirrors, get [...]

  7. Personal ResponseI think this was an okay book, the book was a little confusing as there was a lot going on at some points Another problem is that some parts of the book were also a little boring Other than these flaws the book is mostly interesting and it keeps readers intrigued for the most part.Plot SummaryCharlie and his friends are back for another semester at Bloor s Academy His friend Billy is finally going to be adopted, but it turns out that his new parents aren t as nice as Billy was t [...]

  8. Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors by Jenny Nimmo was the fourth installment of the Charlie Bone Series, and once again, succeeded in being fairly underwhelming While the storyline is decent, and the characters are interesting, the transitions from one chapter to another, even from one scene to another are very choppy and poorly written The big and suspenseful moments are written in the span of one paragraph, leaving the reader feeling confused In this book, there was supposed to be a great [...]

  9. It is the beginning of the Fall semester again Billy has been relatively good according to the Bloors, so they find him a family The Bloors and the Yewbeam sisters were experimenting with raising a horse with the heart of an ancestor, but it was semi ruined when Manfred sneezed Ezekiel Bloor was not happy The deGreys are the family that adopted Billy The father can make force fields, the mother has a way with oaths or contracts Billy is trapped in their house than ever, and desires to be rescue [...]

  10. Book 4, 5, 6, and 7 of this Charlie Bone series gives the reader of the slightly weird happenings with Charlie, his friends, his not friends and the nasty aunts and kind uncle Rather than writing a new plot review for each one, I ll lump them together Readers can get vested in this series by hoping that Charlie will find his father and wanting to discover who The Red Knight is, and for those reasons, mainly, one is motivated to read the whole series I liked them well enough to pull them out as [...]

  11. This is a fun and engaging juvenile book series that keeps readers guessing It is about a 10 year old boy named Charlie Bone who discovers that her has the special ability to hear the voices of people in photographs Turns out there are other children with magical endowments and they go to school at the mysterious Bloor s Academy After being coerced into going to Bloor s Academy by his indifferent grandmother, Charlie becomes entangled in a nefarious plot and recues a girl from an endowed student [...]

  12. I ve been reading this whole series to my 12 y.o daughter and we have enjoyed it Some books kept our interest than others, but here at the end, things feel like they re coming to a head instead of the situation just continually getting worse Some things come together and make sense and Charlie has gained a lot of confidence and courage to do what he needs to do.

  13. As usual, there was a lot of good stuff going on this book It wass a very fast, enjoyable read Unfortunately, some of the plotlines I was most interested in for example Olivia s journey in this book were not explored as fully as I would have liked But it was definitely a fun read.

  14. Starting to really hate how much the adults in these books abuse the children and call them stupid idiot How can that continue to happen How does that make this a good series for children to read Still a cute ish story and easy to listen to when I need some background noise.

  15. One of my favorite book series of all time It s been a while since I ve read this series I m surprised by most of the stuff that happens since it s been so long and I don t really remember exactly what happens I don t remember Olivia being endowed though.

  16. Rating these books is tough because I m trying to keep in mind the age of the intended audience Because of that I m deliberately ignoring some of the style choices and repetive dialogue However, there is a rather extreme lack of logic, many annoying characters, and so many random interaction with animals.Lack of LogicI wish I took better notes because there were several incidences in this book where there were obvious loopholes There are basic ones like why aren t the Bloors using their school t [...]

  17. Charlie Bone is worried about his friend, Billy Raven Billy, an albino and an orphan, has longed for a family of his own and it seems like his wish has come true when Mr and Mrs de Grey agree to adopt him Charlie is happy for Billy, but the de Grey s are friends of the Bloor family and Charlie doesn t trust them Charlie is right to be worried the de Grey s have powers that literally won t let Billy leave the house unless he is going to school Charlie, his Uncle Paton, and his friends all try to [...]

  18. The book starts with the Red King and Queen Bernice in the sea in search of a particular island They find a beautiful island known as the Island of a Thousand Blues but the Queen had a vision of her children fighting and taking part in a war here, so she made it her intention never to see the Island again Then we are introduced to Charlie Bone, who is starting a new semester at Bloor s academy This isn t your average school, it s is a school to maintain special abilities Charlie vowed to keep hi [...]

  19. Back at Bloor s Academy, strange things are once again occurring for Charlie Bone, but this time it is with his young friend, Billy Raven, a gifted albino who can speak in the language of animals.As the story progresses, Charlie discovers that Billy s adoptive parents are not exactly who they claim to be and likely have motives that are not exactly beneficial to Billy As he discovers their true plot, Charlie and the rest of his friends join forces in a dangerous attempt to rescue Billy Raven wit [...]

  20. Jenny Nimmo s Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors is about Charlie s fourth term at Bloor s Academy His friend Billy Raven, an albino orphan who can communicate with animals, is suddenly adopted by a mysterious couple known as the de Greys Charlie manages to find a photograph of the de Greys on Manfred Bloor s desk, and immediately suspects that they don t really want to adopt Billy Charlie and his endowed friends have also been hearing sounds of a ghost horse running around the grounds of Bl [...]

  21. Hmmwell I m gonna be honest here This wasn t exactly the best book so far in the series It had many fascinating parts in it and a couple that when I read them and pictured them, that I thought, Wow, that s cool but the ending kind of left me flat I m still gonna read the next book and finish the series because it s still fascinating, but the ending to book 4 This one Castle of Mirrors reminded me of the ending to the first book Book 1 Midnight For Charlie Bone Distinct differences, but I didn t [...]

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