The Art of War

[PDF] The Art of War | by ↠ Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary - The Art of War, The Art of War Twenty Five Hundred years ago Sun Tzu wrote this classic book of military strategy based on Chinese warfare and military thought Since that time all levels of military have used the teaching on Sun
  • Title: The Art of War
  • Author: Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary
  • ISBN: 9781590302255
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Art of War | by ↠ Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary, The Art of War, Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary, The Art of War Twenty Five Hundred years ago Sun Tzu wrote this classic book of military strategy based on Chinese warfare and military thought Since that time all levels of military have used the teaching on Sun Tzu to warfare and cilivzation have adapted these teachings for use in politics business and everyday life The Art of War is a book which should be used to gain advantage oTwenty Five [PDF] The Art of War | by ↠ Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary - The Art of War, The Art of War Twenty Five Hundred years ago Sun Tzu wrote this classic book of military strategy based on Chinese warfare and military thought Since that time all levels of military have used the teaching on Sun
  • [PDF] The Art of War | by ↠ Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary
    175Sun Tzu Thomas Cleary
The Art of War

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  1. Sun Tzu pinyin S nz is a honorific title bestowed upon S n Wu c 544 496 BC , the author of The Art of War , an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy Sun Tzu believed in the use of the military sciences to effect outcomes that would result in peace.In the author s name, S n Wu, the character wu, meaning military , is the same as the character in wu shu, or martial art Sun Wu also has a courtesy name, Chang Qing Ch ng Q ng.

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  1. Hey Look at me stepping outside my comfort zone I saw this audiobook in the library, and I thought it looked interesting.Hell, I ve got 4 kids This could come in handy.Next year I ll have not one, but two teenage boys I need to prepare myself to defend my babies home from the invading whores hoards I figured this book would help me gird my loins or whatever it is you do when you head into battle.Back off, Skanks You re not getting past the front door Still, even teenage boys pale in comparison t [...]

  2. Simply put, Sun Tzu says that it is better not to fight than to be involved in a conflict, but if you are going to have to fight, then you have to do it to win, and these are the various strategies, often brutal, that will get you that result.Niccol Machiavelli, in The Prince says if you are in a position of power and seek to maintain it, it is better to be loved and respected, but if you can t achieve that, then at least enforce respect and these are the, often brutal, strategies that will get [...]

  3. Awesome book Pretty amazing insights What I really loved is the fact that much of the insights can be used in today s fiercely competitive corporate scenarios as well Must read I bought this book at special price from here Art War Sun Tz

  4. I definitely never thought i d want to read a book about Chinese military strategy written in 5th century BC yet here we are.This one turned out to be so interesting.

  5. The wise warrior avoids the battle.I can t think in a better quote to begin this review.Sometimes, reading books about war tactics or novels of the genre of war, is confused with glorify wars, destruction, death and all sad things that are results of a war But, at least, in my case I can t speak for others it s not that I don t glorify war One of my favorite historical subjects is World War II, but it s not because an insane instinct of glorify war I just support the concept that any person who [...]

  6. This was on the Surprise Yourself stack at the library It was a choice between Fifty Shades of Grey and The Art of War I took the latter even if I think I m of a lover than a fighter Besides, the stack was on the front desk, choosing the former is kinda awkward I am quite surprised I finished this book I felt like I subjected myself to study even if I m not required to do so It s actually quite entertaining, so that I know that there won t be a test later Despite the title, the text I don t kn [...]

  7. I listened to The Art of War for a few reasons 1 It was only a hour long, 2 It was free because I am an Prime member, 3 It was narrated by Aiden Gillen, also known as Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger So, I jumped into it, and listened to it during a car ride.The Art of War is a well versed, and short guide book to strategize, and tactically win a war There were tons of great advice, and still relatable today I would go even deeper that it doesn t entirely reflect on physical warfare, but a verbal [...]

  8. Evidently, it seems, for the last couple thousand years, EVERYONE has been using the same textbook on how to conduct a war It also seems to be that nobody even knows for sure who wrote the book or when, but everyone uses it anyway Included in this book are precious reminders that strategy helps you win, retreating helps you not die, if you outnumber the enemy 5 to 1, attacking would probably be a good idea, and also if you re a tiny country surrounded by powerful countries, it might be time to m [...]

  9. If anyone is looking for a war general I am available and well versed in war tactics due to this book Hook me up.

  10. Who reads the Art of War OK, sure everybody, or anybody can, but who actually does and why If we could somehow take a survey and create a pie chart of who reads this 2500 year old Chinese manual, what would we find, who reads it Military professionals, sure executives, probably wanna be executives, almost certainly sports coaches, law enforcement officers, school teachers, teenage gamers, etc etc.The title will get attract and repel many all by itself The text, full of philosophical musings and [...]

  11. So many little wars must be waged daily Works on the battlefield and the officeASSICS When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil When full, starve them When settled, make them move In conflict, straightforward actions generally lead to engagement, surprising actions generally lead to victory Thus those skilled in war subdue the enemy s army without battle They conquer by strategy Know the enemy and know yourself in a hundred battles you will never be in peril When you are ignorant of the enemy, b [...]

  12. It is hard to speculate that this book has been written for one single eraWhen you read it you realise it meant to stay and teach all the humanity, a book that needs to be taught in schools, teaching kids how to THINK.How it is SIMPLE to THINK.Now THAT S somthing they don t usually teach us to know when we are nothing but small lads.Such a damn complicate world Here s a small taste of what you may find in this small book According as circumstances are favourable, one should modify one s plans Al [...]

  13. Sun Tzu s The Art of War is said to be the oldest military treatise in the world Written centuries before the height of the Chinese empire before the common era, this slim volume did not make its way to the west until 1890, when French colonists brought a copy back to Paris Regarded as classic by many, I decided to read the treatise for myself Selecting an edition translated by Lionel Giles, the version I read was a mere 98 pages in length and at times underwhelming.The first forty pages of the [...]

  14. Frankly, I got tired of my husband quoting this and having no idea what he was talking about So, Heidi the Hippie Librarian picked up The Art of War I must love him a great deal because this was so not my thing though I valiantly struggled my way through it I d say about three quarters of the book was commentary and translation quibbles on the text itself, which is really rather brief and kind of pretty in a this is how you kill a bunch of people sort of way.My big take aways from this were 1 Pa [...]

  15. While Sun Tzu is constantly praised for his work on The Art of War, I find it hard to believe that it has inspired anyone This famous military strategy book has provided people such as Napoleon and the cast of Survivor China advice on handling the opposing force However, despite the simple yet adequate translation that Lionel Giles provided, The Art of War does nothing than to reiterate common sense Sun Tzu asks the audience to not show off their strong points, but to lead the enemy to think th [...]

  16. My wife says watching me read The Art of War is like watching Danny DeVito read The Joy of Sex I m not sure how to take that.Bottom line, I m a lover not a fighter I started this because I know that many people love this work and say they get a lot out of it But it became clear to me after quite a few pages that The Art of War really is about fighting a war no matter what other people might interpret it to be So I m not interested.Besides the two things I need to know about fighting I learned fr [...]

  17. Quick Demo On Ruining a Classic TextKaufman author than translator, I feel boasts In this work you will learn how people are to be treated and dealt with The work was written for men in command and leaders of states It is for the ambitious and strong spirited do not seek morality lessons here.Sun Tzu has been translated and interpreted countless times by people with little knowledge of true combat reality on either the physical or mental level.Most of the available translations and interpretati [...]

  18. The Art of 1 Lotz says The greatest books are the ones you never have to read, and the greatest words are the ones you never have to speak Likewise, the greatest book reviews are the ones you never have to write.2 There are five types of books 1 Ones I have read 2 Ones I have not read 3 5 It s complicated.3 To begin a book, find its weakest point This is commonly the first page.4 Do not turn the page too slowly, as you will make it greasy do not turn it too quickly, as it might tear.5 If a sente [...]

  19. We all know one person who has an answer for everything This person is usually annoying and won t accept that sometimes they re just wrong they won t accept that at some point their logic may fail them and run dry they re completely resolute in what they believe and they just won t budge from it they simply can t be proven wrong or at fault This is how I feel about Sun Tzu It s like he interpreted questions and doubts before they were born, and countered them with his own logic based responses t [...]

  20. Glad I finally read this book I know it s considered one of the ultimate classics and I had always put it off because it s short, justifying the procrastination to myself by saying I can read it in a day it s no big deal if I start tomorrow Well tomorrow finally came and I read it.I found the chapters on maneuvering and land to be the most fascinating The direct descriptions and exact measurements of how to respond in these situations were enthralling.

  21. If you ve ever picked up a self help book where the author is repeatedly stating the obvious, then you ve experienced the writing style of this book The overall concepts could ve been summarized in a short essay rather than a book Its length is a testament to its antiquity, though the author has done a noble job of re ordering and editing bits of the chapters to provide continuity and to delete repetition.Oriental philosophy is often ripe with a kind of double speak and this book is no exception [...]

  22. I read the Chinese version with English translation I was most impressed with this observation that winning every war is not the best scenario the most ideal scenario is where one manages to repel an enemy without fighting The other theory I found convincing is that a shrewd fighter would choose his men wisely and would know how to ride the prevailing situation Most of the contents would seem to be practical common sense.The keynote of the first chapter all warfare is based on deception seems to [...]

  23. S nz B ngf Sun Tzu The Art of War, Sun Tzu 1995 1364 1380 93 9646818811 1383 1387 143 9789647092340 1388 100 9789642381876 1387 116 9786005116052 1388 103 9789641750369 1389 9786001191527 1392 128 9786005253214 1392 120 9786006867342 1393 80 9786007364192 1722

  24. Understanding the ground you re standing on strategically is a paramount concern of Sun Tzu s treatise on The Art of War This ground and the moves and countermoves you can make from it can be interpreted not just as advice on combat, but also on business and relationships This is book I ve known about for a long time So I m glad I got to read it, but I m not sure it inspired me to action or to think differently about the world Maybe that will come later.

  25. I really enjoyed reading this, it was really interesting and insightful I know I ll definitely be reading this again

  26. The Art of War was written around 500 BC by a man of amazing stragedy named Sun Tzu It was written on very thin strips of bamboo and pain stakenly sewed together This volume describes the strgedies to create a very successful life, win in battles and relationships This book has been used through the ages as a guide in battles It is the cor coriculum in many war colleges including West Point Sun Tzu successfully predicted the outcome of the battle of Getiesberg, and the Vietnam war I recommend al [...]

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