Robin: Year One

[PDF] Robin: Year One | by å Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martin - Robin: Year One, Robin Year One For years he fought alongside Gotham City s greatest protector the light to Batman s irrepressible darkness Against all manner of foe he braved inconceivable odds ever skirting the line between hero
  • Title: Robin: Year One
  • Author: Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martin
  • ISBN: 9781563898051
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Robin: Year One | by å Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martin, Robin: Year One, Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martin, Robin Year One For years he fought alongside Gotham City s greatest protector the light to Batman s irrepressible darkness Against all manner of foe he braved inconceivable odds ever skirting the line between heroism and death His name is Dick Grayson Before he became Nightwing he was the first to don the mantle of Robin When his parents fell victim to the machinations of a mobsterFor years he [PDF] Robin: Year One | by å Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martin - Robin: Year One, Robin Year One For years he fought alongside Gotham City s greatest protector the light to Batman s irrepressible darkness Against all manner of foe he braved inconceivable odds ever skirting the line between hero
  • [PDF] Robin: Year One | by å Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martin
    437Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martin
Robin: Year One

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  1. Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Javier Pulido Robert Campanella Marcos Martinsays:

    Charles Chuck Dixon is an American comic book writer, perhaps best known for long runs on Batman titles in the 1990s.His earliest comics work was writing Evangeline first for Comico Comics in 1984 then later for First Comics, who published the on going series , on which he worked with his then wife, the artist Judith Hunt His big break came one year later, when editor Larry Hama hired him to write back up stories for Marvel Comics The Savage Sword of Conan.In 1986, he began working for Eclipse Comics, writing Airboy with artist Tim Truman Continuing to write for both Marvel and mainly Eclipse on these titles, as well as launching Strike with artist Tom Lyle in August 1987 and Valkyrie with artist Paul Gulacy in October 1987, he began work on Carl Potts Alien Legion series for Marvel s Epic Comics imprint, under editor Archie Goodwin He also produced a three issue adaptation of J R R Tolkien s The Hobbit for Eclipse with artist David Wenzel between 1989 and 1990, and began writing Marc Spector Moon Knight in June 1989.His Punisher OGN Kingdom Gone August, 1990 led to him working on the monthly The Punisher War Journal and later, monthly and occasional Punisher titles , and also brought him to the attention of DC Comics editor Denny O Neil, who asked him to produce a Robin mini series The mini proved popular enough to spawn two sequels The Joker s Wild 1991 and Cry of the Huntress 1992 which led to both an ongoing monthly series which Dixon wrote for 100 issues before leaving to work with CrossGen Comics , and to Dixon working on Detective Comics from 644 738 through the major Batman stories KnightFall KnightsEnd for which he helped create the key character of Bane , DC One Million , Contagion , Legacy , Cataclysm and No Man s Land Much of his run was illustrated by Graham Nolan.He was DC s most prolific Batman writer in the mid 1990s rivalled perhaps in history by Bill Finger and Dennis O Neil in addition to writing Detective Comics he pioneered the individual series for Robin , Nightwing which he wrote for 70 issues, and returned to briefly with 2005 s 101 and Batgirl , as well as creating the team and book Birds of Prey.While writing multiple Punisher and Batman comics and October 1994 s Punisher Batman crossover , he also found time to launch Team 7 for Jim Lee s WildStorm Image and Prophet for Rob Liefeld s Extreme Studios He also wrote many issues of Catwoman and Green Arrow , regularly having about seven titles out each and every month between the years 1993 and 1998.In March, 2002, Dixon turned his attention to CrossGen s output, salthough he co wrote with Scott Beatty the origin of Barbara Gordon s Batgirl in 2003 s Batgirl Year One For CrossGen he took over some of the comics of the out going Mark Waid, taking over Sigil from 21, and Crux with 13 He launched Way of the Rat in June 2002, Brath March 03 , The Silken Ghost June 03 and the pirate comic El Cazador Oct 03 , as well as editing Robert Rodi s non Sigilverse The Crossovers He also wrote the Ruse spin off Archard s Agents one shots in January and November 03 and April 04, the last released shortly before CrossGen s complete collapse forced the cancellation of all of its comics, before which Dixon wrote a single issue of Sojourn May 04 Dixon s Way of the Rat 24, Brath 14 and El Cazador 6 were among the last comics released from the then bankrupt publisher.On June 10, 2008, Dixon announced on his forum that he was no longer employed by DC Comics in any capacity.

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  1. This is the very boring story of Dick Grayson s first year as Robin He meets fights Jervis Tetch the Mad Hatter, Two Face and Mr Freeze He also briefly becomes the student of the ninja Fagin, Shrike, and his band of teen ninjas Then the book ends I know Batman Year One is a major seller for DC, and rightly so, it s one of the best Batman books ever written But a big component of its success is that it really does show us Bruce Wayne learning to be Batman That s the point of Year One stories the [...]

  2. This is an awesome read for fans of Dick Grayson It combines classic silver age style with gritty modern age storytelling The artwork is cartoony and clean, reminiscent of Batman The Animated Series And it s fun yet dark, violent yet reflective.While we don t get to see Robin s tragic circus origins, we do see a middle school aged Dick Grayson in his beginnings, taking on the surprisingly devilish Mad Hatter and classic psychotic Two Face, by his lonesome Dick s dialog is spot on, smart and witt [...]

  3. First thing first the artwork and the coloring is awesome This Robin the Boy Wonder s origin story has solid plot, an engaging coming of age story and entertaining villains such as the Mad Hatter and Two Face I think Two Face is completely awesome in this story What is not to love when a scary villain such as Two Face acts like a bossLIKE THE FREAKING BADASS CRIME BOSS THAT HE TOTALLY IS The relationships among Alfred, Bruce and his young ward, Dick also get a lot of attention in this storye int [...]

  4. A worthy companion to Batman Year One The specifics of the plot are secondary compared to the character development of both Bruce and Dick Dixon did a great job showing a younger Dick, and in hinting at the future tensions between Bruce and Dick The art has that faux retro feel that the Year One titles like, and it s nicely done here.

  5. You would think robin would get an easier gig like solve the case of the missing pencil case or something but nope, he just casually solves really grim kidnappings whilst batsy is off playing bruce wayne The first issue is the best it s such a dark story but it s balanced out with the colourful artwork which i really liked I love how alfred is writing all this in his journal and it s super adorable at times and you just gotta love alfred.The rest of the issues are of two face being a shitbag and [...]

  6. This turned out to be a pretty good read It depicts an early outing in the career of Batman and Robin as they try to take down Two Face The Pulido art gives it a fun and light hearted feel, but also doesn t take away from a few dark moments in the story.

  7. This is actually a re read for me as I read this as part of Batgirl Robin Year One but I still enjoyed it just as much The story line with the Hatter was really good and I really enjoyed revisiting it Overall a brilliant read and I loved hearing Alfred s perspective throughout, that was a really nice touch Definitely a good place to start if you want to check out some books on Robin.

  8. This was remarkably good I m glad I gave it a try, even if Dick isn t the Robin Of My Heart And, wow, this book is worth owning for the coloring alone, though the art and writing are nothing to sneeze at, either So good

  9. Por si necesit bamos m s se ales de que el Apocalipsis se acerca, voy y me leo un c mic de Robin DE ROBIN Yo no soporto a Robin Es un listillo de mierda que se pega a Batman como una lapa y me parecen rid culos tanto l como su traje de colorines y sus pantalones cortos.Este tomo en cuesti n se trata de un peque o recopilatorio de las primeras aventuras de Robin al lado de Batman Lo nico que he sacado en claro es que Alfred se preocupa mucho por l y por Bruce y le duele ver c mo Dick arriesga su [...]

  10. girls wouldn t notice me if i danced around in tights.I LOVE ROBIN SOOO SO MUCH THE CUTEST BOY IN GOTHAM I HAD THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON HIM WHEN I WAS FIFTEEN OH MY GOSH i still do and it s pretty freaking embarrassing my fav quotes this boy wonder they kept saying boy wonder stop it aren t you the little heartbreaker thanks, bruce but you took out three of them but not with your finesse also don t make me think about this pls dick grayson carries so much on his young shoulders, the normal troubles [...]

  11. asn retro art Moja prv poriadna zast vka u DC bola ve mi super Vtipn , smutn , slu ne nap san , asne nakreslen.

  12. Probably if I was in the right mood this would get 5 stars, but I got a little bored since I ve read it a few times before not that I remembered the final third of it and I don t love the art I appreciate the art for seeming like an updated variation on the art style of the original comics, but sometimes things aren t as pretty as I d like, a face was weird, an angle didn t work, whatever Again, if I was in the right mood I might love it and I definitely don t think it s bad It s got clean lines [...]

  13. Never in my life did i think Robin could be badass in his goofy short pants costume, but he somehow managed to be just that.This is NOT a Robin origins story, it doesn t go over the murder of Dicks s parents or how Batman recruited him, it focuses on their relationship in Robin s first year The Art is on point Really liked the art style, and how it reminded me of the animated series It just sets the tone nicely Dick Grayson is super likeable.He s almost too perfect, the story doesn t focus excl [...]

  14. I greatly enjoyed this book I loved seeing this nurturing side of Alfred I loved Dick s relationship with Alfred Most importantly, I adored seeing Bruce struggle with wanting to be a parent and wanting Dick to feel secure in his role as Robin He worried for Dick s safety but knew usually because of Alfred that his protectiveness made Dick feel like he wasn t good enough I love the artwork and Alfred s voice as a narrator Some bits were hard for me to read because I have a hard time with anything [...]

  15. Lo mejor de este c mic es Alfred, los dem s personajes me parecen tratados de forma bastante superficial, aunque a pesar de todo da una idea bastante clara de por qu Batman necesita a Robin y viceversa Las historias son cortas y no me han parecido gran cosa, con excepci n de la antagonizada por Polilla Asesina, que de breve es perfecta Creo que es un c mic s lo para fans de Robin.

  16. Before I say anything else, I have to say that I read this graphic novel after I read The Gauntlet And, in my opinion, that is the best possible way to read these stories In fact, I don t know what The Gauntlet wasn t included in this collection But, that aside, this comic delivers exactly what it promises Robin s first year in crime fighting It starts with his successes before things go horribly wrong with Two Face Without any spoilers, that incident and its aftermath is well written and full o [...]

  17. No way around it this is INFINITELY better than Batgirl Year One For whatever reason, Batgirl s story took on a feminist slant that worked for the 2000 s and completely fell on its face in this decade Barbara Gordon now reads as an entitled, privileged white girl who annoys and pushes her way into Batman s crusade, and she doesn t take it seriously until she discovers the truth about the Wayne family In a landscape of diverse characters Kamala Khan and Miles Morales, Olive and Maps in Gotham Aca [...]

  18. This was an interesting read It tells the story of Dick Grayson s rise to become the first Robin The villains concerned in the story were The Hatter, Two face, Mr Freeze The part with the Hatter was pretty boring but the story got much serious with the appearance of Two Face The treatment of Robin by Two Face was very intense but it made him much stronger internally The relationship between Batman and Robin could ve been depicted in a much better way Mr Freeze also plays his part with his evil p [...]

  19. I rarely give 5 stars, but I have to for this Graphic Novel For me everything worked in this book Alfred giving the narrative, and the relationship between Bruce, Dick, Alfie was wonderful There are some great moments in this story Now the artwork has seemed to really polarize peopleeither they loved it or hated it At times I didn t really like the art, but I appreciated the uniqueness of it.

  20. una chulada desde el estilo confesional de chuck dixon, que asume aqu la voz de un alfred lleno de dudas y reservas acerca de la cruzada de bruce, hasta el dibujo, que recuerda a lo mejor de darwyn cooke y que, me parece, resulta ideal para ilustrar a robin, todo est en su lugar una secuela dign sima de esa cuasi obra maestra que es dark victory.

  21. Pocz tki Richarda Graysona jako Robina nie mog y by tak kolorowe jak w z otej erze Kto m dry bierze na ryzykown akcj ch opca ubranego w szorty Dick jak i jego mentor jeszcze musz si sporo nauczy o wsp pracy i zaufaniu.

  22. Awwww, he even is wearing the Robin panties _ Anywho, this was a fun, fast paste read, Robin Dick was adorable, Bruce seriously needs to read a couple parenting magazines, and Alfred s journal entires were awesome.

  23. Well written little tale that does a good job at showing the difference between Bruce and Dick.World I like the art, it s simple, it s stylish and colorful The world building is absolutely fantastic with Alfred being the narrator and guide we see this world in his eyes and it s handled very well A lot of familiar names and faces of course and a wonderful stage for the story to unfold.Story Solidly written and character driven I think an extra issue would have done it some good but what we got wa [...]

  24. I actually enjoyed this I enjoyed a DC thing Granted I haven t tried many comics by DC but I was beginning to think I d hate the all, but this was fun It wasn t the most amazing comic I ve ever read but I enjoyed the storylines and the conflict between letting Dick fight crime with Batman, or whether it was too dangerous considering his age It didn t feel particularly like an origin story It didn t really tell you how Dick ended up as Bruce s ward, it started off with them already running around [...]

  25. J ai d j eu l occasion d en parler sur le blog, mais Robin est un de mes personnages pr f r s Je les aime plus ou moins tous mais pour des raisons diff rentes, et si Tim Drake reste mon pr f r , Dick Grayson est le premier, le classique, le commencement L intrigue ne reprend pas l origin story de Robin, comment ses parents, de c l bres trap zistes dans le cirque o il a t lev , sont assassin s et comment Bruce Wayne d cide de le prendre sous son aile, puis de l aider obtenir justice et non vengea [...]

  26. This trade paperback collects the four issue prestige format series that snuck up onto the Bat scene earlier this decade mostly unbeknownst to me It s hard to live up to the Year One tag line after the seminal Batman Year One published in the late 80s by comics giant Frank Miller but this epic on the early career of the Boy Wonder is, in fact, a wonder to behold Dixon s narrative structure and techniques are refreshingly top notch, as I ve never considered him an A list Batman writer Although so [...]

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