[PDF] Download ✓ Reamde : by Neal Stephenson - Reamde, Reamde Four decades ago Richard Forthrast the black sheep of an Iowa family fled to a wild and lonely mountainous corner of British Columbia to avoid the draft Smuggling backpack loads of high grade marij
  • Title: Reamde
  • Author: Neal Stephenson
  • ISBN: 9780061977961
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ✓ Reamde : by Neal Stephenson, Reamde, Neal Stephenson, Reamde Four decades ago Richard Forthrast the black sheep of an Iowa family fled to a wild and lonely mountainous corner of British Columbia to avoid the draft Smuggling backpack loads of high grade marijuana across the border into Northern Idaho he quickly amassed an enormous and illegal fortune With plenty of time and money to burn he became addicted to an online fantasyFour decades ago Ri [PDF] Download ✓ Reamde : by Neal Stephenson - Reamde, Reamde Four decades ago Richard Forthrast the black sheep of an Iowa family fled to a wild and lonely mountainous corner of British Columbia to avoid the draft Smuggling backpack loads of high grade marij
  • [PDF] Download ✓ Reamde : by Neal Stephenson
    393Neal Stephenson

About Author

  1. Neal Stephenson is the author of Reamde, Anathem, and the three volume historical epic the Baroque Cycle Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World , as well as Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac He lives in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Me la la la I m sure this will be edifying and weird.Book Yes this will be a book about math and philosophy and like, historical dudesJ K actually I am like 14 Die Hards all squished together Me SHut up, I have to stop reading this and actually make a living Book no YOU shut up Me Seriously, they say people need to sleep occasionally.Book Bitch, I am NOT DONE I will TELL YOU when you can sleep.

  2. Damn, but this book exhausted me It wasn t just having to hold up it s 127 lbs of bulk while trying to read that wore me out either.Stephenson hasn t made it easy on his fans since Cryptonomicon in 1999 with it and every book since being about 27,000 pages long while spanning the late 1600s in Europe to World War II to another world complete with it s own languages and customs, and each book was also crammed with detailed information about topics like finance and code breaking When I saw that th [...]

  3. It s important for writers to recognize their strengths With Reamde, it s clear that Neal Stephenson has embraced his the infodump.Reamde operates in two gears infodump and action, which makes for a potent combination This fusion works because Stephenson has written a thriller At first, I was surprised, but then I realized that The Baroque Cycle was also a thriller, just one set in an unusual period for the genre Regardless, the infodump and the plot are what the thriller s all about.With Reamde [...]

  4. The fact that this book came out 2 days before I take a 12 hour flight to china is proof that god loves me and wants me to be happy.

  5. I know, I know When Stephenson writes really smart, I get annoyed while I force myself to finish the book Quicksilver When he writes a sometimes action packed crime novel full of terrorists and international espionage and virtual worlds Reamde , I get stuck near page 100 or 200 and allow myself to be talked into pushing onward, and start regretting it around page 700, and feel annoyed when I finally finish Here s the thing I like a fun crime novel I read all the Stieg Larsson books I like books [...]

  6. Remind me never to read reviews written by my most ardent fans This book is great, but it appears TeamStephenson was expecting the opening of the Ark of the fucking Covenant.If you want a smart, contemporary, geeky, international action thriller written by someone who just spent 10 years writing an epic about the connections between the tech of the 17th century and the tech of the 21st in longhand, on, like, parchment, with a fountain pen, the showboating bastard then read this.It s fun And funn [...]

  7. I thought, when I started reading this book, that Stephenson had turned in a classic Great American Novel By that I mean that the introduction to the main character although actually this is a seriously ensemble piece, so it s probably better to think of him as the spine character the events in the book could not take place without him, even when as much of the time he s out of the room and has no knowledge of what s going on is a perfect, serious statement of a particular moment of American his [...]

  8. I love Neil Stephenson most of the time , and I loved this book most of the time When He s good he s brilliant, but when he s bad he s mind numbingly dull This is probably his most commercial mainstream book yet It screams please make me into to a Hollywood action movie, or big budget miniseries For my taste it screams this too loudly.The best parts of the novel are about the Chinese hacking and Gold Farming scene, the REAMDE virus all classic slick Stephenson Once we are back in America, it deg [...]

  9. I took the week off between Christmas and New Years and decided the perfect book to end the year with was the new woolly MAMMOTH sized Neal Stephenson book Because we were traveling down to the in laws house, a 12 hour trip to the ship channel in Texas, I checked out a library copy With this size of book it is easy to break the spine while reading it and this is a book that actually forces the reader to abuse it to actually read the book In retrospect, though I was glad I didn t have to torture [...]

  10. Birth and death, Chet said The poles of human existence We re like meridians, all beginning and all ending in the same place We spread out from the beginning and go our separate ways, over seas and mountains and islands and deserts, each telling our own story, as different as they could possibly be But in the end we all converge and our ends are as much the same as our beginnings Neal Stephenson has taken the notion of a multi player, on line video game as the basis for an action novel and has r [...]

  11. Note longer review now in place Spoilers may be present So your starter for 10 Is it Reamde Remade Reamed Read Me Just working out the title can be a complication in itself But then that s what you should expect with Neal Stephenson s books It s a well known adage in the genre that if you read Neal Stephenson s books, you re there for a long journey And so it goes with this one over 1000 pages of small text, over 2 inches 6cm thick I measured it For what is typical of Neal s work is that when yo [...]

  12. By the time I was about three fourths of the way through, I found myself wondering why Stephenson had bothered to write this book Aside from The Big U I ve read all of his other works, and in each of those he used his skills his knowledge of math and computers, his understanding of how computer engineers and programmers handle information to build a compelling world and tell a meaningful story often with social commentary from a unique perspective In Reamde Stephenson clearly stepped far outside [...]

  13. REAMDE reads as though he started to write an interesting novel about massively multiplayer online gaming business and frauds, and inadvertently stumbled into writing an irritatingly conventional thriller novel about Islamic terrorists when the MMPORG novel turned out not to have enough action in it I wonder, actually, if this is his 9 11 book, delayed somehow by nonliterary circumstance Cardboard villains seen up close to be mere dark skinned cartoons of inexplicable evil, heroic northwestern r [...]

  14. Neal Stephenson s Reamde is over a thousand pages long ONE THOUSAND PAGES In the same way that I avoid movies over 130 minutes especially if they re historical costume drama, egads my self diagnosed ADD usually keeps me away from books over, say, 500 pages Exceptions exist, of course, and this novel caught my eye because 1 I had read and liked loved Stephenson s The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Cryptomicon, and 2 I was experiencing one of those uncomfortable I don t know what to read stretches A [...]

  15. Great book Not my usual fair at all This was a thriller with online gaming undertones I actually learned quite a bit about the role playing games Interesting tangents Characterization was very good You understood what was in the minds of everyone except the jihadists.How could the author or anyone sane possibly know what goes on in the minds of jihadist sarcasm This novel had everything I like Strong characters both male and female, humor and lots of it particularly around T Rain , irony even th [...]

  16. i have absolutely no interest whatsoever in video games i have never played a video game on my tv,on my computer, or on my phone the last time i played a video game was when pac man was the cutting edge karen sends me a signed copy of this book she s so awesome , and i was really looking forward to getting it, having read stephenson before,so even though it s a very big book, i started reading it the day it arrived at my place i start reading it, and initially, much to my disappointment, it turn [...]

  17. I was so excited about this book, but it slowly slipped from a 5 at the beginning to a 3 by the end This book was over the top read like Ian Fleming was alive and forced to write an action movie with Tom Clancy A 6 hour long action movie That over the top Just as with any over the top action movie, you have to suspend disbelief to enjoy it, and it was certainly fun Unfortunately, there was just too much schmaltz for the action alone to carry it To be fair, I also had high expectations for this b [...]

  18. I used to really, really like Neal Stephenson I read all of his earlier books even Zodiac and The Big U But somewhere along about the Baroque Cycle, I fell out of love with him not that he stopped being a good storyteller, but man those books were long and took forever to get anywhere.Anyway, I picked up Reamde hoping to get some of the old Stephenson cyber thriller love again And Reamde is a very good tale, action packed and filled with a ton of interesting characters in a plot that wends its w [...]

  19. This thriller represents a nice reprise of a the fun, excitement, and imagination of Stephenson s sci fi thriller Snow Crash and techno thriller Cryptonomicon, Though some criminal indiscretions of her boyfriend, a young woman gets sucked up in a very few steps as a tool and a hostage by some very powerful bad guys, initially by the minions of a rogue Russian gangster and later by a group of jihadists led by a particularly ambitious terrorist spawned in Wales I don t want to spoil the ingenious [...]

  20. In my head, this book is very much lumped together with the recent Greg Bear book, Vitals, that I read Both are by authors that I have previously enjoyed Well, my reading relationship with Stephenson started out a little rocky, but it s gotten better of late They are both authors whose previous works have thrown off ideas like candy, been provocative and engaging And they both turned in books in this round of reading that are mere technothrillers Well written technothrillers, but I want .Note Th [...]

  21. Absolutely loved everything about the virus, T Rain, and the hackers Really wish the book would have focused on that than view spoiler on the terrorist plot hide spoiler With that, my attention was definitely held but mostly because I wanted to see the conclusion of the story.One thing that did impress me, though, was the care that was put into ensuring the characters good and bad ones made logical decisions None of Stephenson s characters here are stupid, and it was satisfying to come up with, [...]

  22. OK, look I routinely go into small bookshops and badger clerks to recommend a giant, sprawling, poly thematic novel, ideally one that takes place in multiple far flung locales and features kick ass women Which is to say, I have read all of Neal Stephenson s novels, most of them two and three times over I am a big fan, and just like any partisan, I am somewhat unsuited to anything aside from gushing or howling But honestly, I can t do either REAMDE a good, long, and involving read It fails in som [...]

  23. Executive Summary While not as enjoyable as some of his other books, I found this pretty enjoyable I suspect everyone won t feel the same however.Audio book Malcolm Hillgartner is a pretty good narrator He does a few voices accents for some of the characters that adds a bit to the story I will say clocking in at 38.5 hours this is a long one that most people can probably read faster themselves unless you listen to it sped up I don t like to do that, so this one took me about 10 days to get throu [...]

  24. Very clever and engaging premise, but very broad and sloppy execution I m a huge Stephenson fan, he s on my short list of best writers on the planet, so Reamde was huge disappointment to me.The premise and I don t think this is a spoiler is the intrusion of a MMORPG a massively multiplayer online role playing game on real life in unexpected and potentially disastrous ways not in a Tron like player gets absorbed into the game sense, but in a way that strikes me as so realistic although I can t re [...]

  25. 4 StarsThis book wore me out I loved it and I hated it I felt like it could have been 400 pages shorter but in the end, I would not change a word of it.Incredible story of how a simple computer virus could be the start of international spy games, espionage, mercenaries, murderers, Jihadists, geeks, and even love Great story, characters and a story that never seems to peak Many times I wanted to put this book down, but there was always something happening and I just had to know what was going on [...]

  26. O happy day, just started, don t want to do anything else except read it.10 1 This isn t even sf, it s a return to Cryptonomicon and even the Baroque series in that it is historical fiction except it s taking place in the here and now There s a long wind up til the action comes, but that s just fine because the characters are intelligent and courageous, and yet like you and me in different circumstances The set up pays off and then the action begins, that I d call political and geek thriller Lov [...]

  27. Thrillers tend to suffer from weak characterization Often, characters become nothing than components in an overwrought plot Stephenson, in his earlier books, has frequently been accused of having thinly drawn characters So here he decided to confound his critics and the genre at the same time, by making a character driven thriller With the sympathetic characters, he succeeds brilliantly There are a host of well drawn, living and breathing people in this book He did especially well with the thre [...]

  28. Let s face it Neal straight up jumped the shark with The Diamond Age Immediately after people began hailing him as a visionary and rightfully so for a pretty impressive run with DA and Snow Crash, Neal started developing some bad, self indulgent habits with Cryptonomicon, and it doesn t seem like anybody around him has enough pull or inclination to speak truth to power Still, the argument could be made that Stephenson s digressions, while superfluous, were still quite entertaining and worthwhile [...]

  29. Oh, I sure do love Neal Stephenson Here s my new and revised list of his books, in order of how much I like them Snow Crash 1992 The Diamond Age 1995 Anathem 2008 Cryptonomicon 1999 Reamde 2011 Zodiac 1988 Interface 1994 The Cobweb 1996 The Big U 1984 The Baroque Cycle 2003 2004 I considered bumping Reamde up past Crytonomicon, but then decided, no, I really can t, because although Reamde is non stop fun, Cryptonomicon was interesting and in depth, as far as its subject matter Reamde is an acti [...]

  30. In Reamde, Stephenson has written a really very amazing book Unfortunately I m not certain he finished that book, and he took it and mixed it with one other book of far, far lower quality.There were times, during the reading of this book, that I stayed up far past my bedtime just to find out What Happened Next But about 90% of the way through the book, I just stopped really giving a shit, as things seemed to drag on, and on, and on.The most interesting thing about the book, to me, was the intera [...]

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