The Sneetches and Other Stories

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Sneetches and Other Stories : by Dr. Seuss - The Sneetches and Other Stories, The Sneetches and Other Stories Illus in full color Four funny easy to read stories all with subtly planted moral lessons Publishers Weekly THE SNEETCHES Now the Star Belly Sneetches Had bellies with stars The Plain Belly Sneetches
  • Title: The Sneetches and Other Stories
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780007158508
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Sneetches and Other Stories : by Dr. Seuss, The Sneetches and Other Stories, Dr. Seuss, The Sneetches and Other Stories Illus in full color Four funny easy to read stories all with subtly planted moral lessons Publishers Weekly THE SNEETCHES Now the Star Belly Sneetches Had bellies with stars The Plain Belly Sneetches Had none upon thars This collection of four of Dr Seuss s most winning stories begins with that unforgettable tale of the unfortunate Sneetches bamboozledIllus in ful [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Sneetches and Other Stories : by Dr. Seuss - The Sneetches and Other Stories, The Sneetches and Other Stories Illus in full color Four funny easy to read stories all with subtly planted moral lessons Publishers Weekly THE SNEETCHES Now the Star Belly Sneetches Had bellies with stars The Plain Belly Sneetches
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Sneetches and Other Stories : by Dr. Seuss
    337Dr. Seuss
The Sneetches and Other Stories

About Author

  1. Theodor Seuss Geisel was born 2 March 1904 in Springfield, MA He graduated Dartmouth College in 1925, and proceeded on to Oxford University with the intent of acquiring a doctorate in literature At Oxford he met Helen Palmer, who he wed in 1927 He returned from Europe in 1927, and began working for a magazine called Judge, the leading humor magazine in America at the time, submitting both cartoons and humorous articles for them Additionally, he was submitting cartoons to Life, Vanity Fair and Liberty In some of his works, he d made reference to an insecticide called Flit These references gained notice, and led to a contract to draw comic ads for Flit This association lasted 17 years, gained him national exposure, and coined the catchphrase Quick, Henry, the Flit In 1936 on the way to a vaction in Europe, listening to the rhythm of the ship s engines, he came up with And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, which was then promptly rejected by the first 43 publishers he showed it to Eventually in 1937 a friend published the book for him, and it went on to at least moderate success During WW II, Geisel joined the army and was sent to Hollywood Captain Geisel would write for Frank Capra s Signal Corps Unit for which he won the Legion of Merit and do documentaries he won Oscar s for Hitler Lives and Design for Death He also created a cartoon called Gerald McBoing Boing which also won him an Oscar In May of 1954, Life published a report concerning illiteracy among school children The report said, among other things, that children were having trouble to read because their books were boring This inspired Geisel s publisher, and prompted him to send Geisel a list of 400 words he felt were important, asked him to cut the list to 250 words the publishers idea of how many words at one time a first grader could absorb , and write a book Nine months later, Geisel, using 220 of the words given to him published The Cat in the Hat, which went on to instant success In 1960 Bennett Cerf bet Geisel 50 that he couldn t write an entire book using only fifty words The result was Green Eggs and Ham Cerf never paid the 50 from the bet Helen Palmer Geisel died in 1967 Theodor Geisel married Audrey Stone Diamond in 1968 Theodor Seuss Geisel died 24 September 1991 Also worked under the pen name Theo Le Sieg

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  1. One of the greatest Dr Seuss stories NEVER AGAIN, REMEMBER THE SNEETCHESNow, the Star Belly SneetchesHad bellies with stars.The Plain Belly SneetchesHad none upon thars.It s not rare that Dr Seuss came up with this charming tale in 1961, at the beginning of the decade where the civil rights were in a mass turmoil.This story reminded me about the classic TV episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield from Star Trek The Original Series where the last two individuals from the same planet were still b [...]

  2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum HAPPY SEUSS DAY I tried to bake a fabulous cake like this in order to celebrate but ended up with a bit of a wreck We re all supposed to be reading Oh, The Places You ll Go today too, but Anne pretty much wrote the best review ever for that one, so I m eating a birthday donut in lieu of cake and reviewing my favorite Dr Seuss book, The Sneetches, instead In a world where bullying happens nearly upon birth, this is a story that should be required reading [...]

  3. Why 5 stars Why rate a children s book Because there is still prejudice in the world, that s why If we got the world leaders together, and brainwashed them with this book, war would disappear Segregation, discrimination, prejudice, sophistry, bias and artificial prominance would go away In his unique way, Theodore Giesel points out the folly of judging anybody by physical characteristics, or any other inaccurate method.Lessons learned from this book Whether we have stars or not, no matter the co [...]

  4. The Sneetches and The pale Green pants were favourites of my children and grandson, I have to admit they are favourites of mine too, paticularly the pale green pants, what a message that gets hammered home to children Absolute classic Seuss

  5. I was reading this book for the Readers Against Prejudice and Racism Club and it was fantastic Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book BlogI have been reading many of Dr Seuss books ever since I was a child, but out of all the books I have read from him, this book was the most effective book I have ever read The Sneetches and Other Stories is a short collection of stories by Dr Seuss where each of them detailed how to accept other people for who they are The Sneetches and Other Stories is a truly mem [...]

  6. This is my favorite book to read to my kids It has Sneetches that teaches that No kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches Then there s The Zax that teaches us how unproductive it is to never compromise Too Many Daves Scott and I talked about this one last night and how it is a fun little story, but doesn t have and underlying message Then we decided that it does have a message It s about making all of your kids feel special and letting them be different Then there is What Was I Scared Of aka [...]

  7. Reviewed for THC ReviewsI ve been a huge fan of Dr Seuss since I was a child, but until I read The Lorax for the first time a few years ago, I had never realized that he was an author with the heart of an activist Much like The Lorax, The Sneetches and Other Stories tackles mature themes in a non threatening, even humorous, way that kids can understand All four stories in the book have the underlying message of tolerance, acceptance and compromise with those who are different from us or with who [...]

  8. I highly recommend to everybody, to once in a while read a Dr Seuss book no matter what your age is It is just pure genius All of these ideas, not only funny but touching important topics masked as a kids book This book has stories about prejudices and races, unnecessary stubbornness, and fear from the foreign The Sneetches tell us the tale of two different cultures races The Plain Belly Sneetches and the Star Belly Sneetches Those two do not mix together, they keep apart and the Star Belly Snee [...]

  9. Dr Seuss, you were one crazy man First, I m giving this 4 stars, because my youngest son really likes the story about the Sneeches Second, the story about the empty pair of pants that follows that furry little dude around is just weird.Third, well I guess there is no third.

  10. This book is one of the first books that I understood had a message behind the story As such it will always hold a special place on my life long bookshelf.

  11. To make it easier I will rate this book based on the individual stories I found this to be such a different Dr Seuss book because while you learn a valuable lesson there was still some messed up things that aren t discussed in this book.The Sneetches 5 starsI really enjoyed this story but the ended was a little bit screwed up in my opinion I found this story to be remarkable and suggest for every child and adult to read it because Dr Seuss was smart at addressing discrimination In this story we [...]

  12. SUMMARYThis collection of short stories touches on themes like the value of diversity, the get nowhere fast of stalemates, the value of individuality, and confronting fears There are two kinds of Sneetches in The Sneetches those who have stars on their bellies, and those who do not When a man comes along with a star on star off machine, the Sneetches get all mixed up and the resolution is that all sneetches are equal In The Zax, two Zaxes a north going one and a south going one meet, and neither [...]

  13. The Sneetches is my absolute favourite Seuss story The rhythm trumps all other Seuss stories, and when I am reading this out loud to my kids I joyfully shift from Star belly Sneetch voices to Plain belly Sneetch voices to Sylvester McMonkey McBean s voice without even a hint of having to think about the shift Seuss s rhythm invites that I can speed up to warp, I can slow down and leave an octo pregnant pause, and still the rhythm is flawless Plus, the story s pretty meaningful too This is the pe [...]

  14. This is a collection of four stories about silly superiorities, too stubborn for your own good, being lazy and not thinking ahead, and confronting your fears.The Stories The Sneetches are divided Some have green stars for belly buttons while others do not Naturally, the Star Belly Sneetches are far superior to the Plain Belly Sneetches until one day an enterprising Sneetch comes along and offers to help the Plain Belly Sneetches by giving them stars on their bellies Well, this just won t do How [...]

  15. Dr Seuss is at his best with these four zany stories, The Sneetches , The Zax , Too Many Daves and What was I Scared of To begin with the Sneetches came in two varieties, Star Bellied Sneetches and Plain Bellied Sneetches The former thought themselves better than the latter and they would often brag about what they could do and they felt it beneath them to speak to the Plain Bellies when out walking In addition, whenever a game was organised the Plain Bellies were not allowed to play.Then along [...]

  16. Loved this as a kid another one of Seuss s stories in which the moral is obvious but the storytelling has character and nuance In The Sneetches, some Sneetches naturally have stars on their bellies and others are born without them, which causes the star bellied Sneetches to discriminate against the plain bellied Sneetches What s interesting is a scoundrel named Sylvester McMonkey McBean rolls into town and offers plain bellied Sneetches a chance to get stars put on themselves, which of course ca [...]

  17. The reason I decided to read this book was because it was written from one of my favourite authors Dr Seuss I have always loved reading his books as they are very adventurous, exciting and I like how he always rhymes his sentences together I don t think Dr Seuss just aims his books at children but I think he aims them for the whole family The category this book represents from the bingo board is a book with themes related to those we ve studied in class in the 1st half of the year The theme we s [...]

  18. This book is appropriate for EYFS and Years 1 2 that is to say children aged 3 7 Wow This is a great book of children s literature Having been my first book of Dr Seuss, I didn t know quite what to expect Now I see what all the fuss is about Simply a great piece of children s fiction with a nice moral at the ending, The Sneetches is about a race of strange looking, yellow coloured creatures, with big fat bellies that live near water, on beaches At the beginning of the story, some of the Sneetche [...]

  19. This story is about two groups of people like beings who live on the beach One group is called the Star Belly Sneetches, and the other the Plain Belly Sneetches Star Belly Sneetches think they are the best kind of Sneetch, just because they have stars on their bellies The Star Belly Sneetches looked down upon the Plain Belly Sneetches, and treated them like second class citizens The Star Bellied ones weren t fair to the Plain Bellied ones at all Then one day, an entrepreneur, Sylvester McMonkey [...]

  20. I had read The Sneetches before, but not the other stories in this book Clearly the Sneetches are the star here Ha The pun was unintentional, but it did make me laugh when I noticed it The Sneetches is one of the Dr Seuss stories I ve used as a readers theater for my library classes I really like the lesson it teaches The other stories are strange, end abruptly, and are not memorable at all except maybe What was I scared of which I think could have been the inspiration for The Little Old Lady Wh [...]

  21. The Star Belly Sneetches had bellies with stars The Plain Belly Sneetches had none upon thars The book The Sneetches by Dr Seuss is about the social dynamics between the two different kinds When Sylvester McMonkey McBean rides upon the beaches with The Sneetches, he messes with them to make them pay him money for his service When the Plain Belly Sneetches became Star Belly Sneetches and the Star Belly sneetches became Plain Belly Sneetches and back and forth, Sylvester McMonkey McBean departs th [...]

  22. While very short, I really liked The Zax Do we ever get to set in our ways ideas opinions that we refuse to make adjustments Do we ever refuse to bend out of stubbornness or to show them what I made of It seems like this happens in politics a lot party takes an absolute stand on an issue, the other party takes the opposite standd both refuse to budge or even attempt to make concessions or see eye to eyeereby hindering progress I do not wish to turn this into a political discussiond hopefully, yo [...]

  23. This book has the following short stories for children The Sneetches 5 5The Zax 5 5Too Many Daves 5 5What Was I Scared Of 4 5

  24. The Sneetches Contrary to popular belief, this is not a story about people who are over obsessed with superficial looks and material possessions to the point that they ostracize people that do not have the same things, but instead a well thought out business plan for future entrepreneurs 5 The Zax pretty sure Dr Seuss was a time traveler and correctly predicted today s political environment 4 Too Many Daves I blame Dr Seuss for teaching children that its okay to name your child something stupid [...]

  25. Classic Seuss stories I haven t read since I was a kid I had forgotten all of them except the title one, though they came back to me as I read The title story especially is a nice little parable about prejudice and about how those who exploit it can profit from it a message that remains germane today The others are rather slight, though the one about the youngster who makes friends with a talking pair of empty pants scores well on the endearingly weird scale.

  26. The Sneetches lesson was that no matter how different you are or want to be, we are still Sneetches humans and need to work together to get over our differences The green pants story were my second favorite story in the book I thought to myself never be afraid of things you don t understand.

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